past 心脳問題/脳研究と倫理/脳科学の未来

2002/05 The Economist The ethics of brain science  Open your mind
2002/05 ワイアードジャパン
2002/05 AlphaGalileo Our Mind Electric?
2002/05 UniSci Our Conscious Mind Could Be An Electromagnetic Field
2002/05 Am J Psychiatry 159:695-704  The Integration of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience in the 21st Century
2002/04 BioMedNet News Healthy brains compare favorably
2002/02 Boston Globe Brain waves of the future, now
脳研究からヒト行動研究へ  ステレオタイプ、態度、自律、感情のコントロール
2002/01 Monitor on Psychology Volume 33, No. 1  At the frontier of science

past 脳のメンテナンス

2002/04 New York Times Aging: Testosterone's Benefits for Brain
2002/04 American Academy of Neurology  Testosterone May Reduce Risk Of Stroke In Men; Estrogen Levels Not Related To Stroke

past 頭痛

2002/06 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/06 BBC News Poison 'prevents headaches'
2002/06 EurekAlert!  Botox proving successful at preventing headaches
ボツリヌス注射 筋弛緩作用を利用 治療はわずか数分
2002/06 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/03 BBC News Gene clue to migraine mystery
2002/02 EurekAlert!  UCLA scientists identify genetic link to migraine
2002/02 EurekAlert!
 Studies suggest new headache treatment is more effective than medication

past 脳は故障がおきやすいデリケートな器官

2002/05 American Academy of Neurology
 Homocysteine Related to Brain Atrophy, Vascular Disease
2002/05 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/05 BBC News Smoking 'kills brain cells'
2002/04 EurekAlert!  Brain-imaging study offers clues to inhalant abuse
2002/03 YALE  Brain Virus May Give Clues to Causes Underlying Psychiatric and Neurological Problems
2002/02 New Scientist Chiropractic treatment linked to stroke
2002/02 The Indianapolis Star  Computer program helps assess athlete's brain injury
2002/02 EurekAlert! Abrupt changes in body position can trigger stroke
2002/02 BBC News Sudden moves can trigger stroke
2002/02 USA TODAY  Study: Surprises may be triggers of strokes
2002/01 Psychiatric News Volume 37 Number 2
 Studies Show How Speed Exacts Toll on Brain
2002/01 EurekAlert!  Thrill rides may be mysterious cause of neurological symptoms

past 脳は機能の柔軟性が高いデリケートな器官

2002/05 Ananova
 Doctors amazed by language skills of girl with half a brain
2002/05 BBC News Half brain girl 'fluent in two languages'
2002/05 Telegraph Girl with half a brain becomes fluent in two

past 脳・神経損傷と症状

2002/06 New Scientist Stroke treatments might be backfiring
2002/06 BBC News Helping hand for stroke-hit limbs
 3・友が激励 復学へ奮起
2002/05 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ 医療ルネサンス
2002/04 American Academy of Neurology
 Researchers Link Stroke Patients' Anger and Aggression to Brain Injury
2002/03 Brain, Vol. 125, No. 3, 624-639
 Decision-making processes following damage to the prefrontal cortex

