2005/12 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog Numb3rs takes on Kennewick
Robert Eckhardt的にはフローレス人は「新種じゃない」
2005/12 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog:Is that a Jethro Tull song?
Liang Bua洞窟からのさらなるフローレス人骨9体ぶん Mike Morwood
 うち身長を推測できた5体はみな身長1m未満 95,000~12,000年前
 「9体もあるから障害例ではなかろう」Daniel Lieberman
2005/12 National Geographic New "Hobbit" Human Bones Add to Evidence, Oddity
2005/10 Hobbit As Monkey?. The Loom

2005/10 BBC News Team widens search for 'Hobbits'
2005/10 Whose Brain Is It Anyway? (The Further Hobbit Adventures). The Loom
2005/10 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog : From one microcephalic to twenty
2005/10 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog : Flores update, October 2005
2005/10 Nature Palaeoanthropology: Further fossil finds from Flores
2005/10 Nature Further evidence for small-bodied hominins from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia
古人類 : やはり実在した「ホビット」原人
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/10 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Hobbit debate flares up in science journal
2005/10 The Scientist Return of the Hobbit
2005/10 Dallas Morning News Jawbone find fuels more debate over early 'Hobbit' theory
小型人類の新たな化石発見@フローレス 1万2千年前、火も使う
2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/10 New Scientist New “hobbit” bones bolster separate species claim
2005/10 BBC News More Flores 'Hobbits' described
2005/10 The Loom Hobbits again
2005/10 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog : News trickling about Liang Bua
2005/10 news@nature.com More evidence for hobbit unearthed as diggers are refused access to caveハ
 Nine Homo floresiensis individuals shore up their status as a new species of human.
2005/10 Discovery Tiny Humans Hunted Tiny Elephants?
2005/09 BBC News New 'Hobbit' disease link claim
2005/09 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog : Hobbit backlash building
2005/09 Telegraph New species of early Man
NOVA | scienceNOW | Little People of Flores | PBS
 ・ジャレド・ダイアモンド インタビュー
2005/09 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog Flores interviews on NOVA scienceNOW
2005/07 Journal Gazette Small-time skullduggery

2005/06 The State / Los Angeles Times Modern Men at Odds Over Ancient Bones
2005/06 Los Angeles Times A Bone to Pick in Indonesia
 Discovery of remains in a cave that may be of a previously unknown species of tiny human has set off a full-sized row among scientists.
2005/06 The Loom Return to Hobbit Limbo
2005/05 Times Bones of Contention
 Is a small, 18,000-year-old skeleton the older cousin of modern-day Pygmies熔r a new human species?
2005/05 Guardian If these bones could talk
 The Homo floresiensis find proved how little we know about our species.
2005/05 wwjtv.com In Search Of The Hobbit
 Have Researchers Uncovered A New Species?
「小型人類」今も生存 フロレス島の化石で研究者_
2005/04 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/05 The Loom Hobbits Alive?
2005/03 The Australian Hobbit skeleton 'damaged'
2005/03 Guardian Ahead of ourselves
 The diminutive skull found on Flores is unlikely to be a new species, but it will inspire more research
2005/03 icSurreyOnline Archaeologist joins in astounding discovery
ホビットは新種 現代人の障害者にあらず
2005/03 BBC News Hobbit was 'not a diseased human'
小さい脳でも能力は高い? インドネシアで発見のヒト _,
2005/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/03 National Geographic "Hobbit" Brains Were Small but Smart, Study Says
2005/03 news@nature.com Critics silenced by scans of hobbit skull 
 Comparisons with pygmies and chimps bolster new species claim.
2005/03 EurekAlert FSU anthropologist leads incredible journey through 'hobbit' brain
2005/03 EurekAlert 'Hobbit' fossil likely represents new branch on human family tree
2005/03 New York Times Extinct and With Tiny Brain, but a Clever Little Relative?
2005/03 Guardian Hobbit saga ends with human connection
2005/03 New Scientist Brain reconstruction hints at 'hobbit' intelligence
新種人類:体はサル、脳はヒト並み インドネシアで発見
2005/03 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/02 The Scientist Flores hominid bones returned
2005/02 Sydney Morning Herald 'Hobbit' just a little man with small brain
2005/02 Sydney Morning Herald Saga ends with return of the hobbits
2005/02 Sydney Morning Herald Tele-hobbits start small war
2005/02 The New Zealand Herald 'Hobbit' remains kept out of reach
2005/01 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog
2005/01 Discover Little Lady, Big Controversy
2005/01 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Cheese triangles shed light on hobbits
 how hobbits on Flores could make the stone tools found with their bones.
2005/01 BBC News Museum unveils 'hobbit' remains
 A replica of the skull of the Homo floresiensis is on display at the University Museum of Natural History in Oxford.
2005/01 Scientific American.com: The Littlest Human
 A spectacular find in Indonesia reveals that a strikingly different hominid shared the earth with our kind in the not so distant past
2005/01 The Loom  The Hobbit War: An Indonesian View
2005/01 Guardian Bones of contention
 The discovery of a new species of human astounded the world. But is it what it seems? John Vidal went to remotest Flores to find out
2004/12 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Hobbit wielded big tools, clay model shows
フローレス人 新種じゃなくてただの亜種ですよ~インドネシア
2004/11 Yahoo! News Indonesian scientist says Flores hominid not new species
「新種人類化石」に反論 インドネシアの考古学者
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/11 New York Times Miniature People Add Extra Pieces to Evolutionary Puzzle
フローレス人をホビット呼ばわりするのはやめなさい ~ドーキンス
 現代人のEQ (encephalization quotient)は6
2004/11 Los Angeles Times Just Don't Call Them Hobbits
2004/11 BBC News 'What does it mean to be human?'
 "The existence of 'Mini-Man' should destroy religion," claims Desmond Morris.
2004/10 The Loom: Island of the Lost Hominids
2004/10 BBC News 'Hobbit' joins human family tree
2004/10 National Geographic 'Hobbit' Discovered: Tiny Human Ancestor Found in Asia
2004/10 New Scientist Tiny new species of human unearthed
2004/10 Wired Lost Tribe of Little People
2004/10 New York Times Scientists Find Skeletons of Miniature People
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
ホモ・サピエンスと平行生存していた「フローレス原人」 (学名=ホモ・フローレシエンシス)
 フローレス島は「ウォーレス線」の東  打製石器を使用 脳容積は現代人の四分の一
2004/10 New York Times Homo TomThumbus
2004/10 Washington Post Dwarf Human Ancestors Lived on Pacific Island
2004/10 New York Times New Species Revealed: Tiny Cousins of Humans
2004/10 Los Angeles Times Humans' Ancestral Tree Adds a Twig
2004/10 Independent The 3ft-tall 'hobbit' that rewrites the history of mankind
2004/10 Guardian From 18,000 years ago, the one metre-tall human that challenges history of evolution
2004/10 Boston Globe Discovery of miniature humans stuns scientists
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
新種のヒト化石発見 インドネシアで、身長1メートル
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/10 Nature 431, 1043- 1044 Palaeoanthropology: Human evolution writ small
2004/10 Nature 431, 1055 - 1061 A new small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia
2004/10 Nature 431, 1087 - 1091 Archaeology and age of a new hominin from Flores in eastern Indonesia
2004/10 archaeology.org  Indonesia's Lost World: Shaking Up the Family Tree

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