ヒトの進化、古人類学 人間の祖先:

ほか「ヒトの進化、古人類学 人間の祖先」の年月別目次


past ヘアスタイル

人類が裸のサルなのはなぜ? その上、男がハゲちゃうのはなぜ?
2003/12 Economist.com Human hair  The bare truth
「ハゲは健康美」  ヒトの無毛は性淘汰のせいか? 水棲? それとも寄生虫よけ?
2003/11 The Scientist The Hirsute, the Hairless, and the Human
 Human intelligence has changed the world. Has it also affected how our bodies look?
ヒトの「体毛退化」は寄生虫防止が要因と 英研究者
2003/06 cnn.co.jp
2003/06 BBC News Itchy answer to hairless humans
2003/06 Ananova Humans 'lost body hair to avoid biting insects'
2003/06 New Scientist Early humans lost hair to beat bugs
2003/06 Discovery Sex Keeps Humans Furless
2003/06 中央日報@韓国

past ヒト進化の考察

2003/11 New York Times A Course in Evolution, Taught by Chimps
ヒトは平和な方向に進化した第3のチンパンジー?  リチャード・ランガム
2003/08 Scientific American The Domesticated Savage
 Science reveals a way to rise above our natures
2003/06 New York Times The Beginning of Modern Humans
2003/05 BioMedNet News Picture this
 Researchers have been studying the underwater visual abilities of sea gypsies, which live along the coast of Myanmar and western Thailand
2003/06 The Scientist Vol.17, Issue 11 Adaptation vs. Inheritance
ヒトを進化させたのは「男の狩猟技量」にあらず  採集担当の女性がカギ
2003/01 New Scientist Man's early hunting role in doubt

past ヒト進化と遺伝子

大いなるY ヒト進化のカギ、男のルーツ
2003/05 Guardian Y and mighty
Homo sapiensの遺伝学と成り立ち
2003/04 Nature 422, 849 - 857 Genetics and the making of Homo sapiens
ヒトの嗅覚が衰えた道筋 嗅覚レセプター遺伝子の種間比較
2003/03 EurekAlert How humans lost their scents
2003/03 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 100, Issue 6, 3324-3327
 Human specific loss of olfactory receptor genes
2003/02 BBC News The gene that maketh man?

past ヒトはどこに生まれ、どう移住して地球上に広がっていったか

2003/09 New York Times Geneticists Report Finding Central Asian Link to Levites
2003/07 BioMedNet News HIV protection via the Vikings?
 A common genetic mutation that confers protection against HIV and possibly also multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes may have arisen over 1000 years ago
アングロサクソンよりケルトやバスクかな  Y染色体が明かす英国民の成り立ち
2003/06 Nature Science Update  Y chromosomes rewrite British history
 Anglo-Saxons' genetic stamp weaker than historians suspected
2003/06 Boston Globe Did humans come out of Africa?
2003/05 EurekAlert  Scientists use DNA fragments to trace the migration of modern humans
イギリス人の真の姿とは? ケルト民族は駆逐された?
2003/05 New York Times  Y Chromosomes Sketch New Outline of British History
2003/04 The Sunday Times / Evolutionary Psychology-ML  DNA tests destroy Kon-Tiki theory
2003/04 DISCOVER Vol. 24 No. 5 Where do we really come from?
 A new generation of DNA genealogists stand ready to unearth our ancestors. We may not like what they find
2003/04 BBC News Tanzania, Ethiopia origin for humans
2003/04 Discovery 'Eve' Came From East Africa
ジャワ原人、独自の進化 現代人の「アフリカ起源」有力に 日本の研究グループ
2003/02  毎日 科学環境ニュース
ジャワ原人は「絶滅種」 ヒトのルーツ論争決着へ
2003/02  asahi.com : 科学・自然
世の中にこんなにいたのかジンギスカンの末裔 ヒト性淘汰をアジアに見る
2003/02 New York Times  A Prolific Genghis Khan, It Seems, Helped People the World
2003/02 Discovery Early Africa to Asia Route Mapped
2003/01 University of Utah Did Early Humans Mate with the Locals?
 Human Genome Data Cast Doubt on 'Replacement Theory' of Human Evolution
2003/01 ScienceDaily News  Did Early Humans Mate With The Locals?
 Human Genome Data Cast Doubt On 'Replacement Theory' Of Human Evolution
2003/01 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 100, Issue 1, 376-381  Sequence variations in the public human genome data reflect a bottlenecked population history
2003/01 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 100, Issue 1, 171-176
 Natural selection shaped regional mtDNA variation in humans

