2006/12 The Scientist Volume 20 | Issue 12 | Page 53   By Jack Woodall
  Intelligent Design: The Clincher  A butterfly explodes the theory.
2006/12 New Scientist Intelligent design: The God Lab
2006/12 EurekAlert Grandparents linked with church-going

 【podcast 音声】科学なポッドキャスト
【英語】「ドーキンス、ゴッドデリュージョンを語る」 MP3ファイル 28分
Science vs. Religion 2006/11/10 New Scientist Podcast

 Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is among the participants at a special meeting to discuss whether science and religion can coexist. We bring you exclusive coverage, plus an investigative report on the rise of religious home schooling in the US


The God Delusion ゴッド・デリュージョン
Richard Dawkins
Houghton Mifflin (2006/9/11)

 【podcast 音声】科学なポッドキャスト
【英語】「ドーキンス、神信者にけんかをふっかける(とは本人は思っていない)」 MP3ファイル 50分
The Science Show versus God Science Show 2006/11/04

 この音声ファイルは内容をテキストで読むことができます。ネット The Science Show versus God

ほか、ドーキンス情報はこちら → 『利己的遺伝子とドーキンス』
2006/11 EurekAlert Go to church and breathe easier

2006/11 Nature 444, 265 | doi:10.1038/444265c; Creationists attack secular education in Russia
2006/11  Psychiatr News Spirituality Tied to Higher Depression, Anxiety Rates
2006/11 EurekAlert Women priests will 'save church from sinking'

2006/11 Scientific American Bowling for God
科学の決定的な答え:それは、場合による By Michael Shermer  マイケル・シャーマー

サウスパークにリチャード・ドーキンス登場!! 女装教師とゲイセックスもなさいまして
2006/11 Scientific American This Week in the Science of Gay *
 Two nights ago, an animated Richard Dawkins appeared on Southpark to deliver his pro-evolution,
anti-theism message, and then have sex with the cross-dressing schoolteacher
who is still responsible for the educations of Cartman et al.

*2006/11 サウスパークでドーキンスが×× XDDD

2006/10 EurekAlert Study reveals religious leader's silent secret
 John de Ruiter
2006/10 news@nature.com Delusions of faith as a science
Dawkins's attempt to test the existence of God is as silly as using logic to tear down Santa Claus in the eyes of a child, says Henry Gee.
●ネット科学と信仰、あなたのポジションはクイズ:Worldview Quiz

2006/10 Out-of-Body Experience? Your Brain Is to Blame - New York Times
2006/10 EurekAlert The Anthropology of Christianity: Continuity thinking and the problem of Christian culture
進化の導きに身をゆだね カール・ジンマー
2006/09 The Loom : Let Evolution Be Your Guide
【podcast 音声】科学なポッドキャスト
【英語】「ユダの福音書:ナショナル・ジオグラフィック特選」 MP3ファイル 22分
The Judas Gospel 2006-09-08 The Best of National Geographic Magazine
 It's a compelling discovery: an ancient papyrus manuscript that casts a new light on the most hated man in Christendom. Author Andrew Cockburn reads his article, "The Judas Gospel."
 マイケル・シャーマー Michael Shermer が教えます
2006/09 Scientific American Darwin on the Right
Why Christians and conservatives should accept evolution
2006/09 Guardian Humans 'hardwired for religion'
2006/08 ScienceDaily Americans Less Likely To Accept Evolution than Europeans
進化を受け入れないアメリカ人 ― ヨーロッパ人より
2006/08 Is God an Accident of Evolution? | Christianpost.com
2006/08 EurekAlert Brain scan of nuns finds no single 'God spot' in the brain, Universit de Montr饌l study finds
2006/08 New Scientist US Department of Education 'overlooks' evolution
2006/08 EurekAlert Study finds some faithful less likely to pass the plate
2006/08 fredericksburg.com British study: Brains may be hard-wired for religion
2006/08 EurekAlert Americans less likely to accept evolution than Europeans
2006/08 New Scientist Why doesn't America believe in evolution?
2006/08 EurekAlert Religious beliefs can protect psychological well-being during stressful experiences
2006/08 New Scientist Kansas schools set to re-embrace evolution
In a state primary election, voters have ousted two radical conservative school board members who opposed the teaching of evolution
公式の予備選挙で、有権者は{進化教育に反対した2人のラディカルな保守的な学校取締役を} 追い出す
2006/08 The Loom : In Search of the Elusive Intelligent Design Laboratory

2006/06 PhysOrg Evolution: World science academies fight back against creationists
2006/06 BBC News Scientists urge evolution lessons
 The world's leading scientists call on parents and teachers to give children "evidence-based" facts on evolution.
2006/06 EurekAlert Engaging with faith groups

