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past 繁殖の現実

お産のリスクを点数化 産院選びを手助け 厚労省研究班
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2005/04 local6.com Married Cousins Face Slightly Higher Risk Of Babies' Birth Defects
妊婦の一次検査は確度10% HIV、心理的ケア必要
2005/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/03 ▲日本語記事 中央日報@韓国
2005/03 BBC News Howard backs abortion law change
 Tory leader Michael Howard says he would support reducing the legal time limit for abortions to 20 weeks
2005/01 BBC News Giving birth can be a big shock
  A survey shows most mothers' dreams of a natural birth end in hospital shock despite the medical technology that exists today.
2005/01 EurekAlert Mothers speak: Physicians often fall short when delivering a down syndrome diagnosis


 生殖医療の進展で多胎妊娠例が増えている  多胎妊娠がはらむリスクはどのくらい
2005/06 EurekAlert How risky are twin pregnancies?
2005/06 EurekAlert Revealed: The true cost to the nation of multiple pregnancies


past 中絶

13才で妊娠してしまったら堕胎はできません  そんな判断をできる年齢に達していないから
2005/04 BBC News Florida girl has abortion blocked
 A pregnant 13-year-old girl in Florida has been told she cannot have an abortion because she lacks the maturity to make such a decision.
2005/03 BBC News US stance on abortion draws fire
 European countries are opposed to a move by the US to add anti-abortion language to a UN statement on women's rights
2005/01 BBC News Bush hails anti-abortion 'gains'
  The US is "making progress" towards more reductions in abortions, President George W Bush has told pro-life campaigners rallying in Washington.

past びっくり妊娠

parasitic embryo:胎児内胎児@バングラディシュ
2005/06 BBC News Doctors 'find dead foetus in boy'
2005/05 BBC News 67-year-old has 'fake pregnancy'
2005/02 ▲日本語記事 読売

past 妊娠と進化心理学

2005/02 BBC News Mums-to-be face healthy dilemma
  Pregnant women are attracted to healthier looking faces in what scientists believe is a subconscious effort to avoid illness.

past 出生前診断 出生前治療

2005/06 【日本語記事】 中央日報@韓国
2005/06 EurekAlert Self-correcting embryos could be an ethically acceptable source of embryonic stem cells
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 読売
生まれる前に8回の手術を受けた赤ちゃん誕生  母体の免疫が胎児を攻撃してしまう症例
2005/02 BBC News Baby had eight ops in womb


2005/04 EurekAlert Color doppler sonography speeds detection of serious illness in premature infants
2005/04 EurekAlert Prenatal sonography has no effect on the intellectual capacity of the developing child
2005/03 EurekAlert Common anesthetics appear safe for developing fetal brain
2005/02 news@nature.com Fetal DNA extracted from mother's blood
 Rare genetic diseases could be detected without amniocentesis.

past 母体が決める将来

2005/04 EurekAlert Propensity for obesity, diabetes, may occur in utero
2005/04 EurekAlert Mother's prenatal and lactational diet may protect daughters from breast cancer
2005/04 EurekAlert Newborn's first week may be critical period for developing obesity in adulthood
2005/04 BBC News Newborn weight linked to obesity
2005/04 EurekAlert 'Motherwell's babies' study may yield up clues for adult diseases

鉄分不足のお母さん、母性愛も不足するかも 産後の貧血にご注意を
2005/04 EurekAlert Maternal iron deficiency disrupts mother/child interaction
2005/04 BBC News Anaemia 'can damage baby bonding'

URL 鉄分配合サプリメント

URL 葉酸配合サプリメント

2005/02 EurekAlert Poor prenatal nutrition permanently damages function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas
 why infants with low birth weight have a high potential of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.
2005/02 University at Buffalo Ingestion of Afterbirth Appears to Promote Maternal Behavior in Mammals
2005/01 BBC News Pregnancy diet child disease link
  If a pregnant woman has a poor diet it may increase her child's chances of having heart disease


2005/06 BBC News Obese mums 'harm baby fertility'
2005/06 EurekAlert Link between mothers' poor diets, kids' obesity
妊娠中ダイエット、子ども肥満に? 京大グループが発表
2005/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
妊婦ダイエット、子は肥満 マウス実験で確認、京都大
2005/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/06 BBC News How mum's diet ups obesity risk
2005/06 【日本語記事】 読売
妊婦さん、過度の減量ご用心 胎児の発育に影響
2005/03 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com


2005/06 New Scientist Kids' asthma linked to mothers' depression
2005/05 EurekAlert Managing maternal depression during pregnancy presents significant challenge to clinicians
妊婦が抗うつ剤を使っていると赤ちゃんが禁断症状に 新生児離脱症候群
2005/02 BBC News Anti-depressants pregnancy risk
 Babies whose mothers use a type of anti-depressant may be born with withdrawal symptoms
2005/02 New York Times Treatment of Depression in Pregnancy Affects Babies

past 祖母・祖父が決める将来

2005/05 EurekAlert Type 2 diabetes may begin with Grandma's diet
2005/05 BBC News Diabetes risk may be set by gran
  Children may be at increased risk of diabetes if their grandmothers had a poor diet while pregnant and breastfeeding, animal studies suggest.

