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past 全般

2003/11 Washington Post My Autistic Child in the Balance
2003/11 USA TODAY Agencies draft plan to study autism
2003/09 The Baltimore Sun  Tantalizing clues, but few facts
 Autism: A study that discounts a suspected cause of the disorder gives way to more questions than answers.
2003/09 BBC News Doctors 'fail Asperger's patients'
”二重らせん”ワトソンインタビュー 息子のRufusは自閉症の一種
2003/04 The Observer The stuff of life
2003/03 The Florida Times-Union Living with autism
2002/11 New York Times  A Boy, a Mother and a Rare Map of Autism's World
2002/11 New York Times The Not-So-Crackpot Autism Theory
2002/10 phillyburbs.com THE AUTISM CRISIS  All about Autism
2002/10 phillyburbs.com THE AUTISM CRISIS  How will they function in a world they don't understand?
2002/07 EurekAlert!  New book is road map to help parents 'find' their child who has autism
2002/04 Brighton Pittsford Post  Parents speak out about children with autism
 When autism is a part of your life, how do you deal with it?
2002/04 BBC News Twins 'at risk of autism'


2003/09 Salon.com Planet autism
 Last summer, a man in California shot his 27-year-old autistic son to death and then shot himself. I understand why.
2002/12 BBC News Autism website 'first of its kind' : AWARes
2002/09 BBC News 'Autism is like living on wrong planet'


2003/11 asahi.com : 健康
自閉症の子ら招き演奏会 音楽との触れ合いの場に
2003/08 共同通信
自閉症 乳幼児期のガイド  親へのアンケートもとにアドバイス
 「自閉症ガイドブック シリーズ1 乳幼児編」 出版:日本自閉症協会
2002/04 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
自閉症支援のセンターを設立 厚労省、来年度8カ所
2002/02 asahi.com : 生活 : 医療・健康

past 研究者

ニュートンとアインシュタインはアスペルガー症候群  〜バロン=コーエンら
2003/05 韓国 中央日報
2003/04 New Scientist Einstein and Newton showed signs of autism
2003/05 Telegraph Great physicists 'had Asperger's'
自閉症は一種類の病ではない ロナルド&プロミン
 異なる機序の2種類が組合わさっている  一つは社会性認知の欠如 もう一つはカタログ的強迫性
2003/03 The Observer Autism is 'two separate illnesses'
地図が読めない女 自閉症が多い男  バロン=コーエンの超男性化脳仮説
2002/12 The Spectator.co.uk Why women can't read maps
 The high incidence of male autism reveals basic mental differences between the sexes
テストステロンレベルと自閉症 バロン=コーエン
2002/05 Guardian Testosterone levels may cause autism
2002/06 Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol. 6, No. 6  The extreme male brain theory of autism

past 援助

2003/12 cleveland.com Helping autistic kids function on their own
2003/11 New York Times Educating Hunter, a Child of Autism
2003/10 ワイアードジャパン
広がるイルカセラピー 自閉症などの子らに
2003/10 asahi.com : 健康
芸術療法 効果あり 楽器で表現自信回復 介護、育児支援にも
2003/01 読売 医療と介護
2002/11 BBC News Pictures help autistic children speak
2002/10 New York Times Autism Therapy Is Called Effective, but Rare
2002/09 BBC News Intensive therapy helps with autism
2002/03 Guardian Calls for better resources to treat autism
2002/02 BBC News Autistic boy treated by football physio

