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past 繁殖の自己決定

2003/12 BBC News Abortion 'should be made easier'
 Women are being denied access to safe and effective methods of abortion, says the Family Planning Association.
2003/11 BBC News Critics challenge US abortion ban
 Opponents have mounted a series of legal challenges to a new United States ban on late-term abortions
2003/09 BBC News Should only healthy babies be born?
2003/09 BBC News India confronts foetal sex checks

past 失った子の行方

妊婦の心理状態が心配 死亡胎児利用の再生医療 +玉井真理子氏コメント
2003/12 共同通信

past 出生前診断 出生前治療

2003/12 BBC News 'Radar' can detect birth problems
2003/12 New Scientist Radar trick will make birth safer
2003/12 BBC News Scan can predict miscarriage risk
2003/12 Ananova Hi-tech scan 'can predict miscarriages'
2003/12 EurekAlert Doppler ultrasound predicts risk of miscarriage
2003/11 BBC News Home fertility tests under fire
 Devices which help women predict the fertile days of their cycle may be giving false readings
2003/11 EurekAlert  Survival improves in clinical trial for severe birth defect, with or without fetal surgery
染色体疾患…姙娠初期自然流産の '主犯'
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/09 EurekAlert  Fetal surgery for spina bifida shows early benefits in leg function, fewer shunts
2003/09 BBC News Warning over fertility tests
 Doctors have hit out at the promotion and use of scientifically unsound tests and treatment for fertility problems.
胎児に初の本格手術 子宮開き腫瘍除去、術後死亡−−国立成育医療センター
2003/08 毎日新聞
胎児に日本初の本格手術 母胎に戻した後、死亡
2003/08 共同通信
胎児に本格手術、日本初 子宮開き腫瘍除去、2日後死亡
2003/08 共同通信
2003/07 BBC News Surgery hope for unborn babies

past おなかの赤ちゃんはどうしてる?

2003/09 Ananova New scanners show babies 'smile in the womb'
2003/09 Boston.com Third trimester and ready for your close-up
 Parents love 3-D fetal snapshots, but the impact on unborn babies is unclear
2003/09 韓国 中央日報

past おなかの赤ちゃんに良くなさそうなものたち:酒・タバコ

アルコール, 胎児に多様な損傷可能性
2003/11 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 New York Times Fetal Brains Suffer Badly From Effects of Alcohol

past おなかの赤ちゃんに良くなさそうなものたち:水銀

妊婦は魚、週340gまで 水銀問題で米食品局勧告
2003/12 共同通信
2003/12 NOLA.com Eating tuna for two
2003/12 Washington Post Federal Warning On Tuna Planned
2003/07 New York Times Does Mercury Matter? Experts Debate the Big Fish Question

past おなかの赤ちゃんに良くなさそうなものたち

妊婦のHIV感染増加、年間推計100人超 厚労省調査
2003/11 asahi.com : 健康
2003/11 読売 医療と介護
2003/11 BBC News Sugary foods 'birth defect risk'
 Eating sugary or highly processed foods during pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects, research suggests.
2003/11 BBC News Cannabis chemical 'harms embryo'
2003/11 Thomas Jefferson University  Jefferson Scientists Show Low Lead Levels Can Affect Development of Brain Cells
 Neuroscientists at Jefferson Medical College have shown for the first time that low levels of lead have a profound effect on the growth and development of embryonic stem cells.
2003/11 Ananova Faulty placenta 'clue to dangerous pregnancy condition'
2003/09 BBC News Herbal remedy pregnancy warning
2003/09 BBC News Ecstasy risk to unborn children
2003/08 EurekAlert  Rat study shows exposure to Ecstasy early in pregnancy induces brain, behavior changes
2003/08 EurekAlert  Taking Ecstasy during pregnancy may cause brain damage, behavior problems in babies
脳機能や性行動に影響 胎児時のダイオキシン 山梨大と国立環境研究所
2003/08 共同通信
2003/08 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 16  Newborns Affected by Moms' SSRIs, But Symptoms Short-Lived
2003/08 BBC News Painkillers 'may boost miscarriage risk'
2003/08 EurekAlert Taking painkillers during pregnancy increases risk of miscarriage
2003/08 MSNBC Painkillers may raise miscarriage risk
姙娠の中でアスピリン, 流産危険高める
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 cnn.co.jp
2003/08 BBC News NY attack babies 'born smaller'
2003/08 New Scientist Small babies linked to 9/11 smoke plume
2003/08 New York Times Smoke and Dust at World Trade Center Is Linked to Smaller Babies
2003/08 Washington Post  Trade Center Debris May Have Affected Pregnancies

past おなかの赤ちゃんを助けてくれるものたち

2003/11 EurekAlert  Magnesium sulfate to mothers just prior to delivery of preterm babies may improve outcomes
2003/11 The Globe and Mail Folic acid crucial for mothers, research suggests
2003/08 BBC News Dental care 'cuts early births'
 A simple dental treatment may reduce a woman's risk of giving birth prematurely
2003/08 EurekAlert Dental procedure may reduce risk of premature birth
2003/07 BBC News Vitamins 'could prevent pregnancy danger'

