past 自意識

2000/07  THE SUNDAY TIMES  Human consciousness is one of the hottest subjects in science.  John Cornwell wraps his brain round three mind-stretching accounts
2000/07下旬に流れたニュース群   知性は脳の中心におわす?
Science Volume 289, Number 5478, pp. 457-460. A Neural Basis for General Intelligence
Science 289: 399-401. The Holey Grail of General Intelligence.
ABC news  A Measure of Intelligence   Scientists Say Brain Scans Show Locus For Basic Intelligence
BBC news Scientists 'locate' intelligence
New Scientist  Temples of intelligence   Can intelligence really be localised to a single brain area?
2000/03  New Scientist I feel therefore I am
2000/03  Duke University Is Consciousness an Adaptation?  Consciousness, Adaptation and Epiphenomenalism

past 記憶力

2000/11  unisci.com  So-Called Soft Drug Ecstasy Damages Everyday Memory
2000/03  BBC NEWS  Hormone makes 'mind go blank'

past 記憶のコツ

2000/09  Lancet 2000; 356: 837 - 840   Dominic O'Brien--master mnemonist
2000/04 BBC NEWS  Herbal remedies 'boost brain power'
2000/08  eurekalert.org  East meets West: A new memory enhancing drug based on chinese herbal medicine

past 海馬は育つ

タクシー運転手の脳は膨らむ 学習で海馬に変形
2000/03 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2000/03 BBC NEWS Taxi drivers' brains 'grow' on the job
2000/03 New Scientis Streetwise

past 記憶の種類

2000/11  postnet.com  Psychologist Says Seeking Closure of Personal Problems --Not Only Talking About Them -- Good for Mind, Body
2000/11  eurekalert.org  Instant replay: study finds potential mechanism for building long-term memory
忘れてしまいたい思い出  現在と過去を混同する病気の原因となる脳の領域  後眼窩前頭皮質障害
2000/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past ワーキングメモリー

2000/12  Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 11, No. 1, 59-72
 Separate Neural Correlates for the Mnemonic Components of Successive Discrimination and Working Memory Tasks  
2000/03 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 97, Issue 7, 3573-3578  A resource model of the neural basis of executive working memory

past ど忘れ

ど忘れの解消法 同じ音の語が手掛かりになる
2000/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース
ここまで出てるのに  ど忘れの研究(Tip-of-the-tongue experiences, or TOTs)
概念記憶と表音記憶のつながり  似た発音の言葉があると意味に関係なく思い出しやすくなる
2000/11  MONITOR ON PSYCHOLOGY  Wait, don't tell me!
2000/11  APA News Release  REMEMBERING SPECIFIC WORDS DEPENDS ON BOTH CONTEXTUAL AND PHONOLOGICAL RECALL  New Research Explains 'Tip of the Tongue' Experiences
2000/11  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN  Explaining Tip-of-the-Tongue Experiences

past 偽りの記憶/記憶内容の変化

昔の記憶はいいかげん 将来の展望も日和見的
脳はウソっぱちな記憶を思い出す  想像したことを実際に起きたこととして想起することがある
2000/11  Yahoo! News  Brain Remembers Things That Did Not Happen
偽りの記憶を生み出すストレス  被害者の証言内容がしばしば間違っているわけ
2000/11  NEW SCIENTIST 2000 Online Conference Reports  The Society for Neuroscience  False memories  Stress can encourage false memories, possibly explaining why crime victims pick the wrong man in a line up
2000/09  NEW YORK TIMES  Brain-Updating Machinery May Explain False Memories
バラ色? 苦難の日々?  昔の思い出はけっこう粉飾されている  時が経ると変わってくる記憶の内容
2000/06 The Chicago Tribune  MEMORY'S MIRROR IS A LITTLE SMUDGED
2000/06 Northwestern University  Accuracy of Adult Memories of Childhood Is No Greater Than Chance
2000/06 THE TIMES  Men remember most about adolescent girlfriends
幼い日の記憶  すごく嬉しい記憶、トラウマな記憶は一生残る  その記憶は時がたつにつれ頭の中で再編集されて変わっていく
2000/06  ORLANDO SENTINEL  Memory of ordeal unlikely to vanish
2000/08  New York University   Long-term memories are surprisingly unstable and impermanent
2000/05  American Psychological Association  Hindsight bias -- not just a convenient memory enhancer but an important part of an efficient memory system
2000/05  MONITOR ON PSYCHOLOGY  Volume 31, No. 5  Blinded by hindsight
2000/03  'Flashbulb memory' theory fades in light of new findings
2000/03  BBC NEWS Fresh evidence on 'false memory syndrome'

past 他者の記憶を読む

いまわの際の記憶を読む  殺される直前の記憶を死体から読んで犯人を特定できるようになる日は近い
2000/09  THE TELEGRAPH   Victim's mind 'could trap killer'
2000/09  OTTAWA CITIZEN  Science works to tap the minds of the dead  Decoding how brain stores information would revolutionize forensic police work

