past 考古学

2006/06 EurekAlert New method for dating art prints and early books borrows know-how from genetic science
2006/06 New Scientist Printing errors date ancient manuscripts
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Anthropologist unravels 10,000-year-old climate change mystery
A University of Alberta (Canada) anthropologist is heading up an international research team that
will investigate why an entire Siberian culture of hunter-gatherers vanished between 7000 and 6000 BC.
アマチュア考古学者の新ルール 違法金属探知防止へ 英国
2006/05 【日本語記事】 エキサイト/ロイター
現代のコンティキ号、出発 ノルウェー人探検家の孫ら
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/04 Nature Archaeology: Failure and how to avoid it
「Arches: Gateways From Science to Culture.」
2006/03 EurekAlert MIT tool may reveal architectural past
 Could unlock secrets of ancient cathedrals, more
科学なポッドキャスト:Discovery News Update: Tuesday January 24, 2006
  【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3 約5分  コロンブスのDNA調査  バイキングの歯のおしゃれ ほか

past 祖先の文化

 女は腕の良い狩り男を好むのか 「見せびらかし仮説」と性淘汰
2006/02 ScienceDaily   Joining The Hunt: New Study Investigates Role Of 'Showoff Hypothesis' In Social Decisions


なぜ、形づくられる文字と他の人類視覚のサインは、{彼らがある} 流儀であるか?
 Qiang Zhang, Hao Ye, and Shinsuke Shimojo
 通文化的に選ばれた形状 ― 人類視覚と自然認識の進化
2006/03 EurekAlert Why are letters and other human visual signs shaped the way that they are?

人類最古のビーズか? 10万年前の穴の開いた貝殻
2006/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/06 New Scientist Ancient beads imply culture older than we thought
2006/06 BBC News Study reveals 'oldest jewellery'
2006/06 National Geographic Ancient Shells May Be World's Oldest Bead Jewelry
2006/06 Scientific American Ancient Shell Beads Could Be First Sign of Modern Culture
Shells From Israel and Algeria May Be Oldest Known Beads
2006/06 【日本語記事】 Science日本版



たいがいの洞窟壁画、若人の作品 シャーマンのものじゃない
2006/02 EurekAlert Most cave art the work of teens, not shamans
 A landmark study of Paleolithic art
 インドネシアのGua Masri II 洞窟にある手形アートをフランス隊が検証
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Cave art: men and women each did their own thing


2006/06 EurekAlert Biologists find regions of rice domestication
 the two major rice types grown today were first grown by humans in
India and Myanmar and Thailand (Oryza sativa indica) and
in areas in southern China (Oryza sativa japonica).
<最古のマメ>シリア北西部の新石器時代遺跡で発見 地球研
2006/05 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
2006/06 National Geographic Ancient Fig Find May Push Back Birth of Agriculture
2006/06 BBC News Fig fossil clue to early farming  Ancient fig clue to first farming
Figs the First Domesticated Crop?
2006/06 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
イチジクが最古の作物? 米ハーバード大研究班が発表
2006/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/06 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
The Path to Wheat Domestication
2006/04 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
コムギ栽培化への道  The Path to Wheat Domestication
2006/03 【日本語記事】 Science日本版

past 食人

2006/01 John Hawks Anthropology Weblog What is up with the prion gene?
ドナー隊のお食事 飼い犬の「ウノ」くんは食われました
2006/01 Discovery Donner Party Likely Ate Family Dog
2006/01 EurekAlert Donner Party cannibalism legends remain unproven

past オセアニア 太平洋

2006/03 ABC@Australia Cave reveals Indigenous ice age lifestyle secrets
A broader picture of Tasmanian Aboriginal life around the time of the last ice age is emerging through research on bone fragments from a south-west cave.
2006/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2006/03 New Scientist Did humans decimate Easter Island on arrival?
2006/03 National Geographic Easter Island Settled Later, Depleted Quicker Than Thought?
ポリネシア人のイースター島入植はもっと後だった Polynesians Came Late To Easter Island
2006/03 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
野火で姿を現した、大規模な石組み アボリジニ遺跡
2006/02 Warrnambool Standard ANCIENT FIND
 bushfire has unearthed some of the biggest Aboriginal stone houses ever seen in Gunditjmara land.
2006/01 Science News Stone Age Footwork: Ancient human prints turn up down under

past アジア~インド

2006/02 National Geographic "Lost Kingdom" Discovered on Volcanic Island in Indonesia
2006/02 Discovery Lost Kingdom of Tambora Uncovered
2006/02 BBC News 'Pompeii of the East' discovered
2006/03 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp


