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past 性選択と利他行動

2002/10 Guardian What turns us into heroes?
2002/05 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 10, 6843-6847
 Sex-ratio conflicts, kin selection, and the evolution of altruism

past 一夫一婦制

一夫一婦制とは配偶者中毒と見たり 〜遺伝子変異
2002/09 BioMedNet News Monogamy redefined: addiction to one partner
2002/08 BioMedNet News Monogamy redefined: addiction to one partner
2002/08 Guardian Yours faithfully... up to a point

past オスの運命

2002/09 Ananova
 Parasites may contribute to shorter life expectancy for males
2002/09 BBC News Secrets of women's longer lives
2002/09 New Scientist Parasites may sap male longevity
2002/09 Nature Science Update Parasites prefer males
2002/09 Science Volume 297, Number 5589, pp. 2015-2018  Parasites as a Viability Cost of Sexual Selection in Natural Populations of Mammals
2002/09 Scientific American
 Male Susceptibility to Parasites May Help Explain Shorter Lifespans
2002/09 The Nando Times
 'The bigger they are...' Study links size to life span in mammals
2002/07 BBC News Being a man 'is bad for health'
2002/07 EurekAlert! Men die young, even when they're old
2002/07 New Scientist Men die young - even if old

past 性の進化 性の生成 有性生殖 つがい

2002/11 EurekAlert!
 Influences of sex on gene expression discussed at annual conference
2002/11 BioMedNet News Female influence
2002/11 Syracuse University  When it comes to sperm competition, size can matter-it's the female who holds the aces
2002/04 NATURE Evolution of Sex
2002/02 MSNBC  Scientists explore the why of sex

past ヒトと性淘汰 ヒトの伴侶選択

2002/11 Nature 420, 365- 366
 Human genetics: Mystery of the mutagenic male
2002/11 EurekAlert!  What came first? Bigger brains or lots of sex?  LOW fertility and frequent pregnancy complications may be the price that we have paid for evolving a large brain.
2002/09 Discovery Beauty and the Brain
 What makes one body better proportioned than another?
2002/09 Animal Behaviour Vol. 64, No. 2, August 2002  Are human female preferences for symmetrical male faces enhanced when conception is likely?
シンメトリーと性淘汰  左右非対称な身体のヒトはやきもち焼き傾向
2002/08 BBC News Jealous types 'have different-sized feet'
2002/08 New Scientist Asymmetrical people make jealous lovers
2002/08 ロイター
2002/08 BBC News Tall men 'top husband stakes'
2002/08 New Scientist Short women more successful with men
「男は女を使い捨て」というのは迷信?  ヒトは男女とも永の伴侶を求めている
2002/07 Yahoo! News  Men, Women from Same Planet When Looking for Mate
ヒト知能を向上させた性淘汰  女が頭のいい男を選び続けた結果でしょ
2002/05 Ananova
 Female attraction to brainy men 'boosted human intelligence'
2002/05 The Canberra Times Gene study: women are responsible for brains
2002/02 Institute of Medicine
 Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?

past 性淘汰:おさるさん/霊長類

ヒトとオランウータンの精子生成能力 比較的近く
2002/12 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/12 Guardian Alpha female
2002/04 Nature 416, 624 - 626
 Strong male-driven evolution of DNA sequences in humans and apes
2002/04 EurekAlert! Men regain evolutionary driver's seat
2002/04 Nature 416, 496
 Sperm competition: Motility and the midpiece in primates
2002/03 Animal Behaviour Vol. 63, No. 2  Female competition and male territorial behaviour influence female chimpanzees' ranging patterns
2002/02 BioMedNet News Adaptive conundrum of swinging both ways
2002/01 New Scientist Female baboons boast about their sex lives
2002/01 Ananova Female baboons may boast during sex

