past 歴史/社会/エートス

2003/11 BioMedNet News Just how normal is normal?
2003/11 BBC News Decoded DNA would 'reach to Moon'
2003/11 Wired DNA That's Yours for the Taking
 Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the United Kingdom have documented a total of 2 billion letters of DNA, they announced Tuesday
2003/10 New York Times A New Kind of Genomics, With an Eye on Ecosystems
2003/10 毎日新聞
遺伝子研究に国際倫理指針 ユネスコ総会が宣言採択
2003/10 共同通信
2003/09 EurekAlert Understanding the impact of genetic technology
 New centre will examine social and economic implications
2003/08 Ananova Scientists search for 'beautiful' DNA
人間ゲノム主役クレイグ・ベンター インタビュー
2003/07 韓国 中央日報
2003/07 theage.com.au  Why double helix is the shape of things to come
 If we are to be responsible citizens, we must all learn more about genetics, writes Peter Doherty.

past ヒト遺伝子 ヒトゲノム

2003/12 時事通信
2003/10 韓国 中央日報
2003/10 Nature 425, 775- 776 Genomics: Six is seventh
2003/10 Nature 425, 805 - 811  The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 6
2003/10 BBC News Key human chromosome unravelled
2003/10 Ananova Scientists detail genetic guide to chromosome 'giant'
2003/10 BBC News Geneticists hunt control patterns
 The Human Epigenome Project will look for patterns in our 'life code' that are associated with gene regulation but are also implicated in causing disease.
2003/10 New Scientist Human gene on/off switches to be mapped
2003/08 EurekAlert  New study rebuts claims about Icelandic genetic heterogeneity
2003/07 BioMedNet News Finding the 'missing' DNA
 the 400 gaps that remain in the genome sequence
2003/07 The University of Texas  UT Southwestern researchers define regions of human genes highly prone to mutation
2003/07 theage.com.au  After a tough 15 years, still a long way to go in deciphering the human code
2003/07 Nature 424, 157 - 164 The DNA sequence of human chromosome 7
2003/07 Ananova Scientists unlock secrets of largest human chromosome
2003/07 EurekAlert Genome researcher analyze chromosome 7
2003/07 EurekAlert  Sequence of human chromosome 7 is fine-tuned and finished
2003/07 MSNBC Scientists map key chromosome
2003/07 Wired Mapping an 'Unlucky' Chromosome

past ヒトと他の生物、共通する遺伝子、共通しない遺伝子

人間とチンパンジーを分かつもの その一つは内耳〜聴覚遺伝子
2003/12 韓国 中央日報
2003/12 Discovery Hearing Gene Leaves Chimps Speechless
2003/12 New York Times Comparing Genomes Shows Split Between Chimps and People
2003/12 Nature Science Update Genome scan shows human-chimp differences
ヒトとチンパンジーはどこがちがう? ゲノム全体についてちがいを探索
2003/12 ネイチャーバイオニュース
Ewan Birney of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Cambridge, UK.
2003/12 BioMedNet News Comparing genomes
2003/10 EurekAlert  Researchers discover genes that distinguish human, nonhuman primate brains
2003/10 University of Utah  How Genes Orchestrate Facial Expressions
 Humans Share DNA That Helps Mice Move Ears, Eyes, Whiskers
2003/10 EurekAlert Genes that regulate hearing link humans and fruit flies in new way
2003/08 中央日報@韓国
2003/08 New York Times Genome Hunt Shows We're Closer to Rats Than Cats
2003/08 Nature 424, 788 - 793  Comparative analyses of multi-species sequences from targeted genomic regions
2003/08 EurekAlert  Researchers enter age of comparative genetics with large-scale study of vertebrate DNA
解読ゲノムの種間比較から 転写調節と動物多様性
2003/07 Nature 424, 147 - 151  Transcription regulation and animal diversity

past ポストヒトゲノム 次の目標

2003/11 Ananova Scientists build new protein
2003/11 Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Researchers Design and Build First Artificial Protein
2003/11 読売新聞
2003/10 BioMedNet News Finding the right tools for proteomics
 プロテオミクスを学際で 愛媛大がタンパク質合成装置導入
2003/09 共同通信
新型肺炎ウィルスの増殖たんぱく合成に成功 愛媛大
2003/09 毎日新聞
「生命とは」解明へ100億円プロジェクト プロテオミクス
2003/08 読売新聞
次はタンパク質の謎を解明 多様な相互作用を5年間で 文部科学省
2003/07 共同通信

