past 歴史/社会/エートス

2001/12 Guardian The word made flesh
2001/12 New York Times  With Gene Map Nearly Complete, Researchers Must Learn to Use It
2001/12 BioMedNet News From human genome to catastrophe for humanity
2001/12 HMS Beagle Dinner at the New Gene Cafe
 How Genetic Engineering Is Changing What We Eat, How We Live, and the Global Politics of Food
2001/11 Wired Iceland's Genes Frozen in Time
2001/11 HMS Beagle Community Consultation and Genetics Research
2001/06 findarticles.com/Natural History  Are Genes Real?(history of attitudes about genetic science)

past ヒトと他の生物、共通する遺伝子、共通しない遺伝子

2001/10 EurekAlert!
 Why does a worm need nearly as many genes as a man?
2001/10 BioMed Central
 Why does a worm need nearly as many genes as a man?
2001/10 UniSci Why Does Nematode Worm Need So Many Genes?
2001/10 Content Wire
 Mouse Genome Could Be 95% Human Genome Lookalike

past 遺伝子は種の違う生物に移動するか

2001/11 Ananova Bacteria 'have sex' with hamster cells
2001/11 Nature News Service Bugs enjoy hamster sex
ハムスターでも構いません  細菌と哺乳類細胞の接合が観察された
2001/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past 言語機能に関与する遺伝子を特定

 「FOXP2」 ヒトの言語本能のモト?
2001/10 BBC News Scientists unlock mysteries of speech
2001/10 Ananova Speech scientists make gene breakthrough
2001/10 The Times
 Speech gene discovery proves Darwin's instinct was right
2001/10 Guardian Team pinpoints first gene key to language
2001/10 New York Times Scientists Report Finding a Gene for Speech
2001/10 NewsMax.com First Language Gene Identified
2001/10 Wired First Language Gene Found
2001/10 CNEWS Researchers find gene linked to speech disorders
2001/10 washingtonpost.com A Language Gene Is Identified
2001/10 Telegraph First gene of language and speech discovered
2001/10 The Age Language gene isolated
2001/10 MSNBC First language gene identified
2001/10 FOXNews.com
 Researchers Find First Gene Linked to Language and Speech Disorders
2001/10 CNN.com Gene found linking language and speech
2001/10 Nature News Service Language gene found
2001/10 Science Volume 294, Number 5540, pp. 86-87.
 Evolving Genomic Metaphors: A New Look at the Language of DNA
2001/10 BioMedNet News
 Cognitive science reaps its first fruits of genome project
2001/10 New York Times Speech, Language, Genes and the Brain
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 519
 A forkhead-domain gene is mutated in a severe speech and language disorder
言語学:遺伝学の話とその逆 スティーヴン・ピンカー
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 465
 Talk of genetics and vice versa  Steven Pinker
2001/10 Nature 413, 519 - 523
 A forkhead-domain gene is mutated in a severe speech and language disorder

past まだまだヒト遺伝子の数は限定しきれてはいないみたい

2001/12 WIRED Chromosome Veers Off Genome Map
2001/12 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2001/12 BBC News Third genetic 'chapter' published
2001/12 Nature 414, 854- 855 Page 854
 The human genome: Part three in the book of genes
2001/12  Nature 414, 865 - 871 Page 865
 The DNA sequence and comparative analysis of human chromosome 20
2001/11 EurekAlert!  New computer program detects overlooked gene segments: Previous estimates of human gene number too low
2001/10 The Scientist 15[20]:1 Human Genes: How Many?

past ポストヒトゲノム計画 〜 来るべき新世界はバラ色? 灰色?

2001/10 ContractPharma The Future of Biogenerics
遺伝子科学がもたらすもの ゲノム操作と民主主義
2001/10 The Times Genome for the people
2001/10 Wired Lots of Genes, Lots of Theories
2001/10 MSNBC The dawn of the genetics revolution

past ヒトゲノム解読の次はタンパク解明

タンパク質 3000種解析 新薬開発へ 文科省プロジェクト
2001/12 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2001/12 BioMedNet News Proteomics? Great label! (But what is it?)
2001/11 UniSci After The Human Genome: Characterizing The Proteome
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001
 Proteomics: The final frontier?