past ヒト言語の進化

2003/11 Nature 426, 391- 392 Linguistics: Trees of life and of language
2003/11 Nature 426, 435 - 439
 Language-tree divergence times support the Anatolian theory of Indo-European origin
2003/11 Nature Science Update Language tree rooted in Turkey
 Evolutionary ideas give farmers credit for Indo-European tongues.
2003/11 Washington Post Mother Tongue May Be Older Than Many Think
2003/08 Guardian Look who was talking
 We began talking as early as 2.5m years ago, writes Stephen Oppenheimer. Is that what drove the growth of our brains?
2003/07 Discovery Extinct Language Reveals Celtic Origins
6000年前、農民によってイギリス諸島、アイルランド、フランスにもたらされたケルト語  遺伝子解析から
2003/07 CNN Farmers spread Celtic tongue
2003/07 New York Times Celtic Found to Have Ancient Roots
2003/06 The British Academy  From Lucy to language: psychology meets archaeology
2003/05 Scientific American  Chimp Study Yields Clues to Evolution of Human Speech
ヒト繁栄のカギを握った遺伝子「foxp2」 言語・創造性・文化
2003/02 Independent  Mutation in creativity gene 'led to rise of Man'
2003/02 Times 'Genetic changes' triggered Man's artistic abilities
2003/02 Guardian Mutant gene 'sparked art and culture'
ヒトと動物を分けるものは「狭義の言語能力」? +チョムスキー
2003/01 Boston Globe The human factor
 What makes our species unique? A linguist and two animal researchers band together to crack open an old chestnut.

past ヒト、チンパンジー、霊長類

人間とチンパンジーを分かつもの その一つは内耳〜聴覚遺伝子
2003/12 韓国 中央日報
2003/12 Discovery Hearing Gene Leaves Chimps Speechless
2003/12 New York Times Comparing Genomes Shows Split Between Chimps and People
2003/12 Nature Science Update Genome scan shows human-chimp differences
ヒトとチンパンジーはどこがちがう? ゲノム全体についてちがいを探索
2003/12 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/06 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.1331721100  Evolutionary deterioration of the vomeronasal pheromone transduction pathway in catarrhine primates
2003/06 The Spectator.co.uk The chimp genome
2003/06 EurekAlert Birds do it. Bugs do it. But why don't we?
2003/06 New Scientist Colour vision ended human pheromone use
2003/06 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.1230533100  Comparative sequencing of human and chimpanzee MHC class I regions unveils insertions/deletions as the major path to genomic divergence
2003/05 時事通信
2003/05 BBC News Chimps genetically close to humans
2003/05 New Scientist Chimps are human, gene study implies
 The new study found that 99.4 percent of the most critical DNA sites are identical in the corresponding human and chimp genes.
2003/05 Discovery Chimps Belong In Human Genus
2003/05 National Geographic  Chimps Belong on Human Branch of Family Tree, Study Says
2003/05 Independent Chimps 'should be reclassified as humans'
2003/05 Guardian Family matters
2003/06 中央日報@韓国
2003/03 Nature 422, 388- 391 Palaeontology: Combing the primate record
2003/03 Nature 422, 421 - 424
 Fossil evidence for an ancient divergence of lorises and galagos
2003/03 EurekAlert Fossil teeth reveal oldest bushbabies, lorises
2003/03 EurekAlert
 Scientists debate meaning of 40-million-year-old primate fossils in Nature
2003/03 Ananova 40 million-year-old bush baby found

past 人類みな兄弟/ボトルネック

人種 +ブライアン・サイクス
2003/07 New York Times Is Race Real?
2003/06 The Scientist Volume 17, Issue 13, 28  The 0.1% Portrait of Human History
 The stories and benefits of the human genome may lie in its global diversity
2003/06 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.0832372100  Genera of the human lineage
 出アフリカも同時期  わずか2000人ぶんという遺伝的ボトルネックを通過
2003/06 BBC News When humans faced extinction
人種はちがってもヒトはヒト 相異点よりも類似点の方が多い
2003/01 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past ヨーロッパに昔住んでいた人類たち

