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2005/10 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/10 EurekAlert Vast majority of adults at risk of becoming overweight or obese
「太め」の顔は就職に不利 仏の研究者、偽履歴書で実証
2005/10 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/08 BBC News US people getting fatter, fast
2005/07 BBC News Men 'in denial' over weight gain
2005/05 EurekAlert Research shows women's weight gain brings loss of income, job prestige
2005/05 EurekAlert Obese workers' pay lower due to health costs, Stanford study finds
2005/03 EurekAlert Explosion of child obesity predicted to shorten us life expectancy
2005/03 news@nature.com Americans face drop in life expectancyハ
 Some claim obesity will cut years off US lives by the 2050s.
2005/03 New York Times Children's Life Expectancy Being Cut Short by Obesity
都市部の女性、32%が体重過多 36カ国15万人調査
2005/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)


2005/09 New York Times Blacks Join the Eating-Disorder Mainstream

past ボディイメージ

2005/12 EurekAlert FSU study finds body image stereotypes may begin in the high chair
2005/12 EurekAlert Feeling good is good enough for a man
2005/11 Guardian How the brain builds its image of the body
2005/11 BBC News Feeling fat can be 'in the mind'
UK scientists have identified the part of the brain that determines whether a person perceives themselves as fat.
2005/11 news@nature.com Mind trick 'whittles the waist'ハ
Illusion helps scientists to spot brain regions that shape our body image.
ドラマの登場人物のように「痩せたい」!? 摂食障害と診断される女性の「高齢化」が加速
2005/08 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2005/08 EurekAlert Shop environment influences women's attitude to body size
2005/07 BBC News Girls 'diet for pop star bodies'
2005/05 EurekAlert K-State researcher discovers compliments go a long way to improve body self-image in women
2005/05 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Worse self-image, more eating disorders among gay men

past ダイエット

2005/12 EurekAlert Drinking small amounts of alcohol regularly reduces risk of obesity
耳管開放症:急な体重減少、耳にも悪い 無理なダイエット、ご注意
2005/10 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/05 BBC News Ex-smokers told to 'weight watch'
2005/05 EurekAlert Exercise in cold water may increase appetite, UF study finds
運動量にも適正値 長時間体を動かせばいいというものではない
2005/03 BBC News Less exercise is 'just as good'
 Spending extra hours working out in the gym can be a waste of time
2005/01 BBC News Fidget off the fat, research says
 People who cannot sit still for more than a few minutes provide a clue to keeping slim and trim
2005/01 news@nature.com Easy diets work best
 Evidence confirms that maintaining a regime is more important than its details.
2005/01 EurekAlert Study finds that adherence to diet, not type of diet, more important factor for losing weight
2005/01 Guardian One diet won't work for everyone, scientists warn slimmers


ヤセ薬 ダイエット用食品

2005/08 EurekAlert Dietary supplement chitosan not yet proven effective for weight loss
2005/04 BBC News Drug boosts dieting weight loss : rimonabant


2005/02 EurekAlert Similar results found in both older and younger patients undergoing weight-loss surgery


past 妊婦の体脂肪

2005/12 EurekAlert Obesity before pregnancy linked to childhood weight problems
2005/12 New Scientist If expectant mums put on the pounds, so do the kids
Overeating by expectant mothers in the US is an important but overlooked factor in the inexorable expansion of the nation's waistlines
2005/11 EurekAlert If mums put on the pounds, so do kids
2005/06 BBC News Obese mums 'harm baby fertility'
2005/06 EurekAlert Link between mothers' poor diets, kids' obesity
妊娠中ダイエット、子ども肥満に? 京大グループが発表
2005/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
妊婦ダイエット、子は肥満 マウス実験で確認、京都大
2005/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/06 BBC News How mum's diet ups obesity risk
2005/06 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/06 BBC News Obesity linked to problem births
2005/04 EurekAlert Propensity for obesity, diabetes, may occur in utero
妊婦さん、過度の減量ご用心 胎児の発育に影響
2005/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com

past 太る食事

「夜食は太る」原因たんぱく質解明 深夜に増え脂肪蓄積
2005/09 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/07 EurekAlert Research may provide new link between soft drinks and weight gain
たまの深酒は肥満のもと? 米国立研究所が調査
2005/02 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com
2005/02 EurekAlert Beer-drinking rats count calories better than many people, UF researchers say

past食欲 摂食欲求

Dueling Hunger Hormones?
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/11 EurekAlert Stanford scientists' discovery of hormone offers hope for obesity drug
2005/11 BBC News Hunger control hormone discovered
2005/11 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/11 EurekAlert New findings help explain how brain pathways control body weight
食欲と柔軟性に富んだ脳   Appetite and the Adaptive Brain
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/10 news@nature.com Extra brain cells curb appetiteハ
Neural injections cause long-term weight loss in mice.
POMC (pro-opiomelanocortin) neurons NPY/AgRP neurons
2005/10 EurekAlert An essential regulator of body weight revealed
peptide YY (PYY)
2005/10 EurekAlert Study reveals hormone can reduce food intake, body weight
2005/07 BBC News Gut hormone jab aids weight loss
 Injections of a gut hormone which switches off appetite
2005/07 New Scientist Hormone jab naturally reduces appetite


