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past 仲間の行動を察知する 動物の心

2003/06 New York Times Animals Seeking Happiness
2003/05 BBC News Animals 'are moral beings'
 Some animals can feel and think in ways not too dissimilar from us, welfare campaigners say.
2003/01 Nature 421, 155 - 158 Group decision-making in animals
2003/01 New Scientist Democracy beats despotism in the animal world
2003/01 New York Times
 Contrary to Orwell, Democracy Rules on the Big Animal Farm

past サル〜霊長類の言語可能性

チンパンジーにも発声能力 ヒトに似たのどの発達確認
2003/05 共同通信)
2003/05 時事通信)
2003/05 Scientific American
 Chimp Study Yields Clues to Evolution of Human Speech
言葉を話すクモザルを発見@ブラジル  534の発音パターンを持ち、朝晩に頻繁に口話
2003/03 Ananova  Scientists say rare Brazilian monkey 'talks' like humans
2003/01 BBC News Ape 'learns to talk'
2003/01 New Scientist Lab chimp speaks his own language

past 霊長類:おサルさん研究

チンパンジーは足し算がお上手です  ヒト4歳児並みの技量はあり
2003/06 PsycPORT.com Chimps Get Good Report Card
2003/04 BBC - Radio 4 - Gorillas Are My Patients
 100 Years Since the Discovery of Mountain Gorillas
2003/04 Guardian The ascent of one woman
2003/03 Washington University  Chimpanzees with little or no human contact found in remote African rainforest
2003/02 National Geographic
 Massive Great Ape Die-Off in Africa-Ebola Suspected
2003/01 New York Times Gone Ape
ヒトと動物を分けるものは「狭義の言語能力」? +チョムスキー
2003/01 Boston Globe The human factor  What makes our species unique? A linguist and two animal researchers band together to crack open an old chestnut.
舌出し「ブー」は「お休み」  オランウータンにも文化 棲む地域ごとに
2003/01 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2003/01 時事通信
2003/01 New Scientist Orangutans swinging culture revealed
2003/01 CNN Study reveals complex orangutan culture
2003/01 New York Times Orangutans Said to Exhibit Hallmarks of Culture
2003/01 BBC News Ape culture hints at earlier evolution
2003/01 EurekAlert! Evidence for orangutan culture
2003/01 New York Times Scientists Say Orangutans Can Exhibit 'Culture'
2003/01 National Geographic Orangutans Show Signs of Culture, Study Says

past 類人猿以外のおサルさん

サル40匹猛進 野越え山越え仲間の死越えて50キロ
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス
サルも相手の表情と声をセットで理解 人並み認知能力
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/06 Nature 423, 937 - 938
 Neuroperception: Facial expressions linked to monkey calls
2003/06 CBC News Humans not alone in linking faces, sounds
2003/06 Nature Science Update Monkeys link faces and sounds
2003/07 New York Times
 Monkey See, Monkey Speak: Facial Expressions as a Guide to Speech
2003/06 Nature Science Update Bugs keep bugs off monkeys
 A rub-down with a millipede deters biting insects.
2003/06 EurekAlert  Monkey's memory cells caught in the act of learning
2003/05 ワイアードジャパン
2003/02 Nature Science Update  Monkey business in Japanese mountains
 Single-sex animal pairings challenge evolutionary theory.
2003/02 Telegraph
 Lesbian Japanese monkeys challenge Darwin's assumptions
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Sex and gender scientists explore a revolution in evolution
サル山のニホンザルに学ぶ進化生物学  同性と一時的に生活を共にするのは何のため?
2003/03 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/01 Duke University  Monkeys Show Sophisticated Learning Abilities
 The scientists have not yet found the limits of the monkeys' learning capacity
2003/01 cnn.co.jp
2003/01 New Scientist Primates found popping prenatal drug

past 海棲哺乳類

2003/06 Nature 423, 815 Echolocation: Volume control
2003/06 Nature 423, 861- 863
2003/06 Nature 423, 861 - 863
 Automatic gain control in the echolocation system of dolphins
2003/06 Nature Science Update Dolphins hush clicks to pinpoint prey
2003/05 Discovery Baby Seals Recognize Mom's Voice Quickly
2003/05 EurekAlert
 Seal pups recognize mother's voices within days of birth
北大西洋のザトウクジラ 母系と遺伝的多様性
2003/04 EurekAlert  Whale study links genetics and reproductive success
 Researchers compare reproduction rates in North Atlantic whales with genetic variation
2003/01 New Scientist Elephant seals are long-distance lovers
2003/01 BBC News A seal in every port