past 脳の修復、神経の再生や増殖

2002/06 BioMedNet News Thalamic trigger promises relief from partial paralysis
2002/06 Nature 417, 941 - 944  Oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein is a Nogo receptor ligand that inhibits neurite outgrowth
2002/06 AScribe  Molecular 'Stop Signs' May Hold Secret of Nerve Regeneration
2002/06 Ananova Spinal cord nerve repair molecule is identified
2002/06 Ananova  Light bulb gas could treat nerve-damaging conditions
2002/06 BioMedNet News  Trailblazing in the brain clears new path to cerebellar growth
2002/05 Nature 417, 405 - 410  Adaptation in the chemotactic guidance of nerve growth cones
2002/05 WXIA-TV Atlanta  Doctors: Hormone Helps Brains Heal
2002/05 ctnow.com The Rewired Brain
2002/05 UniSci  Limiting Secondary Damage Following Brain Injuries
2002/04 BioMedNet News Clearing a path for nerve regeneration
傷んだ末梢神経2センチ再生 慶大助手らネズミで成功
2002/04 asahi.com : 生活 : 医療・健康
末梢神経の再生に新手法 慶応大グループが治療法開発
2002/04 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/04 Ananova Growth breakthrough for damaged nerves
2002/04 EurekAlert!
 Researchers identify compounds that might help in spinal cord repair
 細菌が生産する酵素を利用 ラット実験
2002/04 Nature 416, 632 - 636  Direct visuomotor transformations for reaching
2002/04 Nature 416, 636 - 640
 Chondroitinase ABC promotes functional recovery after spinal cord injury
2002/04 Nature 416, 589- 590  Medicine: Clearing a path for nerve growth
2002/04 Ananova Enzyme gives paralysis hope
2002/04 Nature News Service Spinal cord recovery hurdle cleared
2002/04 Ananova Ultrasound hope for brain tumour patients
2002/04 BBC News Ultrasound to treat brain tumours
脳こうそく後の回復に 消炎鎮痛剤が有効か
2002/03 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/02 EurekAlert!
 Neural stem cells move to damaged areas of brain after injury
2002/02 University of Michigan Health System
 Neural stem cells move to damaged areas of brain after injury
2002/02 Bio.com Stem Cells Migrate to Damaged Regions of Brain
2002/02 The Nando Times
 Promising strides in brain cell regeneration research
脳卒中のリハビリ補助にロボット療法士 (上) (下)
2002/02 ワイアードジャパン
2002/02 ABCNEWS.com Helpful Robot
 Specialized Device Helps Stroke Victims Regain Brain Control
私、1キロ歩けます ローテクでまひ患者を治す
2002/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/02 Nature News Service Shocked into walking
2002/02 Ananova Spine electrodes help paralysed man to walk
2002/02 National Post Quadriplegic walks again with electrodes in spine
2002/02 EurekAlert!  Robotic physical therapy improves movement long after stroke
人工材料で神経再生手術 世界初、京都府立医大で
2002/02 京都新聞
2002/01 The Australian  Wrinkle cream stimulates brain power
2002/01 AlphaGalileo
 A glimmer of hope in the struggle against neurodegenerative diseases: the virtues of proteins that can save dying neurons
2002/01 Boston Globe  Controlling tremors with a pacemaker in the brain

past 成人の脳細胞は増えるか?

2002/02 Nature 415, 1030 - 1034
 Functional neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus
2002/02 biopsychology.com
 Neurogenesis in Adult Mammalian Brains: Problems and Progress
2002/02 Bio.com New Adult Brain Cells Are Funtional
2002/02 Wired New Neurons Work in an Old Brain
「長寿の科学」大脳の神経も再生? 「老いる一方」の“常識”と論争に
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ

past 脳が情報を処理する機序、学習・記憶する機序

<脳科学と教育>専門家の意見交流会を設置へ 文科省検討会
2002/06 毎日新聞
2002/06 BioMedNet News Watching crosstalk in the brain
2002/06 EurekAlert!
 Buszaki neuroscience research published in current journals 'Science' and 'Nature'
 How cells communicate in the brain's hippocampus, and form human memories
2002/01 EurekAlert!  Individual neurons reveal complexity of memory within the brain
2002/01 Bio.com Neurons More Specialized Than Previously Thought

past 脳と意欲

2002/05 EurekAlert!  Dopamine may play role in cue-induced craving distinct from its role regulating reward effects
2002/05 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/05 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/05 EurekAlert! 'Cheerleader' brain signal may act as a task master, Science study suggests
2002/05 Ananova 'Cheerleader brain signal' eggs us on
2002/05 EurekAlert! Brain signal boosts as monkey nears reward

past 右脳-左脳

2002/04 Boston Globe  With goggles, 'split-brain' theory comes into focus
2002/03 Discover NeuroQuest Bad Neighbors in the brain
 Some parts of your brain get along better than others
2002/03 UCLA  Brains of Lefties Organized Differently Than Right-handers, UCLA Scientists Discover
2002/03 The Seattle Times Left-handers have different brains