2003/09 読売新聞
2003/09 Washington University Earliest modern humans in Europe found
2003/09 BBC News Human fossils set European record
2003/09 Japan Today  Jawbone of early human found in Romania
2003/09 New York Times Big Teeth in Ancient Jaw Offer Clues About Our Ancestors
2003/05 www.aftenposten.no  Stone Age skull found on school outing
2003/01 BBC News 9,000-year-old artefacts uncovered
欧州最古? 18000年前の人骨@グルジア
2003/01 BBC News Georgian skull's link to our past

past アジアに昔住んでいた人類たち

中国直系先祖の骨を発掘 2万5000年前@周口店
2003/07  中央日報@韓国
2003/07 Ananova Archaeologists find 25,000-year-old human bones
2003/07 Guardian Man who lived 25,000 years ago
2003/07 VOANews.com
 Archaeologists Discover 25,000-Year-Old Human Bones near Beijing

past オセアニアに昔住んでいた人類たち

2003/11 BBC News Aborigines back UK bones panel
 Australian Aborigines have welcomed a plan to set up a panel to oversee the repatriation of human remains held by British museums and universities.
2003/11 New Scientist Report recommends repatriation of ancestral remains
2003/05 BBC News Science argues to keep bones
 The repatriation of human remains currently held in UK museums and universities to indigenous peoples around the world will do immense damage to science.
2003/02 BBC News Date for first Australians
2003/02 New Scientist New arrival date for earliest Australians
2003/02 Nature 421, 837 - 840
 New ages for human occupation and climatic change at Lake Mungo, Australia
2003/02 University of Melbourne  New age for Mungo Man, new human history
2003/02 New York Times
 Dating of Australian Remains Backs Theory of Early Migration of Humans
2003/02  毎日 科学環境ニュース

past アメリカ大陸に昔住んでいた人類たち

米大陸に「先『先住』」?  豪州先住民〜東南アジア系
2003/09  asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/09 National Geographic Who Were The First Americans?
2003/09 CBC News  Skulls point to varied origins for first Americans
2003/09 New Scientist Narrow skulls clue to first Americans
2003/09 The Globe and Mail Skulls enliven debate on earliest Americans
2003/09 Discovery Fossils Suggest Complex Colonization
2003/07 BBC News Date limit set on first Americans
 A new genetic study deals a blow to claims that humans reached America at least 30,000 years ago - around the same time that people were colonising Europe.
2003/07 New York Times New World Ancestors Lose 12,000 Years
2003/07 EurekAlert  Human settlements already existed in the Amazon Basin (Equador) 4000 years ago
クロービス人は推定無罪 犯人は気候変動
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Evidence acquits Clovis people of ancient killings, archaeologists say
2003/03 abc.net.au  American extinctions not caused by humans?

past 過去人類研究

人類の象徴思考の萌芽 染色骨発掘@10万年前洞窟イスラエル
2003/12 BBC News Cave colours reveal mental leap
ヒト祖先化石の年代測定 15〜16万年前@エチオピア
2003/12 Nature 426, 621 - 622
 Geochronology (communication arising): Dating of the Herto hominin fossils
2003/12 Nature 426, 622
 Geochronology (communication arising): Dating of the Herto hominin fossils
ネアンデルタールによる彫刻作品@ロアール・フランス  35000年前 抽象思考の発露か
2003/12 BBC News Neanderthal 'face' found in Loire
2003/11 EurekAlert  Debate heats up on role of climate in human evolution
マラウィ湖の湖底ボーリングから探る古代の気候変動  人類発祥条件の手がかりに
2003/09 Guardian Clues to past lie in lake of stars
ヒト進化今昔 ヒト祖先は黒人
2003/08 New York Times The End of Evolution?
核の冬で探る出アフリカ後のヒトコロニー  74000年前のスマトラ火山噴火
2003/07 Independent Out of Africa
2003/06 BBC - Radio 4 - Mountains That Changed the World
 Did the growth of the Himalayas help the evolution of humankind?
2003/02 BBC News Fossil key to human origins
 OH 65 provides a key anatomical link between H. rudolfensis and the original H. habilis.