past 哺乳類たち

2003/06 BBC News Mice can 'foretell earthquakes'
ネズミ、やっぱり大地震を察知? 電磁パルスが脳を刺激
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/06 Max Planck Society An Eye for Scent Marks
 International research team discovers potential link between ultraviolet vision and urine scent marks in rodents
2003/06 BBC News The dog's eyes have it
 Clever canines can do something which not even our closest relative, the chimp, can manage.
2003/05 New Scientist Tigers use infrasound to warn off rivals
2003/04 New Scientist Rodent road signs revealed in fields
ネズミさんのお通りだ  シロアシネズミは仲間のために道案内表示を作ります
2003/04 EurekAlert Roadsigns for rodents
 Creation of signposts detected in the first non-human species
2003/04 BBC News 'Rodent roadsigns' discovered
ゾウは走れない? 彼らは彼らなりの走り方を持っています
2003/04 New Scientist Elephants need for speed defies definition
2003/04 Nature 422, 493 - 494
 Biomechanics: Are fast-moving elephants really running?
2003/04 Nature Science Update Elephants race for running status
2003/04 ScienceDaily
 Speedy Elephants Use A Biomechanical Trick To 'Run' Like Groucho
2003/04 Ananova Elephants do run after all - scientists say
音を頼りに個体数を数える 鳴き声による森林ゾウの追跡調査
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/03 Nature Science Update
 Kangaroo mouse reveals walking metronome
カンガルーになっちゃったネズミ 歩行能力にかかわる分子を発見
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース
人間襲うライオンは「若くて元気な個体」と 米研究
2003/02 cnn.co.jp
2003/02 New Scientist Maneating lions not the walking wounded
2003/01 EurekAlert!  Field Museum uncovers evidence behind man-eating; revises legend of its infamous man-eating lions

past 鳥類の認知科学 記憶・学習

2003/05 BBC News Birds act 'like human shoppers'
 Birds can be influenced in the same way as human consumers as they work out what to eat, says a study.
2003/04 Nature 422, 483- 485 Behavioural ecology: Coots count
2003/04 Nature 422, 495 - 499  Egg recognition and counting reduce costs of avian conspecific brood parasitism
2003/04 EurekAlert Coots can count
2003/04 National Geographic Coot Birds Can Count, Study Says
2003/03 EurekAlert
 Crows alter their thieving behavior when dealing with kin or other birds

past 鳴鳥

2003/02 Nature Science Update Genes sing new song
 Mimic birds share brain molecules.
2003/01 New Scientist Virtual bird brain matches nature's tunes
2003/01 Ananova 'Bird brain' helps create song simulation
2003/01 New York Times
 A Biologist Explores the Minds of Birds That Learn to Sing

past 道具を使う鳥たち

2003/03 Telegraph Crows can be craftsmen, too

past 鳥類

2003/06 Nature 423, 704
 Avian metabolism: Costs of migration in free-flying songbirds
2003/04 New Scientist Venerable bird notches five million air miles
2003/04 Ananova 52-year-old bird is Britain's oldest
2003/02 New Scientist Fresh secret of penguin dads revealed
2003/02 Nature 421, 737 - 739  The effect of aggressiveness on the population dynamics of a territorial bird

past 社会性昆虫たち

2003/06 Nature Science Update Hornet cooling theory creates stir
2003/05 Nature 423, 432 - 434
 Spontaneous emergence of leaders and followers in foraging pairs
2003/05 New Scientist Herbivorous ants munch through rainforest
2003/05 Nature Science Update  Chemical coat prompts ants to find food
2003/04 EurekAlert
 'Work stinks': It's more than just a slogan among ants, researchers find
2003/05 Nature 423, 32
 Social insects: Cuticular hydrocarbons inform task decisions
アリ、触角のセンサーで敵認識 共生の秘密は味の好みに?
2003/01 asahi.com : 科学・自然
爽やかな香りで快適な巣づくり  松ヤニで巣を殺菌するアリ
2003/01 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/01 EurekAlert! Ant agriculture: 50 million years of success
 Fungus-growing ants

