past 進化にまつわる考え方

趨の起源 還元主義者がダーウィン・ウォーズで勝っているわけ
2002/09 The American Prospect The Origin of Specious
 And why reductionists are winning the Darwin wars

past 今は亡きグールド

2002/11 Monthly Review
 Stephen Jay Gould? What Does it Mean to Be a Radical?
2002/09 The New Yorker THE DESCENT OF GOULD
2002/07 International Socialist Review Issue 24, July-August 2002
 Stephen Jay Gould: Dialectical Biologist
2002/07 The Scientist 16[12]:10 Stephen Jay Gould

past 過去の環境変動と絶滅

2002/11 New York Times
 New Theory on Dinosaurs: Multiple Meteorites Did Them In
2002/09 CNN.com
 Dino-killing asteroid sparked global fires, scientists believe
2002/08 Ananova
 Scientists 'confirm meteorite impact on Earth 3.47bn years ago'
2002/08 BBC News Meteorite 'changed Earth's history'
2002/08 EurekAlert!  Evidence of earth-shaking asteroid strike published
2002/08 BioMedNet News Life's tough start
2002/08 Ananova
 Scientists believe dinosaurs under threat before asteroid struck
2002/08 BBC News Cold spelt end of dinosaurs
2002/08 Discovery Study: Dinos Were Dying Before Asteroid Hit


進化 ゆっくりなほうの勝ち
2002/12 EurekAlert!  In mutually beneficial relationship, slowest-evolving species gains upper hand
2003/01 Max Planck Society
 Evolving Slower Gets You the Bigger Piece of the Pie
2002/12 Nature 420, 756- 757 Computational biology: Evolution plays dice
2002/12 Nature 420, 810 - 812
 Macroevolution simulated with autonomously replicating computer programs
2002/11 Nature 420, 278- 279 Molecular evolution: Booting up life
2002/11 Nature 420, 340 - 343  In silico simulations reveal that replicators with limited dispersal evolve towards higher efficiency and fidelity
2002/11 New Scientist  Fossil protein breakthrough will probe evolution
2002/11 BBC News Bison bones open ancient window
2002/11 Guardian Ancient bison bones give up secrets
2002/11 EurekAlert!
 Scientists discover ancient protein and DNA sequences in the same fossil
2002/11 The Globe and Mail  Protein found in fossil opens scientific door
2002/11 BioMedNet News Bison bones bare ancient secrets
2002/11 Discovery DNA Recovered from Ice Age Bison
2002/11 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:12:540-541
 Migration, local adaptation and the evolution of plasticity
2002/10 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 22, 14286-14291
 A test of evolutionary theories of aging
2002/10 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 22, 14274-14279
 Experimental evolution of learning ability in fruit flies
2002/10 BioMedNet News Another side of evolution
 natural variation in gene expression has a significant influence in evolution.
2002/10 EurekAlert! Butterfly restrains Darwin
2002/10 EurekAlert!
 Is being big clam on the block a factor in species success?
2002/10 EurekAlert!
 Brazilian shellfish may improve understanding of ancient world
2002/10 EurekAlert!
 Impact of geography on species challenges paleontologists
2002/10 Nature 419, 575- 576 Ecology: Biodiversity in the scales
2002/10 Nature 419, 610 - 613  General patterns of taxonomic and biomass partitioning in extant and fossil plant communities
2002/10 Nature 419, 440- 441  Evolutionary biology: Death in the slow lane
2002/09 BioMedNet News Radioactivity winds up evolution's clock
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Biologist's new experiment may vindicate Darwin
2002/09 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 19, 12242-12245
 Directional selection is the primary cause of phenotypic diversification
2002/09 Trends in Genetics, 2002, 18:9:433-434
 Adaptive evolution after gene duplication
2002/09 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2002, 17:10:447-448
 Thirty years of evolution in Darwin's finches
ミトコンドリア 父親からも遺伝、イブ仮説の前提崩れる
2002/08 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/08 Newsday.com Findings Challenge Biological Tenet
2002/08 New Scientist Mitochondria can be inherited from both parents
2002/08 Ananova Scientists plot evolution of virtual creatures
2002/08 New Scientist 'Animals' grow from an artificial embryo
2002/08 The Scientist Evolution at Warp Speed
 Two groups take on catalysis with in vitro evolution
進化:発話と言語に関与する遺伝子 FOXP2 の分子進化
2002/08 Nature 418, 869 - 872
 Molecular evolution of FOXP2, a gene involved in speech and language
2002/08 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 16, 10528-10532
 Waddington's canalization revisited: Developmental stability and evolution
2002/08 EurekAlert!  'Jumping genes' create ripples in the genome - and perhaps species' evolution
2002/08 EurekAlert!
 Computational geneticists revisit a mystery in evolution
2002/08 Nature 418, 524 - 526 The evolution of inaccurate mimics
2002/08 Nature 418, 527 - 530  Fractal geometry predicts varying body size scaling relationships for mammaland bird home ranges
2002/07 BioMedNet News
 Evolutionary computing needs biologists to evolve

