George El-Nimrは終末期医療にたずさわる精神科医)
2004/07 BBC News Dementia has dictated our history
 The course of history might have been very different if some of the world's past leaders and dictators had seen a psychiatrists
2004/07  Scotsman.com  Star Trek's 'Scotty' Diagnosed with Alzheimer's


2004/02 韓国 中央日報


2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 26 Estrogen Replacement Doesn't Lower Dementia Risk
エストロゲンだけのホルモン療法、痴呆を防いじゃくれません  かえって痴呆を進行させるかも
2004/06 EurekAlert Estrogen-alone hormone therapy could increase risk of dementia in older women
2004/06 EurekAlert Use of estrogen does not reduce risk of dementia in older women
2004/06 EurekAlert Estrogen therapy does not reduce dementia risk
2004/06 BBC News Dementia risk 'increased by HRT'
日 研究チーム 「白内障 手術で 痴ほう 改善」
2004/06 韓国 中央日報
イチョウ葉エキスと痴呆症をめぐる学術フォーラムを開催  Dr.W.シュワーベ製薬
2004/04 薬事日報


2004/07 EurekAlert Early warnings signs may signal presence of mild cognitive impairment
2004/07 EurekAlert Study: Dementia often undiagnosed in clinical settings
65歳 以上 年寄り 10% 痴ほう 症状
2004/06 韓国 中央日報
2004/04 Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2004, 8:178-184 Searching for genetic influences on normal cognitive ageing


2004/11 EurekAlert Neuronal excitability may hold key to age-related decline in learning and memory

2004/06 Nature 429, 883 - 891  Gene regulation and DNA damage in the ageing human brain
脳がぐっと年をとるのは40才 遺伝子作用が変化する
2004/06 The Globe and Mail Some brains are old at 40
2004/06 Genome News Network The Brain Starts to Change at Age 40
2004/06 FuturePundit: Gene Expression Shows Human Brains Age At Different Speeds
中年から 脳機能 遺伝子 変わる
2004/06 韓国 中央日報
2004/06 cnn.co.jp
2004/06 EurekAlert Damaged genes in aging human brain provide clues to cognitive decline
2004/06 EurekAlert Combination of factors helps estimate prognosis for patients with advanced dementia
2004/04 EurekAlert OHSU study: Rate of brain volume loss predicts dementia
脳海馬で女性ホルモン合成 川戸・東大教授ら解明 痴呆症克服に寄与期待
2004/01 Science News

ぼけと取り組む/ ぼけをふせごう


2004/12 EurekAlert Maintaining physical activity linked to less cognitive decline in older men
2004/12 WebMD Physical Activity in Old Age Keeps Mind Sharp
2004/11 San Francisco Chronicle Obesity tied to brain decline
2004/10 EurekAlert Calorie restriction leads to some brain benefits but not others in mice
2004/09 BBC News Walking link to low dementia risk
 Walking may protect the elderly from developing dementia
2004/08 EurekAlert Use it or lose it: Seniors need to socialize to keep communication skills
2004/08 American Physiological Society Regular physical activity really does boost immune system in older men
2004/07 EurekAlert Obesity, diet, inactivity linked to dementia risk


2004/07 Houston Chronicle You must remember this: Berries good for your memory
 Eating certain berries and vegetables on a regular basis now may keep you from age-related memory problems down the road.
2004/06 cnn.co.jp
2004/06 EurekAlert Being bilingual protects against some age-related cognitive changes, says new research
2004/06 Washington Post Bilingualism's Brain Benefits
2004/06 WebMD Bilingualism May Keep the Mind Young
2004/05 時事通信
2004/05 韓国 中央日報
2004/04 BBC News Test 'assists dementia treatment'
 A test which is used to help assess patients with dementia is a worthwhile exercise
2004/03 BBC News Ulcer drug may boost brainpower
リコリス(甘草) carbenoxolone
2004/03 Ananova Liquorice drug could curb memory loss
2004/03 Nature Science Update Liquorice extract sweetens old age
2004/03 New Scientist Liquorice drug boosts memory in elderly