past タスク判断

2000/12  eurekalert.org  Vanderbilt neuroscientists identify 'oops center' in the brain
2000/12  ABC NEWS  Oops! ...I Did It Again  Scientists Locate Error-Recognition Area of Brain
2000/12  Brain.com  Oops! The Brain Does It Again

past 認知判断

我々の目はふしあなだらけ  街頭で道を尋ねてきた人が”途中で別人になっても”気づかない人は5割
2000/11  New Scientist  Blind to change  How much of the world do we really see?
2000/03  unisci.com  Human Brain Lives In The Past, By 80 Milliseconds

past 視覚記憶

見ても見なくても脳の同じ場所が見せてくれる  視覚的記憶を想起する機序  人の顔、日用品、モナリザを頭の中で思い出す  その時の脳細胞活動を記録
2000/11  eurekalert.org  Study sheds new light on how the 'mind's eye' works
2000/11  Nature 408, 357 - 361 (2000)  Imagery neurons in the human brain  
2000/11  Brain.com  See It, Imagine It--It's the Same to Your Brain

past 記憶と脳変化/神経伝達物質

2000/12  eurekalert.org  Scientists identify molecular 'planner' that helps brain reorganize
2000/10  brown.edu  Study describes brain changes during learning  For Immediate Release News Service
2000/09  hhmi.org   Researchers Trace Roots of Vivid Memories
2000/09 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 97, Issue 20, 11120-11124  Reactivation of encoding-related brain activity during memory retrieval
2000/09  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 97, Issue 20, 11125-11129  Memory's echo: Vivid remembering reactivates sensory-specific cortex
マウスと記憶 社会的記憶の鍵を握るオキシトシン  どれが過去につきあったメスか、わからなくなる
2000/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
親しさを作り出す脳内物質オキシトシン  オキシトシンを欠いたマウスはいつまでたっても同僚を隣人とみなせない
2000/06 New Scientist magazine  Forget me not  How we bond with our nearest and dearest
2000/06 THE GUARDIAN  Know your own mother
2000/06  eurekalert.org  Molecular mechanism for learning and memory is identified
2000/05  Brown University  Memory mechanism found at nerve cell connections in the brain
2000/03  sciencedaily.com  Brain Cell "Chorus" Appears As Attention Increases

past 各脳部位機能

注意コントロール機序の検証(〜日本)  前頭葉の損傷で影響を受けやすい注意統制
2000/12  Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 11, No. 1, 85-92  Dissociable Mechanisms of Attentional Control within the Human Prefrontal Cortex
2000/11  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 97, Issue 24, 13448-13453
 The role of prefrontal cortex and posterior parietal cortex in task switching

past 睡眠と記憶

睡眠は記憶を更新し、記憶力を高める  新しい情報を扱う脳部位は睡眠中も忙しく働いている  学習効果はその夜の睡眠でアップ
2000/07  BBC ONLINE  Sleep 'vital to update memory'
2000/08  THE SUNDAY TIMES  Wake up all the wiser  Scientists believe they have demonstrated that sleep improves memory.   Christine McGourty asks the sceptics what it would take to convince them
2000/11  eurekalert.org  New reason to 'sleep on it': study shows importance of sleep to memory consolidation and task performance
2000/11  NEW YORK TIMES  Study Shows Sleep Helps Memory
2000/12  nandotimes.com Nature Neuroscience  Some memories may rest on good sleep, studies suggest
2000/10  BBC NEWS  Birds sing in their sleep
2000/06 THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS  Fly by night  Scientists hope study of insect will shed light on human sleep 深い眠りは長期記憶形成に欠かせない(ネコ研究)
2000/11  NEW YORK TIMES  Experts Explore Deep Sleep and the Making of Memories
記憶障害の人の夢  テトリス漬けにするとテトリスでうなされた
2000/10  telegraph.co.uk  Scientists control the content of dreams
2000/10  sciencemag.org Volume 290, Number 5490, pp. 350-353.  Replaying the Game: Hypnagogic Images in Normals and Amnesics
2000/10  BBC NEWS Electric dreams reveal memory secrets
2000/03   Discovery Channel Canada Sleep longer, learn better

past 感情と記憶

感情を抑えると思考も抑えられてしまう  頭の回転や記憶力が鈍る
2000/09  eurekalert.org   Strategies people employ for regulating emotions affect memory for event   Attempting to control one's reactions to an event has "cognitive costs" that weaken memory
2000/10  Washington Post  Science Proves It: Restraining Your Emotions Is Not Very Smart
2000/10  MONITOR ON PSYCHOLOGY Volume 31, No. 8  Stoicism reconsidered  Concealing emotions hampers memory of distressing situations.
2000/08  Yahoo! News  Fear Memories: Made to Fade
2000/08  Nature 406, 722 - 726 (2000)  Fear memories require protein synthesis in the amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval

past その他

2000/08  Nature 406, 686 - 687 (2000)  Neurobiology: The shaky trace

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