食欲 肥満、ダイエット 拒食症・摂食障害:

ほか「食欲 肥満、ダイエット 拒食症・摂食障害」の年月別目次


past ダイエットや運動と健康

女性の54%ダイエット中 若い女性の「やせ」深刻化
2003/12 共同通信
2003/12 Ananova Drink water to lose weight
2003/12 EurekAlert  It's never too late to start exercising and losing weight , Joslin study shows
2003/11 BioMedNet News Eating at night myth 'exploded'
 Eating late at night does not make you fat
ダイエットする快感 … 部位別処方
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
ダイエット成功するマインドコントロール法! (1)
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
痩せたければ家事をしましょう ダイエットや運動より効果あり  英国女性誌「プリマ(PRIMA)」の調査結果
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 BBC News Housework 'kept women fit'
2003/07 EurekAlert  Diet as good as drug for lowering cholesterol, says study
2003/07 New Scientist 'Ape diet' lowers bad cholesterol levels
2003/07 Scientific American Diet May Cut Cholesterol As Much As Drugs Do
エクササイズに鏡は禁物? ジムの鏡、女性のやる気を奪います
2003/07 BBC News Gym mirrors leave women exhausted
2003/08 CNN Mirrors tarnish women's image
2003/08 EurekAlert  Mirrors can make women feel worse about working out
2003/05 BBC News Celebrity diet 'safe and effective'
2003/05 New Scientist Atkin's diet may cut risk of heart disease
2003/04 BBC News Diet Trials Which diet worked best?
2003/04 EurekAlert New study finds yogurt may help burn body fat
 Yogurt eaters lost 61% more body fat
2003/04 EurekAlert  Adolescent girls who consume more calcium weigh less
2003/04 EurekAlert It's who you know
 keeping weight off works best with help from a professional


2003/08 EurekAlert More sprawl means more weight and less walking
車に頼る郊外型生活は肥満のモト 徒歩で用が足りる地区は肥満率低め
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/06 EurekAlert
 'Obesity is a family illness': Research offers clues on how to stop the cycle
2003/03 EurekAlert!  New study finds overweight linked to poor community environment


姙娠 初期 ダイエット, 奇形児 出産 危険
2003/12 韓国 中央日報
妊婦さん やせすぎ注意!  低体重児増加中
2003/11 読売 医療と介護
2003/07 BBC News Mothers 'put babies on diets'
2003/05 New York Times Risk of Birth Defects Is Linked to Obesity
2003/04 EurekAlert  Premature birth linked to lack of nutrition before pregnancy: study
2003/04 EurekAlert  Womb time drops when hungry mama conceives, Science study says
2003/04 New Scientist Mother's poor diet linked to premature births
2003/04 BBC News Nutrition link to premature birth

past ボディイメージ

2003/12 読売新聞
2003/07 EurekAlert
 Single session can improve women's feelings about their bodies, study finds
2003/07 EurekAlert  Teens' distorted body image may lead to unhealthy behaviors
「理想の体型」に振り回されるな  自分のボディサイズを受け入れようムーブメント@女性
2003/06 New York Times One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All

past 性差

気になるおなか 男のダイエット
2003/11 クローズアップ現代 NHK
2003/11 EurekAlert Overweight boys outweigh girls in stress response, study finds
2003/09 EurekAlert Lesbians' weight patterns may trigger more heart disease
 Lesbians weigh more and carry more excess weight around their waistlines than their heterosexual sisters do
2003/09 BBC News  Lesbians are generally fatter and have a higher risk of heart disease compared to other women
2003/05 BBC News Men 'happy with beer bellies'
 Men are quite content to have beer bellies, and do not worry about how much they weigh


ストレス…女性は男性より太りやすい やけ食いの傾向
2003/12 asahi.com : 健康
2003/12 時事通信
捜査でストレス? 愛知県警で刑事の肥満者6割も
2003/10 asahi.com : 健康
2003/08 EurekAlert Stress leads kids to unhealthy diets
2003/08 The Globe and Mail Stress linked to obesity in school-age children

past 食事傾向

2003/06 Cornell University  Too many sweetened drinks, from soda to lemonade, put children at risk for obesity, poor nutrition, study at Cornell finds
2003/06 USA TODAY Fast-food restaurants told to warn of addiction
2003/04 HealthCentral.com  Supersized Meals Shortchange Your Health
 Study shows larger portion just makes people eat more.

past 進化的要因 人種差


2003/08 Northwest Arkansas News  Understanding Eating's Evolution May Help Explain Effect Of Food
2003/08 ScienCentral Ancestry and Obesity