past どんどんスピードアップし発展していくDNA研究技術、DNAチップ開発

2003/12 EurekAlert Less is more: New technology captures gene-rich DNA segments
2003/12 EurekAlert 'Panning for gold' in the maize genome
 New approaches yield gene-rich regions, accelerate sequencing
2003/11 ワイアードジャパン
2003/11 EurekAlert New technology will speed genome sequencing
2003/11 Howard Hughes Medical Institute
 Technique May Identify Novel Disease Genes at a Faster Clip
2003/10 EurekAlert Standard improves tests of male DNA
2003/10 New York Times Human Genome on Chip Offered by Rivals
2003/08 EurekAlert Stanford researcher finds method to define genetic 'words'
2003/07 EurekAlert  NYU scientists develop more accurate mathematical method to analyze genetic data
2003/07 EurekAlert  Researchers identify protein modules that 'read' distinct gene 'silencing codes'

past 遺伝子商売・遺伝子サービスいろいろ

2003/12 Ananova Scientists publish mouse 'cook book'
2003/12 New Scientist Book of life contains real DNA

past DNAを使ったメカ DNAを使った小道具 遺伝子操作技術

2003/12 EurekAlert DuPont-led scientists unveil key nanotechnology discovery with use of DNA
2003/12 EurekAlert Ultra-thin coating traps DNA on a leash
2003/11 EurekAlert DNA used to create self-assembling nano transistor
 Breakthrough proves possible to use biology to create electronics
2003/10 ワイアードジャパン
2003/10 EurekAlert Researchers create 'supersized' molecule of DNA
 Scientists at Stanford University have created an expanded molecule of DNA with a double helix wider than any found in nature.
2003/10 Nature Science Update DNA copied with convection
 Warm-water conveyor belt mass-produces genetic material.
2003/10 Purdue University  Purdue researchers stretch DNA on chip, lay track for future computers
2003/09 EurekAlert  Duke scientists 'program' DNA molecules to self assemble into patterned nanostructures
2003/09 Nature Science Update Switchable net woven from DNA
2003/09 EurekAlert  UNC researchers identify protein crucial to gene silencing
2003/09 University of California  DNA throttle controls molecular machine
2003/08 EurekAlert  Study provides new insights into emerging theory of gene regulation
2003/08 ワイアードジャパン
「完全長cDNA」合成方法 日米欧で特許取得  神奈川科学技術アカデミー
2003/07 毎日新聞

past ジャンクDNA?

2003/11 EurekAlert A new hypothesis on the origin of 'junk' DNA
2003/07 BioMedNet News Illuminating the dark matter of the human genome

past 遺伝子を壊すもの

2003/09 読売 医療と介護

past 性染色体

2003/12 Nature 426, 857 - 862  Inheritance of a pre-inactivated paternal X chromosome in early mouse embryos
2003/07 Boston Globe  A new study of the Y chromosome suggests that the genetic variation between men and women is greater than we thought
2003/07 The Scientist XX marks the spot
 Epigenetic modification of both X chromosomes in female cells marks them for X inactivation

past 遺伝子のいろいろな機能・機構が探られていきます

2003/12 EurekAlert Potential genetic links discovered between metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
2003/12 Nature Science Update Mutant worms withstand boozy bender
 Single gene linked to alcohol tolerance.
2003/12 EurekAlert  Chromosomes are 'nibbled' before they fuse, researchers report
2003/11 EurekAlert Breast cancer susceptibility genes play role in DNA repair
 Novel proteins might be 'guilty by association' with BRCA1 and BRCA2
2003/11 BBC News Volcanic cancer clue research
 A Scottish scientist is hoping to discover more about how cancer is formed by studying an organism most commonly found in volcanic pools and polar ice.
2003/11 EurekAlert Researchers measure the 'heat of life,' offering clues to DNA damage
2003/11 Nature 426, 194 - 198  A DNA damage checkpoint response in telomere-initiated senescence
2003/11 Nature 426, 198 - 203  DNA self-recognition in the structure of Pot1 bound to telomeric single-stranded DNA
2003/11 EurekAlert Study suggests new view of gene activation as a dynamic process
2003/11 EurekAlert  Activity detailed for sirtuins, involved in metabolism, aging, gene expression
2003/11 Independent Iceland DNA study reveals key gene in osteoporosis
2003/11 EurekAlert Variants of BMP2 gene as genetic risk factors for osteoporosis
2003/10 時事通信
2003/10 Nature 425, 777 Genetics: Secrets of a porkier porker
2003/10 Nature 425, 832 - 836  A regulatory mutation in IGF2 causes a major QTL effect on muscle growth in the pig
鍵は遺伝子にあり 同種でも異なる気候下で異なる代謝率
2003/10 Nature 425, 779- 780 Metabolism: It's in the genes
2003/09 University of California  UCSD Researchers Discover Gene Able to Suppress Retrovirus Insertion Mutations
2003/09 Purdue University  newly discovered resistance gene that can kill the insect may add a new defensive weapon for the grain crop
慢性肝炎主犯変異遺伝子発見 TNFA-ht1
2003/09 韓国 中央日報
2003/09 EurekAlert Targeting transcription: New insights into turning genes on
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/08 EurekAlert  Gene that is crucial for antibody-producing cell development is key to blood cell cancer
2003/08 EurekAlert UNC studies identify key genes involved in blood vessel development
2003/07 EurekAlert  Animal studies show CA4P suppresses development and induces regression of ocular neovascularization
2003/07 BBC News Genetic link to heartburn
2003/07 EurekAlert  New approach to gene knockouts reveals the 'master planners' of the skeleton