past ヒトの遺伝子多様性

2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001
 Isolated populations yield important results

past どんどんスピードアップしていくDNA研究、DNAチップ開発

2001/12 Telegraph Britons speed up genetic research
2001/11 UniSci Gene Chip Technology Made Practical For Sequencing
2001/11 Johns Hopkins Division of Hematology
 New Analysis Promises To Speed Application of Human Genome Draft
2001/11 時事通信
2001/10 EurekAlert!
 Movement of single molecules imaged in live organism
2001/10 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
 Zeroing In on Genes
2001/10 時事通信
ヒトゲノムでの鬼ごっこに新たな助っ人 発現配列タグ(EST)の改良版
2001/10 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2001/10 Elsevier Science Limited/The Daily Telegraph
 'Remarkable' proofreading feat checks 1% of human genome in two years

past 協力するか、競争するか

2001/10 cnn.co.jp

past 遺伝子商売いろいろ

あなたの遺伝的ルーツをDNA検査でお調べいたします Bryan Sykes
2001/12 The Scientist 15[24]:1 Ancient Ancestry
2001/10 Ananova DNA 'paperweight' is sample solution

past 炭そ菌の免疫遺伝子

2001/10 EurekAlert! Anthrax immunity gene found in mice
2001/10 BBC News Anthrax antidote hope
2001/10 USA TODAY Scientists can treat and beat anthrax
2001/10 Ananova Scientists find anthrax resistant gene
2001/10 EurekAlert!
 Researchers make progress in understanding anthrax resistance
2001/10 UniSci Gene Identified That Makes Mice Resistant To Anthrax
2001/10 Boston Globe Terror puts Harvard anthrax research at fore

past テロメア/テロメラーゼ

短いテロメアは細胞死を導く  平均的長さではなく、細胞内で一番短いテロメアが動作
2001/10 EurekAlert!
 Size matters: Shortest telomeres initiate cellular havoc
2001/10 The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
 Size Matters: Shortest Telomeres Initiate Cellular Havoc
2001/10 UniSci Losing Function Of Telomeres Depends On Shortest One

past 遺伝子スイッチ

2001/12 EurekAlert! Protein discovery tied to DNA master switch
2001/12 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center  Discovery could lead to new treatments for cancer, sickle-cell anemia
2001/11 EurekAlert! Regulating DNA methylation
2001/11 Nature 414, 258- 261 Gene regulation: Code of silence
2001/11 Nature 414, 277 - 283  A histone H3 methyltransferase controls DNA methylation in Neurospora crassa

past 遺伝子のいろいろな機能・機構が探られていきます

ナノテクノロジーと細胞工学 人工膵臓、バッキーボールほか
2001/12 Economist.com The good of small things
2001/12 Science Volume 294, Number 5551, pp. 2458-2460.
 Genome Duplications: The Stuff of Evolution?
2001/12 Nature 414, 858- 861  Molecular biology: Specifying transcription
2001/12 Nature 414, 929 - 933
 Stimulatory effect of splicing factors on transcriptional elongation
2001/12 Nature 414, 913 - 916  Gene defect in ectodermal dysplasia implicates a death domain adapter in development
 1兆分の1メートル=ピコの精度 理化学研高輝度センター
2001/12 毎日新聞
2001/12 時事通信
2001/12 EurekAlert!  Protein may play role in sex chromosome inactivation
2001/12 Howard Hughes Medical Institute
 Protein May Play Role in Sex Chromosome Inactivation
2001/12 Nature News Service Exercising your genes
2001/11 UniSci Gene Function Within The Context Of Systems Biology
2001/11 BioMedNet News  Haplotype patterns prompt paradigm shift
2001/11 EurekAlert!  Crucial genetic diversity enzyme long sought by biologists discovered by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute
2001/10 UniSci DNA Inversion Could Be One Mechanism For Disease
2001/10 BioMedNet News Newfound world of tiny RNA proves huge
2001/10 Dartmouth College  New Small Gene Class Found by Dartmouth Geneticists May Exert Far-Reaching Influence on Cell Behavior
2001/10 UniSci Two Controllers Ensure Only One Genome Copy Is Made
2001/10 American Heart Association
 Research review specifies genetic basis of enlarged heart
2001/10 UniSci Cancer Gene Linked Also To Metabolism, Perhaps Aging
2001/10 Telegraph Scientists identify gene that increases lifespan
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Understanding DNA damage: New study suggests environment surrounding DNA plays key role in controlling charge transport
2001/10 Drug Discovery and Development
 Genetic Medicines Make Sense With Antisense
2001/10 Nature 413: 6857 Page 744  Forkhead transcription factors contribute to execution of the mitotic programme in mammals
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Is there a protective gene against alcoholism?
2001/10 Nature 413: 6856 Page 583  Gene expression: The odd coupling
2001/10 Nature News Service Core code cracked
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 538  Quality control of mRNA 3'-end processing is linked to the nuclear exosome
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 534  Direct ligand-receptor complex interaction controls Brassica self-incompatibility
 Seiji Takayama, Hiroko Shimosato, Hiroshi Shiba, Miyuki Funato, Fang-Sik Che, Masao Watanabe, Megumi Iwano and Akira Isogai
2001/10 Yahoo! News Scientists Find Gene Linked to Blood Fat Levels
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 475  Human genetics: To clot or not
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 488  Mutations in a member of the ADAMTS gene family cause thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Scientists make key finding underlying genetic stability