past 性の進化・性の起原

2002/12 Nature 420, 664 - 66  Sex releases the speed limit on evolution
2002/09 Cornell University  Cornell entomologists discover sex-pheromone link to insect evolution, suggesting problems for pest control through mating disruption
 Entomologists have unlocked an evolutionary secret to how insects evolve into new species.
2002/08 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 16, 10533-10538
 Sympatric speciation by sexual conflict

past 脳の進化

2002/11 Science News, Vol. 162, No. 20, Nov. 16, 2002, p. 312
 Sizing Up the Brain
 Mutations that produce small brains may reveal how human intelligence evolved
2002/09 SPACE.com Sex, IQ and ET: How We Got Big Brains

past 鳥?恐竜?

恐竜の偽造化石「アルカエオラプトル」、上半身は希少鳥類ヤノルニス 英科学誌
2002/11 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/11 National Geographic
 Dino Hoax Was Mainly Made of Ancient Bird, Study Says
2002/10 EurekAlert! USC scientists uncover secrets of feather formation
鳥の祖先は恐竜じゃないかも 〜ダチョウの卵
2002/08 Ananova  Ostrich study 'shows birds didn't descend from dinosaurs'
2002/08 EurekAlert!
 Scientist says ostrich study confirms bird 'hands' unlike those of dinosaurs
飛行能力を持つ新属新種の恐竜化石を発見 遼寧省
2002/07 人民日報@中国
2002/07 Ananova  'Flying dinosaur' fossil hailed as missing link to birds
魚取りの名人? タラソドロメウス
 新種の翼竜化石@ブラジル 白亜紀前期1億1000万年前
 巨大なとさかは冷却装置? 性淘汰の結果?
2002/07 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/07 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/07 MSNBC  Fossil reveals a new view of flying reptiles
2002/07 National Geographic  New Find: Pterosaur Had Strange Crest, Fishing Style
2002/07 New Scientist Pterosaur skull suggests sex and violence
2002/07 Ananova Scientists put feathered dinosaurs on display
2002/07 BBC News Dino-birds come to UK

past 昔の鳥

体重500キロ以上 地球最大の「巨鳥」化石@オーストラリア
2002/08 ロイター
2002/08 cnn.co.jp
2002/08 Ananova Fossils of giant pre-historic geese found
原始の鳥、主食は種子 中国で発見の化石で初めて裏付け
2002/07 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/07 Nature 418, 405 - 409
 A long-tailed, seed-eating bird from the Early Cretaceous of China
2002/07 Ananova Earliest seed-eating bird discovered
2002/07 BioMedNet News Fossilized meal