past 性淘汰:齧歯類

2002/11 BBC News Mothers 'get Alzheimers boost'
妊娠すると頭が良くなる? 米でラット実験
2002/11 cnn.co.jp
2002/09 Nature 419, 70 - 74  Deficient pheromone responses in mice lacking a cluster of vomeronasal receptor genes
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Rockefeller researchers provide the first functional evidence for mammalian pheromone receptors
2002/07 BBC News Sperm Wars help mice breed
2002/07 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/07 Nature 418, 137 Reproductive biology: Do the locomotion
2002/07 Nature 418, 174 - 177
 Exceptional sperm cooperation in the wood mouse
2002/07 Ananova Mice sperm trains form fertilisation express
一致協力する精子 列車のようにつながって卵を目指す精子たち
2002/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/07 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 15, 9913-9915  Individual adjustment of sperm expenditure accords with sperm competition theory
2002/04 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 9, 6376-6381
 Altered sexual and social behaviors in trp2 mutant mice

past 性淘汰:哺乳類

2002/10 Nature Science Update Elephant erection truncated
2002/10 National Geographic  Pheromone in Urine Spurs Mating in Elephants
男性ホルモン多いから、雌ライオンは黒たてがみが好き 米ミネソタ大研究グループ
2002/08 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/08 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/08 cnn.co.jp
2002/08 EurekAlert! A mane is a pain, but worth it for male lions
2002/08 Ananova Lions share secret of being the mane attraction
2002/08 BBC News Lions' dark secret to attraction
2002/08 Nature Science Update Lionesses prefer brunettes
2002/08 New Scientist Lionesses go for dark, flowing manes
2002/08 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 17, 11252-11255  Reconsidering the null hypothesis: Is maternal rank associated with birth sex ratios in primate groups?
雌ライオンは長い黒髪がお好き 実物大人形で実験
2002/09 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/06 Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 2002. 25:507-536.  WIRED FOR REPRODUCTION: Organization and Development of Sexually Dimorphic Circuits in the Mammalian Forebrain
2002/04 EurekAlert!  Unique social system found in famous Tsavo lions

past 性淘汰:鳥

2002/10 Nature 419, 571  Behavioural ecology: Excuses for avian infidelity
2002/10 Max Planck
 Sex and genetics: why birds are unfaithful to their partners
2002/10 Nature 419, 613 - 615  Genetic similarity between mates and extra-pair parentage in three species of shorebirds
こう歌えばモテるかな 雄の脳開発と歌-学習の関連@鳥  学習がうまい雄を雌は好むし
2002/09 Duke University
 Male Birds'ability To Learn Song Affects Female Mating Response
2002/09 BioMedNet News Testosterone and the bird brain
2002/05 Nature News Service Careless whispers cost chicks
2002/05 Ananova Female birds impressed by 'Pop Idols'
2002/05 The Nando Times  Study finds female chickadees less than faithful
夫が負けた時、地位高いほど妻浮気 鳥の行動ですが…
2002/05 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/05 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/04 Ananova Vultures use dung beauty treatment
2002/04 BBC News Beauty secrets of dung-eating bird
2002/04 Nature News Service Faeces brings colour to birds' faces
2002/04 Discovery Star Starling Singers Get the Girls
2002/04 EurekAlert!  Male starlings sing a song of reproductive fitness
2002/04 Nature 416, 687- 690
 Evolutionary biology: The tale of the parasitic cuckoos
2002/02 Ananova
 Female penguins give up monogamy in favour of multiple partners
2002/01 The American Association for the Advancement of Science
 Rapid Adaptation Yielded Finches New Territory
2002/01 Scientific American
 Mother Finch Controls Baby's Sex to Increase Survival Odds
アズマヤドリの求愛行動 メスのリアクションに敏感なオスの勝ち
2002/01 AScribe  Sensitive Guys Get the Girls in the Bowerbird World
2002/01 Nature 415, 279 - 280
 Sexual selection: Male displays adjusted to female's response
2002/01 BBC News Love birds glow crazy
2002/01 Ananova Scientists say sunscreen makes budgies less sexy
2002/01 EurekAlert!
 Science study explains the sexy glow of parrot plumage