past いろいろな生き物のゲノムが解析利用されていきます

2001/12 EurekAlert!  Method quickly surveys yeast genome by gene function, not sequence
2001/12 Yahoo! News Genome of Potential Bioterrorism Bug Sequenced
2001/12 Bio.com New Technique Recounts Yeast Genes
2001/12 EurekAlert! Agrobacterium genome sequence is complete
2001/12 Nature 414, 745 - 748  Evidence for the evolution of multiple genomes in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
2001/12 Bio.com Agrobacterium Genome Completed
2001/11 Nature 414: 6862  Parasites go the full monty
2001/11 Nature 414: 6862  Genome sequence and gene compaction of the eukaryote parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi
2001/11 Yahoo! News Chlamydia's Toxin-Producing Gene Identified
何が私たちを放射線から保護しているのか  イースト菌ゲノム研究から探る
2001/11 EurekAlert!  What protects us from radiation? Some answers are found in more than 100 yeast genes
2001/11 Washington University School of Medicine
 Five Yeast Genomes Sequenced for Gene-by-Gene Comparison
<イネ遺伝子>農業生物資源研などが6割を解読 特許申請へ
2001/11 毎日新聞
  農林水産省農林水産技術会議事務局 生物系特定産業技術研究推進機構
2001/11 ワイアードジャパン
2001/11 WIRED Moo Tech Fingerprints Mad Cows
2001/11 EurekAlert!
 Scientists succeed at first-ever attempt to sequence DNA at sea
2001/11 Nature Reviews Genetics 2, 879 -890  DROSOPHILA: GENETICS MEETS BEHAVIOUR
サルモネラ菌汚染を数時間で判別する方法 DNAを手がかりに
2001/11 EurekAlert!  Lab scientists develop DNA signatures for salmonella strain that are expected to drastically speed detection
2001/10 EurekAlert! Switching on the fly genome
2001/10 AlphaGalileo.Org/European Molecular Biology Laboratory  Switching on the fly genome
2001/10 毎日新聞
2001/10 BBC News Puffer fish yields human gene clues
2001/10 Ananova Pufferfish holds vital clues to secrets of human life
2001/10 EurekAlert! Gene-rich pufferfish DNA decoded
2001/10 Berkeley Lab Gene-Rich Pufferfish DNA Decoded
2001/10 UniSci Fugu Gene Sequence Will Aid Study Of Human Genome
フグゲノム概要配列が完成 ヒト遺伝子を見つけるのに役立ちそうだ
2001/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Research reveals genetic makeup of salmonella responsible for food poisoning
2001/10 Nature News Service Salmonella bacteria sequenced
2001/10 UniSci Genetic Code Of Typhoid Fever Bacterium Deciphered
2001/10 EurekAlert!
 Typhoid fever bug sequence raises hope of complete eradication
2001/10 Ananova Bug sequence breakthrough may end typhoid
2001/10 Nature 413, 848 - 852  Complete genome sequence of a multiple drug resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi CT18
2001/10 Nature 413, 852 - 856  Complete genome sequence of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2
サルモネラ属細菌のゲノム解読  腸チフスや食中毒を引き起こす黒幕の正体が暴かれる?
2001/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース
放線菌のゲノム解読 新薬候補25物質の産生判明 北里研
2001/10 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
 土壌中にいる共生細菌の解析は世界初 新規遺伝子も発見
2001/10 BBC News Life in the hot seat
ペストを解く 黒死病菌の遺伝子を解析
2001/10 BBC News De-coding the Black Death
2001/10 Ananova Scientists complete genetic map of black death bug
2001/10 New York Times DNA Map for Bacterium of Plague Is Decoded
2001/10 Nature News Service Black Death's DNA
2001/10 American Chemical Society
 Bt breakthrough reveals good and bad news for pest resistance
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 467
 Bacterial genomics: A plague o' both your hosts
2001/10 Nature 413: 6855 Page 523
 Genome sequence of Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague

past ウィルスの遺伝子

2001/10 EurekAlert!  Molecular motor packs DNA into viruses at greater than champagne pressures, researchers report
2001/10 UniSci DNA In Some Viruses At Pressure 10x That In Champagne
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Structure of virus that infects bacteria offers insights into evolution, therapies

past 父・母由来遺伝子の競合/母子競合

2001/12 Bio.com Gene Controls Genomic Imprinting
2001/12 Nature 414, 709 - 710  Seed development (Communication arising): Early paternal gene activity in Arabidopsis
2001/12 Nature 414, 710  Seed development (Communication arising): Early paternal gene activity in Arabidopsis
2001/10 BioMedNet News Active genes on 'silent' X chromosome
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001
 Active genes on 'silent' X chromosome
2001/10 EurekAlert! Father's play the key role in transmitting
 Researchers find that hormones and X-chromosomal genes may play a role in gender-specific susceptibility to endocrine disorders.