物忘れに効く甘草抽出物  潰瘍治療薬の意外な効果
2004/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース
安い 簡単 お気軽  普通の人々のための痴呆症トラブル軽減策
2004/03 EurekAlert Going low tech, low cost to ease the terrors of dementia
2004/02 Science News, Vol. 165, No. 8, p.115 Neural Aging Walks Tall: Aerobic activity fuels elderly brains, minds
2004/02 EurekAlert Exercise sharpens focus, decision-making among aging adults
運動すれば 脳 老化 予防 可能
2004/02 韓国 中央日報


2004/12 読売 医療と介護
音楽療法:増える認知症、35年後「385万人」 厚労省が対策、サポート医育成へ
2004/12 毎日新聞
痴呆の新呼称は「認知症」 厚労省、行政用語を変更
検討会は候補を6つに絞り込み、9月から国民の意見を募集。その結果、適切な認識ができない痴呆 の特徴を表した「認知障害」が最も多く、「認知症」「記憶障害」「アルツハイマー」「もの忘れ症」 「記憶症」の順だった。ただ、「認知障害」はすでに精神医学分野で使われているため、今後混乱する 可能性があるとして、2位の「認知症」がふさわしいと判断した。
2004/11 共同通信
「痴呆」に代わる新名称6候補 厚労省が意見公募
2004/09 asahi.com : 健康
2004/09 薬事日報社
もの忘れ症、認知症などに変更へ 「痴呆」は介護予防に支障、と
2004/09 共同通信
2004/08 EurekAlert Researchers put gingko on trial for treatment of dementia
2004/07 BBC News Drug calms dementia agitation
 a drug which could treat some of the most distressing symptoms of dementia.
2004/07 EurekAlert Seroquel: New data supports use in treatment of agitation in elderly patients with dementia
2004/07 EurekAlert Medication helps quell the agitation of dementia
どう支える 孤立する痴ほう高齢者
2004/05 クローズアップ現代 NHK
「痴呆の呼び方見直して」 介護の専門家が厚労相に要望
2004/04 asahi.com : サイエンス
「痴呆」の呼称見直しへ 要望受け坂口厚労相が指示
2004/04 共同通信
2004/01 韓国 中央日報


2004/09 EurekAlert Brightly colored cups, plates spur food, beverage consumption in advanced Alzheimer's disease
2004/08 EurekAlert Caregivers get no emotional relief from institutionalizing relatives with dementia
2004/05 EurekAlert Enhanced counseling eases depression among people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease
2004/05 EurekAlert Hidden cost of depression in seniors: $9 billion in care from spouses, children
〔連載〕かれらを痴呆と呼ぶ前に 「自己開示」と「自己呈示」(1)の巻
2004/04 週刊医学界新聞 出口泰靖
2004/03 週刊医学界新聞
その8 「私の世界」に招き入れることの巻
2004/02 週刊医学界新聞
 「ボディフィールだー」出口泰靖のフィールドノート その7
サトリ,サトラレ,サトラサレ!?(3)の巻 出口泰靖
2004/01 週刊医学界新聞


2004/11 EurekAlert Hospitalization and restricted activity can lead to disability among elderly
2004/11 EurekAlert Study looks at events that lead to disability among the elderly
2004/11 EurekAlert Lower level of education can impede recovery in elderly after hospitalization
2004/10 EurekAlert Study finds potential new cause of mental decline in old age
 worse mental function is linked with abnormally enlarged channels around blood vessels in the brain.
2004/07 EurekAlert Significant drop in blood pressure may forecast dementia in the elderly
老人性痴呆の特効薬に挑む 排出されない成分探す  東北大未来科学技術共同研究センター
2004/05 共同通信
2004/05 韓国 中央日報
糖尿病 患者, 痴ほう 危険 高い
2004/05 韓国 中央日報
2004/05 EurekAlert Diabetes linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's in long-term study
2004/05 EurekAlert Diabetics at significantly higher risk for Alzheimer's disease
2004/05 BBC News Diabetes 'linked to Alzheimer's'
2004/04 EurekAlert Mid-life heart disease risk factors linked to dementia in late-life
2004/04 nwo.nl Damage to brain vessels increases the chance of dementia
アルツハイマー病リスクを高める遺伝子を持つ高齢者、ビタミン B12を摂らないと記憶力悪くなる
2004/04 韓国 中央日報
2004/04 EurekAlert Low vitamin B12 is associated with poorer memory in older people with high risk for Alzheimer's
たばこ吸う人、ぼけやすい? 非喫煙者の5倍早く進行 欧州調査
2004/03 時事通信
2004/03 WebMD Smoking Speeds Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease
 Smokers Decline Up to Five Times Faster Than Nonsmokers
2004/03 BBC News Smoking 'causes brain decline'
2004/03 EurekAlert Smoking linked to accelerated cognitive decline in the elderly


