past 思春期の若年化

2003/07 BBC News Gene defect 'causes early menopause'
2003/07 Ananova Defective gene may be key to early menopause
2003/07 EurekAlert  Mutant gene found to cause early ovarian failure in mice
2002/10 BBC News Poverty 'triggers early menopause'
2002/05 EurekAlert!  Higher fibre intake linked to later periods, scientists say
2002/04 EurekAlert! Hormone-rich shampoos
2002/04 New Scientist Early puberty linked to shampoos

past 第二次性徴

2003/11 ScienCentral Teen Stress
 relationship between teenagers' sex hormones and their brains
思春期迎える遺伝子を発見 米英の2チーム
2003/10 asahi.com : 健康
2003/10 BBC News Gene 'decides timing of puberty'
2003/10 Nature Science Update Puberty gene spotted
2003/10 BioMedNet News Comparative genomics matures
 By studying families with a history of delayed puberty, researchers have identified a gene called GPR54.
思春期の始まりを決める遺伝子  前立腺癌の治療や不妊治療にも応用可能か?
2003/11 ネイチャーバイオニュース
太った女の子は第二次性徴が早い 太った男の子は第二次性徴が遅い
2002/11 EurekAlert!  Early sexual development, childhood obesity link is opposite for boys and girls, UIC study says
2002/11 ABCNEWS.com Overweight Boys Reach Sexual Maturity Later
初体験/初潮/年齢/遺伝要因 Belsky-Draper仮説批判
2002/08 Evolution and Human Behavior Volume 23, Issue 5  On genetic variation in menarche and age at first sexual intercourse
 A critique of the Belsky-Draper hypothesis
2002/07 BBC News Holding back puberty

past 月経 女性の体内周期

2003/11 Nature Science Update Trust begets hormone  Oxytocin may help humans bond.
2003/09 Nature Science Update Oestrogen chemistry hints at HRT harm
  Metabolism might explain cancer risk of hormone-replacement therapy.
月経周期段階でがん転移リスクが変化?(マウス実験)  女性のがん手術はいつ行うべきか
2003/09 ネイチャーバイオニュース
「月経」どころか… 月に何度も排卵は可能でしょう  子供が欲しい女性にこれ朗報?
2003/07 CBC Saskatchewan  Discovery welcomed by fertility seekers
2003/07 CBC News  Ovulation findings could help infertile women: Sask. biologist
2003/07 The Globe and Mail  Ovulation findings could fight infertility
女性, 生理週期ごとに何回排卵 - 新しい学説
2003/07 韓国 中央日報
2003/07 BBC News Ovary 'waves' could boost IVF
2003/07 MSNBC Why rhythm method doesn't work
2003/07 New Scientist Women can ovulate more than once a month
2002/08 New Scientist Low birthweight disrupts teenage ovulation
2002/07 EurekAlert! Weight loss likely gain from exercise study
2002/03 BBC News Pill to cut number of periods
2002/03 Ananova New pill 'may banish periods'
2002/02 UniSci Athletes' Amenorrhea From Negative Energy Balance


2003/04 BBC News Computer could predict fertile days
2003/04 The American Physiological Society  New Research Tool Allows Perimenopausal Women To Assess Their Ovulation Status
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Teen girls with common hormonal disorder more concerned about fertility than peers

past 月経痛

2003/04 BBC News Monthly migraines 'preventable'
 The disabling headaches can be prevented by taking a new drug before menstruation
2002/10 EurekAlert!  Heavy menstrual periods associated with economic loss

past 月経前症候群

2003/02 EurekAlert! Birth control pill may provide relief for PMS
 Newly published data adds to growing evidence
PMS(月経前症候群)  体の痛みやむくみ 心のイライラ・うつ
 ストレスで強まる症状 見直そう生活習慣
2002/12 読売 医療と介護
2002/09 General Psychiatry Vol. 59 No. 9  Cortical Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Levels Across the Menstrual Cycle in Healthy Women and Those With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
2002/06 BBC News Carbohydrate drink 'cure' for PMS
2002/06 Psychiatric Times June 2002 Vol. XIX Issue 6  Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

