past 進化にまつわる考え方

2004/12 news@nature.com Natural selection acts on the quantum world
 Objective reality may owe its existence to a 'darwinian' process that advertises certain quantum states.
2004/11 Nature Heredity (2005) 94, 1-2. doi:10.1038/sj.hdy.6800608  News and Commentary _ Evolutionary genetics: The evolution of evolution
2004/10 EurekAlert Wistar study demonstrates heritability of non-genomic information
2004/10 EurekAlert Findings challenge Darwinian theory
 a creature's environment can be just as key in creating differences, also known as variations. the current 'genotype-precedes-phenotype' theory of evolution only explains about half of the examples : Richard Palmer
2004/10 Beliefnet.com Robert Wright, author of 'NonZero,' wrestles with philosopher Daniel Dennett and wins a point about the purpose of evolution.
 Planet with a Purpose
If Earth is an organism getting ever more complex, doesn't that mean humans might have been made for a reason?
2004/10 NONZERO Did I Misrepresent the Views of Dan Dennett?  by Robert Wright

past 古代のDNA解析

2004/12 news@nature.com Ancient mammal genes reconstructed
 Sequenced genomes provide key for tracing ancestral DNA.
2004/11 EurekAlert Computer analysis shows scientists could reconstruct the genome of the mammalian common ancestor
2004/12 BBC News Ancestor's DNA code reconstructed

past 過去の環境変動 過去の絶滅

2004/12 EurekAlert Regional recovery more rapid following late Ordovician extinction
2004/11 BBC News Bison shed light on big wipeout
 Genetic analysis of bison remains shows their populations started to crash around 37,000 years ago - long before humans arrived in the New World.
2004/11 New Scientist Climate helped wipe out large mammals
2004/11 San Francisco Chronicle Ancient bison done in by climate, not hunters
2004/11 Ananova Humans didn't wipe out bison
生態 : 種の灯火を守る最後の抵抗
2004/10 Nature@日本
2004/10 Nature 431, 684 - 689  Pleistocene to Holocene extinction dynamics in giant deer and woolly mammoth
2004/10 Nature 431, 639- 640 Palaeontology: Ecology of ice-age extinctions


2004/11 EurekAlert Dinosaur extinction occurred at peak of diversity
2004/10 Independent Dinosaurs were in their prime when meteorite impact wiped them out
2004/10 New Scientist Dinosaurs were struck down in their prime

past 進化研究

カール・ジンマー、大きいことは進化かな について語る
2004/12 New York Times 'Bigger Is Better' View of Evolution Gains Credence
検証 コープの法則:進化に従って往々にしてみられる生物の巨大化傾向
2004/11 Trends in Ecology & Evolution  The evolution of large size: how does Cope's Rule work?
2004/10 Nature 431, 1099 - 1103 Population density drives the local evolution of a threshold dimorphism

past 性の進化・性の起原

植物:「自殖」の進化証明 ダーウィンの仮説裏付け
清水研究員らは、世界21地域のシロイヌナズナの遺伝子を最新技術で解析。自分の花粉を拒絶するSCR遺伝子などが壊れているために自殖できるが、壊れた遺伝子の塩基配列が互いに極めて似ており、特定の自殖種だけが進化の過程で生き残ったと判明した。 時期は32万年前以内のごく最近と算出。シロイヌナズナは氷河期から温暖化に向かう約1万7000〜1万年前に繁殖地域が急に拡大したとされ、この時期だったと推定している。清水研究員は「急速に繁殖範囲を広げる時、相手が不要な自殖は有利
2004/12 毎日新聞
2004/12 (時事通信)
2004/11 EurekAlert Sex versus survival: A tradeoff at geographical range limits
 plants growing in harsh northern climates are losing the ability to reproduce sexually, an evolutionary phenomenon similar to the loss of sight in cave-dwelling fish.
2004/11 EurekAlert Mayo Clinic discovers one mechanism for why men and women differ in immune response

