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past 性比

2003/06 中央日報@韓国
2003/06 EurekAlert Pregnant women carrying boys need more energy
2003/06 New Scientist Sons make mums eat more in pregnancy
2003/06 BBC News Boy babies 'boost appetite'
2003/06 Telegraph Boys make expectant mothers feel hungry
2003/05 Evolutionary Psychology, 1:96-107  The maternal dominance hypothesis: questioning Trivers and Willard
2003/05 BBC News Famine link to girl births
2003/05 New Scientist Strong mums more likely to bear sons
2003/04 Nature Science Update Heat could flip sex switch
 Testicles may be on the outside in the interests of equality.
女の子をご希望であれば春にどうぞ 秋は男の子を受胎しやすい季節
2003/03 Ananova Autumn conception increases likelihood of having a boy
 男の胎児は逆境に弱め  ゆえにサバイバルが難しい季節には男を多めに受胎する
2003/03 EurekAlert  Italian research reveals a new twist in the battle of the sexes
2003/03 Telegraph 'Autumn for boys, spring for girls'
2003/02 BBC News Dads to blame for late babies
2003/02 New Scientist Father's genes can delay baby's birth
2003/02 BMJ 2003;326:476 Risk of recurrence of prolonged pregnancy

past 一夫一婦制

2003/06 Nature Science Update  Do mammals sleep around to stick around?
 Hunting hits monogamous species hardest
2003/05 EurekAlert Monogamous animals may be more likely to die out

past オスの運命

男ってこの世に必要なの? 性的二形のミステリー
2003/11 New York Times (12) Are Men Necessary? ...
女はあなたにとって必要ですか? すべては女から始まる
2003/11 New York Times ... Are Women Necessary?
大いなるY ヒト進化のカギ、男のルーツ
2003/05 Guardian Y and mighty
2003/03 時事通信

past 性の進化 性の生成 有性生殖 つがい

2003/10 Nature 425, 783 - 784  Life history: Changing sex at the same relative body size
2003/05 EurekAlert  Why have sex? The answer is not as simple as we thought
 The scientists measured the 'fitness' of 65 E. coli strains carrying individual mutations and 12 control strains under normal and stressful conditions.
2003/05 バイオ21 No.92