 〜Shan Guisinger, Daniel le Grange, Walter Kaye, Cynthia Bulik, Bernard Devlin
2003/12 Boston.com The ancestry of anorexia
 Blame biology, not parenting, new theory suggests
2003/11 Psychological Review, Volume 110, Number 4  Adapted to Flee Famine: Adding an Evolutionary Perspective on Anorexia Nervosa
2003/07 ScienCentral Anorexia and Race

past 子どもの心と肥満


2003/11 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 22  Teasing Is Toxic When Obese Kids Are Targets
2003/11 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 22  Late-Teen Depression Among Girls Linked to Later Obesity
2003/11 EurekAlert Childhood obesity and behavior problems linked
 Overweight kids more likely to have behavior problems, national data show
2003/10 EurekAlert Family's income, education affect depression and obesity in teens
2003/09 EurekAlert Obesity can be harmful to your child's mental health
2003/04 University of California
 Obese Children and Their Parents Report Impaired Quality of Life
 Quality Rated as Bad as Lives Led by Young Cancer Patients
2003/04 ABCNEWS.com Obese Kids as Unhappy as Those With Cancer
2003/04 Discovery Overweight Kids Have Lower Quality of Life
2003/04 BBC News Slimming fad 'starts in playground'
 Girls as young as nine are resorting to dieting after being teased about their weight


<摂食障害>崩れゆく子供の食 中学45%、高校54%
2003/10 毎日新聞
「キレる」背景に高頻度の過食症 第22回日本思春期学会
2003/09 薬事日報
2003/08 BBC News Anorexia 'overlooked in boys'
2003/06 BBC News Child anorexia 'needs action'
 Greater attention should be paid to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia among children, the charity ChildLine has said.

past 環境・社会・偏見

2003/11 Washington Post Is Obesity A Disease? Insurance, Drug Access May Hinge on Answer
2003/09 BBC News Fat equals lazy, say doctors
 Doctors are guilty of wrongly believing that obese people are simply lazy
2003/09 EurekAlert  Even health professionals who treat obesity are biased against overweight patients
2003/06 BBC News Anorexia takes hold in India
肥満防止対策に「脂肪税」案 英医師会
2003/06 cnn.co.jp
2003/03 Michigan State University


2003/08 Guardian Anorexia now affecting Australians as young as four
2003/06 読売新聞
2003/06 EurekAlert  Japanese kids gaining body fat, heart risks like Western counterparts
2003/02 読売新聞


思春期やせ症50人に1人 厚労省研究班が全国調査
2003/06 共同通信

past 肥満の過程、肥満の始まり

2003/12 EurekAlert Foundation for adult body weight may be laid during adolescence
2003/10 EurekAlert Scientists discover overweight, obesity jump during period between adolescence, adulthood
2003/05 EurekAlert
 Rapid infant weight gain linked to obesity in African American young adults
2003/04 BBC News TV watching 'makes you obese'
TVよく見る人ほど肥満 視聴時間が増えるほど危険度も高く
2003/05 読売 医療と介護
2003/04 The Gerontological Society of America
 Childhood Overweight Linked to Severe Obesity as Adult
2003/03 EurekAlert  Baboon behavior offers clues in the all-too-human battle of the bulge
2003/03 EurekAlert!  American Heart Association: obesity prevention begins in childhood
2003/02 読売新聞

past 健康への影響

2003/10 読売 医療と介護


2003/12 BBC News Prostate cancer 'hits obese harder'
2003/10 New Scientist Obesity breaks up sperm DNA
 Overweight men have reduced fertility due to increased fragmentation of DNA in their sperm
歩く運動、乳がん危険を20%減らす でも太っていると効果なし
2003/10 中央日報@韓国
肥満女性、結腸がん注意 死亡危険性3.41倍−−名大大学院グループ研究
2003/09 毎日新聞
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 The University of Texas  Obese individuals may be more susceptible to altitude sickness, researchers report
2003/08 BBC News Obesity boosts cancer-causing hormones
肥満閉経女性, 乳房癌危険高く
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 EurekAlert
 Estrogen found as link between obesity and breast cancer in postmenopausal women
2003/07 EurekAlert Lose it or lose it
 Obesity after 70 increases risk for Alzheimer's disease
2003/07 MSNBC Weight may raise Alzheimer's risk
 Link found between women's body mass and dementia
2003/07 USA TODAY Alzheimer's-obesity link possible
2003/07 Washington Post  Overweight Elderly at Higher Risk for Alzheimer's
2003/07 Washington Post  Study Links Excess Weight To Likelihood of Alzheimer's
肥満でアルツハイマー病の危険が増大? 体重管理に油断は禁物
2003/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/06 EurekAlert  Researchers find a link between obesity and periodontal disease
2003/04 Discovery Link Between Obesity and Cancer Confirmed
2003/05 読売 医療と介護
2003/07 サントリーWebMD
2003/03 EurekAlert  What's important about elderly women's fat? Amount or location?
2003/03 Science Blog  What's important about elderly women's fat? Amount or location?
2003/03 韓国 中央日報
2003/04 サントリー WebMDニュース
2003/03 Chicago Sun-Times Does obesity turn men into dummies?
 Overweight men lose brain power
2003/01 CNN Obese young face shorter life span, too
2003/01 中央日報@韓国
2003/01 BBC News Fat at 40 'slashes life expectancy'
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Excess Weight and Obesity Cuts Years Off Life; Smoking Makes It Worse
2003/01 New Scientist Obesity's effect on lifespan calculated