past 男の更年期

2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
男の更年期など迷信だ、悪い生活習慣などのせいにすぎぬ という科学者
2003/07 BBC News Male menopause 'is just laziness'
働き盛りを襲う 男の更年期障害
2003/07 クローズアップ現代 NHK
2003/06 BBC News Male menopause pill 'may be harmful'
2002/12 BBC News Male menopause fears highlighted
男だって更年期 頭痛、肩こり、出社拒否  …男性ホルモン、じわじわ減少
2002/11 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/03 BBC News Male menopause 'myth' exploded
イライラしてる男の人、男の更年期かも  男性ホルモンのバランス崩れていませんか?
2002/02 Ananova  Hormone to blame for 'irritable male syndrome'
2002/02 BBC News Moody men blame their hormones
2002/02 New Scientist Hormone swings affect men too, suggests research

past 骨粗鬆症

2003/11 サントリーWebMD
2003/08 EurekAlert  Mouse studies reveal immune mechanism involved in bone loss caused by estrogen deficiency
2003/08 BBC News Brittle bone changes revealed
 Scientists have mapped out a chemical chain reaction which helps cause osteoporosis in women after the menopause.
2003/07 BioMedNet News  Androgen receptor is 'indispensable' for bone maintenance in males
2002/08 BBC News Babies could hold key to osteoporosis

past 女性の更年期対策

2003/09 EurekAlert  Transitioning through menopause is not accompanied by a decline in working memory and perceptual speed
2003/09 読売 医療と介護
女性ホルモンの働き補う亜麻の種子・大豆、更年期の症状を緩和  名大教授らの研究
2003/04 毎日新聞
2002/07 Detroit Free Press  Asian-American women find menopause easier because of culture and diet
2002/04 Psychiatric News Volume 37 Number 7  Antidepressants Reduce Hot Flashes, May Be Estrogen Alternative
2002/03 EurekAlert!  Research confirms safety and efficacy of RemiFemin for menopausal symptoms
更年期症状の相談相手いない 60%の女性
2002/01 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ

past 更年期か老化か

2003/10 EurekAlert Aging brain reduces ovulation

past 閉経後

肥満閉経女性, 乳房癌危険高く
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 EurekAlert  Estrogen found as link between obesity and breast cancer in postmenopausal women
2003/07 EurekAlert  Anger, anxiety may boost heart risk in postmenopausal women
2003/04 BBC News Menopause 'triggers sweet tooth'
2003/04 The American Physiological Society  Grape Seed Extract May Be A Useful Supplement To Blunt Hypertension In Postmenopausal Women
2002/05 EurekAlert! Menopause dashes sex life
2002/05 BBC News Women 'happier' after menopause
2002/05 Guardian Post-menopause women 'happier'

past 性ホルモン

2003/03 EurekAlert  Rockefeller, Weill Cornell researchers find link between estrogen, brain structure changes
 how estrogen initiates physical changes in rodent brain cells that lead to increased learning and memory
2003/02 EurekAlert! Estrogen and personality in women
<更年期>ホルモン剤で不眠解消? 東京医歯大でラット実験
2002/07 毎日新聞