past ヒトと性淘汰 ヒトの伴侶選択

ジェラシーの進化 こじつけか、正鵠か
2003/12 Philosophy of the Social Sciences, vol. 33, no. 4, pp. 427-443(17)  Evolution of Human JealousyA Just-So Story or a Just-So Criticism?
2003/12 BioMedNet News Catch!
結婚で幸せになる女、別れで不幸になる女  いずれも男性より度合いが高い
2003/12 Guardian Breaking up is hard to do for women
2003/12 New Scientist Cohabiting boosts men's mental health
人類が裸のサルなのはなぜ? その上、男がハゲちゃうのはなぜ?
2003/12 Economist.com Human hair  The bare truth
2003/11 The Observer Stand by your man
 Women who play away have more to lose than their partner
2003/10 The Press Democrat  Women's sexuality shaped human evolution
  Leonard Shlain attributes relationships for creative explosion 40,000 years ago
“長身ほど高収入”、年789ドルの差も 米研究者報告
2003/10 cnn.co.jp
2003/09 Washington Post Sexual evolution
2003/09 BBC News Women beat men in maths test
 Women have been found to be better than men in a form of instant counting.
2003/09 Nature Science Update Females faster at spotting small numbers
2003/09 New Scientist Women faster at instant counting
ヒトセックスの進化、大きい脳、狭い骨盤 〜Leonard Shlain
2003/08 OASISTV Sex, Time and Power  BIG BRAIN, NARROW PELVIS
2003/08 PNAS | vol. 100 | no. 16 | 9404-9409  Sexual dimorphism in Australopithecus afarensis was similar to that of modern humans
2003/08 Evolutionary Psychology 1: 138-154  Perspectives on human attachment (pair bonding): Eve's unique legacy of a canine analogue
2003/08 BBC News Penis is a competitive beast
 科学者と犯罪者の共通点 伴侶がいないと逸脱性が高まる?
 Satoshi Kanazawa +ロビン・ダンバー
2003/07 Nature Science Update Scientists, like criminals, peak at 30
 Study hints that men strive to win women and then sit back.
2003/07 韓国 中央日報
科学者と犯罪者の類似点 ピークは30歳
2003/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 New York Times Prime Numbers: What Science and Crime Have in Common
 遺伝か、文化か 多産か少子化かががこの違いを生むらしい
2003/07 BBC News Study reveals world's most jealous men
2003/07 Cornell University  Fidelity is key mate-preference factor for both sexes, Cornell students learn
頬だけ見ても男性の魅力度わかる 英国研究チーム女性相手の調査
2003/07 韓国 中央日報
2003/07 BBC News Cheeky clue to male sex appeal
2003/07 Telegraph Man's sex appeal shows in his cheek
2003/07 中央日報@韓国
性淘汰にまつわる迷信  女は金持ちが好き、男は美人が好き、というのはウソッパチ
2003/06 New Scientist Opposites do not attract in mating game
2003/07 The Globe and Mail  Seeking the perfect mate? Try someone just like you
2003/07 New York Times Opposites Attract? Not in Real Life
2003/06 New York Times Short Men, Short Shrift. Are Drugs the Answer?
伴侶選択基準の性差 進化心理学&社会構造上的観点から@セルビア
2003/06 Evolutionary Psychology 1: 116-126  Mate selection criteria: A trait desirability assessment study of sex differences in Serbia
2003/06 Discovery Sex Keeps Humans Furless
2003/06 中央日報@韓国
2003/05 New Scientist Handsome men have the best sperm
出会い系とシェークスピア、そして何が我々を人間たらしめたのか  ロビン・ダンバー インタビュー
2003/05 Guardian Science to watch people by
2003/05 Independent What women want are Mel Gibson's ears
 Scientists find link between sperm quality and male body symmetry
2003/05 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.0732174100  Mate choice theory and the mode of selection in sexual populations
どうしましょう 生き別れの弟に会ったら一目惚れ
2003/05 The Observer 'Love at first sight - for my brother'
 Sex between relatives separated at birth but reunited as adults is the hidden face of incest
ヒトとインセスト  IVFで離れて育った近親者が配偶するおそれ
2003/05 Guardian Genetic sexual attraction
 カーマ・スートラからデズモンド・モリスまで  接吻の起源、化学、生理学とその文化的重要性
2003/03 BBC - Radio 4 - The Kiss  The origin, chemistry, physiology and cultural significance of the kiss.
2003/03 The Observer At last we know why girls fall for older men
 If males can display ostentatiously at that age then they really have to have something going for them
2003/03 Guardian Sex cells
 The 'science' of sociobiology exists only to explain why men are within their rights to pursue young hotties
2003/01 Human Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology, NEL Vol.23  Female Mate Value at a Glance: Relationship of Waist-to-Hip Ratio to Health, Fecundity and Attractiveness
2003/01 Human Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology, NEL Vol.23  The Neural Mechanisms of Mate Choice: A Hypothesis
2003/01 Human Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology, NEL Vol.23  Human Mate Guarding
2003/01 University of Toronto  Prehistoric tusks point to earliest fossil evidence of differences between sexes
2003/01 Psychology, Evolution and Gender Vol.3-3 211 - 239  Are men really more 'oriented' toward short-term mating than women? A critical review of theory and research

past 生殖ホルモン

親ホルモンが子の面倒を見る  自己錫牲も恐ろしがらない子愛の秘密
 オキシトシンは母らしく, バゾプレッシンは父らしく
2003/11 韓国 ハンギョレ21
2003/11 Nature 426, 241 Developmental biology: Gender benders
2003/11 Nature 426, 291 - 295
 Testis determination requires insulin receptor family function in mice
2003/11 EurekAlert UT Southwestern researchers learn importance of insulin family signaling in male sex determination
2003/06 EurekAlert  Androgens increase strength, but not muscle quality
2003/05 Nature Science Update Male sweat relaxes women
 Men's underarms may hold clue to new fertility drug.
男性のわきの下のにおいをかいでみませんか?  リラックスできない女性のみなさんへ
2003/06 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/03 ScienceDaily  Pheromones In Male Perspiration Reduce Women's Tension, Alter Hormone Response
2003/03 EurekAlert  Pheromones in male perspiration reduce women's tension, alter hormone response

past ヒトの繁殖

寿命をけずる出産  英国貴族の家系図から見る多産な女性の短命さ
2003/06 BBC News Peers give clues to human evolution
2003/04 EurekAlert  Human reproductive rates follow biological scaling rules
2003/04 Nature Science Update Fuel and fertility hand in hand
エネルギー消費と出生率の密接な関係  他の哺乳類に共通する法則が人間にも当てはまるのか?
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past 同性愛