2004/07 The Globe and Mail Alzheimers not the only brain disorder
痴呆症:手術で治せる「特発性正常圧水頭症」 特徴は歩行障害、見逃さないで
2004/07 毎日新聞
特発性正常圧水頭症 痴呆症状 手術で改善
2004/07 読売 医療と介護
痴呆も種類いろいろ、治るものも 正常圧水頭症
2004/06 asahi.com : 健康
痴呆症の新しいタイプを特定  脆弱性X症候群の高齢男性キャリアにみられる痴呆
2004/01 EurekAlert Genetic screening recommended to detect new neurodegenerative disorder in men over age 50
2004/01 New Scientist New brain disease could be affecting many thousands


2004/06 New York Times Planning for the Long Goodbye
2004/06 ScienCentral Reagan Alzheimer's


2004/12 EurekAlert Fewer calories may slow Alzheimer's
2004/12 EurekAlert UCLA/VA research explains Alzheimer's link to diabetes; shows protective effect of low-fat diet
2004/11 読売 医療と介護
2004/11 EurekAlert Compound in apples may help fight Alzheimer's disease
2004/09 EurekAlert How a dietary supplement can protect against Alzheimer's disease
2004/09 EurekAlert DHA-rich diet protects brain from Alzheimer's damage, UCLA study shows
2004/09 USA TODAY More evidence fatty acid protects against Alzheimer's
2004/08 BBC News Work 'may ward off Alzheimer's'
 People who have mentally demanding jobs may be less likely to develop Alzheimer's
disease later in life
2004/08 EurekAlert The mentally-demanding job and development of Alzheimer's disease
2004/04 EurekAlert Study is another step in determining if curry can protect against Alzheimer's
2004/02 BioMedNet News Eating your way to Alzheimer's disease
 Reducing caloric intake could help prevent development of Alzheimer's disease
2004/02 Independent Mental exercise, low-fat diet and vitamins can delay Alzheimer's
2004/01 BBC News Vitamins 'cut Alzheimer's effect'
2004/01 Ananova Vitamin supplements 'may protect against Alzheimer's
2004/01 The Globe and Mail Vitamins E, C cut Alzheimer's risk, study says
大量のビタミン摂取でアルツハイマー予防? 米研究
2004/01 cnn.co.jp


2004/11 New York Times Alzheimer's Steals More Than Memory
2004/09 New York Times THE LONG GOODBYE
 Alzheimer's in the Living Room: How One Family Rallies to Cope
病をどう伝えたら・・・ 私はアルツハイマーです 語りはじめた人たち
2004/09 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/07 Psychiatr News 2004;39 32 For Alzheimer's Patients, Life May Be Better Than Caretakers Think
2004/07 EurekAlert Studies suggest people with early AD can still learn
2004/03 New York Times A Wife Learns to See With Alzheimer's Eyes
2004/01 EurekAlert Search for screening method to help decide when early-Alzheimer's patients should stop driving