2006/05 【日本語記事】 中央日報@韓国
始皇帝の祖母の陵墓か 中国、外国メディアに公開
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
7000年前に漢字の「祖先」=記号刻まれた陶器発掘-中国 殷代の甲骨文字をさらに数千年さかのぼる
2006/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2006/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/03 ヤフー Before Scandinavia: These could be the first skiers*
2千年前、前漢後期の遺跡発掘 伊ポンペイに匹敵 洪水で埋もれた内黄県三楊庄@中国中部・河南省
2006/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/01 National Geographic Photo in the News: Map Proof Chinese Discovered America?
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Experts: Chinese map likely phony



 今のインド人は大半は南アジア人の末裔 シルクロード由来の血はわずか
2006/01 National Geographic India Acquired Language, Not Genes, From West, Study Says
2006/06 BBC News Search for India's ancient city

past 中近東~中央アジア

2006/04 National Geographic 9,000-Year-Old Drilled Teeth Are Work of Stone Age Dentists
2006/04 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/04 Ananova Prehistoric dentists
2006/04 BBC News Stone age man used dentist drill
2006/04 Nature Palaeontology: Early Neolithic tradition of dentistry
9000年前の頭がい骨に歯の治療跡? パキスタンで出土
2006/04 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Italian scientists find ancient Ur tablets
 2,700 B.C., the First Dynasty of Ur, to 2,100 B.C., the Third Dynasty
2006/03 Discovery Iran: Prehistoric Fashion Center?
 Archaeologists find evidence of a thriving textile industry in ancient Iran.
2006/03 National Geographic Underground Tunnels Found in Israel Used In Ancient Jewish Revolt
ダガーを構えて死んでいた3000年前の剣士@イラク Gohar Tepe
2006/01 Discovery Warrior Found Buried In Attack Position

past エジプト文明

2006/06 National Geographic Ancient Flowers Found in Egypt Coffin
生前のミイラ、CGで復元 早大が7月に一般公開
2006/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
ミイラの素顔はこんな顔? 早大調査隊がCGで復元
2006/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
科学なポッドキャスト:ミイラの遺伝子解析 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 5分
Mummy DNA Discovery Science Channel.
Scientists use DNA to unravel ancient mysteries.
2006/05 EurekAlert Ancient tomb sheds new light on Egyptian colonialism
2006/05 Discovery King Tut's Penis Rediscovered
 The mummified royal member, missing since 1968, is found in the loose sand around the pharaoh's body.
2006/04 Discovery Unusual Ancient Egyptian Pillow Analyzed
 The pillow would have been fluffy, unlike the uncomfortable-looking wooden headrests in museums.
2006/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
女王ハトシェプストのミイラ発見 カイロの博物館の3階にありました
2006/03 Egypt State Information Service Hatshepsut mummy found
2006/03 BBC News Egypt Pharaoh find 'not a tomb'
科学なポッドキャスト:Ultimate Guide: Pyramids 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 26分
Discovery Channel Features : Mar 8 2006
Why were ancient civilizations all over the world were fascinated by pyramids?
What secrets do these structures hold?
ドイツチーム 17体
2006/03 PhysOrg.com More ancient war goddess statues found in Egypt
2006/03 National Geographic Egyptian Temple Yields 17 Statues of Lion-Headed Goddess
2006/03 National Geographic World's Oldest Sea Vessels Discovered in Egypt
2006/03 EurekAlert World's oldest ship timbers found in Egyptian desert
2006/03 Discovery Egypt's Hawass Calls King Tut Case Closed
2006/03 National Geographic Ancient Egyptian Sun Temple Discovered in Cairo
船の持ち主は最古の海洋民族 紅海の謎の港「Punt」の位置もわかるかもしれない
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Archaeology Team Discovers Oldest Remains of Sea-faring Ships in the World
※ 2006/01 【日本語サイト】 エジプトで発見された船@水中考古学/船舶・海事史研究
2006/02 New Scientist Tutankhamen liked his wine white
白ワイン、ツタンカーメンの墓に埋葬 通説さかのぼる
2006/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
「王家の谷」に新たな墓 ミイラ5体も発見 エジプト
2006/02 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp
2006/02 CNN Five mummies found at famed Egyptian site
2006/02 National Geographic New Tomb Opened in Egypt's Valley of Kings
2006/02 Discovery New Tomb Found Near King Tut
2006/02 BBC News Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt
2006/02 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Study: King Tut slain by sword in the knee
2006/02 Discovery Infection Killed King Tut
2006/01 PhysOrg.com 3,400-year-old Egyptian statue is found
 a life-sized statue of one of the queens of the powerful king Amenhotep III.
2006/01 Discovery Statue of King Tut's Grandmother Found
 The statue of Queen Tiy was found within a temple, suggesting that she wielded enormous power.
エジプトの女性ミイラ、最古の嚢虫症例 豚肉をナマで食べるとかかる寄生虫
2006/01 Discovery Egypt Mummy Shows Taste for Pork
The young female mummy had a parasitic infection commonly transmitted by undercooked pork products.
2006/01 Discovery Ancient Egyptians Revered Dwarfs