past 恐竜たち

2002/12 National Geographic New Picture of Dinosaurs Is Emerging
2002/12 National Geographic Dinosaur Cannibal?-Mystery in New Mexico
2002/12 National Geographic
 Cuban Dinosaur: First Confirmed Remains Discovered
2002/12 National Geographic  Utah Dinos May Have Been Killed by Drought
2002/12 EurekAlert! Seven-foot living 'dinosaur' lurks in Oregon
2002/10 BBC News Prehistoric 'sea dragon' found
2002/10 Ananova 'Mummified' Dinosaur Discovered In Montana
2002/10 USA TODAY
 Mummified fossil will help flesh out dinosaur research
2002/10 Science News, Vol. 162, No. 16, p. 243.
 Dear Mummy: Rare fossil reveals common dinosaur's soft tissue
2002/09 BBC News Odd dino has rabbit-like teeth
2002/09 National Geographic 'Weird' Bucktoothed Dino Found in China
2002/09 CBC News Buck-toothed dino fossil found in China
2002/09 Discovery New Dino Resembles T. Rex, B. Bunny
2002/09 Nature 419, 291 - 293
 An unusual oviraptorosaurian dinosaur from China
2002/09 BBC News Battle of the sexes 'prehistoric style'
PDAで恐竜探検 「恐竜ミュージアム」−−東京・有明に14日開館
2002/09 毎日 科学環境ニュース
夜目が効いたかもしれない恐竜 当時の蛋白質をこしらえてみました
2002/09 BBC News Dino protein made in test tube
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Dinosaur ancestor's vision possibly nocturnal
2002/09 Discovery Dino Protein Recreated in Test Tube
恐竜の足跡@スコットランド Skye島
2002/08 Ananova Dinosaur excavation starts on Skye
2002/08 BBC News Dinosaurs make tracks on the isles
2002/08 BBC News Walking in dinosaurs' footsteps
2002/08 National Geographic  Dinosaur Tracks Preserved on Scottish Island
2002/08 Guardian Footprints of dinosaurs uncovered on Skye
2002/08 Ananova Almost complete T Rex fossil unearthed in Montana
2002/08 National Geographic  Tiny Tyrant-Fossil May Be Mini T. Rex Cousin
2002/07 Ananova  Australian experts unearth important dinosaur fossils

past 大昔の哺乳類・有胎盤類

2002/11 Applied Biosystems JAPAN Ltd.
2002/11 Applied Biosystems  Morpheus Genes Offer Clues to Primate Evolution, Gene Birth, and Human Disease
2002/11 BBC News Secrets of a winning design
2002/10 cnn.co.jp
2002/10 BBC News 'Extraordinary' woolly rhino finds
2002/10 Ananova
 Remains of four woolly rhinos give new insight into Ice Age
10万年前、北米でラクダが生きていた 化石見つかる
2002/10 cnn.co.jp
2002/10 BBC News Cow comes in from the cold
2002/08 CNN.com Wildlife park to add mammoth attraction
2002/08 Yahoo! News  Japanese researchers dream of recreating mammoths for sanctuary in Siberia
マンモスの肉片発見か DNA鑑定へ−−露・シベリアの永久凍土の調査 /岐阜
2002/08 毎日新聞
2002/07 Ananova Giant kangaroo remains found in Australia
2002/07 BBC News Australia unearths fossilised giants
2002/07 The Sydney Morning Herald
 Mega-monsters unearthed in outback death trap
2002/07 National Geographic Australian Cave Yields Giant Animal Fossils
2002/07 CBC News  Giant fossilized animals unearthed in Australian cave
2002/07 Discovery Tomb of Mega Beasts Discovered
2002/07 New Scientist Death-trap cave reveals fossil giants
ステゴドン属ゾウの化石出土 200万年前の地層から‐‐八王子市
2002/07 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/07 読売新聞
2002/07 Ananova  Builders unearth '50,000-year-old mammoth tusk'
2002/07 Ananova Scientists ecstatic over mammoth find
東南アジア最古の類人猿化石 タイで京大など発見
2002/07 asahi.com : 科学・自然

past 魚類の進化

2002/10 Nature 419, 826 - 830
 Contemporary fisherian life-history evolution in small salmonid populations

past 昆虫の進化

2002/10 BioMedNet News Wings, breathing organs, and spinnerets

past 植物の進化

2002/10 North Carolina State University
 NC State Geneticists Study Origin, Evolution of 'Sticky' Rice
食べちゃイヤ 食害を回避する植物の機構
2002/08 inScight When Leaves Lie
2002/07 BioMedNet News The tropics of Colorado
2002/07 The Institute for Genomic Research