past 脳のいろいろな部位の機能/脳内物質・神経伝達物質

世界が注目、ホルモンハンター  「グレリン」発見、寒川賢治さん
2002/06 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/06 New Scientist 3D maps show brain gene activity
[脳の神秘を明らかにする] '人間脳蓋組' これ以上空想ではない
2002/06 韓国 中央日報
2002/06 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 12, 8406-8411
 Cerebellar role in fear-conditioning consolidation
2002/06 Nature 417, 645 - 649  Origin of GABAergic neurons in the human neocortex
2002/06 Nature 417, 605- 606 Developmental neurobiology: Cortical liars
2002/06 Nature 417, 605- 606 Developmental neurobiology: Cortical liars
2002/06 Annu. Rev. Neurosci. 2002. 25:127-149.
2002/06 Psychiatric News Volume 37 Number 11
 Understanding Mechanism of Fear Could Lead to Better Anxiolytics
2002/05 New York Times  Runner's High? Endorphins? Fiction, Some Scientists Say
2002/05 EurekAlert! What keeps the nervous system intact?
 Researchers identify for the first time proteins vital to maintaining nervous system architecture
2002/05 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/05 Nature 417, 83 - 87  Glutamate-receptor-interacting protein GRIP1 directly steers kinesin to dendrites
脳神経内の情報の運転手役発見 記憶の仕組み解明も
2002/04 asahi.com : 科学・自然
神経細胞 物質移送先決める「標識」  東大大学院グループ発見 運び屋たんぱくに結合
2002/04 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/04 Brain, Vol. 125, No. 5, 935-951
 The minicolumn hypothesis in neuroscience
2002/04 EurekAlert!
 Tamoxifen and estrogen have similar effects on the brain
2002/04 AScribe
 McLean Researchers Uncover Missing Link Between Brain Changes, Learning; Discovery Helps Resolve Debate, Could Lead to New Anti-Anxiety Medications
2002/04 Society for Neuroscience  Testosterone's Influence on the Brain
2002/03 EurekAlert!  Different parts of the brain handle fantasy and reality
2002/03 NATIONAL POST  Scientists challenge theory of mind's eye
 Different parts of brain used to process real and imagined images
2002/03 University of South Florida
 Study identifies new protein on neurons that may be useful as survival/growth factor
2002/03  Ohio State University
2002/03 BioMedNet News Dual imaging reveals brain at two scales
2002/03 EurekAlert!
 Alcohol researchers find genetic locus of human brain wave
2002/03 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 99, Issue 5, 3188-3193
 DARPP-32 mediates serotonergic neurotransmission in the forebrain
京大教授ら新しい神経保護物質セロフェンド酸を発見 難病治療に期待
2002/02 asahi.com : 科学・自然
「回数」数える脳細胞 サル実験、東北大が特定
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
ニホンザル、数ごとに別の脳細胞が反応 東北大確認
2002/02 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/02 Nature 415, 918 - 922 (2002)
 Numerical representation for action in the parietal cortex of the monkey
脳の活動 人間とサル比較に成功 東大グループ fMRI使い世界初
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/02 Nature 415, 1039 - 1042
 MEC-2 MEC-2 regulates C. elegans DEG/ENaC channels needed for mechanosensation
2002/01 EurekAlert! Preventing overload in the brain
2002/01 nature neuroscience  A role for inhibition in shaping the temporal flow of information in prefrontal cortex
2002/01 nature neuroscience
 Activity in human ventral striatum locked to errors of reward prediction
2002/01 Science Volume 295, Number 5554, pp. 508-512.  Alternative Splicing and Neuritic mRNA Translocation Under Long-Term Neuronal Hypersensitivity
2002/01 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
 Researchers closer to defining function of two proteins involved in neurotransmitter release
2002/01 EurekAlert!  Adding vitamin C to certain drugs may help treat Alzheimer's, other brain disorders
2002/01 American Chemical Society  Adding vitamin C to certain drugs may help treat Alzheimer's, other brain disorders
2002/01 Bio.com Vitamin C Helps Drugs Enter Brain
2002/01 The Nando Times
 Vitamin C may help some drugs enter the brain, researchers say
2002/01 Nature 415, 165 - 168  Dynamic coding of behaviourally relevant stimuli in parietal cortex
2002/01 Nature 415, 77 - 81  Stage-specific control of neuronal migration by somatostatin

past 変異型ヤコブ病 / 狂牛病

[解説]BSE 実態解明は進んでいない 廃用牛検査、肉骨粉処分…残る課題
2002/04 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
変異型ヤコブ病 早期診断に難しさ  厚労省研究班英国視察報告 初期は精神症状中心
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/01 Nature 415, 420 - 424  Estimating the human health risk from possible BSE infection of the British sheep flock

