2005/12 Discovery Study: Laughter Can be Genuine, Strategic
A new analysis of how humans laugh looks at its evolution over seven million years.
2005/12 New Scientist Civilisation has left its mark on our genes
 a significant percentage of our genes have been shaped by natural selection in the past 50,000 years
2005/12 EurekAlert Why we give: New study finds evidence of generosity among our early human ancestors
2005/12 Washington Post Pandamania: Hard-Wired
2005/12 Psychology and Crime News: Weekly round-up of new journal articles of forensic relevance in non-forensic journals
2005/12 National Geographic Artists Have More Sexual Partners, U.K. Survey Hints
2005/12 New York Times Children Learn by Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chimps Don't.
2005/12 Skeptic magazine Vol. 12, No 1 Sex, Jealousy & Violence
 A Skeptical Look at Evolutionary Psychology
2005/12 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 1-84 (January 2006)
Symmetrical decorations enhance the attractiveness of faces and abstract designs

The robustness of the "Raise-The-Stakes” strategy: Coping with exploitation in noisy Prisoner's Dilemma Games
Bram Van den Bergh and Siegfried Dewitte
The influence of humor on desirability
Eric R. Bressler and Sigal Balshine
Female intrasexual competition and reputational effects on attractiveness among the Tsimane of Bolivia
Stacey L. Rucas, Michael Gurven, Hillard Kaplan, Jeff Winking, Steve Gangestad and Maria Crespo
Self-deception does not explain high-risk sexual behavior in the face of HIV/AIDS: A test from northern Kenya
Eric Abella Roth, Elizabeth Ngugi and Masako Fujita
More males run fast: A stable sex difference in competitiveness in U.S. distance runners
Robert O. Deaner
2005/12 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Evolutionary psychology of Facial beauty
2005/12 Annual Review of Psychology Vol. 57: 199-226
2005/11 BBC News Creative people 'luckier in love'
2005/11 EurekAlert Creativity determines sexual success, research suggests
2005/11 【日本語記事】 エキサイト/ロイター
2005/11 news@nature.com Write poems, get luckyハ
They may be badly paid, but artists have more sexual success.
2005/11 Scientific American Creativity Linked to Sexual Success and Schizophrenia
2005/11 Skeptic magazine Vol. 12, No 1 Evolutionary Psychology is Here to Stay
A Response to Buller
by Frank Miele
お笑いの進化的起源 仲間反応と仲間操作  Matthew Gervais and David Sloan Wilson
2005/11 EurekAlert The first laugh: New study posits evolutionary origins of two distinct types of laughter
2005/11 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 381-391 An Evolutionary Psychological Perspective on Cultures of Honor
心理学における進化心理学の役割 心理学テキストを社会生物学で読み解く
2005/11 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 355-374
 Introductory Psychology Texts as a View of Sociobiology/
Evolutionary Psychology's Role in Psychology
2005/11 Discovery Male Sexual Prowess Drives Evolution?
Genes linked to male sexual potency dominate those that have emerged over the past few million years.
2005/11 EurekAlert Heredity may be the reason some people feel lonely
社交性の欠如にあらず 「孤独」を感じるのは遺伝子のせい
2005/11 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2005/11 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 6
 ・Women's physical and psychological condition independently predict their preference for apparent health in faces
 ・Men's preferences for women's profile waist-to-hip ratio in two societies
 ・Helpful grandmothers in rural Ethiopia: A study of the effect of kin on child survival and growth
 ・Applying evolutionary models to the laboratory study of social learning
 ・Individual differences in women's facial preferences as a function of digit ratio and mental rotation ability
2005/10 WORLD SCIENCE Battered women have more sons, study finds
 カナザワ・サトシ Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Political Science
 → カナザワ・サトシ
ミラーニューロンと言語の進化 言語の発祥は身ぶりから
2005/10 A Rough Grunt Dictionary. The Loom
2005/10 Forbes.com Desmond Morris On Symbolic Gestures
2005/10 Discovery Study: Body Language Speaks Loudest
Humans pay more attention to body language even when they don't intend to, the brain study finds.
2005/10 WORLD SCIENCE Violent dreams may hint at why dreaming evolved, researchers say
2005/10 Davis Enterprise Pinker expands on nature vs. nurture
ヒトメスは進化上バカ ベルカーブから延々…
 チャールズ・マレー インタビュー Charles Murray
2005/10 ABCNEWS.com Sex and the brain
チョムスキー 言語の普遍性、人権
2005/夏 Boston Review What We Know
  On the universals of language and rights Noam Chomsky
2005/09 Orlando Sentinel Communications / Los Angeles Times Does evolution explain the dating game?
 psychological adaptations have ensured certain traits always sell well in the 'mating market.'
2005/09 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: The Myths of the 20th century
2005/08 Los Angeles Times Men, women and Darwin
 Can evolutionary psychology take the mystery out of how we meet and mate?
2005/08 Los Angeles Times Ah, sweet mysteries of science
 Why is ovulation in human females a secret? Why do women have orgasms? These and other questions show how much we don't know.
 By David P. Barash