科学なポッドキャスト:科学と宗教、地球温暖化対策で協力 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 2分
Science and Religion

 この音声ファイルは内容をテキストで読むことができます。ネット Earthwatch Radio

2006/05 Discovery Faith Linked to Lower Blood Pressure
  A study of more than 5,000 African Americans suggests religious people have lower blood pressure than disbelievers.
「キリストに子ども」6割 英世論調査で読者回答
2006/05 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)■
2006/05 EurekAlert How do children learn about science and God?
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Evolution debate reaches South Carolina
自由意思は信仰か 量子力学ノーベル賞科学者の Isaac Bashevis Singer
2006/05 New Scientist Free will - you only think you have it

科学なポッドキャスト:テロリズムの心理学 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 30分
The psychology of terrorism : All in the Mind ~ABC@Australia
 デプログラミング(deprogramming 強制棄教・改宗・脱会)の倫理問題

 この音声ファイルは内容をテキストで読むことができます。 ネット All in the Mind

2006/04 Discovery New Twist on Judas in Ancient Text

2006/04 news@nature.com Doubts over evolution block funding by Canadian agency
 Study to measure 'popularization of Intelligent Design' refused funds.
2006/04 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/04 National Geographic Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him
2006/04 National Geographic Gospel of Judas Pages Endured Long, Strange Journey
2006/04 EurekAlert Jesus walked on ice, says study led by FSU scientist
水の上を歩くキリストの奇跡、実は氷の上だった? 米研究
2006/04 【日本語記事】 goo(ロイター)
2006/04 National Geographic Jesus May Have Walked on Ice, Not Water, Scientists Say
2006/04 Discovery Jesus Walked on Ice, Not Water
水の上を歩くキリスト 聖書の奇跡を「氷」で説明
2006/04 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp
2006/04 Guardian Why the intelligent design lobby thanks God for Richard Dawkins
心臓手術に「祈り」の効果なし? 米で1800人研究
2006/04 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/04 news@nature.com Study challenges prayers for the sick
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Image of Jesus' crucifixion may be wrong, says study
Edward Osborn Wilson
2006/03 National Geographic "Darwin's Natural Heir" on Ants, Social Evolution, and Intelligent Design
信仰とは進化の結果にほかならない 進化論は信仰にあらず  E.O.ウィルソンと社会生物学
2006/03 Salon.com  Religious belief itself is an adaptation
2006/03 EurekAlert 'Spirituality' is related to depression among young physicians
2006/03 BBC News Creationism to be in GCSE papers
Creationist theories about how the world was made are to be debated in GCSE science lessons in mainstream secondary schools in England.
2006/03  Who's that knocking on the door? A Buddhist's Guide to Evangelical Christianity
2006/02 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Founder of creationism dies
 The man regarded as the founder of the creationist movement, Henry M. Morris, has died in California at age 87.
2006/02 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Utah House rejects evolution measure
2006/02 EurekAlert At Berkeley: Intelligently designed molecular evolution
ダーウィンにダウト ~インテリジェントデザイン説推進派
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Some scientists cast doubt on Darwin
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Scientists oppose intelligent design
2006/02 EurekAlert AAAS denounces anti-evolution laws as hundreds of K-12 teachers convene for 'Front Line' event
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Intelligent design bill draws attention
2006/02 BBC News Churches urged to back evolution
【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3 16分
科学なポッドキャスト:2006/02 The Scientific American Podcast: Episode 001
 Evolution, stem cells and the National Inventors Hall of Fame
知的計画派に打撃、進化論批判の授業見直し 米オハイオ
2006/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/02 New York Times At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution
Ministers at hundreds of churches preached that the opposition many Christians say exists between
science and faith is false.
 Flock of Dodos: The Evolution - Intelligent Design Circus,
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Science losing war over evolution
2006/02 Movie Night. The Loom
2006/02 PhysOrg.com British may teach 'Adam and Eve' theory
科学なポッドキャスト:Born to believe New Scientist  【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3 約22分
 ロビン・ダンバー登場:New Scientist掲載記事について語る

ロビン・ダンバー 進化が生み出した「神」 信仰するヒト性質
 2006/01 New Scientist  Belief special: How evolution found God
2006/01 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Legal fears halt intelligent design move
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Utah may OK evolution, but with a footnote
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Intelligent design again stopped by court
 A California school district has reportedly decided to stop offering an elective course that
includes discussion of religion-based alternatives to evolution.
2006/01 【日本語記事】 中央日報@韓国

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