past おなかの赤ちゃんに良くなさそうなものたち

経口避妊薬は妊娠している可能性があるときは飲まないで  催奇形性あり
2005/05 New Scientist Oral contraception linked to prostate deformities
2005/04 Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews Volume 29, Issue 2
 Prenatal Programming of Behavior, Physiology and Cognition
 doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2004.09.015  The effects of prenatal social stress on behaviour: mechanisms and function
 doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2004.10.005  Physiological stress reactivity in human pregnancy?x2014;a review
 doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2004.12.001 Prenatal programming of behavior: a twin-study perspective
 doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2004.10.008 Stress, genes and the mechanism of programming the brain for later life
汚れた空気、胎児に悪影響 染色体異常増 米研究所発表
2005/02 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com
2005/02 EurekAlert Mothers' exposure to air pollutants linked to chromosome damage in babies


2005/06 ScienCentral PTSD Babies
2005/05 BBC News Babies inherit 9/11 mums' stress
2005/05 EurekAlert Babies show ripple effects of mothers stress from 9/11 trauma
2005/05 New Scientist 9/11 babies inherit stress from mothers
2005/01 Brain, Behavior, and Immunity  The potential influence of maternal stress hormones
on development and mental health of the offspring


2005/06 FuturePundit: High Fish Consumption Raises Baby Intelligence But Mercury Lowers IQ



2005/04 BBC NEWS | Health | Gran's smoking 'can cause asthma'
2005/04 EurekAlert Grandmothers' smoking linked to grandchildren's asthma decades later
2005/04 EurekAlert Childhood asthma may be linked to grandmother's smoking
2005/03 ▲日本語記事 読売
2005/03 BBC News Smoking damages foetal cell DNA

past おなかの赤ちゃんを助けてくれるものたち

2005/05 EurekAlert OHSU research shows vitamin C counteracts some negative impacts of smoking on unborn babies
2005/05 BBC News Vitamin 'cuts smoke harm to baby'


2005/05 EurekAlert WHO centre calls for global action on cleft palate
2005/03 news@nature.com Pervasive vitamin fortification could alter genes
 Too much folic acid risks future health of population.

past 流産リスク

2005/06 BBC News Steroid may prevent miscarriages
 Taking steroid tablets while trying to
conceive could reduce the risk of
miscarriage for some women, scientists at
Liverpool University suggest
2005/06 New Scientist Steroid may prevent repeated miscarriages
2005/06 EurekAlert Recurrent miscarriages: Could prednisolone reduce the occurrence of this distressing condition?
2005/06 BBC News Immunity clue to premature births
 their bodies overreact to simple infections during pregnancy
2005/04 EurekAlert Easing the anxiety of pregnancy after miscarriage
2005/02 EurekAlert Study finds markers for premature birth risk at the molecular level


2005/04 BBC News Viagra 'stops pregnancy disorder'
 Pre-eclampsia affects about one in 10 pregnancies, and kills up to five women and 600 babies a year in the UK.
2005/04 EurekAlert Viagra shows selective effects in hypertensive pregnancy on mother, fetus
2005/04 BBC News Gene causes 'problem pregnancies'
2005/03 EurekAlert Proteins found in urine of pregnant women could help diagnose preeclampsia
2005/03 BBC News Infection link to pre-eclampsia
 A lung infection may be linked to a pregnancy complication which puts the lives of mothers and babies at risk.
2005/01 BBC News Pregnancy disorder detection hope
 Low levels of a key protein may help doctors to identify women at risk of pre-eclampsia mid-way through pregnancy

past 妊娠中のお母さん

2005/03 EurekAlert New study will push forward understanding of post-natal illnesses
 The three-year project aims to develop better treatments to help the one in ten women who suffer from anxiety and depression following the birth of their babies.
2005/03 EurekAlert Oral bacteria may predict pregnancy outcomes
2005/03 EurekAlert NYU College of Dentistry study equates poor oral health with preterm birth risk
2005/03 EurekAlert Study finds majority of women willing to accept cervical cancer vaccine for self and children
2005/02 BBC News Rare pregnancy diseases studied
 The UK Obstetric Surveillance System will collect reports of rare disorders
2005/02 EurekAlert Yale researcher studying acupuncture to reduce back pain in pregnancy

past お産のとき

2005/03 BBC News Acupuncture 'pregnancy pain cure'
 Acupuncture is effective at relieving pelvic pain during pregnancy
2005/03 EurekAlert Acupuncture relieves pelvic pain during pregnancy


2005/02 EurekAlert Is caesarean section linked to postnatal depression?