past ヒト祖先の肉食

2003/09 New Scientist Meat eating is an old human habit
2003/08 AScribe  Fossil Teeth May Offer Evidence of Meat Eating in Early Human Ancestors
2003/01 Discovery Meat Role in Human Evolution Questioned
 Tubers, scavenging, and women - this might have been the winning combination that spurred human evolution about 2 millions years ago
2003/01 ABCNEWS.com Female Providers
 Researchers Begin to Doubt Early Man's Hunting Role

past 物議をかもす新発見のヒト祖先化石や遺跡たち

2003/06 ワイアードジャパン
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス ダーウィンのアフリカ
2003/06 中央日報@韓国
2003/06 Nature 423, 692- 695 Human evolution: Out of Ethiopia
2003/06 Nature 423, 742 - 747  Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia
2003/06 Nature 423, 747 - 752  Stratigraphic, chronological and behavioural contexts of Pleistocene Homo sapiens from Middle Awash, Ethiopia
2003/06 Discovery Earliest Human Ancestors Found
2003/06 BBC News Oldest human skulls found
2003/06 BBC News Ethiopia's pride in Herto finds
 BBC reporter Damian Zane was in Addis Ababa for the unveiling of the oldest known skulls of modern humans
2003/06 BBC News Q and A: The Herto skulls
2003/06 Ananova Oldest 'modern' human skulls found in Africa
2003/06 CNN Odd skulls from oldest modern humans
2003/06 The Christian Science Monitor  Missing evolution link surfaces in Africa
2003/06 EurekAlert Team finds immediate predecessor of modern humans
2003/06 EurekAlert Earliest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Ethiopia
2003/06 EurekAlert
 160,000-year-old fossilized skulls from Ethiopia are oldest modern humans
2003/06 Los Angeles Times  Oldest-Ever Skulls Back 'Out of Africa' Theory
2003/06 Nature Science Update Skulls reveal dawn of mankind
 Ethiopian fossils confirm our African roots.
2003/06 New Scientist Dawn of human race uncovered
2003/06 New York Times  Fossil Skulls Offer First Glimpse of Early Human Faces
2003/06 New York Times  In Ancient Skulls From Ethiopia, Familiar Faces
2003/06 Scientific American  Skulls of Oldest Homo sapiens Recovered
2003/06 The Globe and Mail  Skulls of oldest nearly modern humans unearthed
2003/06 USA TODAY Unearthed: Distant cousins
南アフリカの猿人「リトルフット」は最古の全身骨格化石  400万年前のアウストラロピテクス 
2003/04  asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/04  毎日新聞
2003/04 BBC News Hominid fossils show their age
2003/04 Purdue University
 Purdue researchers determine age of fossilized human ancestor
2003/04 abc.net.au  Researchers stake fresh claim to early human ancestry
2003/04 Science Volume 300, Number 5619, pp. 607-612.
 Lower Pliocene Hominid Remains from Sterkfontein
2003/04 Guardian Questions over flat-faced man of Kenya
2003/03 Nature Science Update Flat-faced Man in family feud
 Palaeontologist claims geology set human relative apart.
2003/02 時事通信
「ホモ・ハビリス」と「ホモ・ルドルフェンシス」   2化石は実は同一種、「最古のヒト」論争に幕
2003/02 読売新聞
2003/02 The Scientist / BioMed Central  Pruning the family tree
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Rutgers' Tanzanian fossil reshuffles the deck on early human ancestry
2003/02 MSNBC Humankind's family tree reshaped
2003/02 National Geographic 1.8 Million-Year-Old Hominid Jaw Found
2003/02 Scientific American  Tanzanian Fossil May Trim Human Family Tree
2003/01 BBC News Fossil find stirs human debate  hominid was not a knuckle-walker suggests chimps and humans are not as closely related as we thought.