past ワクチン疑惑

2003/11 In These Times Autism in a Needle?
 The toxic tale of vaccinations and mercury poisoning
2003/09 CNN  Researchers: No mercury, autism link
  But some say questions remain over possible connection
2003/09 MSNBC Study: Mercury, autism not linked
2003/09 New York Times Study Casts Doubt on Theory of Vaccines' Link to Autism
はしかが英国に帰ってくる ワクチン接種を恐れた結果
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 New York Times Patterns: Autism Cases Level Off in Britain
2003/07 BBC News Autism cases 'levelling off'
 The controversial MMR vaccine has not triggered an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism
2003/07 Guardian More doubt on autism link to MMR
2003/05 Guardian New MMR link to autism, claims study
2003/03 BMJ 2003;326:718 MMR: the onslaught continues
2003/03 spiked-online.com 'MMR: the truth?'
2003/03 New York Times Vaccines and Autism, Beyond the Fear Factors
2002/12 Washington Post New Vaccine Clause Angers Parents of Autistic
 Amendment Buried in Homeland Security Law Restricts Right to Sue Makers of Drug Preservative
2002/11 New Scientist MMR and autism not linked, finds giant study
2002/11 Guardian Study finds no autism link to MMR
2002/11 BBC News MMR 'does not cause autism'
2002/09 BBC News Call for urgent MMR research
2002/08 BBC News Experts reject latest MMR research
2002/09 BBC News MMR row 'hampers autism research'
2002/07 Ananova  Study finds possible toxins link between MMR and autism
2002/07 BBC News MMR 'should be compulsory'
2002/07 BBC News Parents' court battle over MMR jab
2002/07 BBC News London mayor warns against MMR
2002/06 BBC News Autism study suggests MMR link
ワクチンと自閉症の関連を否定 英国企業が再検討
2002/06 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/06 BBC News MMR researcher attacked
2002/06 EurekAlert!
 No evidence that MMR vaccine is associated with autism or bowel disease
自閉症・はしか「関係疑う」研究が波紋  三種混合ワクチン イギリスで拒否拡大
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/02 BBC News New research fuels MMR debate
2002/02 BBC News MMR jab defended
2002/02 BBC News Research clears MMR
2002/02 BBC News MMR media campaign planned
2002/02 New York Times  Britain Tries to Quell Fear Over Vaccine for Children
2002/02 BBC News Why Japan stopped using MMR

past 発生率

2003/11 The Sacramento Bee  Rapid spread of autism baffling
 Increase creates a big financial burden for state, summit is told.
2003/05 MSNBC Calif. autism rate doubles in 4 years
 Cause of increase in disorder unknown, researchers say
2003/01 New York Times Study Shows Increase in Autism
2002/11 CNN California's autism mystery deepens
2002/11 ワイアードジャパン
2002/10 EurekAlert!  M.I.N.D. Institute study confirms autism increase
2002/10 CNN California autism rise confounds researchers
2002/10 New York Times Increase in Autism Baffles Scientists
2002/10 New York Times A Mysterious Upsurge in Autism
2002/10 Mercury News Cause of autism baffling
2002/10 phillyburbs.com  The number of Bucks children diagnosed with autism is exploding
2002/08 Ananova  'Computer geek' genes 'may be linked to autism'
2002/08 BBC News Autism link to 'geek genes'
2002/05 BBC News Teachers point to autism increase
2002/05 BBC News Autism numbers 'rising' in Scotland

past 才能、個性 サヴァン

2003/12 Wired The Key to Genius
 Autistic savants are born with miswired neurons - and extraordinary gifts. The breakthrough science behind our new understanding of the brain.
2003/06 New York Times Savant for a Day
2002/11 Tampa Bay Online Visit From `Rain Man'
利口な知能障害 サヴァン症候群  右の脳活動土台で特定分野で才能発揮
2002/10 韓国 ハンギョレ21
2002/01 DISCOVER Vol. 23 No. 2 The Inner Savant
2002/01 New York Times An Artist's Success at 14, Despite Autism
2002/01 Wired The Geek Syndrome

past 症状

2003/07 EurekAlert  'Pointing and showing' problems for autistic children
2002/11 Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2002, 6:11:455  Rapid visual-motion integration deficit in autism
2002/06 New York Times Experiment Offers Look Through Eyes of Autism
2002/06 Am J Psychiatry 159:895-908  Defining and Quantifying the Social Phenotype in Autism

past 脳発達が早すぎる?

