past 特集、概説

2004/11 Medical News Today Depression Treatment Boosts Employee Productivity
2004/11 EurekAlert Depression treatment boosts employee productivity
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : 健康
 「気」の国のうつ病 自責や後悔を薬で治す?
 河合隼雄 高橋徹 「真昼の悪魔」のアンドリュー・ソロモン
2004/08 New York Times Did Antidepressants Depress Japan?
2004/08 EurekAlert Anxiety not a barrier to a satisfying life, study says
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 週刊医学界新聞
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 中央日報@韓国
うつでも平気:/4 助かった…ホッと=藤臣柊子 <みんな一緒・バリアフリー新世紀>
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞

past うつ病 躁鬱病とは

2004/09 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 17 Kids, Parents Don't See Eye-to-Eye On Mania Signs
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 24 Major Depression May Be Relative of Bipolar Disorder


<子どもの自殺>5年ぶりに増加 03年度は137人
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
児童生徒の自殺5年ぶり増 公立小中高で137人
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/12 Nursing Times Childhood depression may not exist
2004/12 Medical News Today Labelling Unhappy Children As Depressed May Be Harmful
2004/12 EurekAlert Bulimic teens also likely to suffer from depression
2004/11 EurekAlert Social supports lessen effects of maltreatment on children vulnerable to depression
小中生1割強に抑うつ傾向、自殺願望も2割 北大調査
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : 健康
2004/11 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
小学生の10人に1人以上が「眠れない」抑うつ傾向 筑波大学調査
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
4-6年の1割抑うつ傾向 小学生3300人調査
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)


2004/09 Science News, Vol. 166, No. 12, p. 179. Mothering Malnutrition: Moms' depression weighs on infants in Pakistan


2004/11 Medical News Today Depressed Elderly Fail to Improve with Antidepressant
2004/07 Psychiatric Times Researchers Tackle the Underdiagnosis and Undertreatment of Late-Life Depression

季節性うつ病 日照と気分

2004/11 Medical News Today Coping with Winter Depression - Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 31-33 Ethnicity May Influence Seasonal Affective Disorder

past 妊娠とうつ病

2004/08 EurekAlert Alcohol-use and depression among pregnant and postpartum women


2004/10 Psychiatric Times Vol. XXI Issue 11  Postpartum Depression: Risk Factors and Treatment Options
 魚が足りないと心理状態も偏りかねない  妊娠中お魚を摂取してないと、産後うつ病率高め
2004/07 BBC News 'Eat healthy' to keep you happy
 People need to eat more foods high in nutrients for their own mental wellbeing

past うつを左右する要因

うつと生活 環境ストレスや不安 社会要因

2004/12 EurekAlert Delayed hospice care can increase depression among survivors after death of a loved one
2004/11 Tri State Observer  Stress May be Sending Brain on One-Way Road to Depression
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 46 Treating Anxiety Disorders Might Prevent Depression


鬱病, 脳卒中のきざしかも
 うつっぽい人は 脳卒中で 死亡する 可能性が 高い
 致命的な脳卒中が 進んでいることを 知らせる危険信号
2004/12 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/09 EurekAlert Depression also a problem in patients with Parkinson's
2004/09 EurekAlert Mood disorders _  many receiving treatments may undergo adverse dental side effects

2004/07 BBC News Depression delays injury recovery

2004/07 EurekAlert Scientists build on case connecting inflammatory disease and depression
2004/07 EurekAlert Physical symptoms of depression may be misdiagnosed


うつが体をむしばむとき  うつ病患者の半数は原因不明の痛みを体に抱えている
2004/10 Psychology Today When Depression Hurts the Body
 50% of depressed patients report unexplained bodily pain.
2004/08 EurekAlert Pain common side effect of depression

past うつ病の治療 そううつ病の診断

2004/11 EurekAlert Imaging tool may help physicians diagnose bipolar disorder
2004/09 EurekAlert Depressed patients may need treatment for both physical and emotional symptoms
2004/08 EurekAlert Psychotherapy by telephone an effective addition to treatment for depression
2004/08 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 15 TMAP Shows Promise In Depression Treatment
 algorithm-driven treatment
2004/08 Psychiatr News 2004;39 35-40 Major Depression, Enlarged Pituitary: Which Is the Chicken?
2004/07 EurekAlert Patients with severe depression improve using guidelines developed by UT Southwestern researchers
2004/07 EurekAlert Imaging technology may be used to diagnose melancholic depression
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 23 Novel Depression Treatment Wins Conditional Approval