past 進化がらみ

2003/12 Nature Science Update Coral reveals ancient origins of human genes
 Invertebrate DNA raises questions about evolution models.
2003/12 EurekAlert A first glance at global genetic networks
2003/08 Nature 424, 1061 - 1065
 Cephalopod Hox genes and the origin of morphological novelties
 身体的表現型の進化はわずか数個の遺伝子変化に左右される  ショウジョウバエに関する2研究から
2003/08 Nature 424, 894- 895 biology: Hotspots for evolution
2003/08 Nature 424, 931 - 935  Genetic mechanisms and constraints governing the evolution of correlated traits in drosophilid flies
形態的平行進化の複数の事例で shavenbaby/ovo 発現制御の変化がその基盤となっている
2003/08 Nature 424, 935 - 938  Regulatory evolution of shavenbaby/ovo underlies multiple cases of morphological parallelism
害虫と殺虫剤 わずか一つの遺伝子進化による耐性獲得
2003/07 University of Melbourne  Lone gene could force re-think on pest insect control

past 水平伝播

2003/07 Nature 424, 197 - 201
 Widespread horizontal transfer of mitochondrial genes in flowering plants
2003/07 EurekAlert  Plant genes imported from unrelated species more often than previously thought, IU biologists find

past イネの遺伝子

イネの遺伝子3万2千個解読 理研・農業生物資源研究所など
2003/07 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/07 化学工業日報
コメ実らす「花咲か遺伝子」発見 増収の可能性も
2003/07 asahi.com : サイエンス

past 植物の遺伝子

2003/12 EurekAlert Map of genes in plant root yields new tool for exploring tissue development
2003/12 EurekAlert Mustard-root map breaks new ground tracking gene expression
名木・巨木再生へ「遺伝子バンク」 林木育種センター
2003/11 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/08 EurekAlert  Purdue research plots new field in plant genomics
2003/08 EurekAlert  'MicroRNAs' control plant shape and structure
2003/07 EurekAlert Understanding gene function
 Salk study advances understanding of plant genes and their function
2003/07 National Science Foundation  New 'Knockout' Map Helps Study Gene Functions in Model Plant
2003/07 UC Davis Single Gene Controls Leaf Form
2003/07 Nature 424, 438 - 443  The expression domain of PHANTASTICA determines leaflet placement in compound leaves
2003/07 EurekAlert DNA profiling used on cannabis plants
2003/07 New Scientist DNA profiles link dope to its source

past チンパンジーの遺伝子

チンパンジーのゲノム地図概要版を公開 米国立ゲノム研
2003/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/12 Ananova How DNA divides man from chimps
2003/12 EurekAlert Chimp genome assembled
2003/12 Los Angeles Times Draft of Chimp Genetic Map Published
2003/12 Nature Science Update Chimp genome draft completed
チンパンジーの22番染色体配列をネットで公開 国立遺伝研
2003/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/09 BioMedNet News The churning grounds of the chimp genome
 chimp genome contains many more duplications than the human genome
チンパンジー22番染色体の解読完了 ヒト遺伝子と15%に違い
2003/07 毎日新聞
チンパンジー 22番染色体完全解読 韓国など 5ヶ国共同研究チーム
2003/07 韓国 中央日報

past イヌの遺伝子

2003/09 New York Times Scientific Team Puts Together a Rough Draft of a Dog Genome
2003/09 中央日報@韓国
2003/09 BBC News 'Walkies' through dog genome
2003/09 Ananova Dogs 'share 75% of human genes'
2003/09 EurekAlert Dog genome published by researchers at TIGR and TCAG
2003/09 Nature Science Update Dog genome unveiled
 Venter's poodle Shadow joins ranks of the sequenced.
イヌのゲノム解読  人間のベストフレンドはゲノムもやっぱり役に立つ
2003/10 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past ゼブラフィッシュの遺伝子

2003/10 EurekAlert  Zebrafish genetic research results in significant discovery for geobiologists
 The newly discovered gene starmaker encodes a protein that controls the size and formation of calcium carbonate crystals in 'ear stones'
2003/07 Nature 424, 375- 376 Developmental biology: A tale of tails

past 動物の遺伝子

2003/10 EurekAlert  Turkey genome research may help producers breed a better turkey
 first genome map, or genetic blueprint, of the domestic turkey
2003/08 Nature Science Update Mouse intelligence measured
 Rodent 'g' might reveal genes for intellect.
2003/07 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
カンガルー解析@オーストラリア vs. オポッサム解析〜アメリカ
2003/07 BioMedNet News Kangaroo versus opossum: which genome will win?