2005/04 FuturePundit: Mutant Mice With Disrupted Sleep Habits Get Fat
2005/04 New Scientist Gene mutation slashes need for sleep
2005/04 EurekAlert A healthy internal clock keeps weight off
2005/04 EurekAlert Faulty body clock leads to obesity and diabetes
体内時計、肥満にも関与 米チームがマウスで実験
2005/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/04 EurekAlert Study finds possible mechanism for link between sleep disturbances and metabolic syndrome
<生物時計>食事が関係? 調節たんぱく質を発見 
2005/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
2005/04 EurekAlert Unconventional brain circuits offer clues to insomnia-obesity connection
2005/04 EurekAlert Obesity and insomnia linked by excitability of brain cells
2005/01 EurekAlert Sleeping less may be related to weight gain
2005/01 Medical News Today Fat people sleep less than people with normal BMIs


2005/04 EurekAlert Newborn's first week may be critical period for developing obesity in adulthood
2005/04 BBC News Newborn weight linked to obesity
2005/04 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞


2005/09 EurekAlert Perceptions of peer opinion influences attitudes about obesity
2005/08 EurekAlert Obesity linked to graffiti in the local neighbourhood
2005/08 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2005/08 EurekAlert Family environment is a significant predictor of adolescent obesity
2005/01 New Scientist Couch potato clue to obesity epidemic



【podcast 音声】ポッドキャスト:高知大学ラジオ公開講座「肥満と生活習慣病」
2005/07 EurekAlert Injuries higher among obese people, study finds
2005/06 New Scientist Obesity may accelerate the ageing process
2005/06 BBC News Smoking and obesity 'age people'
2005/06 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2005/06 news@nature.com Cigarettes age your DNAハ
Smoking and obesity are linked to age-related chromosome damage
2005/05 EurekAlert The fat connection
 how excess body fat can lead to the onset of diabetes
2005/04 EurekAlert Obesity linked to risk of severe headaches


肥満女性のほとんどは体型に苦しむ  9割は抑鬱をこうむり、8割は自分の体重に絶望している
2005/06 BBC News Obese in despair about their size
2005/04 EurekAlert Obese shoppers more likely to experience discrimination


2005/10 EurekAlert How does increased television watching 'weigh into' childhood obesity?
2005/10 BBC News 'Obesity risk' for large babies
2005/09 BBC News Podgy children 'face heart risk'
Children who are not obese or obviously overweight, but just a little podgy may be harming their hearts
2005/09 BBC News Child TV hours obesity risk link
2005/08 EurekAlert Waist size is associated with the metabolic syndrome in children
2005/06 EurekAlert The bigger the serving, the more young children will eat
 Preschool children do not adjust for how much they've already eaten in the past 24 hours or how calorie-rich their meal is. Rather, how much kids eat is determined by how much food is put on their plate
2005/05 BBC News TV watching link to child obesity
* Birth weight
* Parental obesity
* Over eight hours of TV a week at age three
* Short sleep duration - less than 10.5 hours per night at age three
* Size in early life - measured at eight and 18 months
* Rapid weight gain in the first year of life
* Rapid catch-up growth up to two years of age
* Early development of body fatness in pre-school years - before the age at which body fat should be increasing.
2005/05 EurekAlert Eight aspects of early life put UK children at risk of obesity
2005/05 EurekAlert Over-feeding in infancy might set the stage for childhood obesity
2005/04 EurekAlert Lipoprotein abnormalities found in severely obese children
2005/03 BBC News Six-year-olds 'want to be thin'
 Girls as young as six say they are unhappy with their bodies and want to be thinner
2005/02 Yahoo! News (Reuters) Most Obese Kids Not Depressed: Study
2005/02 BBC News Baby weight gain 'over-estimated'
2005/02 Yahoo! News (HealthDay) Genes May Drive Child Obesity
2005/01 EurekAlert By age 6, children of overweight mothers are also prone to obesity
2005/01 EurekAlert Being overweight has a significant effect on a child's quality of life


2005/04 EurekAlert College education protects middle-age caucasian women against obesity
2005/01 BBC News Brain theory of eating disorders
 Women may be more at risk of eating disorders than men because of the way their brain processes information.
女性が容姿に敏感な理由は、脳の仕組みのせい 言葉の捉え方に男女差あり
2005/01 ▲日本語記事 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)


