2002/12 Discovery One head, two hands
2002/11 EurekAlert!  Brain's method of merging input depends on which senses supply it
2002/11 EurekAlert!
 Brain's method of creating mental images differs with the source of cues received
2002/11 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 23, 15238-15243
 Distinct neural systems subserve person and object knowledge
2002/11 New York Times The Kind of Noise That Keeps a Body on Balance
2002/11 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:11:452
 fMRI reveals processing streams in action
2002/11 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:11:447-449  Self-recognition: body and action
2002/11 New Scientist Shaky shoes could boost balance
2002/11 Ananova Scientists find something in the way you walk
2002/10 EurekAlert! Walking on shaky shoes
 Vibrating shoes that use random noise to amplify subtle signals to the brain could keep you upright.
2002/10 Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 12, No. 11, 1115-1123  Separable Neuronal Circuitries for Manipulable and Non-manipulable Objects in Working Memory
2002/09 Discovery Beauty and the Brain
 What makes one body better proportioned than another?
2002/09 Guardian What's the big idea?
2002/09 Discovery Your built-in digital speech recognizer
 Learn what your brain and silicon circuits have in common
2002/09 Nature Science Update Noise helps balancing acts
2002/09 Scientific American Random Movements Help Humans Balance
2002/09 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:9:374  How can we share experiences?
2002/09 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:9:376-382
 Human spatial representation: insights from animals
感情と運転 ケータイと交通事故
2002/09 ABCNEWS.com Driven to Distraction
 Carmakers Study How to Make Driving Safer and Less Stressful
2002/09 Science and Consciousness Review  Single neurons track your conscious vision
2002/08 EurekAlert!  Money matters when it comes to body's attention to tasks
2002/08 ANNALS OF PSYCHOLOGY The Naked Face
 Can you read people's thoughts just by looking at them?
学習障害と音楽の才能と社交性 @ウィリアムズ症候群
2002/08 New York Times  A Music Camp for Those Afflicted but Gifted, Too
2002/08 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 17, 11447-11451
 Dissociable prefrontal brain systems for attention and emotion
2002/08 EurekAlert!
 MRI studies provide new insight into how emotions interfere with staying focused
2002/08 Ledger-Enquirer Sleep Said to Help Motor Skills
2002/08 BBC News Sleep - plus practice - makes perfect
トキソプラズマに寄生されている人、交通事故を起こしやすい?  集中力を減退させる
2002/08 BBC News Dirt bug link to car crashes
2002/08 OrlandoSentinel.com  Everyone should know their place -- thanks to the brain
ネットの認識ハッキング効果にご注意  それっぽい情報があなたの判断をゆがめていく
2002/08 EurekAlert! Cognitive hacking warnings
 More Internet information means more disinformation,warns a Dartmouth engineering professor
ビリーバーと懐疑論者の差はドーパミン  ドーパミンレベルが高いとヘンなものもリアルだと思えてしまう
2002/07 AlphaGalileo Spookiness is in the brain of the beholder
2002/07 New Scientist Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry
2002/07 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 14, 9596-9601
 Rapid natural scene categorization in the near absence of attention
2002/07 EurekAlert!
 Converging technologies can improve human performance, report says
そろばん達人、暗記は視覚的 脳の状態を断層撮影で分析
2002/07 ▼日本語記事 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/07 Nature Reviews Neuroscience 3, 491 The mind of a child
正しければ少しトク、間違うと破滅  そんな状況に置かれると混乱するわためらうわの私たち ゲーム理論
2002/06 Nature News Service We're doomed to dither
人間が優柔不断であることの数学的証明 イスラエルの物理学者が報告
2002/06 ▼日本語記事 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/06 BioMedNet News Impaired cognition
2002/06 BioMedNet News Sense of self becomes monkey business
いくらやってもダンスが下手? 運動音痴は小脳のせい
2002/06 Ananova  Dancers with two left feet can blame their brains
2002/06 EurekAlert! Cerebellum's role during motor skill learning
2002/06 EurekAlert!  Scientist detail how brain regulates sensory information
2002/06 EurekAlert!
 The human visual system is 'smart,' drawing on experience to interpret visual information
2002/06 Monitor on Psychology Volume 33, No. 6
 Figure this: deciding what's figure, what's ground
2002/06 Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol. 6, No. 6
 Abnormalities in the awareness of action
2002/06 Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol. 6, No. 6
 Conscious thought as simulation of behaviour and perception

2002/04 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 8, 5661-5663
 Perception of biological motion without local image motion
2002/04 BBC News Reawakening the creative mind
2002/04 EurekAlert! Brain center searches for patterns
2002/03 EurekAlert!  Different parts of the brain handle fantasy and reality
2002/03 NATIONAL POST  Scientists challenge theory of mind's eye
 Different parts of brain used to process real and imagined images
アルツハイマー患者が迷子になりやすいわけ  空間方向認識の脳部位にダメージ
2002/04 UniSci More On Why Alzheimer's Patients Get Lost So Easily
2002/03 The Nando Times  Scientists isolate brain area that monitors location, direction
2002/03 EurekAlert! Mood linked to cognitive abilities
2002/03 Washington University in St. Louis
 Study ties mental abilities to interaction of emotion and cognitive skills
2002/03 New Scientist Intuitive people worse at detecting lies
頭の上に荷を乗せて運ぶ人たち 最も効率的な歩き方をしている
2002/03 New York Times  Improving the Way Humans Walk
認知機能と遺伝要因 プロミン
2002/03 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:4:169-176 Genetics and general cognitive ability
2002/03 Current Directions in Psychological Science Volume 11: Issue 2
 Understanding Cognition Through Large-Scale Cortical Networks
2002/03 Discover NeuroQuest Bad Neighbors in the brain
 Some parts of your brain get along better than others
2002/03 Nature 416, 131- 132 Developmental biology: Senseless motion
2002/03 Nature 416, 174 - 178
 Embryonic assembly of a central pattern generator without sensory input
2002/03 University of Toronto  Movement without senses coded into neurons, says researcher
2002/03 EurekAlert!
 Movement without senses coded into neurons, says University of Toronto researcher
これぞ第六感? カオスを読む才能のある人たち
2002/03 New Scientist Gifted few make order out of chaos
2002/03 Ananova Study identifies those who are sensitive to chaos
2002/02 Boston Globe  Debate opens anew on language and its effect on cognition
2002/02 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:3:115-116  Knowing our imitations
2002/01 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:1:9-16  A saliency map in primary visual cortex
2002/01 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:1:1-3  Modular motor learning
2002/01 EurekAlert! Perception is stored in single neurones
2002/01 Max Planck Perception is stored in Single Neurones
2002/01 Bio.com Perception Stored in Single Neurons
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