past 進化医学

2004/07 National Geographic Ancient Skeleton Collection Yields Cancer Clues
2004/04 American Psychological Association  An evolutionary explanation for anorexia?
酔っぱらいの進化  動物行動と進化心理学に見るアルコール摂取  ロバート・ダドリー
2004/03 New York Times Of Drunken Elephants, Tipsy Fish and Scotch With a Twist
ニキビは病気か? ニキビと進化と性淘汰
2004/03 Entrez-PubMed / Med Hypotheses. 2004 Mar;62(3):462-9.
 Is acne really a disease?: a theory of acne as an evolutionarily significant, high-order psychoneuroimmune interaction timed to cortical development with a crucial role in mate choice.
2004/03 EurekAlert Evolution's twist
 USC study finds meat-tolerant genes offset high cholesterol and disease
「嫌悪」のメカニズム - 不快感の根源に潜むものとは
2004/01 ▲日本語記事 X51.ORG
2004/01 BBC News Disgust evolved to combat disease
2004/01 New Scientist Disgust is good for you, shows study
2004/01 Discovery Study Explains Why Humans Feel Disgust
「嫌悪」のメカニズム - 不快感の根源に潜むものとは
2004/01 ▲日本語記事 X51.ORG
生理 : 人体の設計は不完全なもの 肺の設計
2004/02 ▲日本語記事 Nature


2004/12 EurekAlert Immune system contributes to evolution of a new fluorescent protein
2004/12 EurekAlert 'Jumping gene' helps explain immune system's abilities
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/07 Nature 430, 157- 158 Immunology: Another manifestation of GOD
2004/07 Nature 430, 174 - 180; doi:10.1038/nature02740  Somatic diversification of variable lymphocyte receptors in the agnathan sea lamprey

past 体質の進化・人種

2004/12 EurekAlert Racial disparities noted in immune system genes
2004/11 New Scientist Endurance running is in east Africans' genes
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2004/10 EurekAlert 'Broken' gene reveals evolution of salt retention and possible ties to hypertension
2004/10 FuturePundit: Obesity Being Selected For In Modern Society?
2004/09 EurekAlert Recent evolution at a single gene may have brought down heart disease risk in some human groups
2004/09 EurekAlert Heart gene yields insights into evolution, disease risk
2004/08 EurekAlert Protective gene may enhance vaccine responses
味覚の自然淘汰  人工物質フェニルチオ尿素への感度、自然界の苦みに比例 特に「毒」と相関
2004/06 EurekAlert Natural selection at work in genetic variation to taste
薬草利用の自然な進化  体調不良下で特定の苦みへの嗜好が発生すると…
2004/06 Nature Science Update Bitterness illuminates plant lore
発掘!あるある大事典2 第1回  2004/04 『春の芸能人血液型SP』
 シベリア生活を経てきた祖先たち ~Douglas C. Wallace
2004/01 New York Times Ice Age Ancestry May Keep Body Warmer and Healthier
2004/01 University of California  Ancient DNA mutations permitted humans to adapt to colder climates
2004/01 EurekAlert Hopkins researchers identify transplantation antigens among Sioux Indians
2004/01 Los Angeles Times Ancestral Diet Gone Toxic

past アレルギー ぜんそく

ぜんそく:子どもの割合、史上最高を更新 文科省調査
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
2004/10 BBC News Smokers' genetic arthritis risk
2004/07 EurekAlert Study reports seafood allergies often begin later in life
2004/07 EurekAlert National study shows dog and cat allergens are universally present in U.S. homes
2004/07 BBC News Early vitamin use link to asthma
喘息 原因は 寄生虫 遮断酵素
2004/06 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/06 BBC News Parasite reaction link to asthma
2004/06 EurekAlert Yale researchers discover new potential asthma therapeutic targets related to parasites and insects
2004/06 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
2004/06 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2004/05 Betterhumans Do Antibiotics Cause Asthma?
 Findings could explain rapid increase in allergies
2004/05 EurekAlert Antibiotics alter GI tract microbes and increase lung sensitivity to allergens
2004/05 BBC News Antibiotics may raise asthma risk
2004/05 New Scientist Antibiotics linked to huge rise in allergies
アレルギー増加は抗生物質に原因と 米研究
2004/05 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
2004/05 BBC News Dirty homes 'won't stop allergies'
2004/05 BBC News Cells 'stop talking' in allergy
2004/04 BBC News Two new asthma genes discovered
2004/04 Betterhumans Pinpointed Asthma Genes Promise New Treatments
2004/04 Telegraph Genes give a clue to treatment of asthma
喘息 誘発 変異遺伝子 発見
2004/04 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/04 WebMD Asthma, ADHD Rates High Among American Kids
2004/03 ScienCentral  Allergies and Genes
2004/03 EurekAlert When it comes to allergies, Americans don't make the grade
乳児期に熱を出した子はアレルギーになりにくい? 米研究
2004/02 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
子どもと化学物質 解明進む健康への影響
2004/02 ▲日本語サイト クローズアップ現代
2004/01 ▼日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)