past キリストがらみ

past ヨーロッパ

2006/06 EurekAlert FSU Etruscan expert announces historic discovery at ancient site
2006/06 National Geographic Europe's Oldest "Book" Read With High-Tech Imaging
2006/06 eitb24 Basques were fishermen more than 8,000 years ago
2006/05 National Geographic Pyramid in Bosnia -- Huge Hoax or Colossal Find?
2006/04 BBC News Dig for ancient pyramid in Bosnia
2006/04 EurekAlert New evidence suggests the need to rewrite Bronze Age history
Aegean Archeology Debate Resolved?
2006/04 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2006/04 PhysOrg.com Scientists uncover secrets of 2,650 year old swamp girl
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Study: Olive oil fed 2,000 B.C. foundries
2006/02 news@nature.com Were ancient Minoans centuries ahead of their time?
Unprecedented mathematical knowledge found in Bronze Age wall paintings.
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Phoenician temple found in Sicily
2006/02 ABC News Cave Drawings Reportedly 25,000 Years Old
2006/02 BBC News French caver makes historic find
2006/01 Discovery Study: Viking Teeth Were Groovy
2006/02 National Geographic Vikings Filed Their Teeth, Skeleton Study Shows
2006/01 canada.com Tooth marks link Vikings, Indians
 1,000-year-old skeletons: Decorative groove technique likely learned in America
8000年前に発酵乳製品を作っていました 新石器時代のヨーロッパ
2006/01 Discovery Neolithic Europeans Made Cheese, Yogurt
2006/01 PhysOrg.com(UPI) 700-year-old murder discovered


キプロスで板石墓 sarcophagus 発見
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Briefs: Rare ancient coffin found in Cyprus
2006/02 Discovery Female Bum Behind Valentine Symbol?
The familiar heart shape we see everywhere may have come from a Greek interpretation of Aphrodite's derriere.
2006/02 BBC News Greek tomb find excites experts
Archaeologists in Greece say they are examining the largest underground tomb ever found in the country.
2006/02 EurekAlert MIT: Deep-sea robot photographs ancient Greek shipwreck
2006/02 Discovery Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Found
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Greek temple discovered in Albania


2006/03 PhysOrg.com Rare painted Roman-era statute is found
 the head of a female Amazon warrior from the debris of a collapsed escarpment at Herculaneum,
a Roman-era Italian resort that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Remains of 3,500-year-old palace are found
2006/03 PhysOrg.com 2,000-year-old tunnels found in Israel
 Archeologists say they've found remains north of Nazareth of the Jewish settlement "Kana of the Galilee," dating from the Roman period.
2006/03 EurekAlert Archaeologists to establish true value of Roman silver coins
2006/03 National Geographic Gladiators Played by the Rules, Skulls Suggest
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Archaeologists unearth Alexander the Great era wall
2006/01 news@nature.com Long-lost Phoenician ports foundハ
 Old Mediterranean harbours discovered buried under modern cities
 Tyre and Sidon on the Lebanese coast were once the major launching points


2006/06 BBC News Early signs of elephant butchers
Bones and tusks dating back 400,000 years
40万年前の骨と牙 ゾウ屠殺の英国最古の証拠
2006/06 BBC News Early signs of elephant butchers
2006/06 BBC News Front garden yields ancient tools
The Britons of 250,000 years ago were a good deal more sophisticated than they are sometimes given credit for
2006/05 BBC News Brutal lives of Stone Age Britons
2006/05 New Scientist Muggings were rife in New Stone Age
2006/05 British Neolithic Was More Violent Than Previously Thought | Anthropology.net
2006/05 National Geographic Stone Age Britons Often Died From Brutal Blows, Skull Survey Says
2006/02 EurekAlert The evolution of right- and left-handedness
2006/03 PhysOrg.com The Evolution Of Right And Left Handedness
2006/02 American Journal of Physical Anthropology 
Skeletal manifestations of rickets in infants and young children in a historic population from England (p 362-374)
S. Mays, M. Brickley, R. Ives
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.20292
Nutrition and health at contact in late prehistoric central Gulf Coast Florida (p 375-386)
Dale L. Hutchinson, Lynette Norr
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.20300
Inbreeding and surnames: A projection into Easter Island's past (p 435-445)
Antonio Gonz疝ez-Mart?, Clara Garc?-Moro, Miguel Hern疣dez, Pedro Moral
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.20285

2006/01 National Geographic Photo in the News: Iron Age "Bog Man" Used Imported Hair Gel
2006/01 National Geographic  Murdered "Bog Men" Found With Hair Gel, Manicured Nails
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Ancient bodies found in Irish bog