2003/08 Gay.com Scientist calls gay people 'pinnacle of evolution'
自然な行為 同性愛様行動が観察された生物種はすでに300種以上
2003/08 Guardian The truth about sexual attraction
2003/02 Med Hypotheses 2003 Feb;60(2):225-32  An association between male homosexuality and reproductive success.

past 性淘汰・性行動

さる 霊長類

2003/07 BBC News Monkey clue to male sex appeal
 Rosy cheeks seem to be crucial in the dating game, for monkeys at least.
2003/06 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.1331721100  Evolutionary deterioration of the vomeronasal pheromone transduction pathway in catarrhine primates
2003/06 EurekAlert Birds do it. Bugs do it. But why don't we?
2003/06 New Scientist Colour vision ended human pheromone use
2003/02 Nature Science Update  Monkey business in Japanese mountains
 Single-sex animal pairings challenge evolutionary theory.
2003/02 Telegraph  Lesbian Japanese monkeys challenge Darwin's assumptions
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Sex and gender scientists explore a revolution in evolution
サル山のニホンザルに学ぶ進化生物学  同性と一時的に生活を共にするのは何のため?
2003/03 ネイチャーバイオニュース


2003/10 中央日報@韓国
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/10 BBC News Motherhood 'improves the brain'
2003/10 WASHINGTON TIMES  Research reveals motherhood boosts equanimity, adaptability
2003/03 New Scientist Gauging age by the smell of urine
2003/02 Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Researchers Record First 'Pheromone Images' in Brains of Mice
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Pheromones create a 'chemical image' in the brain
2003/02 EurekAlert! How the nose knows a rose-or a mate
2003/02 BBC News Sweet smell of sex
2003/02 New Scientist Pheromone 'image' key to mouse's mating
2003/02 Scientific American Sniffing Out That Special Someone
2003/01 Nature 421, 533 - 535  The genetic basis of family conflict resolution in mice
2003/01 Nature Science Update New twist to battle of sexes
 Fathers control how many young, mothers how big.
子供の数はオレが決める ミルクの量は私よ
2003/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース


2003/11 EurekAlert Natural selection in a nutshell
 Super squirrel moms provide silver spoon beginnings
絶滅に向かう性淘汰  カザフスタンのシカ、性行動変化で激減  若いメスが生殖行動をとれない状態
2003/03 BBC News Love rivals heading for extinction
2003/03 Nature 422, 135  Conservation: Reproductive collapse in saiga antelope harems
2003/03 Nature 422, 35  Inbreeding: Disease susceptibility in California sea lions
2003/01 EurekAlert!  Male groundhogs hibernate less to visit the ladies

