past 考古学

2005/12 New Scientist Civilisation has left its mark on our genes
 a significant percentage of our genes have been shaped by natural selection in the past 50,000 years
2005/12 EurekAlert Grant allows ASU archaeologist to study how environment influences evolution
 to learn more about modern human evolution by gaining a better understanding of the physical environment
2005/10 NewYorkMagazine.com Are Jews Smarter?
Did Jewish intelligence evolve in tandem with Jewish diseases as a result of discrimination in the ghettos of medieval Europe?
人為淘汰のたまもの? 過酷な歴史とユダヤ人の知能
2005/07 National Geographic Did Discrimination Enhance Intelligence of Jews?
ジャレド・ダイアモンド インタビュー:米国でテレビシリーズ化決定
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン

past 祖先の文化

2005/08 Discovery Spears: Creators of Warfare?
 Spears Spawned Ancient Group Violence?
2005/08 WORLD SCIENCE The spear brought peace on Earth, researcher claims
2005/08 Discovery Ancients Rarely Punished Prostitutes
2005/07 WORLD SCIENCE When wealth and poverty began
 Did haves and have-nots split up in the Stone Age?


言語系統樹とヒト遺伝系統樹 南アメリンドの系統解明
2005/11 EurekAlert Genetics used to prove linguistic theories

2005/12 Discovery Ostrich Shell Necklace: A Paleolithic Must
The ostrich eggshell beads indicate that artistry has been appreciated much longer than thought.
2005/10 National Geographic Toe Bones Reveal World's Earliest Shoe-Wearers
2005/08 EurekAlert Early humans wore 'shoes' 30,000 years ago
2005/08 Journal of Archaeological Science
Volume 32, Issue 10 , October 2005, Pages 1515-1526
Anatomical evidence for the antiquity of human footwear use
2005/08 Discovery Prehistoric Sturdy Shoe Fad Discovered
2005/08 Washington University in St. Louis  Protective footwear started nearly 30,000 years ago, research finds



2005/07 BBC News Ancient phallus unearthed in cave
2005/07 Discovery Rare Paelolithic Phallus Discovered


2005/12 Discovery Stone Age Humans Often Squatted
 Middle Stone Age humans were engaged in some kind of agricultural work at this early phase in human history.
2005/11 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Pinhasi et al. on the origin and spread of agriculture
2005/11 PLoS Biology: Tracing the Origin and Spread of Agriculture in Europe
2005/08 Times  Oldest homes were made of mammoth bone
2005/08 BBC News Bones reveal first shoe-wearers

past 食人

2006/01 EurekAlert History of human cannibalism eats away at researchers
 New study challenges previous reports of cannibalism as a worldwide selective force
2005/12 Genome Res.  The prion protein gene in humans revisited: Lessons from a worldwide resequencing study.

past オセアニア 太平洋

2005/12 www.abc.net.au Wollemi rock art shows Aboriginal Dreaming
2005/10 ScienceDaily Radiocarbon Dates Reveal That New Guinea Art Is Older Than Thought
2005/08 EurekAlert Groundbreaking research sheds light on ancient mystery
2005/07 EurekAlert Ancient diets of Australian birds point to big ecosystem changes
2005/07 EurekAlert Did humans cause ecosystem collapse in ancient Australia?
2005/07 BBC News 'Fires wiped out' ancient mammals
 The first humans to arrive in Australia destroyed the pristine landscape, probably by lighting huge fires
2005/07 news@nature.com Fire-starters blamed for Australian extinctions
  Early settlers accused of sending animal species crashing down in flames.