past ミトコンドリア

2001/12 Nature News Service Cells' generators star in action movie

past ノーベル賞

2001/10 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2001/10 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2001/10 Nature Japan
2001/10 BBC News British scientists scoop Nobel prize
2001/10 BBC News What did Nobel winners do?
2001/10 The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation
 Press Release: The 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

past ほか

2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:8-10
 It's a knockout! Male infertility and neuropathology
2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:25-28
 Dosage compensation: do birds do it as well?
2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:29-34
 Odorant receptor gene regulation: implications from genomic organization
2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:35-40
 Functional genomics: the coming of age for Tetrahymena thermophila
2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:41-47
 Getting your Pax straight: Pax proteins in development and disease
2001/12 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:1:48-52
 'Reform' eugenics and the decline of Mendelism
2001/11 Trends in Genetics Vol. 17, No. 12
 → Genomic change and gene silencing in polyploids
 → Evolutionary origin of SL-addition trans-splicing: still an enigma
 → Beyond genomics
 → Fungi and humans: closer than you think
 → A reassessment of the translation initiation codon in vertebrates
 → How embryos tell the time: molecular targets of the segmentation clock
 → Microarrays with a twist: identification of mesoderm development genes
 → Functional domains of KNOX
 → The heart and soul of the matter
 → From chloroplast to the nucleus and back again
 → Public health genetics
 → From ESTs to ORESTES
 → A high density of X-linked genes for general cognitive ability: a run-away process shaping human evolution?
 → Chaperone overload is a possible contributor to 'civilization diseases'
 → The epigenetic basis of gender in flowering plants and mammals
 → Genetics of lifespan in C. elegans: molecular diversity, physiological complexity, mechanistic simplicity
 → What can we teach Drosophila? What can they teach us?
 → Sensitized polygenic trait analysis
 → Harnessing the cellular immune system to the gene-prediction cart
2001/11 Science Volume 294, Number 5544 A Scientific Opportunity
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001 - Summary  Lower attendance, loftier goals
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001  The genomic Tower of Babel
2001/10 American Society for Human Genetics 2001  Of mice and men
2001/10 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 2001, 11:6:627-634
 Genome-wide variation in the human and fruitfly: a comparison
2001/10 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 2001, 11:6:642-646  The neutral theory in the genomic era
2001/10 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 2001, 11:6:667-672
 The mitochondrial genome: mutation, selection and recombination
2001/10 Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 2001, 11:6:685-690  Breeding systems and genome evolution
2001/10 Trends in Genetics Vol. 17, No. 11
 → 記憶と遺伝子 海馬の可塑性を左右するRab3A  The genomics of memory
 → 種分化は関与する遺伝子位置が近所だとすみやか  Speciation genes lie close together
 → ダイエットと寿命 Eat less, live more
 → てんかん A novel epilepsy gene
 → ミトコンドリア遺伝子変異  A nuclear modifier for a mitochondrial DNA disorder
 → ミトコンドリア・ミュータント Making mitochondrial mutants
 → 遺伝子特許問題  Gene patents: socially acceptable monopolies or an unnecessary hindrance to research?
 → 人の肌色を決めるMC1R  Human pigmentation: not all black and white
 → インシュリン様成長因子2の進化 The history of IGF2 imprinting
 → 日焼けによるDNA損傷をいやすお薬 Morning-after skin repair?
 → Genetics and genomics of the oomycete-host interface
 → Genome size reduction through multiple events of gene disintegration in Buchnera APS
 → Transposable elements are found in a large number of human protein-coding genes
 → Local properties of the genome can bias QTL analyses
 → Neuronal programmed cell death without caspases
 → EGFR as a transcription factor?
 → Comparative bacteriology
 → Picking your SNPs
 → Genome sequencing in a day
 → Post-zygotic mutations and somatic mosaicism in androgen insensitivity syndrome
 → Post-zygotic mutations and somatic mosaicism in androgen insensitivity syndrome
 → Cytochrome P450s: coupling development and environment
 → Downstream of Otx2, or how to get a head
 → Genome of the apes
 → Stop making nonSense: the C. elegans smg genes
 → Recent duplication, domain accretion and the dynamic mutation of the human genome
2001/10 Prospect Genome envy
2001/10 EurekAlert!  Prevent the genomics divide before it happens, say University Of Toronto researchers

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