past ホモエレクトゥスやネアンデルタール人

2003/12 Carl Zimmerのウェブログ Why The Cousins Are Gone
 ネアンデルタールはなぜ消えたのか 現代人とは縁がないのか?
2003/12 BBC News Late Neanderthals 'more like us'
2003/09 The Washington Times: United Press International
 Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon hunted same prey
2003/09 EurekAlert Bones from French cave show Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon hunted same prey
2003/09 New Scientist Neanderthal hunters rivalled human skills
2003/08 BBC - Radio 4 - Unearthing Mysteries
 Were the Neanderthals of Norfolk scavengers or hunters?
2003/06 EurekAlert Neandertal facial length issue settled
2003/06 Smithsonian Magazine Rethinking Neanderthals
2003/05 時事通信
2003/05 BBC News Blow to Neanderthal breeding theory
 Early humans and Neanderthals probably did not interbreed, according to evidence collected by Italian scientists.
2003/05 Discovery Human DNA Neanderthal-Free
2003/05 NEWS24 Humans, Neanderthals not related
2003/05 Ananova Early humans never 'interbred' with Neanderthals
2003/05 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.1130343100
 Evidence for a genetic discontinuity between Neandertals and 24,000-year-old anatomically modern Europeans
2003/05 National Geographic  Neandertals Not Our Ancestors, DNA Study Suggests
我々に負けぬ器用さを持つネアンデルタールの手  バーチャルで検証
2003/03 BBC News Neanderthals 'had hands like ours'
2003/03 Nature 422, 395 Digital analysis: Manual dexterity in Neanderthals
2003/03 Nature Science Update  Neanderthals' capable of fine handiwork
2003/03 New Scientist Neanderthals as nimble-fingered as humans
2003/03 MSNBC Another Neanderthal stereotype dies
2003/03 CBC News Neanderthals skillful with their hands
2003/03 Discovery Neanderthals were Nimble-Fingered
2003/03 New York Times Neanderthals Had Manual Dexterity
ヒトより脳も身体も大きかったのに  今は亡きネアンデルタール人 抽象思考ができなかった?
2003/03 National Geographic  Did Neandertals Lack Smarts to Survive?
2003/03 Yahoo! News Neanderthals, Humans May Have Never Mixed
2003/03 New York Times  The Unbearable Loneliness of Being Homo Sapiens
2003/01 Guardian Survival of the dimmest
 another primitive human sub-species known as Homo heidelbergensis

past 進化と大きさ、形態学、そして成長パターン

ヒトセックスの進化、大きい脳、狭い骨盤 〜Leonard Shlain
2003/08 OASISTV Sex, Time and Power  BIG BRAIN, NARROW PELVIS
2003/08 PNAS | vol. 100 | no. 16 | 9404-9409  Sexual dimorphism in Australopithecus afarensis was similar to that of modern humans

past 2足歩行

 ネアンデルタール人の祖先とされる旧人 「ホモ・ハイデルベルゲンシス」
2003/03  asahi.com : 科学・自然
35万年前の原人の足跡を発見 イタリア
2003/03 cnn.co.jp
2003/03 Nature 422, 133  Palaeontology: Human footprints in Pleistocene volcanic ash
2003/03 BBC News  The oldest human footprints have been found in volcanic ash in Italy
2003/03 New Scientist Oldest human footprints found on volcano
2003/03 MSNBC Footprints from 350,000 B.C.
2003/03 Guardian Italians find our oldest footprints
2003/03 Ananova 'Oldest set of human footprints found at volcano'
2003/03 Nature Science Update Earliest human footprints found?
2003/03 National Geographic Oldest Human Footprints Found, Experts Say

past ヒト脳の進化

2003/09 New Scientist Cleverness may carry survival cost
「ルーシーから言語へ:社会脳考古学」プロジェクト  ジョン・ゴーレット&ロビン・ダンバー
2003/09 BBC News Digging into the brain  When and how did the human mind evolve?

past リーキー・ファミリー

2003/08 National Public Radio Online  The Legacy of Louis Leakey
 Marking the Centennial of the Fossil-Hunting Patriarch

past ピルトダウン事件

2003/11 BBC News Science marks Piltdown forgery
 Science remembers its most embarrassing moment on Friday, when it marks the 50th anniversary of the unmasking of the Piltdown Man fossils as fakes.
2003/11 BBC News Fossil fools: Return to Piltdown
2003/11 Ananova Scientists expose Piltdown Man fraudsters
ピルトダウン人事件 いまだ解けぬ謎の部分
2003/11 Washington Post Dusting Off the Remains of a Hoax
 Piltdown Man Comes Out of Storage, but Perpetrator of the Original Fraud Is Still a Mystery

past 展示収蔵 データベース

2003/11 Telegraph Vital scientific research could be at risk if museums are forced to repatriate human remains, writes Chris Stringer
2003/11 BBC News Indigenous people win bone battle
 UK museums and universities could soon have to repatriate many of the human remains in their collections to indigenous peoples around the world.
2003/04 BBC - Radio 4 - The Material World Evobank
2003/04 The Scientist Volume 17 Issue 8  Who Gets Credit for EvoBank?
2003/02 The Scientist Building an 'EvoBank'
 Hominoid research database would make the past accessible
BBC特番「Walking With Cavemen」サイト ミニゲームや動画もあり
2003/03 BBCi - Science - Cavemen
2003/03 BBC News BBC goes Walking With Cavemen
 The BBC has announced details of one of its most ambitious TV science projects
2003/03 Ananova BBC launches Walking With Cavemen
2003/01 National Geographic Documentary Redraws Humans' Family Tree

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