ScienceDirect - Evolution and Human Behavior, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 375-450 (September 2005)

  • Altruistic punishing and helping differ in sensitivity to relatedness, friendship, and future interactions
  • Mating context and menstrual phase affect women's preferences for male voice pitch
  • The voice and face of woman: One ornament that signals quality?
  • The influence of women's mating strategies on preference for masculine facial architecture
  • Facial masculinity is related to perceived age but not perceived health
  • Mate selection criteria among Muslims living in America
  • Effects of belief in genetic relatedness on resemblance judgments by Japanese raters
    小田亮:Ryo Oda, Akiko Matsumoto-Oda and Osamu Kurashima

2005/08 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 297-325 Normative Bias and Adaptive Challenges: A Relational Approach to Coalitional Psychology and a Critique of Terror Management Theory
2005/08 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 279-296 The Effect of Age on Death Disgust: Challenges to Terror Management Perspectives
2005/08 BBC News Schizophrenia 'price for speech?'
 Schizophrenia is the price that homo sapiens pay for language.
2005/08 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: The Neolithic and the evolution of fear
2005/08 Journal of Affective Disorders doi:10.1016/j.jad.2005.05.013
Evolution of the human fear-circuitry and acute sociogenic pseudoneurological symptoms: The Neolithic balanced-polymorphism hypothesis
ルーシーの貞節 一夫一婦制はいつ始まったのか
2005/08 DISCOVER Vol. 26 No. 09 How Loyal Was Lucy?
2005/08 Slate Cave Thinkers
 How evolutionary psychology gets evolution wrong.
 異性交友間でだけこんなカンチガイがふつうに横行する、その進化学的理由 ~デビッド・バス
2005/08 eDiets.com Mixed Signals
 Martie G. Haselton & David M. Buss
2005/07 EurekAlert NYU, Harvard study shows fear learning is influenced by race
2005/07 MSNBC Race fears linger like dread of snakes
「他人」に対する恐怖  Fear of the “Other”
2005/07 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/08  New Scientist  Hidden fear of outsiders leads to racial bias
2005/08  News-Medical.Net  Human beings show greater persistence of learned fear toward members of another race than those of their own race
2005/07 New Scientist 'Worthless' gifts get the good girls
2005/07 EurekAlert Extravagant but worthless gifts help a guy get the girl
ジャレド・ダイアモンド インタビュー:米国でテレビシリーズ化決定
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン
2005/07 EurekAlert Study in Royal Society journal on world's only horned rodent
 免疫タイプと容貌好感度の関係:MHC-assortative facial preferences in humans
行動プロセスを解する視点 デネット、ダーウィン、スキナー
2005/07 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 179-207 Dennett, Darwin, and Skinner Crows
 (1) with crows that possess intentional faculties (called Dennett crows), and (2) with crows
that possess selectional faculties. The latter type of crows is further
divided into a population that is able to adapt over generations only by
natural selection (Darwin crows), and a population that, apart from natural
selection, is also able to adapt using operant learning (Skinner crows).
2005/07 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 142-174
 Evolutionary Explanations for Societal Differences in Single Parenthood
(1) modern societies owe their character to an interaction of hunter-gatherer adaptations
with the modern environment
(2) changes in societies may reflect change in individuals
(3) historical changes and cross-societal differences are due to the same adaptational mechanisms
(4) that different social contexts (e.g., social status)
modify psychological development through adaptive mechanisms.
2005/07 Science & Theology News. A day in the life and in the lab of Frans de Waal
2005/07 Scientific American Psyching Out Evolutionary Psychology: Interview with David J. Buller
 This philosopher of science rejects claims of a universal human nature
2005/07 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 4, Pages 301-373 (July 2005)
・Dairying barriers affect the distribution of lactose malabsorption
 Pages 301-312 Gabrielle Bloom and Paul W. Sherman
・Accurate judgments of intention from motion cues alone: A cross-cultural study
 Pages 313-331 H. Clark Barrett, Peter M. Todd, Geoffrey F. Miller and Philip W. Blythe
・Homicide by men in Japan, and its relationship to age, resources and risk taking
 Pages 332-343 Mariko Hiraiwa-Hasegawa 長谷川眞理子
・Elevated disgust sensitivity in the first trimester of pregnancy: Evidence supporting the compensatory prophylaxis hypothesis
 Pages 344-351 Daniel M.T. Fessler, Serena J. Eng and C. David Navarrete
・Memory for face locations: Emotional processing alters spatial abilities
 Pages 352-362 Gerianne M. Alexander
・An evolutionary approach to the extraversion continuum
 Pages 363-373 Daniel Nettle ダニエル・ネトル