past ホルモン補充療法

2003/11 San Francisco Chronicle Aging Baby Boomers turn to hormone
 Some doctors concerned about growing 'off-label' use of drug
2003/11 ワイアードジャパン
2003/11 EurekAlert The Endocrine Society responds to Institute of Medicine report on testosterone therapy for older men
FDA, ローションタイプホルモン治療剤初承認 更年期症状治療
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/10 BBC News Experts issue fresh HRT advice
2003/10 EurekAlert Trial results have dramatically reduced HRT use
2003/10 BBC News Studies 'put many women off HRT'
2003/10 New York Times Study Recommends Not Using Hormone Therapy for Bone Loss
2003/09 Yale University  Estrogen Improves Short Term Memory and Oral Reading in Midlife Postmenopausal Women
2003/09 EurekAlert Society lauds FDA menopausal hormone therapy information campaign
2003/09 BBC News HRT safety probe launched
2003/08 EurekAlert  Women prefer GPs to the Internet when trying to find out about HRT
2003/08 Washington Post Despite Downside, Some Women Resume Hormone Use
ホルモン療法, 初期に心臓まひ危険急増
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 Boston Globe More studies warn against hormone replacement
 Researchers say heart-attack risk outweighs benefits
2003/08 BBC News HRT 'doubles breast cancer risk'
2003/08 Nature Science Update Long-term hormone replacement linked to breast cancer
2003/08 New Scientist Long-term HRT doubles breast cancer risk
2003/08 New York Times New Study Links Hormones to Breast Cancer Risk
2003/08 USA TODAY Hormone dangers are highest in the first year
2003/08 Washington Post Hormone Use's Link to Cancer Risk Reinforced
2003/08 毎日新聞
長期間のホルモン補充療法と乳癌との関連性  治療方針を決めるのはリスクとメリットを考えてから
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
ホルモン補充療法で乳がんに 危険性の高い女性は4人に1人
2003/09 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 EurekAlert  Estrogen replacement increases risk factors for arrhythmia and sudden death
2003/07 Boston Globe Hormone therapy's rise and fall
 Science lost its way, and women lost out
2003/07 New York Times On the Trail of Estrogen and a Mirage of Youth
2003/07 EurekAlert  Estrogens as antioxidants - reducing heart disease in younger postmenopausal women
2003/06 BBC News HRT 'doubles breast cancer risk'
2003/06 BioMedNet News Does hormone replacement protect the brain?
2003/05 USA TODAY New hormone therapy risk
2003/05 EurekAlert
 New national studies show combined hormone replacement therapy boosts stroke, dementia
2003/05 EurekAlert
 Rates of dementia increase among older women on combination hormone therapy
2003/05 EurekAlert  Combination hormone replacement therapy doubles dementia risk
2003/05 New York Times Hormone Use Found to Raise Dementia Risk
2003/04 New York Times Hormone Studies: What Went Wrong?
女性の健康、5万人10年間追跡 ホルモン薬の影響調査
2003/03 asahi.com : 健康
2003/03 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/03 MSNBC HRT no help for memory or sleep
 Study finds more reasons for women not to take hormones
2003/03 CNN More findings against long-term hormone therapy
2003/03 Wired Study Further Damns Hormone Drugs
2003/03 Boston Globe Hormone therapy offers women little, study finds
2003/03 Washington Post Case Against Hormones Grows
2003/03 Los Angeles Times Hormone Therapy's Future Put in Doubt
2003/03 New York Times Hormone Therapy Is Now Said to Lack Benefits
2003/03 BBC News HRT 'no boost to life quality'
2003/03 ワイアードジャパン
2003/01 EurekAlert!  Many women stop combination hormone replacement (HRT) therapy
 But 57 percent continue HRT following health risk reports
2003/01 BBC News HRT slump after scare
2003/01 Washington Post FDA Offers Guidance on Women's Hormone Use
2002/11 EurekAlert!  Post-monopausal hormones don't improve cognitive function for women with heart disease
更年期のホルモン補充療法に新たな視点  NIH(米国立衛生研究所)が臨床試験を中止
2002/11 asahi.com : 生活 : 健康・医療
2002/11 EurekAlert!  Animal studies prove hormone replacement therapy improves memory, report PITT researchers
2002/10 CNN.com Many women abandoning hormone therapy
2002/10 BBC News Safer HRT 'on the horizon'
2002/10 Ananova New compound may herald safer HRT
2002/10 New York Times  Risks of Hormone Therapy Exceed Benefits, Panel Says
ホルモン補充療法  短期間、低用量に抑えて
2002/10 読売 医療と介護 いきいき健考人
2002/10 APA Monitor on Psychology Volume 33, No. 9  Canceled trial is yielding useful data
 Behavioral scientists are busy mining data from the Women's Health Initiative's halted hormone-replacement therapy trial.
2002/09 NATIONAL POST Hormone therapy mostly safe, society says
2002/09 Canadian Press  Hormone replacement therapy safe to use for up to four years, experts say
2002/09 BBC News Fears over long-term HRT use
2002/09 The Nando Times  Hormone replacement stroke risk debated
2002/09 EurekAlert!  Hormone replacement therapy may improve breast cancer detection and survival rate
2002/09 New York Times Sorting Through the Confusion Over Estrogen
2002/08 Washington Post  Women Taking Another Look At Ways to Treat Menopause
 Problems With Hormone Therapy May Boost Other Remedies
2002/08 New York Times  Women's Sleep Disorders May Be Tied to Hormones
「がん増加」報告に波紋 エストロゲンなどのホルモン補充療法
2002/08 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/08 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/08 BBC News HRT safety takes fresh twist
2002/07 BioMedNet News British WISDOM
2002/07 ワイアードジャパン
2002/07 BBC News Hormone therapy linked to cancer
ホルモン補充療法と発がん率 関係解明へ 文科省が追跡調査
2002/08 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/08 New York Times Doubts Prompt Reviews of Hormone Therapy
2002/08 Washington Post Hormone Replacement Gets New Scrutiny
エストロゲン補充療法で卵巣がん増加  米の臨床試験で判明
2002/07 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/07 EurekAlert!
 Increased risk of ovarian cancer is linked to estrogen replacement therapy
2002/07 BBC News Fresh fears over HRT
2002/07 BBC News UK HRT study 'should continue'
2002/07 Boston Globe Estrogen use linked to higher cancer risk
2002/07 USA TODAY  Estrogen therapy raises ovarian cancer risk, study says
2002/07 Los Angeles Times More Risk Shown in Use of Estrogen
女性ホルモン補充療法 乳がんの危険 “活用”600万人、臨床試験中止
2002/07 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/07 毎日 科学環境ニュース
2002/07 ABCNEWS.com Experts Answer Hormone Questions
 Making Sense of Hormone Replacement Therapy
2002/07 Ananova HRT doctor tries to calm fears
2002/07 Ananova Researchers halt major study into effects of HRT
2002/07 San Francisco Chronicle Women rethinking hormone therapy
 Study upsets faith in drug regimen
2002/07 読売新聞
2002/07 BBC News HRT linked to breast cancer
2002/07 CBC News  Hormone replacement therapy hurts women more than it helps: study
2002/07 New York Times  Citing Risks, U.S. Will Halt Study of Drugs for Hormones
2002/07 Detroit Free Press Hormone therapy is risky
2002/07 USA TODAY
 U.S. halts study on hormone therapy Higher risk of cancer leads to unusual move
2002/04 New York Times  Scientists Question Hormone Therapies for Menopause Ills
女性ホルモン 初の塗り薬 ほてりや多汗を和らげる
2002/04 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ
2002/02 Chicago Tribune Study challenges benefits of hormone therapy
2002/02 washingtonpost.com Hormone Therapy No Panacea
2002/02 USA TODAY  HRT can make women feel worse