2004/12 EurekAlert UCLA-VA study names India dietary staple as potential Alzheimer's weapon
2004/12 BBC News Cancer drug may treat Alzheimer's
2004/11 EurekAlert Jefferson neuroscientists studying new type of Alzheimer's drug to halt disease progression
2004/10 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Trojan-horse therapy blocks buildup of Alzheimer's plaque
2004/10 EurekAlert New oral vaccine for Alzheimer's disease
2004/09 (読売新聞)
2004/08 EurekAlert Immune therapy 'untangles' Alzheimer's disease
2004/08 BBC News Hope for an Alzheimer's vaccine
2004/08 EurekAlert Early clinical treatment can halt progression of Alzheimer's disease, UCI researchers find
2004/08 New Scientist Dietary neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's
 Neurotoxins from blue-green algae can accumulate in proteins might cause brain diseases
2004/07 Psychiatric Times Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease: A Comparative Overview
アルツハイマー病 治療 新薬 大規模 臨床試験  フランスの サノ−ピ-シンデラボ 製薬会社
2004/07 韓国 中央日報
2004/06 EurekAlert Study suggests how Alzheimer's patients can be trained
2004/05 New York Times When Alzheimer's Steals the Mind, How Aggressively to Treat the Body?


2004/12 Medical News Today Skin test may detect early onset of Alzheimer's
2004/12 BBC News Ten odours 'help spot dementia'
2004/12 EurekAlert Study finds lemons, lilac among top 10 smells that predict Alzheimer's Disease
2004/12 Telegraph Loss of smell offers clue to Alzheimer's
2004/12 news@nature.com Iris Murdoch's last book reveals early Alzheimer's
 Computer analysis of final novel shows signs of language decline.
2004/11 EurekAlert Iris Murdoch's last novel reveals first signs of Alzheimer's disease
2004/12 BBC News Murdoch novel reveals Alzheimer's
2004/11 EurekAlert Pet scans detect brain differences in people at risk for Alzheimer's
2004/11 BBC News Test could spot Alzheimer's early
 The Bio-Barcode-Assay can recognise ADDL, a protein that accumulates in the brains of sufferers.
2004/07 The Baltimore Sun  Imaging tools may speed detection of Alzheimer's
 PET scan, MRI advances seen as someday leading to early start of therapy
2004/07 ScienCentral  Alzheimer's ID
 a new tool may soon predict who will develop the disease even before symptoms occur.
アルツハイマー 早めの発見、進行遅らす  米元大統領の公表から10年、研究深まり新薬も
2004/06 asahi.com : 健康
2004/06 韓国 中央日報
2004/05 EurekAlert Researchers identify novel method of distinguishing Alzheimer's disease from other types of dementia
2004/05 EurekAlert SPECT imaging shows promise for accurate, early diagnosis of Alzheimer's
2004/04 EurekAlert Mayo researchers invent targeted imaging probe to aid early Alzheimer's diagnosis
2004/03 EurekAlert New study supports use of PET scans in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
新検査法はアルツハイマー病診断に役立つのか?  アミロイド斑と結合する放射性分子を脳スキャンで検出
2004/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2004/01 ScienCentral Preventing Alzheimer's
アルツハイマー病、早期診断へ  ベータアミロイドにくっつく新物質開発 大阪の企業
2004/01 asahi.com : 健康
2004/01 EurekAlert  New method of distinguishing Alzheimer's from Lewy body dementia
 Essential to differentiate between two types of dementia before treating
2004/01 EurekAlert  More sensitive test norms better predict who might develop Alzheimer's disease


2004/10 Bioresearch Online  Celera Diagnostics Identifies Gene Variants Associated With Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
アルツハイマーに新ワクチン 抗体つくるDNA利用
2004/09 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/07 EurekAlert Biology is not always destiny in Alzheimer's, says new twins data
2004/06 BBC News Gene loss linked to Alzheimer's
 Genes which play a key role in keeping our minds sharp gradually begin to turn off as we age
2004/04 EurekAlert OHSU researchers uncover genes involved in early stages of Alzheimer's disease
2004/04 EurekAlert Inactivation of Alzheimer's disease genes in mice causes dementia and brain degeneration
2004/03 EurekAlert Gladstone study reveals how genetic factor may increase risk for Alzheimer's disease
 Scientists zero in on toxicity of key protein, apoE4
2004/02 EurekAlert Genes influence memory in families with Alzheimer's disease
2004/01 ScienCentral Alzheimer's Gene
2004/01 EurekAlert Gene targeting prevents memory loss in Alzheimer's disease model