HBES 2005のお写真いろいろ 何人知っているかな?
2005/06 EurekAlert Human rational and irrational buying behavior is mirrored in monkeys
The basic economic theory that people work harder to avoid losing money than they do to make money is shared by monkeys
2005/06 Trends in Cognitive Sciences Volume 9, Issue 6, Pages 277-283  doi:10.1016/j.tics.2005.04.003  Evolutionary psychology: the emperor's new paradigm
2005/06 OpinionEditorials.com  Nature Vs. Nurture - Evolutionary Psychology, Part II
人が可憐な花を守ったゆえに進化した花って …(-_-;
2005/05 LiveScience  Human Affection Altered Evolution of Flowers
2005/05 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 104-132 An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers
2005/05 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Humans don't stand outside nature
2005/05 EurekAlert Prejudice is hard-wired into the human brain, says ASU study
 because human survival was based on group living, "outsiders" were viewed as and often were very real threats.
2005/05 Boston.com Orgasmic science
2005/05 Nature 435, 207-211 (12 May 2005) | doi: 10.1038/nature03459
 The origin of bursts and heavy tails in human dynamics
2005/05 FuturePundit: Altruistic Punishment Seen As Explanation For Mass Political Behaviors
2005/04 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: The evolution of altruistic punishment
社交的右脳が社会的問題のときだけ参加する場合  ウェイソンの選択課題 4枚カード問題
2005/05 The Loom Cheating on the Brain
2005/04 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 104-132  An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers
2005/04 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 85-103
 The Heroine with a Thousand Faces: Universal Trends in the Characterization of Female Folk Tale Protagonists
 女が好むのは高い地位→男にスゲェと思われて地位が高くなる→女にモテる が正解
2005/04 New Scientist Risk-taking boys do not get the girls
2005/03 J Theor Biol. 2005 Aug 21;235(4):583-90. Epub 2005 Mar 31.
Big and tall parents have more sons: Further generalizations of the Trivers-Willard hypothesis.
Kanazawa S.
2005/03 International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 47-63(17)
 An epistemological problem for evolutionary psychology  DOI: 10.1080/02698590500051126
2005/04 Economist.com Homo economicus?
 Sound economics may lie at the heart of humanity's evolutionary success