2003/09 BioMedNet News HRT for men?
2003/08 New Scientist Male HRT may raise heart disease risk
2003/08 BBC News Concerns raised over male HRT
 Hormone therapy for men could cause sleep problems thought to increase the risk of developing heart disease
2002/10 APA Monitor on Psychology Volume 33, No. 9  Hormone therapy for men?
男性の更年期ホルモン治療、ちょっと危ないかも  流行っているけど未検証
2002/08 New York Times  Male Hormone Therapy Popular but Untested

past 進化と月経

ヒトセックスの進化、大きい脳、狭い骨盤 〜Leonard Shlain
2003/08 OASISTV Sex, Time and Power  BIG BRAIN, NARROW PELVIS
おばあさん仮説 〜Ronald Lee
2003/07 Discovery Humans Outlive Fertility for a Reason
2003/07 Betterhumans Live Long and Nurture:
 Investment in Offspring Linked to Species' Lifespan
2003/07 EurekAlert Scientist proposes new theory of aging
2003/07 knoxstudio.com  Women may live longer than men due to nurturing role
2003/07 New York Times Why We Die, Why We Live: A New Theory on Aging
2003/07 韓国 中央日報

past ほか

「女性外来」に補助金 思春期から更年期総合的に診療 千葉県が新年度から
2002/02 読売 か・ら・だ / け・あ

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