2004/04 EurekAlert Preliminary results are promising in Alzheimer's gene therapy trial
2004/04 Los Angeles Times Gene Therapy Appears to Slow Alzheimer's, Research Finds
2004/04 New Scientist Alzheimer's gene therapy trial shows early promise
2004/04 Telegraph New gene therapy to tackle dementia
遺伝子操作した皮膚組織を脳内に移植  外科的アルツハイマー治療の可能性
2004/04 BBC News Brain surgery treats Alzheimer's
2004/04 Nature Science Update GM skin cells help treat Alzheimer's?
GM皮膚細胞でアルツハイマー病治療  知能低下が半分に減速
2004/05 ネイチャーバイオニュース
理研 アルツハイマー病 実験的遺伝子治療に成功
2004/02 サイエンスニュース
2004/01 読売 医療と介護
2004/01 毎日新聞
2004/01 時事通信
2004/01 共同通信


2004/12 N Engl J Med Rivastigmine for Dementia Associated with Parkinson's Disease
2004/12 EurekAlert Findings show how toxic proteins rob Alzheimer's patients of memory
2004/10 EurekAlert Research uncovers role of Apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer's disease
2004/10 BBC News Molecule offers Alzheimer's hope
2004/10 EurekAlert Jefferson scientists uncover new evidence to help explain statins' effects in Alzheimer's disease
2004/10 EurekAlert Animal study suggests safer immunization approach to Alzheimer's
2004/10 EurekAlert Researchers identify brain protein that halts progression of Alzheimer's
2004/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/09 EurekAlert Alzheimer's disease is not accelerated aging
2004/09 BBC News Body can 'heal dementia itself'
 Scientists have harnessed the body's own natural defences against infection to make a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.
アルツハイマー病から脳の 老化制御機構を探る  新たなAmylospheroid仮説提唱と検証
2004/08 科学新聞
2004/08 EurekAlert Decreasing toxins in brains of Alzheimer's patients keep cognitive deficits at bay
現代の汚染が脳の病気を増やしている  アルツハイマー、パーキンソン、神経難病…
2004/08 The Observer Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases
 Scientists alarmed as number of cases triples in 20 years
2004/08 Independent Brain diseases treble in 20 years, says new report
2004/08 Science News, Vol. 166, No. 6, p. 83. Stopping Alzheimer's: Antibody thwarts disease in mice
2004/08 Nature 430, 631 - 639; doi:10.1038/nature02621 Pathways towards and away from Alzheimer's disease
アルツハイマー病 進行 遮断 タンパク質 発見
2004/08 韓国 中央日報
2004/07 Psychiatric Times Vol. XXI Issue 8  Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer's Disease
2004/07 news@nature.com Lithium may fend off Alzheimer's disease
2004/07 EurekAlert Minorities hardest hit by Alzheimer's disease
2004/07 EurekAlert Scientists target prime suspect in Alzheimer's disease
2004/07 EurekAlert Highlights of Washington University Alzheimer's Research at National Conference
2004/07 EurekAlert Research clarifies role of LR11 receptor in Alzheimer's disease
2004/07 BBC News Vitamin may ward off Alzheimer's
2004/07 HealthCentral.com Could Niacin Prevent Alzheimer's?
痴ほう, 脳細胞の発電所が故障  アルツハイマー病はミトコンドリアDNA管掌遺伝子の異常?
2004/07 韓国 中央日報
2004/06 EurekAlert Herpes tool allows researchers to customize Alzheimer's vaccine
2004/06 BBC News Doubt cast over Alzheimer's drugs
 Drugs widely used to treat Alzheimer's disease have little actual benefit, controversial research suggests.
2004/06 EurekAlert Tracking Alzheimer's
 By using positron emission tomography (PET) and a radioactive tracer that binds to amalyoid plaque, researchers can see the characteristic lesions of Alzheimer's disease in the brains of living subjects.
2004/06 EurekAlert Brain cell death in alzheimer's disease linked to protein accumulation and insulin biochemistry
2004/06 EurekAlert Altered protein involved in a novel link to Alzheimer's disease