past 父親になるとき

2005/06 EurekAlert Low birth weight of a baby entails risks for the baby's father

past 早産/未熟児、低体重出産 産まれたときの大小

2005/06 EurekAlert Groundbreaking study helps explain why preemie brains improve over time
2005/06 BBC News Drug may help avoid prematurity
 An anti-cancer drug may help to stop babies being born too soon
2005/05 EurekAlert Birth weight and breastfeeding in infancy may affect premenopausal breast cancer risk
2005/05 BBC News Premature baby study secures 」3m
2005/04 EurekAlert Researchers identify marker of heart disease in low-birthweight babies
2005/04 EurekAlert Pregnancy complications related to low levels of anti-clotting proteins
2005/02 BBC News Baby size linked to cancer risk
2005/02 BBC News Device to save premature babies
2005/01 EurekAlert Progesterone therapy could prevent thousands of preterm births
2005/01 New Scientist Hormone shots could cut many premature births
2005/01 Medical News Today More Babies Born at Very Low Birth Weight Linked to Rise in Infant Mortality in 2002
2005/01 BBC News Half premature babies 'face risk'
2005/01 news@nature.com Premature births lead to wide-ranging disabilities
 But cognitive difficulties prove more prevalent than cerebral palsy.

past 赤ちゃんの性差

2005/04 Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews Volume 29, Issue 2
 doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2004.11.004  Prenatal sex hormone effects on child and adult
sex-typed behavior: methods and findings

past お母さんの年齢に何か問題でも?

2005/06 EurekAlert Ill-health and unhappiness among the risks for older mothers
 42歳以上では半数以上が流産に 妊娠で命を落とすお母さんも少なくない
2005/06 EurekAlert Ill-health and unhappiness among the risks for older mothers
2005/06 BBC News Genes help women over 45 conceive
2005/06 EurekAlert Unique genetic profile helps over-45s conceive naturally
2005/06 FuturePundit  Late Conceiving Mothers Have Unique Genetic Profiles
 Genetic profile of women who can start pregnancies in their late 40s provide clues about why some people age more slowly than others.
結婚 遅くなれば 低体重 出産 確率 高い  大邱カトリック大 医大 調査
2005/01 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)

past 発生の科学

精子、卵子へ“羅針盤” 分化は受精後6日で _
2005/06【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/05 EurekAlert The ultimate spa: embryonic body wash controls left-right development
2005/05 EurekAlert Vitamin A's paradoxical role in influencing symmetry during embryonic development revealed
心臓なぜ左? 体の左右の決定、かぎ握る物質特定
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com
脊椎動物:体の左右、繊毛が決定 胎内で特定物質寄せる--東大研究チームが解明
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
体の左右: 繊毛が特定物質を片側に集めて決定
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2005/05 Nature Developmental biology: Asymmetrical threat averted
2005/05 Nature Retinoic acid signalling links left-right asymmetric patterning and bilaterally symmetric somitogenesis in the zebrafish embryo
発生:FGF依存性に左向きノード流の中へ放出されるSonic hedgehogとレチノイン酸を含んだ膜性小胞は左右軸決定に重要な役割を果たす
2005/05 Nature FGF-induced vesicular release of Sonic hedgehog and retinoic acid in leftward nodal flow is critical for left-right determination
Yosuke Tanaka, Yasushi Okada and Nobutaka Hirokawa
2005/05 Nature Retinoic acid coordinates somitogenesis and left-right patterning in vertebrate embryos
発生 : レチノイン酸が胚発生にかかわる経路を結びつける
2005/05 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2005/05 EurekAlert Brain chemical serotonin involved in early embryo patterning, Forsyth scientists find
2005/03 Nature The first cleavage of the mouse zygote predicts the blastocyst axis
2005/03 EurekAlert New factor affects fertility - A protein called TAF4b
2005/03 EurekAlert Determining the fate of cells in the human body
 two proteins, Twist1 and Hand2, which are antagonists, couple to determine the number of digits on a hand, paw or wing, and whether these digits are webbed or not.
2005/03 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2005/01 EurekAlert Researchers find new genes necessary to make embryo
生殖能力~寿命に関与するDNA デコード社
2005/01 New York Times Scientists Find DNA Region That Affects Europeans' Fertility
2005/01 The Royal Society Biological Sciences DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2004.2944
 Are reproductive and somatic senescence coupled in humans? Late, but not early, reproduction correlated with longevity in historical Sami women
2005/01 New York Times Genes Promoting Fertility Are Found in Europeans
2005/01 BioMed・The Scientist Natural selection in humans
 A chromosomal inversion conveys a reproductive advantage in Iceland
2005/01 EurekAlert Clam embryo study shows pollutant mixture adversely affects nerve cell development
2005/01 EurekAlert The simple truth: Animal development not as complicated as it seems
 Professor Ricardo Azevedo's research on the simplicity of cell lineages explained in Nature magazine

past ほか

2005/06 EurekAlert Study sheds light on the developmental origins of polycystic ovarian syndrome
2004/12 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 1034 The Uterus and Human Reproduction
2005/01 BBC News Tricky birth delivery aid created

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