2003/07 BBC News 'Anorexic' girl had brain tumour
2003/06 BioMedNet News Eat less today, live longer tomorrow
「食事抜き」は健康に良い? 米チームがマウス実験
2003/05 cnn.co.jp
2003/01 New Scientist Eat more, weigh less, live longer?
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Diet during puberty influences sex hormone levels, possibly breast cancer risk

past 摂食障害の原因、状況、影響

2003/12 EurekAlert Anorexia may cause emphysema, study suggests
2003/12 MSNBC Anorexics risk emphysema  Starving the body may damage the lungs
2003/12 azcentral.com  Canadian study links anorexia to emphysema
2003/08 Ohio State University
2003/03 BioMedNet News Anorexics carry the CART
 The discovery of increased levels of a neuroendocrine peptide in women suffering from anorexia nervosa could be the first step towards understanding the biochemical basis of the disorder.
2003/03 New Scientist Anorexia linked to mystery molecule
2003/03 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 6
 Many Anorexia Deaths Linked To Alcoholism, Suicide
2003/03 BBC News Tailored obesity treatments possible
 Different genetic causes for obesity have been identified
2003/03 Newsday.com  Study: Weak Gene -- Not Weak Willpower -- May Cause Binge-eating
2003/03 Health24 Genes govern overeating
2003/03 New York Times  Study Links Binge Eating to Mutation in a Gene
2003/03 EurekAlert  Mayo Clinic Proceedings study finds little variance in survival
2003/03 Health-News.co.uk  Anorexia death rates 'same as rest of population'
2003/03 New York Times When Midlife Seems Just an Empty Plate
2003/02 BBC News The high cost of eating disorders
 Diana Shaw's parents spent 」25,000 helping her cope with her anorexia and binge eating.
過食症に多い季節性うつ病 〜日本
2003/01 Yahoo! News Seasonal Depression, Bulimia Linked in Japan Study
 Among 30 Japanese people with bulimia, the researchers found that more than 40% experienced seasonal patterns of mild or serious depression.

past 摂食障害からの回復

2003/08 EurekAlert Non-judgmental intervention may help binge eaters overcome disorders
2003/06 読売 医療と介護

past 遺伝要因研究

遺伝要因研究 肥満関連

でっぷり腹肥満は 特定遺伝子の変異のため
2003/12 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 BBC News Gene that makes you eat too much
2003/11 EurekAlert Researchers home in on obesity gene and offer explanation for overeating
2003/11 EurekAlert GAD2 as a candidate gene for obesity
2003/11 EurekAlert  Role in Type 1 diabetes provides clue for researchers who discovered 'obesity gene'
2003/09 EurekAlert  New study of obesity, genes and socio-economic status uses individual growth curves
2003/09 EurekAlert  Cellular problem (new gene and it's protein, BBS8) discovered behind Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS), characterized by obesity, learning disabilities and eye and kidney problems
2003/07 EurekAlert
 Obese mice provide clues to a natural system that puts brakes on obesity
 First gene discovered that is switched on only in fat cells of obese mice
2003/04 BBC News 'Fat gene' discovery - Sar1b
肥満の原因となる遺伝子変異、国際研究で裏付け  メラノコルチン4受容体(MC4R)
2003/03 cnn.co.jp
2003/03 BioMedNet News New model for obesity
 C. elegans: genes that are involved in fat regulation
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Obesity not a personal failing, but a battle against biology
2003/02 Ananova Fat people feel hungry due to genetics
線虫Caenorhabditis elegansの全ゲノムを対象に行ったRNA干渉による脂肪調節遺伝子の解析
2003/01 Nature 421, 268 - 272
2003/01 Nature 421, 220 - 221 Functional genomics: RNA sets the standard
RNA干渉を利用した線虫Caenorhabditis elegansゲノムの系統的機能解析
2003/01 Nature 421, 231 - 237
 Systematic functional analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome using RNAi
2003/01 New Scientist Genetic 'tour de force' reveals worm's workings
2003/01 New York Times From Worm Genes, Human Obesity Clues
2003/01 BBC News Beer belly 'gene' found
2003/01 Ananova Gene 'predisposes men to fat bellies'