2003/07 韓国 中央日報
2003/07 University of California
 UCSD Researchers Find Brain Overgrowth During First Year of Life in Autism
2003/07 BBC News Autism linked to brain growth
2003/07 CNN First early warning sign of autism ID'd
2003/07 Los Angeles Times  Autism Linked to Head Size at Birth, 1st Year
2003/07 New Scientist Head size gives autism early warning
2003/07 New York Times Brain Growth Tied to Autism
自閉症の早期発見 生後一年間の脳発達が早すぎる?
2002/11 Yahoo! Finance  Autism Breakthrough Announced at World Congress
 the brain growing too fast and two large in the first 12 months after birth.
2002/07 New York Times Patterns: Autism and Brain Growth Studied
2002/07 EurekAlert!  Researchers shed light on early brain growth and autism

past 脳や認知能力の研究

2003/11 BioMedNet News Images of autism
 Brain imaging studies are highlighting neurological differences between how autistic and non-autistic adults recognize faces
2003/06 Cerebral Cortex, Vol. 13, No. 7, 728-735  Cortical Sulcal Maps in Autism
2002/07 Brain, Vol. 125, No. 8, 1839-1849  Autism, Asperger syndrome and brain mechanisms for the attribution of mental states to animated shapes
2002/02 EurekAlert!  Researchers observe abnormalities in brains of autism patients
2002/02 BBC News Differences found in autistic brains
2002/02 Philly.com  Brain Abnormalities Identified in Autistic Brains

past 原因探査

2003/01 BMJ 2003;326:173-174  The causes of autism spectrum disorders
 Multiple factors have been identified, but a unifying cascade of events is still elusive
2002/12 EurekAlert!  UC Davis to begin identifying eligible families for study on environmental factors in autism
2002/07 BBC News Smoking mothers link to autism
2002/04 EurekAlert! Autoimmunity in autism
2002/04 UniSci Bowel Finding Suggests Autism Is Autoimmune Disorder
2002/03 Independent Scientists dispel the 'mystery of autism'
2002/03 BBC News Autism causes 'can be traced'


2003/09 abc.net.au Fearless genes mean more autistic men
 A region on the X-chromosome linked to the perception of fear may explain why men are 10 times more likely than women to have autism
2003/09 MSNBC X chromosome linked to autism
 Part of brain that process facial expressions may be key
2003/09 New Scientist Sex chromosome clue to autism
2003/04 Nature Science Update Autism links on chromosome 7
2003/04 EurekAlert DNA sequence of chromosome 7 decoded
2003/04 The Globe and Mail Canadian team maps chromosome
自閉症の原因遺伝子 7番染色体の完全解読への努力
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/02 Duke University Net' Harvests Elusive Autism Gene
 Duke researchers have identified a gene that may play a major role in producing autism in a subset of autistic children
2002/10 EurekAlert!  UCLA geneticists find location of major gene in ADHD; targeted region also linked to autism
2002/10 Yahoo! News Scientists Zero in on Gene for ADHD
2002/05 BioMedNet News ESHG 2002  Autism researchers getting warm near chromosome 7
2002/04 BBC News Autism gene hunt narrows
2002/04 EurekAlert! Progress in the genetics of autism
2002/03 EurekAlert!  $6 million grant to expand search for autism genes

栄養、 医学

2003/06 Discovery Mercury May Be a Cause of Autism
2003/06 BBC News Mercury 'linked to autism'
2003/06 EurekAlert Toxic metal clue to autism
2003/06 New Scientist Toxic metal clue to autism
2002/08 BMJ 2002;325:419-421  Relation of childhood gastrointestinal disorders to autism: nested case-control study using data from the UK General Practice Research Database
2002/08 BioMedNet News Another nonlink to autism

past 治療薬の可能性

2002/12 Newsday Hormone's Benefit To Autistic Unproven
 Inconclusive study setback for parents
2002/11 EurekAlert!  Natural or synthetic secretin does not reduce symptoms of autism, study shows
2002/11 EurekAlert!  McLean Hospital and Repligen announce results of brain imaging study of secretin
 Secretin is active in a brain region implicated in autism
2002/08 New York Times  Autism Relief Found in Drug, Study Shows
2002/07 EurekAlert!  Medication effective in treating children with autism
2002/08 Washington Post Study: New Drug May Aid Autistic Children
2002/07 EurekAlert!  Treatment for behavioral disorders in children with autism

past ほか

2003/11 Nature Science Update Trust begets hormone
 Oxytocin may help humans bond.
2002/01 Psychiatric News Volume 37 Number 1
 → New Autism Fact Sheets Geared to Professionals
 → New Calif. Center to Investigate Link Between Autism, Environment
 → Secretin Studies Fail to Show Efficacy in Autism Treatment

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