past 性淘汰:爬虫類/両生類

2002/11 Ananova  Female lizard breaks new ground in battle of the sexes
2002/11 The Salt Lake Tribune
 Picky Lady Lizard Gets Choice of Mates, Homes
オスが子供背負う習性のカエル発見  ヒメアマガエルの仲間 パプアニューギニア
2002/08 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/08 Nature 418, 601 - 602
 Animal behaviour: Male parenting of New Guinea froglets
2002/08 Ananova Frogs species give young piggy-backs

past 性淘汰:魚

オトコなんていらない? メスだけでサメが子づくり 米国
2002/09 cnn.co.jp
2002/03 inScight  Male Guppies Imitate Food and Get Sex
クローンを生んだ? 処女懐胎@サメ
2002/01 BBC News Scientists probe bizarre shark birth

past 性淘汰:昆虫/節足動物

2002/10 Nature 419, 897
 Chemical mimicry: Male ants disguised by the queen's bouquet
2002/10 Ananova How 'not-so-macho' ants keep on mating
2002/11 New York Times Smelling Like the Queen
アリのオカマは得だらけ 戦いを避けてメスにももてる
2002/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/10 Nature 419, 830 - 832
 Paternal inheritance of a female moth's mating preference
2002/04 Ananova Gravity may be force behind spider gender gap
2002/04 Nature News Service Smaller spiders are better lovers
2002/05 New York Times In Spiders, Itsy Bitsy Gets the Girl
2002/02 Nature 415, 787 - 789
 Antagonistic coevolution between the sexes in a group of insects
2002/02 Nature News Service Love is a battlefield
2002/02 University of Toronto
 Battle of the sexes leads to evolutionary arms race
2002/02 the Nando Times
 Researchers discover sexual conflict among insects
2002/02 National Geographic
 'Sexually Antagonistic' Bugs Evolve New Weapons
2002/02 Bio.com Battle of the Sexes Leads to a Biological Arms Race

past 性淘汰:植物

2002/04 EurekAlert! Cost of inbreeding in Arabidopsis
2002/04 North Carolina State University
 NC State Geneticists Help Verify Theory of Inbreeding

past 性淘汰

2002/12 Nature 420, 664 - 66  Sex releases the speed limit on evolution
2002/11 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 23, 14897-14902
 Uncoupling direct and indirect components of female choice in the wild
2002/10 Trends in Ecology and Evolution Vol. 17, No. 11
 Chaotic mating systems
2002/06 New York Times
 In the Animal Kingdom, a New Look at Female Beauty
2002/03 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:5:230-241
 Inbreeding effects in wild populations
2002/03 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:5:201-202
 The correlation between inbreeding and fitness: does allele size matter?
2002/03 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:5:207
 The birds and the wasps: a sex-ratio meta-analysis
2002/03 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:5:206
 Can good genes explain the peacock's tail?
2002/02 HMS Beagle Every Sperm Is Useful
2002/02 EurekAlert!
 Mating molds provide new insights into speciation and human reproduction
2002/02 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:3:109  For the boys!
2002/02 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:2:55-56
 Changing mates
2002/01 Ananova Science recasts Casanova... as a woman
2002/01 Nature 415, 71 - 73
 Polyandrous females avoid costs of inbreeding

past 生殖ホルモンと生殖行動

2002/06 Ananova New HRT skin patch 'makes women feel more sexy'
2002/06 BBC News HRT patches 'boost libido'
2002/06 EurekAlert! Skin patch technology may increase women's libido
2002/04 BioMedNet News Progesterone receptors defy sex rules

past ほか

2002/11 BBC News Morocco's miracle mule 'confirmed'
2002/11 Ananova Sterile mule gives birth to foal
2002/10 BBC News Morocco's miracle mule
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Breeding programs should incorporate mate choice

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