 25マイル隔てた場所から2003年に発掘されたClonycavan Man と Old Croghan Man
2006/01 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Expert: Bog bodies buried at boundaries
植物性のポマードを使っていたClonycavan manはおそらく夏に殺された
 胸部と腕だけの首ナシ死体Old Croghan Manは冬に死んだらしい
2006/01 BBC News Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled


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past ネアンデルタール

2006/03 BBC News Tools 'may be 250,000 years old'

past アフリカ

2006/03 EurekAlert Clues to African archaeology found in lead isotopes
2006/03 news@nature.com Ingots reveal early Saharan trade
Copper chemistry helps researcher tap into Africa's past.

past 中南米

2006/06 Discovery Ancient Calendar Unearthed in Peru
 The three-dimensional calendar is the oldest of its kind ever to be found in the Americas.
2006/06 National Geographic Oldest Dentistry in Americas Found -- Fang Dentures?
発見される南北・中央アメリカにおける最古の歯科医学  メキシコ西部
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Ancient observatory found in Peru
The oldest astronomical observatory in the Western Hemisphere has reportedly been discovered a few miles north of Lima, Peru.
2006/05 【日本語記事】 グー(時事通信)
2006/05 Discovery Peruvian Mummy Member of Elite
2006/05 National Geographic Mummy of Tattooed Woman Discovered in Peru Pyramid
2006/05 BBC News Tattooed mummy discovered in Peru
2006/05 【日本語記事】 goo(時事通信)
2006/05 Peruvians protest that Yale return Machu Picchu artifacts to Peru | Anthropology.net
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Oldest Known Art and Agriculture Calendar in New World Discovered
2006/05 National Geographic Priceless Maya Stone Vessel Looted in Guatemala
2006/05 National Geographic Ancient Maya Royal Tomb Discovered in Guatemala
2006/04 【日本語記事】 goo/asahi.com
ナスカで地上絵を新発見 台地全体で100種
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/04 BBC News Ancient pyramid found in Mexico
2006/04 National Geographic Ancient Pyramid Found at Mexico City Christian Site
 洪水に見舞われやすい地域における耕作と灌漑の技術 失われたティアワナコ文化を温故知新せよ
ユネスコ Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge
Waru Waru, a cultivation and irrigation system used in flood-prone areas of the Altiplano
2006/03 EurekAlert First Amazon-Andean crop plant transfer and corn processing in Peru 3600-4000 years ago
2006/03 Nature Early maize agriculture and interzonal interaction in southern Peru
2006/03 National Geographic Corn, Arrowroot Fossils in Peru Change Views on Pre-Inca Culture
2006/03 news@nature.com Early Andean maize unearthed
Ancient finding suggests Peruvians could have been making tortillas 4,000 years ago.
考古 : ペルーにおけるトウモロコシ栽培の始まり
2006/03 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
ペルー政府、イェール大の申し出を拒否 マチュピチュの遺産をめぐって訴訟勃発か
2006/03 The Hartford Courant Yale says Peru ended negotiations over Machu Picchu artifacts
2006/01 The story behind teeth from slaves of mid-16th Campeche, Mexico | Anthropology.net
2006/01 American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Early African diaspora in colonial Campeche, Mexico: Strontium isotopic evidence
2006/01 EurekAlert Archaeologists find evidence of earliest African slaves brought to new world
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Scientists Uncover Lost Maya Ruins - from Space
ペルー・ナスカの地上絵:宇宙の目から解く 山形大助教授ら、地上絵の分布図作成へ
2006/01 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2006/01 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞) 
2006/01 Discovery New Find Pushes Back Date of Mayan Writing
2006/01 National Geographic Earliest Maya Writing Found in Guatemala, Researchers Say
マヤ文明最古の象形文字発見 研究チーム
2006/01 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Mayan hieroglyphics discovered dating to 3rd century BC
Early Mayan Writing
2006/01 【日本語記事】 Science日本版

past 北米

2006/06 New Scientist Native Americans recorded supernova explosion
2006/05 Yale gots Geronimo's Skull & Bones | Anthropology.net
 巡回展示「EarthWorks: Virtual Explorations of the Ancient Ohio Valley
2006/04 EurekAlert A site to be seen: Ancient earthworks electronically rebuilt, to become a traveling exhibit
2006/02 ScienceDaily Early California: A Killing Field --
 Research Shatters Utopian Myth, Finds Indians Decimated Birds インディアン(ネイティブアメリカン)はエコな天使じゃございません
2006/01 National Geographic Prehistoric Graves Reveal Americas' First Baby Boom
2006/01 EurekAlert The first baby boom
2006/01 Discovery "Outlaw Mummy" Shows Wild West Life
 a mummy of a 19th century cowboy validates some Wild West lore popularized in movie westerns

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