2003/11 EurekAlert Researchers find new form of hormone that helps songbirds reproduce
2003/11 Nature 426 Evolutionary biology: Scramble for the eggs
2003/11 Nature 426, 70 - 74 Sophisticated sperm allocation in male fowl
2003/11 Ananova Cockerels 'use sophisticated sex tactics'
2003/11 New Scientist Cockerels dole out more sperm to new lovers
2003/10 New York Times Scientists Uncover the Peacock's Most Colorful Secrets
 Now physicists in China report that slight variations in the arrangement of keratin and melanin are responsible for the palette of colors found in the eye of a peacock's tail feather.
2003/10 Ananova Feather crystals 'are secret of peacock's display'
2003/10 EurekAlert World's largest forest birds may produce world's deepest bird calls
 Cassowaries' low-frequency sounds may give insight into dinosaur communications
進化:好機 vs 革新
2003/10 Nature 425, 676 Evolution: Opportunity versus innovation
2003/10 Nature 425, 714 - 717  Females increase offspring heterozygosity and fitness through extra-pair matings
2003/10 Max Planck Society  Unfaithful songbirds increase offspring fitness
2003/10 EurekAlert Are the bright colors of some avian eggs signaling female genetic quality to their mates?
2003/09 BBC News Best singers attract prettiest birds
2003/09 National Geographic Female Moa Bird Liked the Little Guys, Studies Suggest
「より黄色いほうがよい父親」  胸部の黄色が鮮やかなアオガラのオスはよく雛を食べさせる
2003/09 バイオ21 No.109
2003/07 Cornell University  An old, familiar love nest is conducive to sexual success, Cornell researchers find in study of bird mating
2003/09 BioMedNet News Signals for better sex
 Japanese quails are more successful at mating when they breed in places that are familiar to them
2003/04 Nature 422, 833  Evolutionary biology (communication arising): Why do birds engage in extra-pair copulation?
2003/04 Nature 422, 833 - 834  Evolutionary biology (communication arising): Why do birds engage in extra-pair copulation?
2003/04 Nature 422, 580  Avian behaviour: Altruism and infidelity among warblers
2003/04 Nature Science Update Birds' sister act is selfish
くちばしの色は健康の印 鳥の世界では恋の武器に
2003/04 共同通信
2003/04 BBC News Bright beaks get the bird
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Bright beaks provide honest look at male immune system, Science study says
2003/04 Guardian Study links bird health to physical attractiveness
雌雄同体の鳥から見る脳性差形成  性染色体が半陰陽フィンチのパーソナリティを分裂させる
2003/03 Nature Science Update  Hermaphrodite finch hints genes mould brain
 Sex chromosomes split personality in bird possessing testis and ovary.
2003/03 EurekAlert  Crows alter their thieving behavior when dealing with kin or other birds
2003/02 Nature 421, 737 - 739  The effect of aggressiveness on the population dynamics of a territorial bird
2003/01 Nature Science Update  Wimps with macho mates net more chicks
 Second-rate males exploit female confusion.


2003/11 Nature Science Update Jilted salamanders lash out.
 Violence awaits wandering males when they return home.
浮気な夫に黙っちゃいない  セアカサラマンダーの妻が反撃する理由とは?
2003/12 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/12 Discovery Female Salamanders Punish Wayward Mates
性淘汰、争うだけが能じゃない  血縁なくても協力して繁殖成功度を上げるトカゲオス
2003/06 EurekAlert
 Cooperation between unrelated male lizards adds a new wrinkle to evolutionary theory
 Blue-throated lizards that help each other achieve reproductive success are also helping scientists understand how social cooperation evolved.

2003/08 BioMedNet News Darwin overlooked the seahorses
2003/07 Nature 424, 145 - 146  Social hierarchies: Size and growth modification in clownfish
2003/07 Ananova Size matters in clownfish society
2003/07 New Scientist Clownfish turn transsexual to get on in life
2003/07 BioMedNet News Sensitive vision
2003/06 BBC News Guppy love under the microscope
2003/05 EurekAlert  Male pregnancy in seahorses may affect formation of new species
2003/04 Nature 422, 669- 670 Animal behaviour: Wise fathers
2003/04 Nature 422, 716 - 719
 Decisions about parental care in response to perceived paternity
2003/02 Nature Science Update Flash pads lure female fish
 Males impress mates with gaudy decor.
彼氏のおうちはピカピカ系  赤い箔で巣を飾る魚
2003/03 ネイチャーバイオニュース

甲殻類、  軟体動物、  微小生物

2003/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/12 毎日新聞
2003/12 読売新聞
2003/12 BBC News Ancient fossil penis discovered
2003/12 Independent Tiny fossil found to have the world's oldest known penis
2003/12 Guardian Scientists' big find
2003/12 Los Angeles Times Researchers Discover Oldest Male Fossil
2003/12 MSNBC Oldest known male fossil bares all
2003/12 New Scientist Fossilised crustacean boasts oldest penis
2003/12 New York Times Fossil Find Hailed as Earliest Recorded Male
2003/11 CNN Hermaphrodite worms still need males
2003/11 EurekAlert Sex a necessary evolutionary commodity, new study shows
2003/11 EurekAlert Sex in the soil
 Nematode worm can change its sex based on mating chances
2003/11 The Globe and Mail Males have a future after all
2003/11 The Japan Times Online Sex matters -- for worms, at least
タコもぼっ起  軟体動物では初の発見
2003/10 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/09 Nature 425, 146 Reproduction: Widespread cloning in echinoderm larvae
2003/09 EurekAlert Young sea animals clone themselves-century-old debate halted
2003/07 EurekAlert Safe is sexy Females prefer burrows
2003/02 Nature Science Update First self-cloning crayfish found
 Mystery crustacean could pose risk to European
2003/01 EurekAlert! Worm sex receptor identified
 sperm-sensing receptor in the eggs of a microscopic worm