電気ショック療法 電磁気刺激

2004/11 Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center Rush University Medical Center testing magnetic stimulation for depression
2004/11 EurekAlert Electroconvulsive therapy improves mood, quality of life

past 抗鬱薬

2004/12 Medical News Today Antidepressant labeling fine in U.S., FDA says
2004/11 New York Times  The Antidepressant Dilemma
2004/10 ScienCentral Blues Hearing Test
 Scientists are finding that a simple listening test seems to help doctors find the right drug to battle depression.
2004/09 EurekAlert First study to show SEROQUEL may be effective in rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
2004/08 New York Times Antidepressant Study Seen to Back Expert
2004/08 EurekAlert Depression traced to overactive brain circuit
2004/07 Psychiatric Times Vol. XXI Issue 8  DHEA Lessens Depressive Symptoms

薬の効き方と体質 遺伝要因

2004/12 EurekAlert Research finds genetic link to antidepressants
2004/12 New York Times Study Suggests Way to Predict Whom Antidepressants Help
2004/12 EurekAlert Mutant gene linked to treatment-resistant depression
2004/12 EurekAlert Genetic defect confers risk of major depression, resistance to SSRI drug therapy
2004/12 New York Times Study Pursues a Genetic Link to Depression
2004/10 ScienceDaily Scientists Find New Clues Underlying Mood Disorders
 altered gene activity in people who suffer from major depression
2004/10 EurekAlert Scientists find new clues underlying mood disorders
 Certain genes are expressed differently in people with depression
2004/10 Archives General Psychiatry Association of Genetic Risks for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder With Specific and Generic Brain Structural Endophenotypes
2004/07 BBC News Gene fault linked to depression
 mice had two versions of an enzyme which controls levels of the brain chemical serotonin
 humans may have many more versions of the enzyme
2004/07 Duke University Medical Center Brain serotonin enzyme finding might explain psychiatric disorders


2004/12 BBC News Prozac is risky for children too
2004/11 BBC News Child antidepressant use 'rising'
2004/11 EurekAlert Common antidepressant may affect youth's bone development
2004/10 BBC News Prozac use 'risky for children'
2004/10 news@nature.com Can antidepressants harm unborn babies?
 Baby rats given Prozac show skewed emotions later in life.
2004/10 Science News, Vol. 166, No. 18, p. 278. Prescription for Trouble: Antidepressants might rewire young brains
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
2004/10 New York Times F.D.A. Toughens Warning on Antidepressant Drugs
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/10 news@nature.com US antidepressants to carry suicide warnings
 FDA will implement 'black box' warnings on risks for children.
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
全抗うつ剤に警告表示指示 子供に自殺の恐れ、米当局
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/09 Los Angeles Times Parents' Crusade Forces Dangers of Antidepressants Into Spotlight
 Too many found out too late about suicide and violent behavior risks in children and demanded a response from the government.
2004/09 New York Times Warnings Called Likely on Drug Risk for Suicide
2004/09 BBC News Prozac raises child suicide risk
 Children who take the anti-depressant Prozac are at greater risk of attempting suicide
2004/09 Los Angeles Times Suicide Risk to Children Affirmed
2004/09 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 17 Drug/CBT Combo Effective In Treating Depressed Youth
2004/08 Washington Post Prozac Plus Talk Is Best for Teen Depression
2004/08 EurekAlert Antidepressants plus 'talk therapy' are effective therapy for teen depression
2004/08 EurekAlert Teens with depression show most improvement when medication and therapy combined
2004/08 EurekAlert Teens with depression often respond to combination of antidepressant and behavioral therapy
2004/08 Duke University Medical Center Depressed teens helped with combination drug-behavioral therapy