past 免疫と心 免疫とストレス 免疫力アップのコツ/免疫力が下がる原因

2004/10 BBC News Caesareans 'raise allergy risk'
2004/09 BBC News Asthma and Caesareans 'linked'
 Being born by Caesarean section could double a baby's chance of developing asthma
免疫機能の脳局在?  左脳にダメージを受けた人、免疫力が下がります
2004/05 EurekAlert Left brain damage may make people more vulnerable to infection
 Epilepsy surgery on brain hemispheres produces different effects on immune system
衛生面への配慮はやはり大切  新たな研究報告、清潔な環境が免疫力を弱めるという説を否定
2004/05 ▲日本語記事 JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.


2004/12 Medical News Today Old T cells cripple immune function in the elderly
2004/12 EurekAlert VGTI researchers help uncover why aging reduces immune system function


2004/12 Medical News Today Stress trigger for kids' asthma
2004/12 Medical News Today Divorce can worsen asthma in children
体にいいストレス  ちょくちょく一時的なストレスを迎えるのであれば免疫力アップ
2004/07 BBC News Stress can be good for your body
 A short burst of stress, such as that caused by giving a speech, may strengthen your body's immune system.
2004/07 Independent Stress can be good for you ... but not for long
適当な ストレス 健康に 助け
2004/07 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)


2004/09 Ohio State University Counseling boosts immunity, improves health habits
ひっこみじあんな人は風邪をひきやすい 内向的な性格と免疫力
2004/01 ScienCentral Shyness and Sickness


2004/01 ▲日本語記事 中央日報@韓国

past 病原体や寄生生物と免疫・抗体

2004/10 University of Bath Insects implicated in the evolution of new human infectious diseases
2004/10 BBC News Glowing insect bug 'harms humans'
進化:Aはadaptation(適応)のA ~バクテリオファージ
2004/09 Nature 431, 408- 409 Evolution: A is for adaptation
2004/09 Nature 431, 476 - 481; doi:10.1038/nature02833  Tropism switching in Bordetella bacteriophage defines a family of diversity-generating retroelements
80年前、何万人もが植物状態に陥った謎の怪病  嗜眠性脳炎:encephalitis lethargica の謎を解く
2004/07 BBC News Mystery of the forgotten plague
 Two young doctors had tracked down the probable cause of one of the most baffling epidemics of the 20th Century
 Encaphilitis Lethargica was a devastating illness that swept the world in the 1920's.
2004/07 EurekAlert Genome-wide analysis provides detailed understanding of flesh-eating bacteria epidemics
2004/07 EurekAlert Scientists suggest framework for epigenetics in common disease
2004/07 Nature; doi:10.1038/nature02822  Evolutionary genetics: Ambiguous role of CCR5 in Y. pestis infection
2004/05 EurekAlert Are bacteria turning our own weapons against us?
 The bacteria have stolen a key defensive gene from the very animals that they are invading and are now using it against them.
ウイルスのDNA断片を改造してSARSワクチンを開発 マウスでウイルス増殖抑制
2004/04 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/04 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/04 Nature 428, 561 - 564 A DNA vaccine induces SARS coronavirus neutralization and protective immunity in mice
薬剤耐性結核の恐怖  結核の「超」菌株との戦いを世界に訴えるWHO
2004/03 ▲日本語記事 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2004/02 Nature 427, 606 Evolutionary genetics: CCR5 mutation and plague protection
2004/01 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
新型肺炎 動物→人への感染で、ウイルスの遺伝子変異--感染力3%から70%に
2004/01 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2004/01 BBC News Science mapping Sars 'evolution'
2004/01 Scientific American SARS Evolution Traced
人類の遺伝子にくっきり刻み込まれている過去の伝染病災禍跡 IL-4
2004/01 BioMedNet News Pathogens maketh man
2004/01 ScienCentral Bug Speak
 Scientists are finding that communication among bacteria is a vital part of their life.
2004/01 Nature 427, 72 - 74 SOS response promotes horizontal dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes
ブタとヒトの融合 生体内で起きうる遺伝子混淆  人畜共通感染症の謎を解く鍵
2004/01 EurekAlert Mayo researchers observe genetic fusion of human, animal cells -may help explain origin of AIDS


ピロリ菌:血液型に合わせ変幻自在 感染力の秘密を解明
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
ピロリ菌、巧みに進化 日米欧の研究グループが発表
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)