past 昆虫

2003/06 時事通信)
2003/06 Nature 423, 604  Insect behaviour: Motion camouflage in dragonflies
 Akiko Mizutani, Javaan S. Chahl and Mandyam V. Srinivasan
2003/06 Nature Science Update Dragonfly flight tricks the eye
 Insects' stealth tactic gains dogfight dominance
2003/06 Ananova Dragonflies 'invisible to their victims'
2003/05 EurekAlert  Body clocks keep migrating monarchs on course, Science study shows
 Butterfly flight simulator sheds light on epic migration
2003/05 Washington Post Butterflies Guided By Body Clocks, Sun
イチジクコバチとイチジク、一対一にあらず  半数のイチジク種に2種のイチジクコバチ
2003/04 EurekAlert One fig, one wasp? Not always!
乾燥から復活の仕組み解明 アフリカの蚊ネムリユスリカの幼虫
2003/04 共同通信
「長く光るホタルは子だくさん」 米研究
2003/04 cnn.co.jp
2003/04 Ananova Scientists discover that flies can fly!
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Good housekeeping: why do shelter-dwelling caterpillars fling their frass?
2003/04 The American Physiological Society  In A Noisy World, How Can The Senses Project And Receive Information At The Same Time?
 The answer to may be found in the simple male crickets, which sing for hours at loud sound pressure levels in order to attract females

past 爬虫類、両棲類

2003/06 Nature Science Update Wriggle makes flying snakes glide
空飛ぶヘビとリボン 中央大学の大学院生らがトビヘビの力学を分析
2003/06 ネイチャーバイオニュース
数を数えるサンショウウオ  進化上、数認識能力は極めて早期にあらわれていた?
2003/05 Nature Science Update Salamanders can do maths
 Amphibians hint that number skills evolved early
2003/04 New Scientist Turtles' epic ocean voyages guided by smell
2003/05 Nature 423, 128
 Animal behaviour: Homing is a breeze for sea turtles
冬を乗り切る生き物たちの知恵 ヘビ界のニューハーフ!?
2003/02 All About Japan

past 甲殻類〜サカナ〜水棲動物

2003/06 EurekAlert A new view of the crayfish brain
 MRI technique shows detailed view of neural pathways
2003/06 Nature Science Update Small fry follow the noise
 Junior coral-reef fish navigate using sound.
2003/05 New Scientist Mathematics reveals the cuttlefish's wink
やさしく釣ってね 魚だって痛いんです
2003/04 BBC News Fish do feel pain, scientists say
2003/04 New Scientist Fish 'capable of experiencing pain'
2003/04 Nature Science Update New evidence that fish feel pain
2003/04 Ananova Scientists claim proof that fish feel pain
魚は「苦痛」を感じる? 研究めぐり論争
2003/05 cnn.co.jp
2003/05 New York Times
 Fishing for Clarity in the Waters of Consciousness
サケ、故郷のアミノ酸のにおいをかぎ分けて遡上  青森大らのグループ解明
2003/04 毎日新聞
ペットボトルでもOK? ビンのふた(ねじ式)の開け方を覚えたタコ
2003/02 BBC News Octopus twists for shrimps
 An octopus in a German zoo has learned to open jars of shrimps by copying staff - and is now showing off her skills to visitors.
ヒメジが群で泳ぐわけ 同調して泳げば餌取りが効率的
2003/02 Nature Science Update Goat fish act like sheep
 Synchronized swimming helps fish find food.
2003/01 Nature 421, 160 - 163
 Robust judgement of inter-object distance by an arthropod
2003/01 Ananova Fish and crabs more sophisticated than thought
 Australian research has shown a crab's ability to judge distances can be as advanced as a human's.
2003/01 Science Blog
 Lobsters navigate with magnetic positioning system, study shows
2003/01 The Globe and Mail
 Scientists home in on lobster's super sense of direction
2003/01 Nature 421, 27- 28 Animal behaviour: The lobster navigators
2003/01 Nature 421, 60 - 63  True navigation and magnetic maps in spiny lobsters
2003/01 National Geographic Lobsters Navigate by Magnetism, Study Says

past 微生物〜線虫

細胞の運動性:粘菌絨毯の移動 菌体後部からだけ化学誘引物質を分泌
2003/04 Nature 422, 481- 482 Cell motility: Making streams
2003/03 EurekAlert Scientists study roundworms for behavior patterns

past 脳神経研究

2003/03 Brain, Behavior and Evolution 2003;61:1-5
 The Scaling of White Matter to Gray Matter in Cerebellum and Neocortex
2003/01 Nature 421, 539 - 543  Inhibitory feedback required for network oscillatory responses to communication but not prey stimuli
2003/01 The American Physiological Society
 A New Animal Study Clarifies How Different Parts Of The Brain Regulate Sleep

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