past アジア~インド


2005/12 Xinhua News Ancient Chinese may have worn necklaces 20,000 years ago
最古クラスの天文台 中国的観天
2005/11 BBC News China finds ancient observatory
 The remains, discovered near the city of Linfen in Shanxi province, are thought to be about 4,100 years old.
世界最古の麺一丁 4000年前のラーメンタイプ
2005/10 ヤフー World's Oldest Noodles Alter View of Ancient Diet
2005/10 【日本語記事】 読売
4千年前のめん、中国・黄河流域で発掘 「発祥」裏付け
2005/10 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/10 New Scientist Ancient noodle rewrites history
2005/10 BBC News Oldest noodles unearthed in China
2005/10 Nature Culinary archaeology: Millet noodles in Late Neolithic China
4千年前の石像群か 中国、数千体発掘と報道 湖南省永州市
2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
中国で最古の絵文字発見 甲骨文字より古いと分析_
2005/10 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
甲骨文字よりも古い絵文字を発見 寧夏
2005/10 【日本語記事】人民日報
チンギス・ハーンの宮殿遺跡で鉄器の大工場確認 _
2005/08 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
5万年前の住居跡か 中国遼寧省で発見の洞窟
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)


2005/09 PhysOrg.com 8,000-year-old boat found in South Korea
8千年前の丸木舟、韓国で出土…世界最古の可能性も 飛鳳里(ピボンリ)遺跡
2005/09 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)


2005/07 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Diversity of tribal Indians

past 中近東~中央アジア

新たな仏教拠点? バーミヤンで発見 文化財研
2005/12 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
メソポタミアにおける大戦争の痕跡 紀元前3500年
2005/12 EurekAlert Earliest evidence for large scale organized warfare in the Mesopotamian world
2005/12 New Scientist Ancient citadel shows scars of mass warfare
 The ruins of a Mesopotamian settlement reveal evidence of a ferocious aerial assault, described by archaeologists as "shock and awe" in 3500 BC
史上最古の女ギャンブラー? 3000年前のイラン
2005/10 Discovery First Female Gambler Found?
2005/07 EurekAlert Ancient Iraqi harp reproduced by Liverpool engineers
 an ancient Iraqi harp the Lyre of Ur
2005/07 EurekAlert Ancient Tiberias reveals more of its beauty
  a Jewish center were revealed in this season's excavations there.

past エジプト文明

ミイラの生前の顔復元へ 早大がプロジェクト _
2005/12 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/12 PhysOrg.com(UPI) Dwarfs assimilated in ancient Egypt
2005/12 EurekAlert Dwarfs commanded respect in ancient Egypt
2005/10 【日本語記事】 cnn.co.jp
2005/09 Antiquity Vol 79 No 305 September 2005  A Middle Palaeolithic site with blade technology at Al Tiwayrat, Qena, Upper Egypt
2005/08 Discovery Egyptologist Discovers Ancient Gossip
2005/08 Discovery Biblical-Era Child Mummy Resurrected
 The mummy of a little Egyptian girl who lived 2,000 years ago
2005/08 【日本語記事】 asahi.com(SiliconValley.com)

past キリストがらみ

2005/12 Discovery Early Image of Jesus Found
 On the back of the 6th-century seal is a cross, labeled with the name "Christ."
2005/08 Discovery Climate Cycle Matched to Bible Prophecy
Joseph foretold of seven years of rain, followed by seven years of drought.
2005/07 Discovery Catacombs Show Christianity-Judaism Link
 Some of the most important relics in Christendom, the ancient catacombs in Rome, may not have been started as a Christian practice
2005/07 Nature Radiocarbon dating: Jewish inspiration of Christian catacombs

past ヨーロッパ

2005/11 Discovery Oldest Western Map Discovered
A piece of black terracotta from 500 B.C. displays the heel of Italy's boot shape.
現代ヨーロッパ人の祖先 The Ancestry of Modern Europeans
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/11 news@nature.com Did pioneer farmers fail to spread their seed?ハ
European immigrants may have passed on agricultural skills, but not their genes.
2005/11 EurekAlert Earliest European farmers left little genetic mark on modern Europe, Science study finds
2005/09 EurekAlert Medieval pottery in the Basque Country (VIII-XIII centuries)
2005/09 New Scientist King loses mother but gains a daughter
DNA analysis reveals that the last Viking king was not laid to rest with his mother, contrary to what historians have believed for at least 500 years


2005/11 New York Times Camps on Cyprus May Have Belonged to Earliest Open-Water Seafarers