2005/03 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 24-48  The elementary nature of purposive behavior: Evolving minimal neural structures that display intrinsic intentionality
2005/03 Evolutionary Psychology 3: 59-78  The Role of Dreams in the Evolution of the Human Mind
2005/03 WORLD SCIENCE Why is yawning contagious?
2005/03 BBC News Same face builds trust, not lust
 Similar facial features make people trust, but not fancy, each other
2005/03 APA Monitor on Psychology Matching monikers prove magnetic
 People are attracted to others with similar initials and name sounds, demonstrating a sort of implicit egotism.
幅広い肩 vs 柳腰:ライバルの体格が引き起こす嫉妬心 性差・世代差
2005/03 Personality and Individual Differences  doi:10.1016/j.paid.2005.01.020
 A narrow waist versus broad shoulders: Sex and age differences in the jealousy-evoking characteristics of a rival’s body build
2005/03 Personality and Individual Differences  doi:10.1016/j.paid.2005.01.023
 Universal dimensions of human mate preferences
進化 : 家族への送金額を血縁度から予測?
2005/03 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/03 Nature Genetic relatedness predicts South African migrant workers' remittances to their families
防御反応、攻撃的表情、手の動き…  ギャラゴに見る霊長類の生得的&複雑な反応
2005/03 EurekAlert Surprisingly complex behaviors appear to be 'hard-wired' in the primate brain
 子供が思い通りに育たないその理由  行動遺伝学が育児に落とす影 性格形成の進化心理学
 David Reiss プロミン E. Mavis Heatherington Judith Rich Harris
2005/03 Psychology Today The Gene Responsibility
 Why you don't have total control over how your kid turns out.
 性格を決める遺伝子 科学的な性格の定義とは何か 性格と繁殖成功度
2005/03 New York Times Looking for Personality in Animals, of All People
2005/03 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 137-157  Meat sharing for coalitional support
2005/03 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 158-170  Does attitude similarity serve as a heuristic cue for kinship? Evidence of an implicit cognitive association
2005/03 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 171-185  Attitudes toward heroic and nonheroic physical risk takers as mates and as friends
2005/03 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 186-201  Attractiveness and sexual behavior: Does attractiveness enhance mating success?
2005/02 Guardian Tests of faith
 Religion may be a survival mechanism. So are we born to believe?
2005/02 EurekAlert An evolutionary road less traveled
2005/02 Financial Times A look inside the brainbox
ヒトの配偶者選択行動と進化心理学とその誤解 我々は進化のあやつり人形か
2005/02 Los Angeles Times Love, Lust and Homo Sapiens
2005/01 The Economist Human evolution  Games people play
2005/02 American Psychological Association  Fuzzy math
 A remote tribe that lacks a counting system suggests limitations on inborn representations of number.
2005/02 Crosswalk.com New Studies Say Teens May Be Hardwired for Religion
遺伝的相関性と血統機能としての人間の親類投資  Gregory D. Webster
2005/01 Evolutionary Psychology 2: 129-141  Human Kin Investment as a Function of Genetic Relatedness and Lineage
2005/01 Evolutionary Psychology 2: 142-159  Evolutionary Psychology and the Explanation of Ethnic Phenomena
我々を突き動かす生物学的要因:社会対個人の生物文学的探究 デイヴィッド・バラシュ
2005/01 Evolutionary Psychology 2: 200-219 Speculative Essay  David P. Barash
 Biology Lurks Beneath: Bioliterary Explorations of the Individual versus Society
2005/01 Evolutionary Psychology 2: 160-173 Original Article  Maryanne L. Fisher
 Reflections from The Next Generation: These are the Voyages of Students in Evolutionary Psychology
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 1-9  How has evolution shaped human behavior? Richard Alexander's contribution to an important question
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 47-63  The better angels of our nature: group stability and the evolution of moral tension
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 10-46  Ecological dominance, social competition, and coalitionary arms races
 Why humans evolved extraordinary intelligence
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 64-87  Women's lives there, here, then, now: a review of women's ecological and demographic constraints cross-culturally
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 88-105  Natural selection and the regulation of defenses
 A signal detection analysis of the smoke detector principle
2005/01 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 106-135  The evolutionary ecology of despotism
2005/01 Nature Human behaviour: Egalitarian motive and altruistic punishment
James H. Fowler, Tim Johnson & Oleg Smirnov
2005/01 Nature Human behaviour: Egalitarian motive and altruistic punishment (reply)
Ernst Fehr & Simon Gachter
2005/01 EurekAlert Study shows 'social responsibility' and 'social glue' is in the genes
2005/01 FuturePundit Twins Study Shows About Half Of Altruism Is Genetic
2005/01 New York Times The Ends of the World as We Know Them
2005/01 FuturePundit: Jared Diamond Wrong To Worry About Environmental Collapse

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