2003/11 Cornell University  Bad eye for the straight fly: Male flesh flies do not need high-definition vision to catch and mate with females
2003/11 EurekAlert Male flesh flies high-speed pursuit of females
2003/10 Nature Science Update Lovespot gives females no escape
 Male flies' eyes are specialized for hot pursuit.
ラブスポットで逃がさない  雄のイエバエの網膜だけが持つ追跡装置
2003/10 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/09 Duke University  Fruit Fly Pheromone Receptor First Ever Discovered Linked to Specific Sexual Behavior
2003/09 North Carolina State University  NC State Geneticists Show Ripple Effects of Gene Mutations
 fruit fly : when you perturb a gene, you do not just perturb a gene. You create, instead, an effect like the ripples produced when you throw a pebble into a pond.
2003/08 EurekAlert Honeybee gene find ends 150-year search
2003/08 Nature Science Update Honeybee sex gene discovered
ミツバチの性決定遺伝子を発見 異種の遺伝子を持つとメスに
2003/09 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 Nature 424, 387  Insect behaviour: Reversal of sex roles in nuptial feeding
2003/07 EurekAlert Role reversal: male gets easy ride in insect courtship
2003/05 Nature 423, 31 - 32
 Insect communication: Polarized light as a butterfly mating signal
2003/04 EurekAlert Butterflies are flashers to attract mates
2003/04 EurekAlert Butterflies use polarized light to attract mates
2003/05 Nature Science Update  Butterflies' polarized glint attracts mates
種分化推進遺伝子  交雑を防ぐ遺伝子、他の遺伝子より進化が早い@ショウジョウバエ
2003/04 EurekAlert Fast changing gene drives species split
2003/04 EurekAlert  Tufts University biologists unveil more mysteries of fireflies' flash
 Length of male's flash predicts quality of 'nuptial gift'
「長く光るホタルは子だくさん」 米研究
2003/04 cnn.co.jp
2003/04 EurekAlert Amorous worms reveal effects of Chernobyl
2003/04 Ananova Chernobyl radiation makes worms turn on sex
2003/04 New Scientist Sex life of worms reveals Chernobyl effect
2003/02 Nature 421, 910  Sociobiology: Worker nepotism among polygynous ants
2003/02 New Scientist Worker ants reveal their mercenary side
2003/02 National Geographic Ants Practice Nepotism, Study Finds
2003/02 CNN Nepotism uncovered in ant colonies
2003/03 New York Times All the Queen's Relatives

節足動物  クモ

2003/11 New York Times In Mating Games, Spiders May Learn Lessons Faster Than Young Men
2003/11 ScienceDaily  Mate Or A Meal? Familiarity Decides If Wolf Spider Loves 'Em Or Eats 'Em
2003/11 ScienCentral Halloween Spider
2003/07 Discovery Spider Species Dies During Sex
メスグモは無罪 自殺する体に進化した種類のオスグモ
2003/06 Nature Science Update Spiders go from wed to dead
 Males self-destruct to keep their mates faithful
2003/06 New Scientist Spider sex causes spontaneous death


2003/12 ScienCentral Decorations of Love
性器サイズと性淘汰 Bill Eberhard
2003/12 BioMedNet News The shape of things to come
2003/08 Indiana University  Cross-species mating may be evolutionarily important and lead to rapid change
2003/08 New Scientist Biggest not always the daddy in mating game
2003/07 Nature 424, 23- 24  Evolutionary biology: Polygamy and parenting
2003/06 Science News, Vol. 163, No. 26, p. 406. Life Without Sex
 So, how many millions of years has it been?
2003/06 Nature 423, 929- 930 Evolution: The battle between the sexes
2003/06 Nature 423, 979 - 982  The evolution of reproductive isolation through sexual conflict
 良い伴侶探しだけでなく、捕食者から身を守る効果もあるようです  〜ロバート・ギブソン
2003/04 New York Times More Than Meets the Eye at Mating Ritual
2003/03 EurekAlert  Indiscriminate nursing in communal breeders: A role for genomic imprinting
 an alternative hypothesis based on sexual conflict theory and genomic imprinting.

past ほか

2003/01 Nature 421, 360 - 363  Directional postcopulatory sexual selection revealed by artificial insemination

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