2005/07 BBC News Obese men 'worse hit than women'


2005/10 EurekAlert Midlife obesity may be associated with risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease
2005/04 New Scientist Obesity in middle age linked with dementia
2005/04 BBC News Obesity increases dementia risk
2005/04 BBC News Overweight people may live longer
2005/04 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/01 Medical News Today Heavy middle-aged and elderly smokers have higher suicides rates


2005/09 BBC News Brain chemistry link to anorexia
2005/09 EurekAlert Alterations in brain serotonin activity may be associated with anorexia nervosa
2005/07 EurekAlert Specific regions of brain implicated in anorexia nervosa, finds Univ. of Pittsburgh study
瀕死のヤセ礼賛  拒食症サイトの「警告」ダイアログボックス
2005/06 New York Times Web Sites Celebrate a Deadly Thinness
2005/03 BBC News Crohn's 'mistaken for anorexia'


2005/10 BBC News A family's battle against bulimia
2005/08 EurekAlert Brain's opioid receptors熔r endorphin system洋ay hold key to treatment possibilities for bulimia
2005/06 EurekAlert PET confirms changes at brain molecular level in bulimia nervosa patients after CB therapy
2005/02 Psychiatric News Volume 40 Number 3  Genetic Anomaly Linked To Seasonal Binge Eating
2005/02 BBC News Diana linked to bulimia increase
  Rates of the eating disorder bulimia appear to have been influenced by revelations Princess Diana had battled with the condition


2005/05 Psychiatric Times Vol. XXII Issue 6  A Complicated Process: Diagnosing and Treating Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia
2005/03 EurekAlert Dental practitioners can be instrumental in preventing their patients' eating disorders


2005/12 EurekAlert Study shows complex link between abuse and eating disorders
2005/11 BBC News Abuse 'triggers eating disorders'
2005/01 Psychiatric News January 7, 2005 Volume 40 Number 1  Strong Link Found Between Anxiety, Eating Disorders


2005/05 EurekAlert Yoga takes a bite out of eating disorders


哺乳類におけるカロリー制限の遺伝学 Genetics of Mammalian Calorie Restriction
2005/12 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/12 EurekAlert Nutritional genomics identifies a potential weight-loss resistance gene
2005/04 EurekAlert Altering steroid receptor genes creates fat burning muscle
2005/01 Medical News Today 50 per cent chance you genes are why you are fat

past肥満の科学 脂肪の生理学

2005/11 Nature Obesity: Aquaporin enters the picture
2005/10 EurekAlert Gene makes muscles in the obese store more fat
2005/10 EurekAlert Muscle of obese 'programmed' to amass fat, genetic study finds
2005/10 BBC News 'Fat muscles' may explain obesity
2005/09 EurekAlert Researchers identify new target in fight against obesity
2005/09 EurekAlert Eating and body weight regulated by specific neurons
2005/09 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
「夜に食べると太る」…やっぱり  脂肪の蓄積に「体内時計」関与
2005/09 【日本語記事】 読売
「夜食は太る」仕組み判明 時計タンパクが肥満に関連
2005/09 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/09 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2005/08 PsychNotes  Neuroscience and Obesity
2005/07 ScienCentral Obesity Brains
2005/05 EurekAlert Fat's fate depends on its source
 The findings in mice suggest that normal metabolism requires so-called "new" fat--further evidence that a healthy diet should include an adequate source of fat.
2005/04 EurekAlert 'Second messenger' NAADP shows fast, dose-related impact on satiety cycle
 Could NAADP/cholecystokinin-combo attack fat from inside and out?
2005/01 EurekAlert Mayo Clinic discovers a key to 'low metabolism' - and major factor in obesity


2005/08 EurekAlert Weight control protein may yield antiobesity drugs
いにしえの脳内酵素が動物の健全な食生活をつかさどる GCN2 kinase
2005/04 EurekAlert Ancient enzyme guides healthy eating in mammals
肥満防止のたんぱく質発見 慶大と山之内製薬が共同研究
2005/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
タンパク質が肥満改善 慶応大などマウスで確認
2005/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/01 ScienCentral Appetite Hormone
2005/01 EurekAlert Fat deficiency gene also spurs obesity
2005/01 EurekAlert Fat hormone acts on brain circuit to curb obesity, diabetes


2005/08 EurekAlert Leptin-signaling protein maintains normal body weight and energy balance in mice
2005/07 BBC News Hunger hormone linked to memory
 Leptin enhances the level of communication between brain cells in the hippocampus in a process known as long-term potentiation (LTP)
2005/07 news@nature.com Appetite hormone may squelch learning
 Biochemists call for study into obesity's effect on schoolwork.
2005/05 EurekAlert MRI study shows hormone leptin alters brains, may ease cravings of people with obesity gene

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