past 妊娠中に決まる将来

遺伝子より生前の食餌があなたを決める  生まれる子の毛色・体質は母体の食餌しだい@ネズミ
2003/07 Duke University  Common Nutrients Fed To Pregnant Mice Altered Their Offspring's Coat Color And Disease Susceptibility
2003/07 CNN Hate your hair? Blame mom's diet, study says
2003/07 MSNBC Hate your hair? Blame mom's diet
2003/08 BBC News Maternal diet vital to offspring
2003/08 Wired Blame Mom for This One, Too
2003/08 ワイアードジャパン
お母さん食生活, 胎児 性質 決定に大きい影響可能性
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 New Scientist You are what your mother ate, suggests study
母の食事が子供の一生を決める ビタミンでマウスの毛色が変化
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/09 ScienCentral  Blame Your Mother
 Mice with virtually identical genes can grow into quite different-looking animals - fat and yellow, or lean and brown - depending on what their mothers ate during pregnancy
2003/10 New York Times A Pregnant Mother's Diet May Turn the Genes Around
2003/07 Washington Post Theory Says Disease Tendencies Begin in Womb

past 妊娠中のお母さん

姙娠 初期 ダイエット, 奇形児 出産 危険
2003/12 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 EurekAlert Study finds new mothers are resistant to stress
妊婦さん やせすぎ注意!  低体重児増加中
2003/11 読売 医療と介護
2003/09 BBC News Morning sickness 'not just physical'
 Morning sickness may be as much a psychological condition as a physical one, scientists have claimed.
2003/09 韓国 中央日報

past お産のとき:帝王切開

2003/11 BBC News Stillbirths linked to caesareans
2003/11 Independent  Caesarean doubles risk of stillbirth for next child

past お産のとき:母体

2003/09 EurekAlert Study finds music can ease labor pain
音楽, 陣痛緩和效果
2003/09 韓国 中央日報

past お産のとき:出生児

“善玉菌”が早く定着 出産直後からの母子接触で
2003/07 共同通信

past 父親になるとき

2003/09 BBC News Dads 'not best birthing partners'
 Expectant fathers may not be the best option to support women in labour
2003/09 BBC News Obsessive dads suffer baby worry
 New dads are almost as likely as new mothers to suffer obsessional and distressing worries about the health of the baby

past 早産/未熟児、低体重出産 産まれたときの大小

2003/11 BBC News New man 'brings early baby risks'
 Mothers who have another child with a new partner are more likely to give birth early
姙娠に1年以上かかった女性はそうではない女性に比べて早産危険が高い 〜デンマーク
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/10 Discovery Long Time to Conception Tied to Birthing Problems
2003/10 BBC News Warning over delayed conception
2003/10 EurekAlert  Danish study finds that taking a long time to conceive is linked to problems at birth
2003/10 University of Toronto  Premature babies benefit from breast milk, study says
 Infants fed human milk fortified-in-hospital developed comparably to those fed infant formula
2003/10 MSNBC Cerebral palsy linked to birth weight
 Risk increases for extremely large or small babies
2003/09 BioMedNet News What does ghrelin do to babies?
 Low birth-weight babies have elevated levels of an important hormone that stimulates the appetite.
500g 未熟児も 60〜70% 生存
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 BBC News Warning over pregnancy gap
 short intervals between pregnancies increase the risks of complications.
2003/07 韓国 中央日報
2003/07 BBC News Scientists postpone labour
2003/07 EurekAlert  UT Southwestern researchers discover method of postponing labor in mice
2003/07 MSNBC Girl preemies grow more than boys
2003/07 EurekAlert  Tracking premature babies: girls grow bigger than boys

past 赤ちゃんの性差

2003/07 New Scientist Baby boys raise future miscarriage risk
初の妊娠、男児だと流産リスク高め 〜デンマーク
2003/07 Discovery Male First Birth Triggers Subsequent Miscarriages
2003/07 EurekAlert  Women are more likely to suffer recurrent miscarriages if their first child is a boy

past 産後のお母さん 産後うつ病

<妊婦>出産後、7割以上が体形元に戻らず ワコール調査
2003/11 毎日新聞
産後鬱病, 攻撃的な子供作る
2003/11 韓国 中央日報
2003/11 BBC News Baby blues link to bad behaviour
2003/11 EurekAlert  Children whose mothers are depressed after childbirth may be at elevated risk for violence
2003/07 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 14  Depression in Pregnancy Often Goes Untreated
2003/07 Psychiatric Times Vol. XX Issue 7  Is Postpartum Psychosis a Bipolar Variant? A Phenomenological Question

past お母さんの年齢

2003/12 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  Teenage Pregnancy May Put Girls At Risk for Osteoporosis

past びっくり妊娠

2003/11 Ananova DNA puzzle of mother 'made of two women'
50歳を過ぎて初めて知る事実 「あなたはキメラ」
 二卵性双生児が胎内で融合して生まれた女性  一人でありながら二人ぶんの組織の混ぜ合わせ
2003/11 BBC News When two became one in the womb

past 発生の科学

2003/12 North Carolina State University  Genetic Info of Cloned Pigs May Help Babies Before Birth
2003/08 Nature Science Update Squashed embryos switch on genes
 Mechanics may guide embryo growth.
胚を潰して遺伝子を活性化 発生には物理的力も影響している
2003/09 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past そのほか

2003/11 Ananova Pensioners 'have better sperm than men of 20'
先天性奇形発生率 1.8%@韓国
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 EurekAlert  Couch potatoes may be created in the womb, not at the dinner table
2003/08 Ips

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