2004/12 New York Times Documents Said to Show Prozac Risks
2004/09 EurekAlert Two views on suicide risk with antidepressants
2004/09 New York Times New Warnings Sought on Antidepressants
2004/08 New York Times Antidepressant Study Seen to Back Expert
2004/08 BMJ 2004;329:461-462, doi:10.1136/bmj.329.7463.461-b  Antidepressants and suicide
2004/08 Guardian Anti-depressant's link to suicide
2004/08 BBC News Anti-depressant deaths increase
2004/07 Science News, Vol. 166, No. 4, p. 51. Suicide Watch: Antidepressants get large-scale inspection
抗憂鬱制 投薬 始めて 月 自殺危険 高くて
2004/07 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/07 Los Angeles Times Study Challenges Serotonin Drugs' Link to Suicide
2004/07 BBC News New antidepressants 'no riskier'
 The risk of suicidal behaviour with newer antidepressants like Prozac is the same as the risk with old-style antidepressants
2004/07 EurekAlert Risk of suicidal behavior similar among users of different antidepressant drugs
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 33 FDA Committee Urges New Warning On Antidepressants for Pregnancy
2004/07 Science News, Vol. 166, No. 4, p. 51. Suicide Watch: Antidepressants get large-scale inspection

薬の濫用  使用量をアップさせる企業戦略

2004/12 The Observer GPs warned against happy pills
2004/12 BBC News GPs get new anti-depressant rules
2004/12 Guardian Antidepressants to be ruled safe
2004/12 New York Times British Warn on Antidepressants for Adults
2004/12 Washington Post Antidepressant Use By U.S. Adults Soars
2004/11 The Observer Revealed: secret plan to push'happy' pills
 Britain's largest drug company drew up a secret plan to double sales of the controversial anti-depressant Seroxat by marketing it as a cure for a raft of less serious mental conditions, The Observer can reveal today.

環境を汚染する 抗鬱薬

2004/09 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 17 Prozac's in the Water
 the SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac) was being taken in such large amounts that it was showing up in Britain's drinking water
2004/08 BBC News Prozac 'found in drinking water'

past 病理研究

2004/08 EurekAlert Study reports prevalence and co-occurrence of alcohol, drug, mood and anxiety disorders


2004/07 EurekAlert Severe depression associated with greater number of nerve cells in thalamus region of brain


2004/12 EurekAlert Mice with depression-like behaviors reveal possible source of human depression
2004/10 New Scientist Newborn mice given Prozac grow up depressed
 Brain development may suffer.

past 自殺

2004/11 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 21  Suicide Risk May Remain Decades After Sexual Abuse
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
自殺は 人類の 13番目 死因
2004/09 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)


2004/11 New York Times In a Land Torn by Violence, Too Many Troubling Deaths
2004/09 BBC News More killed by suicide than war
 a suicide takes place somewhere in the world every 40 seconds.


2004/12 EurekAlert Increased suicide rate is possibly linked to chemicals released from nearby asphalt plants
ヘビースモーカー・魚忌避者 自殺危険 高くて
2004/10 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
魚よく食べる人、自殺しにくい?=リスク8分の1- 日中共同研究
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
<自殺者>ニコチン濃度高く 解剖例調査で判明
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
自殺志向は産まれたときから?  母親の若年齢、出生時の低体重、自殺リスクを高める
2004/09 BBC News Suicide 'determined at birth'
  A Swedish team believes the chances of a person committing suicide is partly determined as early as birth.
自殺性向, 生まれの時 決まる
2004/09 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
Protein kinase C (PKC)
2004/07 EurekAlert Activity of enzyme that affects mood decreased in brains of teenage suicide victims
2004/07 BBC News 'Mood' enzyme linked to suicide


日本の自殺者数、記録的な伸び 3/4は男、1/3は高齢者
2004/07 BBC News Japan suicides reach record high
自殺者が過去最悪 「経済苦」急増8897人 警察庁、昨年まとめ
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(産経新聞)

模倣自殺 自殺の連鎖

2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/12 BBC News Japan's internet 'suicide clubs'
2004/12 EurekAlert Is the internet encouraging suicide pacts?
2004/12 BBC News Web 'may fuel suicide pact rise'


“自殺体験談”募集します 大阪府、防止効果狙い
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
 1 なぜ? 問い続ける遺族
 2 「心の病気」見逃さないで
 3 “意識改革” 地域ぐるみで
 4 悩みへの共感が救いに
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護 医療ルネサンス
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護

past ほか

2004/10 New York Times A Patient's Suicide, a Psychiatrist's Pain

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