2004/06 Washington Post Stem Cells An Unlikely Therapy for Alzheimer's
 Reagan-Inspired Zeal For Study Continues
2004/06 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Alzheimer's may leave some forms of memory intact
2004/06 Los Angeles Times Search Is On for Alzheimer's Cure as Boomers Age
2004/06 EurekAlert American Society of Neuroradiologists Annual Meeting
 Advances in diagnosis and treatment of autism, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, fetal brain imaging
2004/06 EurekAlert Antibody detection in Alzheimer's may improve diagnosis, treatment
2004/05 EurekAlert Alzheimer's pathology reduced, longevity improved in mouse model, Gladstone study shows
2004/05 EurekAlert Cancer drug resistance research leads to possible therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
2004/05 Scientific American Downsized Target
 A tiny protein called ADDL could be the key to Alzheimer's
2004/04 EurekAlert Alzheimer's disease - recent discoveries pave the way toward new treatments
2004/04 Nature Science Update Anti-stroke drug eases Alzheimer's symptoms
コレステロール低下薬がアルツハイマー病に効果  記憶力などの低下を緩和
2004/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2004/04 New York Times A Glimmer of Hope for Fading Minds
脳の神経細胞内でミトコンドリアが「窒息状態」 アルツハイマー仕組み解明
2004/04 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/04 BBC News How Alzheimer's kills off cells
2004/04 OregonLive.com Scientists better predict reduced life span with Alzheimer's
2004/04 EurekAlert Study identifies predictors of Alzheimer's disease longevity
アルツハイマー病, クラミジアと 連関ある
2004/03 韓国 中央日報
2004/03 EurekAlert Study supports new theory for nicotine's protective effect against neurodegenerative disorders
2004/03 EurekAlert A new hypothesis about Alzheimer's disease
 the disease arises as a consequence of inflammation, which creates abnormal metabolites out of normal brain molecules.
2004/03 EurekAlert Loss of smell linked to key protein in Alzheimer's disease
2004/02 BBC News Alzheimer's tracked in patients
 Doctors can clearly see and photograph how Alzheimer's disease progresses in living brains for the first time.
2004/02 EurekAlert New study may explain how fats damage neurons in Alzheimer's patients
2004/02 EurekAlert Possible mechanism for link between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease discovered
脳内の免疫細胞「ミクログリア」にアルツハイマーの原因物質除去する機能  東京都精神医学総合研究所
2004/02 毎日新聞
2004/02 読売新聞
男性ホルモン 不足ならば 痴ほう 危険
2004/01 韓国 中央日報
2004/02 Los Angeles Times Testosterone levels linked to Alzheimer's
2004/01 BBC News Proteins 'hold Alzheimer's key'
 apoliprotein E (apoE) and clusterin
2004/01 EurekAlert Two proteins may help prevent Alzheimer's brain plaques
2004/01 New York Times Drug Team May Stem Alzheimer's Effects
Pittsburgh Compound B (PIB)
2004/01 Betterhumans Brain Imaging Breakthrough for Alzheimer's
2004/01 Nature Science Update Test may aid Alzheimer's diagnosis
2004/01 EurekAlert Carnegie Mellon uses AFM to discover effects of experimental drugs on Alzheimer's plaques
2004/01 Nature Science Update Alzheimer's disease cause identified?
 Amyloid beta protein may trigger mental decline.
アルツハイマー病の原因を特定?  犯人はアミロイドβタンパク質か
2004/01 ネイチャーバイオニュース


2004/01 Nature Science Update Parkinson's misdiagnosed
 New condition explains some movement disorders and dementia.
2004/01 The Globe and Mail New neurodegenerative disease identified
本当にパーキンソン病ですか?  誤診されやすい遺伝病FXTAS
2004/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース

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