past 多発性硬化症

2002/05 EurekAlert!  Mayo Clinic researchers discover enzyme has potential to stop multiple sclerosis tissue damage
2002/05 UniSci Brain's Gray Matter Involved In Multiple Sclerosis
2002/05 EurekAlert!  Buffalo neuroimaging researchers studying multiple sclerosis from inside human brain
2002/01 EurekAlert!  New imaging tests shed light on brain matter changes in relatives of MS patients
2002/01 WebMD Brain Scan Helps Tell the Future of MS

past パーキンソン病

2002/06 BBC News Parkinson's patients have sleep attacks
2002/05 Ananova  Brain protein identified as likely factor in Parkinson's
2002/05 EurekAlert!
 UCLA scientists image how Parkinson's genes misfire in mice
2002/04 Telegraph  New treatment helps Parkinson's sufferer to laugh
2002/04 Ananova Breakthrough in Parkinson's treatment
2002/04 BBC News Parkinson's brain renewal advance
2002/04 MSNBC  Cell transplants show promise for Parkinson's
2002/04 EurekAlert!
 Emory researchers study low testosterone and Parkinson's disease in men
2002/04 EurekAlert!  Green tea extract polyphenol may have a protective effect on Parkinson's Disease
2002/04 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/04 BBC News Cell transplant treats Parkinson's
2002/04 New Scientist Re-implanted stem cells tackle Parkinson's
2002/04 washingtonpost.com Stem Cell Transplant Works in Calif. Case
2002/04 EurekAlert!  Rats with partial Parkinson's damage in the brain
2002/03 EurekAlert!  New evidence on revolutionary brain pacemaker for Parkinson's Disease patients
2002/03 The Hawk Eye  Brain implants give Parkinson's victim new life
2002/03 Kentucky Post  'Brain pacemaker' controls Parkinson's
2002/03 Philadelphia Inquirer
 Study Links Smoking to Lower Parkinson's Risk
2002/02 EurekAlert!
 Worm neuron research may lead to powerful model for Parkinson's study
パーキンソン病、解明に光 東大チームなどが発見  脳のたんぱく質にリン酸つき異常
2002/01 asahi.com : 生活 : 医療・健康
2002/01 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/01 EurekAlert!
 Mouse experiments link folic acid deficiency to Parkinson's disease
2002/01 Bio.com Folic Acid Deficiency Linked to Parkinson's
 Mouse experiments link folic acid deficiency to Parkinson's disease
2002/01 ABCNEWS.com Expanding the Parkinson's Battle
 FDA Expands Use of Parkinson's Brain Implant
2002/01 Ananova New scan sees brain's nerve pathways
2002/01 Guardian  Vivid insight provided into workings of the brain

past ハンチントン病

2002/04 UCI Protein that halts Huntington's disease found
2002/01 The Scientist 16[2]:34 Hope for Huntington's Disease
2002/01 Nature 415, 377- 379  Huntington's disease: Accomplices to neuronal death

past てんかん

2002/06 EurekAlert! Molecular clues to an inherited epilepsy
2002/04 The American Physiological Society  Anticonvulsant Drugs Found to Impact On Epileptic Children's Ability to Recall Information
2002/04 DISCOVER Vol. 23 No. 5 Fire in the Brain
Can programmable implants help epileptics detect the onset of seizures?
2002/03 BBC News Epilepsy 'master gene' found
2002/03 EurekAlert!
 New gene identified: Involved in both intellectual disability and epilepsy
2002/03 BBC News Epilepsy diagnosis warning
2002/01 Brain, Vol. 125, No. 1, 140-149
 Amygdala pathology in psychosis of epilepsy

past 脳スキャン

2002/04 New Scientist  'Personalised' brain atlases will improve diagnoses
2002/04 EurekAlert!
 Dynamic brain atlas may help diagnose patients using advanced brain scans
2002/03 BBC News Meditation mapped in monks

past 脳-電磁波

ケータイの電磁波、脳に危ない 脳-血液関門を壊す
2002/06 BBC News Fresh fears over mobile phones

past 脳の進化

2002/06 Royal Society of Chemistry Life is sweet
2002/06 AScribe  Protein Required to Form Nervous Systems in Frogs Could Provide Important Clue to Human Development
脳内で働く部位、人とサルは同じ  MRIで比較に成功
2002/03 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/01 Nature 415, 133 - 134  Brain evolution (Communication arising): Analysis of mammalian brain architecture
2002/01 Nature 415, 134 - 135  Brain evolution (Communications arising): How did brains evolve?
2002/01 Nature 415, 135  Brain evolution (Communications arising): How did brains evolve?