2005/09 Discovery Ancient Roman Seaman Portrait Found
2005/09 innovations-report Secret of Delphi Found in Ancient Text
 a 2,700 year old mystery concerning The Oracle of Delphi ミ by consulting an ancient farmerユs manual.
2005/09 news@nature.com Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruinsハ
Google Earth programme leads to remains of ancient villa.
2005/08 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
皇帝の大理石像発見 古代ローマ遺跡で
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/07 Discovery Silver Treasure Unearthed Near Pompeii
2005/07 BBC News Rare Pompeii dinner set unveiled


2005/11 BBC News Binge-drinking an age-old problem
2005/12 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
2005/09 Scotsman.com  Rare Iron Age find on Skye
 ARCHAEOLOGISTS believe they have uncovered the first Iron Age burial on the Isle of Skye.
ストーンヘンジの石切場@ウェールズ 紀元前2500
2005/07 Discovery Stonehenge Quarry Found in Wales

past ネアンデルタール

past アフリカ

2005/12 Journal of African Archaeology Vol. 3 (2) 2005
2005/10 National Geographic Stone Age Cemetery, Artifacts Unearthed in Sahara
2005/09 New York Times Unexpected Stone Age Find in South Africa
2005/08 EurekAlert Oldest dated evidence of cattle in southern Africa found

past 中南米

2005/12 National Geographic Oldest Known Maya Mural, Tomb Reveal Story of Ancient King
2005/12 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
古代マヤ最古の壁画を発見 グアテマラの遺跡
2005/12 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/12 National Geographic Photo in the News: Oldest Known Maya Mural Reveals Royal Tale
2005/12 BBC News Mayan mural found in Guatemala
2005/12 Discovery Ancient Maya Mural Unveiled
アメリカのヒョウタンは、アジアから人間がもたらした 1万年前にやってきたのは栽培種
2005/12 EurekAlert Ancient humans brought bottle gourds to the Americas from Asia
2005/12 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.0509279102
An Asian origin for a 10,000-year-old domesticated plant in the Americas
2005/12 National Geographic Ancient Portrait of Maya Woman Found Who Was She?
2005/12 EurekAlert Jungle discovery opens new chapter in Maya history
 the earliest known portrait of a woman that the Maya carved into stone,
demonstrating that women held positions of authority very early in Maya history either as queens or patron deities.
ボリビア・アマゾンの古代文明 人類学者 実松 克義氏
2005/11 【日本語記事】 こだわりアカデミー
「衝撃の古代アマゾン文明 第五の大河文明が世界史を書きかえる」   実松 克義 (著) 講談社 (2004/08)
2005/11 news@nature.com Peruvian brewmasters pinned downハ
Clues hint that elite women partook in ancient drinking ceremonies.
2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(ロイター)
チリミイラの眼球検査 古代の傷病を調べる
2005/10 EurekAlert UC Davis ophthalmologist to examine ancient Chilean mummy eyes
2005/10 EurekAlert Finding rewrites the evolutionary history of the origin of potatoes
2005/09 EurekAlert Long-sought Maya City Site Q found in Guatemala
アンデス聖地裏付けか ペルー・パチャカマク遺跡
2005/09 【日本語記事】 東京新聞
2005/09 アンデスの考古学 報道ラッシュ
2005/08 EurekAlert New understanding of human sacrifice in early Peru
 human sacrifice victims of the Moche society of Peru.
2005/08 New Scientist Computer analysis provides Incan string theory
2005/08 EurekAlert Peru's ancient bureaucrats used knotted-string devices as ledgers
2005/08 BBC News Experts 'decipher' Inca strings
インカのキープを解読  Deciphering Inkan Khipu
2005/08 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/08 news@nature.com Scientists untangle Inca number-stringsハ
Knotted threads carry signs of ancient accountancy.
2005/08 Discovery First Inca Word Emerges
2005/08 EurekAlert New analysis of pottery stirs Olmec trade controversy
 a study of 3,000-year-old pottery provides new evidence that the Olmec may not have been the mother culture after all

past 北米

2005/12 National Geographic Ancient "Weapons Factory" Found on Connecticut Ridge

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