past 虫とかの遺伝子

2003/12 EurekAlert Pest control breakthrough - from a spider's stomach
 UK Team is first to use DNA-based techniques to analyse content of spiders' guts to identify prey
2003/11 BBC News Scientists hail new 'map of life'
 Biologists have produced a detailed map of protein interactions in a complex organism - the fruit fly.
2003/11 時事通信
2003/10 Purdue University  Scientists unraveling lice genome to halt blood-sucking pest
2003/10 BBC News Beetle enters genome spotlight
 The red flour beetle, a simple grain pest, is to have its genetic make-up decoded by scientists in the US.
2003/10 EurekAlert  K-State scientists' beetle chosen for national genome sequencing project
遺伝子1個の差で別種に カタツムリで新現象発見
2003/10 共同通信
2003/10 時事通信
2003/10 Nature 425, 679  Evolution: Single-gene speciation by left-right reversal
 Rei Ueshima and Takahiro Asami
幼虫→さなぎのスイッチ役遺伝子発見 野菜茶業研究所
2003/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
さなぎに変える遺伝子発見 カイコで、野菜茶業研究所
2003/10 共同通信
2003/08 EurekAlert Honeybee gene find ends 150-year search
2003/08 Nature Science Update Honeybee sex gene discovered
2003/08 EurekAlert Genes that paint fly derrieres hint at convergence
2003/07 EurekAlert
 Researchers locate tumor-suppressor gene in fruit flies that controls cell production, death

past 微生物の遺伝子

2003/12 EurekAlert  Scientists decode DNA of bacterium that cleans up uranium contamination and generates electricity
2003/12 EurekAlert Tools from the human genome project reveal a versatile microbe
2003/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
遺伝子交換細菌の脅威 他の細菌から薬剤耐性遺伝子を取り込む超耐性菌
2003/11 BBC News Danger of gene-swapping bacterium
 A superbug with resistance to virtually all known antibiotics gained its power by hijacking genes from other bugs.
比較ゲノミクス:2匹の線虫は1匹に勝る  Caenorhabditis briggsaeのゲノム解読
2003/11 Nature 426, 395- 396  Comparative genomics: Two worms are better than one
私たちの腸にはウイルスがうじゃうじゃ  腸内微生物のゲノム塩基配列解読
2003/10 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/10 Nature Genetics
2003/10 Nature Science Update Gut bugs sequenced   Faeces survey finds new viruses.
2003/09 時事通信
2003/09 BBC News Gene find could halt bug peril
  Scientists have discovered dozens of E.coli genes which could eventually help them cut the number of human infections.
海洋性シアノバクテリアのゲノム解読 数の多い2種の秘密が明らかに
2003/08 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/08 Nature web focus: Ocean Genomics
2003/08 Nature 424, 1001- 1002 Genome sequences from the sea
2003/08 Nature 424, 1037 - 1042 The genome of a motile marine Synechococcus
2003/08 Nature 424, 1042 - 1047
 Genome divergence in two Prochlorococcus ecotypes reflects oceanic niche differentiation
2003/08 Nature 424, 1047 - 1051
 Cyanophages infecting the oceanic cyanobacterium Prochlorococcu
2003/08 Nature 424, 1051 - 1054  Low-light-adapted Prochlorococcus species possess specific antennae for each photosystem
2003/08 EurekAlert  Genome sequence for tomato-infecting microbe may show how bacteria adapt to plant defenses
百日ぜき菌のゲノム解読 英サンガー研など
2003/08 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2003/08 韓国 中央日報
2003/08 BBC News Gene map of cough killer
2003/08 University of California
 Scripps Team Part of Collaboration that Reveals First Ecological Genomic 'Blueprints'
2003/08 Betterhumans Tiny Ocean Power Plants Sequenced
2003/08 EurekAlert  Genomes of tiny microbes yield clues to global climate change
2003/08 EurekAlert Microbes' 'blueprints' promise insights into oceans, more
2003/08 Nature Science Update First ocean bacteria sequenced
  Diminutive genomes hint at minimal DNA for photosynthesis
2003/08 Cornell University  Leading bacterial pathogen is sequenced, providing hope for new defenses in plant and possibly human disease, says Cornell researcher
SARS遺伝子データベースが始動 33ウイルスの配列データを掲載
2003/07 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/07 EurekAlert  On tap: Genomic sequence of an enemy of beer and bread
SARS感染路、遺伝子で解析 沖縄の研究グループ
2003/07 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/07 Nature 424, 194 - 197  Dosage sensitivity and the evolution of gene families in yeast

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