遺伝要因研究 摂食障害

2003/07 ScienCentral Anorexia Genes
2003/05 EurekAlert Two genes found to influence anorexia nervosa
 Genes found on region of Chromosome 1 may regulate behaviors including eating and anxiety
2003/05 ワイアードジャパン

past 食欲 摂食欲求

2003/12 EurekAlert Key appetite regulator may be identified, scientists report
2003/09 BBC News 'Brain training' link to hunger
  Scientists in London have shown that the brain can be trained to hunger for foods on seeing an abstract image.
2003/08 EurekAlert  Brain links non-food images with eating -- But only when hungry, study suggests
2003/08 New Scientist Humans trained to hunger like Pavlov's dogs
2003/08 New York Times Studying Modern-Day Pavlov's Dogs, of the Human Variety
肥満, 食欲遮断ホルモンPYY3-36欠乏のため
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/09 New Scientist Hormone jab beats hunger in the obese
2003/09 New York Times Study Finds Appetites Reduced by Hormone
2003/09 Washington Post Hormone Found to Suppress Appetite in Obese People
2003/08 MSNBC Why there's always room for dessert
 Brain scans show we can be full of one food, but not another
2003/08 BBC News Cannabis lifts Alzheimer appetite
2003/06 BioMedNet News Starvation stimulates the brain
2003/04 読売 医療と介護
2003/04 BioMedNet News Researchers hunger for a satiety signal
肥満の人は脳の「満腹信号」経路に不具合  脳-血液関門がレプチンを通してくれていないかも
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Understanding obesity: New research examines how hunger signals work in the brain
2003/04 Independent Food for thought
 Researchers have identified the specific region of the brain that responds to pleasant tastes.

past 脂肪細胞研究・脂肪の生理学

体内の栄養状態を検知しているPPARは筋肉中で脂肪の燃焼を促す  東大・酒井寿郎教授ら
2003/12 読売新聞
2003/11 EurekAlert  Cellular problem discovered behind syndrome of obesity, learning disabilities
朝日を浴びないと太る? 日大グループが解明 BMAL1
2003/09 共同通信
2003/08 中央日報@韓国
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
太ったブタは肥満な人の鏡  糖尿病や心臓病の動物モデルとしての可能性
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 EurekAlert New protein may play a role in obesity
運動せずに脂肪燃やす 開発のカギ、細胞の仕組みを発見
2003/06 asahi.com : 健康
2003/04 EurekAlert  Salk News: Researchers find obesity receptor - PPARd
2003/01 EurekAlert!  UT Southwestern researchers develop new model for understanding obesity, diabetes

past おくすり、成分、ホルモン

2003/11 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 Ananova Scientists on way to developing obesity pill
ミカンの薄皮にやせ効果? えひめ飲料&愛媛大
2003/10 asahi.com : 健康
2003/10 共同通信
脳を欺いて食欲阻む 肥満機能の進化
 内臓分泌ホルモン利用した食欲抑制薬物開発… いまだに副作用ない肥満治療剤はなく
2003/09 韓国 ハンギョレ21
2003/09 BioMedNet News What does ghrelin do to babies?
 Low birth-weight babies have elevated levels of an important hormone that stimulates the appetite.
2003/07 BBC News Excitement over weight loss drug
 Monkeys lost a massive seven per cent of their body weight - in just one week.
2003/06 EurekAlert  Daily hormone shot helps take off pounds, research shows
 Calculated dose aids weight loss in obese patients, study finds
2003/04 BBC News Obesity drugs 'no quick fix'
2003/04 New York Times  Quest for Weight-Loss Drug Takes an Unusual Turn
中国製ダイエット用健康食品等関連情報  厚生労働省
2003/02 New York Times Regulation of Dietary Drugs Is Long Overdue

past ほか

肥満者に朗報? 食欲抑制の埋め込み型装置
2003/10 cnn.co.jp
2003/10 EurekAlert Breast feeding may not protect against obesity
2003/06 BBC News Op triggers hunger-killing hormone
2003/04 Lansing State Journal  Extreme measures Life-altering surgery on rise
2003/01 バイオ21 No.78
太る?痩せる? 気候と性向と遺伝子と  暖さ向きの人の精子は寒さ向きの人よりすばやく泳ぐ
2003/01 ABCNEWS.com Weather-Resistant Genes
 'Powerhouse' Genes May Help Determine Whether You're Warm or Cold, Thin or Fat

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