2004/12 Nature Dominant influence of HLA-B in mediating the potential co-evolution of HIV and HLA
2004/12 Howard Hughes Medical Institute International team finds gene variants that affect response to HIV infection
2004/12 BBC News Key HIV-fighting genes identified
2004/07 Nature 430, 569 - 573; doi:10.1038/nature02777  Cyclophilin A retrotransposition into TRIM5 explains owl monkey resistance to HIV-1
2004/07 EurekAlert Study finds anti-HIV protein evolved millions of years before the emergence of AIDS



医学 : スペイン風邪が重症になるわけ 河岡義裕ら
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/10 EurekAlert Gene from 1918 virus proves key to virulent influenza
2004/10 Nature 431, 703 - 707 Enhanced virulence of influenza A viruses with the haemagglutinin of the 1918 pandemic virus
2000万人が死んだパンデミック  1918年のスペイン風邪大流行そのわけ  ウィルス表面の特徴
2004/02 Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Researchers Determine Reason for Deadly Spread of 1918 Influenza


2004/08 Duke University Medical Center Babies with DiGeorge syndrome saved by immune supression, thymus transplant
2004/05 EurekAlert New research suggests therapeutic approach for autoimmune diseases
2004/04 EurekAlert A multi-institutional study may offer clues for the treatment of some autoimmune diseases
2004/04 EurekAlert The APCs of autoimmune disease


2004/12 Medical News Today Genes tied to abnormal immune response in mice with lupus


2004/11 EurekAlert New gene mutation found to cause 'bubble boy disease'
2004/07 Howard Hughes Medical Institute A pathway to blocking autoimmunity
免疫不全症候群のお子さん バブル・ボーイ
2004/05 ScienCentral Bubble Boy Disease

past 免疫研究 免疫治療

2004/11 Nature A FADD-dependent innate immune mechanism in mammalian cells
2004/11 BBC News Hopes over food allergy vaccine
食物アレルギーにワクチン 米で開発、症状が大幅軽減
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/10 BBC News Asthma risk 'fixed before birth'
2004/10 BBC News Immune find may help transplants
2004/10 EurekAlert Genetically modified parasite lets researchers probe immune system's memory
2004/09 Nature 431, 456 - 461; doi:10.1038/nature02955 Regulation of B-cell survival by BAFF-dependent PKC[delta]-mediated nuclear signalling
2004/08 EurekAlert Fundamental change to Immunology 101
 A progenitor cell must leave the bone marrow to seed the thymus, eventually giving rise to T cells.
特殊なリンパ球「NKT細胞」でガンに挑む 免疫学者 谷口 克氏 
2004/07 ▲日本語サイト こだわりアカデミー
2004/07 EurekAlert Educating immune system may ease future use of stem cells
免疫:抗体クラススイッチの転写プログラムには抑制因子Bach2が関与する 広島・山形・筑波
2004/06 Nature 429, 566 - 571  The transcriptional programme of antibody class switching involves the repressor Bach2
 Akihiko Muto, Satoshi Tashiro, Osamu Nakajima, Hideto Hoshino, Satoru Takahashi, Eiichirou Sakoda, Dai Ikebe, Masayuki Yamamoto and Kazuhiko Igarashi
死んだ細胞処理できず自己免疫疾患か 阪大チーム研究
2004/05 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
抗体の多様化促す因子確認 広島大がマウス細胞で
2004/05 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
強弱調整のたんぱく発見@骨髄移植の不適合反応 東北大
2004/05 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2004/05 EurekAlert Transplant rejection averted by simple light exposure in Stanford animal study
2004/05 EurekAlert Recognition of bacteria in the cytosol by the immune system
2004/04 BBC News Worm diet 'treats bowel disorder'
2004/04 Ananova Worms to cure bowel disease
2004/04 EurekAlert Diet of worms protects against bowel cancer
2004/04 New Scientist Diet of worms can cure bowel
シャーレで増やす免疫細胞  将来的には癌やHIVの治療法への応用が期待される
2004/04 ▲日本語記事 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2004/03 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/02 EurekAlert Embryonic pig cell transplants halt rat diabetes
花粉症にDNAワクチン 3回投与で数年間効果 国立感染症研究所
2004/02 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/02 EurekAlert Immune system's attack dogs kept on genetic leash
 Loss of restraint may contribute to lupus, other autoimmune disorders
2004/02 BBC News Immune cell clue to miscarriage
2004/02 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/01 EurekAlert Researchers unlock key secrets showing how tumors hide from immune system

past 免疫:動物

2004/10 EurekAlert Gene-altered mouse is model for rare autoimmune syndrome

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