past ワイアド

念じるだけでカーソル移動成功 手使わず、大脳皮質に電極
  サル実験 米の研究グループ
2002/06 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2002/06 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/06 Ananova  Monkeys use thought control for computer task
2002/06 EurekAlert!  The mind may help restore movement to the immobile
2002/06 EurekAlert! Direct thought control
2002/05 San Francisco Chronicle Electrodes in brain fight pain
 Surprising effects triggered deep in neural network
2002/05 Society for Neuroscience Robotic Limbs
リモコンネズミ登場 ラットの脳に電極埋め込み遠隔操作  災害救助に応用可能 NY州立大
2002/05 CNN.co.jp
2002/05 ワイアードジャパン
2002/05 U.S.News Enter the Cyborgs
 Promise and peril in a marriage of brains and silicon
2002/05 Nature News Service Here come the Ratbots
2002/05 Nature 417, 37 - 38  Behavioural neuroscience: Rat navigation guided by remote control
2002/05 Ananova Scientists use remote-control to steer 'robot rats'
2002/05 Boston Globe  Scientists produce 'ratbot' - first radio-controlled animal
2002/05 Los Angeles Times Brain Probes Give Rats Their Marching Orders
2002/05 Guardian Live rats driven by remote control
2002/05 Philadelphia Inquirer Pentagon project: Guided rats
2002/05 National Geographic Scientists 'Drive' Rats By Remote Control
2002/05 EurekAlert!  Leprosy bug provides clues to early nerve degeneration
2002/05 The Nando Times  Scientists control rats' movements via remote-control, electrodes
2002/05 New York Times  Using Robotics, Researchers Give Upgrade to Lowly Rats
2002/03 Ananova  Inventors claim thinking cap breakthrough
2002/03 ワイアードジャパン
サルの脳から直接コンピューター作動  米グループが成功
2002/03 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/03 Nature 416, 141 - 142
 Brain-machine interface: Instant neural control of a movement signal
2002/03 ABCNEWS.com Brain Implants for Controlling PCs?
2002/03 BBC News Monkey thoughts control computer
2002/03 Ananova Robotic limbs hope for paralysis victims
2002/03 Bio.com Using Thoughts to Move a Cursor
2002/03 NewsFactor Monkeys Demonstrate Thought-Controlled Computing
2002/03 ABCNEWS.com Moving Thoughts
 Scientists Study Brain Implants to Control PCs, Artificial Limbs
2002/03 New York Times  Don't Point, Just Think: The Brain Wave as Joystick

past そのほか

2002/06 HealthScoutNews  Eyes May Hold Preview of Brain Problems
 Blood vessels in retina could warn of dementia, Alzheimer's
2002/06 EurekAlert!  Rats depleted of salt become sensitized to amphetamine, show unusual growth of brain cells
ノイズが増幅させる脳波  〜九州大
2002/05 PhysicsWeb Noisy signals strengthen human brainwaves
2002/05 New York Times
 W.A. Rosenblith, 88, Catalyst in Combining Scientific Fields, Dies
2002/04 BBC News Turbocharged net to spot brain disease
2002/03 MSNBC New theory for Guam brain disease
2002/03 Ananova  Prozac 'may stimulate growth of brain tumours'
2002/03 Independent  Scientists find Prozac 'link' to brain tumours
2002/03 SiliconValley.com Prozac Scientist Plays Down Cancer Fears
2002/03 WebMD False Alarm: Study Doesn't Link Prozac to Cancer
 Concerns Linger, but British Study No Smoking Gun
2002/03 BMJ 2002;324:656-660 Recent developments in neurology
2002/03 NASA Gravity in the Brain
2002/02 BBC News 'Twisted neck' syndrome clues
ハエの脳の大きさを測る 「標準脳」の作成を目指して
2002/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2002/02 Nature News Service Standard fly brain sized up
2002/02 UniSci  Mathematicians Seek Better Way To Map Human Brain
2002/01 Amazon.com The Right to Think   An Interview with Howard Bloom
2002/01 ワイアードジャパン
2002/01 University of Utah  Living Rings Made from Nerve Cells: Bioengineers Highlight Know-How to Help People with Spinal Cord or Nerve Damage
2002/01 BBC News The 'sport' of bioengineering
2002/01 Bio.com Olympic Rings Made of Living Nerve Cells
2002/01 Chicago Tribune  Just thinking about exercise adds muscle, study shows

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