past 微生物の進化

磁性細菌の秘密に迫る  磁性微粒子を含むマグネトソームの由来は?
2002/12 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/12 Nature Science Update Cells' magnets bared
 Natural compass exposes life on Earth and beyond.
2002/12 BioMedNet News Old, stoned microbes  Microfossils that are 2.5 billion years old resemble modern photosynthetic bacteria.
2002/11 Nature 420, 367- 369
 Virus evolution: The importance of being erroneous
2002/11 National Science Foundation  Using Computers, Scientists Successfully Predict Evolution of E. Coli Bacteria
シアノバクテリアが登場したのはもっと後 遺伝子系統樹
2002/10 EurekAlert!
 Evolution upset: Oxygen-making microbes came last, not first
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Newly revealed viral structure suggests a continuum in the evolution of viruses
2002/09 Nature 419, 270
 Eukaryotic evolution: Early origin of canonical introns
進化:微胞子虫類 Trachipleistophora hominis にはミトコンドリア残存構造が見られる
2002/08 Nature 418, 865 - 869
 A mitochondrial remnant in the microsporidian Trachipleistophora hominis
2002/08 Nature 418, 827- 829  A Cell evolution: Mitochondria in hiding
2002/08 BioMedNet News Intracellular degenerates
2002/08 EurekAlert!  Tiny bugs in mealybugs have smaller bugs inside them
2002/08 inScight Eat Well, Then Evolve
 The eukaryotes may have been too hungry to diversify.
マラリアワクチンを作るのは無理かも 急速に広がる耐性
2002/07 BBC News Fears over malaria vaccine
マラリア原虫Plasmodium falciparumの遺伝的多様性とクロロキン選択的な急速な蔓延
2002/07 Nature 418, 320 - 323  Genetic diversity and chloroquine selective sweeps in Plasmodium falciparum
2002/07 EurekAlert!  Genetic studies shed light on the malaria parasite's origins and drug resistance
マラリアの意外な多様性 マラリア対策によくないニュース
2002/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/07 Nature 418, 283- 285 Population genetics: Malaria variorum
染色体全体のSNP解析から明らかになったマラリア原虫 Plasmodium falciparum の起源の古さ
2002/07 Nature 418, 323 - 324
 Chromosome-wide SNPs reveal an ancient origin for Plasmodium falciparum

past その他古生物学

2002/12 BBC News Giant sea fossil unearthed
 A complete skeleton of the biggest reptile that ever existed has been unearthed in Mexico.
2002/12 Discovery Huge, Ancient Ocean Predator Found
2002/12 Nature 420, 760 - 761
 Palaeontology: First Devonian tetrapod from Asia
2002/12 National Geographic Tetrapod Fossil Found-First Ever in Asia
2002/12 Nature 420, 477  Laser-Raman spectroscopy (Communication arising): Images of the Earth's earliest fossils?
2002/12 Discovery Fresh Water Was Final Frontier for Life  The final frontier for early animal life wasn't a crawl onto dry land, but the plunge into freshwater streams and lakes.
2002/11 読売新聞
2002/10 EurekAlert!  Inside fossil embryos of Earth's earliest animals
2002/10 EurekAlert! Sod busters along the old cambrian trail
2002/10 EurekAlert!
 Study shows fossil records remain stable in storm beds
2002/10 EurekAlert! Paleontological data better than expected
 Researchers study possible bias in the fossil record
2002/09 New Scientist  Fossil find reveals world's oldest penises
2002/09 BBC News Life reached land a billion years ago
2002/08 Nature 418, 767 - 770 A primitive fish close to the common ancestor of tetrapods and lungfish
ペデルペス・フィンネヤエ 進化中の“両生類”
 最古の5本指動物 3億5千万年前
2002/07 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/07 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/07 Nature 418, 72 - 76 An early tetrapod from 'Romer's Gap'
2002/07 Nature 418, 35- 36 Palaeontology: Early land vertebrates
2002/07 Ananova
 Fossil identified as the earliest known creature to walk on land
2002/07 BBC News Fossil was 'first walker'
2002/07 San Francisco Chronicle
 Missing-link fossil wasn't a fish -- it has a pelvis

past ダーウィン関係

2002/10 BioMedNet News  Henrietta Darwin's unnatural dissection
2002/08 BBC News Darwin's letters return to their roots

past そのほか

2002/12 Nature Science Update Cells' magnets bared
 Natural compass exposes life on Earth and beyond
2002/09 BBC News Glimpse of Darwin's legacy

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