past 日本で化石

最古級のニホンジカ化石 20万年前、絶滅種のカメも
2004/11 (共同通信)
エボシガイ属の新種化石発見 岐阜の河川敷、アジア最古

2004/11 asahi.com : サイエンス

past 鳥の過去と進化

見た目と実体は大違い 鳥の各種の近縁度、容姿形態とはほど遠いこと多し
2004/12 New Scientist Birds of a feather not related to each other
2004/12 Nature Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution
鶏のゲノム解析の概要版でき上がる 鳥類では初
2004/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/12 University of California - San Diego UCSD researchers derive lessons about human evolution from chicken genome
2004/12 EurekAlert Researchers compare chicken, human genomes
2004/12 BBC News Chicken gives up genetic secrets
2004/12 Medical News Today How Does a Chicken's Sense of Smell Help us Understand Human Health and Disease?
2004/12 Chicago Tribune  Genomes of a feather
2004/12 Los Angeles Times The Chicken's Genetic Code Is Cracked
アッという間に進化するツバメのお尻 カール・ジンマー
2004/11 New York Times Sexier Posterior Evolves Almost Overnight
2004/11 Nature An obligate brood parasite trapped in the intraspecific arms race of its hosts
孵化直前のヒナ化石発見 羽毛生えそろう 中国・遼寧
2004/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
鳥類化石:ふ化前のひな、約1億年前の地層から 中国
2004/10 毎日新聞
初期鳥類は早熟だった 中国で最古級の化石発掘
2004/10 (共同通信)
2004/10 BBC News Feathered embryo found in China
2004/10 National Geographic Earliest Unhatched-Bird Fossil Found - Old as Dinosaurs

鳥?  恐竜?

鳥の祖先は翼4つ? 中国で後ろ脚にも羽毛の化石
2004/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
進化: 飛翔に足も使った化石鳥類
2004/10 Nature@日本
脚にふさふさ羽毛の鳥化石 4翼飛行起源説有力に
2004/10 (共同通信)
2004/10 Nature 431, 925 Palaeontology: Leg feathers in an Early Cretaceous bird
2004/10 Nature 431, 838 - 841 A new troodontid dinosaur from China with avian-like sleeping posture
2004/10 Nature@日本
恐竜も鳥のように眠る? 中国で新種の恐竜化石
2004/10 (共同通信)
2004/10 news@nature.com Fossil dinosaur slept like a bird
 'Sleeping dragon' may have been trying to stay warm while it snoozed.
2004/10 BBC News 'Sleeping dragon' had bird repose
2004/10 Telegraph Chinese dragon caught napping after 130m years
2004/10 Guardian Dinosaur that slept like a bird
2004/10 National Geographic Fossil Shows Dinosaur Died In Its Sleep

past 恐竜たち

新種の恐竜の化石発見 ブラジル南部
2004/12 (共同通信)
2004/12 BBC News New dinosaur uncovered in Brazil - Unaysaurus tolentinoi
2004/12 Nature@日本
2004/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/12 毎日新聞
2004/12 Nature Palaeobiology: Argentinian unhatched pterosaur fossil
2004/12 Nature Palaeontology: Pterosaur egg with a leathery shell
2004/11 BBC News Britain's biggest dinosaur found
2004/11 Guardian Fossils reveal Britain's largest dinosaur
2004/11 EurekAlert Dinosaurs in bullet-proof vests
2004/11 New Scientist Dinosaurs' 'bulletproof' armour revealed
2004/11 EurekAlert Seismosaur cut down to size
  The longest animal that ever lived just got 40 percent shorter. A reappraisal of Seismosaurus has chopped it from 170 feet about the length of ten hummers to about 110 feet a bit more than six hummers.
2004/11 EurekAlert Plentiful fossils of dinosaur contemporary allow population study
恐竜の化石が大量発掘 宝城郡得粮面(ポソングン・ドゥクリャンミョン)の海辺
2004/10 中央日報@韓国
2004/10 news@nature.com Molecular clock tied to fossil record
 Evolutionary trees may finally provide answers everyone can agree on.
化石 : 新属新種恐竜の登場
2004/10 Nature@日本
肉食恐竜ティラノサウルス類に羽毛 中国で新種化石  「ディロング(皇帝竜)・パラドクサス」
2004/10 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/10 news@nature.com Feathered ancestor of T. rex unearthed
 Fossil strengthens case for downy monsters.
2004/10 Nature 431, 680 - 684 Basal tyrannosauroids from China and evidence for protofeathers in tyrannosauroids
2004/10 BBC News Fierce T. rex's 'fluffy' history
2004/10 New Scientist T. rex descended from feathered ancestor
2004/10 New York Times Flighty Side of T. Rex, a New Link
羽毛持つティラノサウルス 最古の化石、中国で発掘
2004/10 (共同通信)

past 猿の過去と進化

2004/11 Science Direct A paradox in the evolution of primate vocal learning


新種類人猿化石:スペインで発見 ヒトの起源の解明なるか
2004/11 毎日新聞
ヒトとゴリラの共通祖先? 1300万年前の化石発見
2004/11 asahi.com : サイエンス
pierolapithecus catalaunicus
2004/11 BBC News 'Original' great ape discovered
2004/11 news@nature.com Ancient ape gives clue to family origins
 Fossil from 13 million years ago sheds light on human split from apes.
2004/11 Washington Post Fossil May Show Ape-Man Ancestor
 Bones Found in Spain Are Called Landmark in Evolution
2004/11 New York Times Fossils Found in Spain Seen as Last Link to Great Apes
2004/11 New Scientist Not all great apes were swingers
2004/11 Ananova The 'original' great ape?
2004/11 EurekAlert New fossil may be closest yet to ancestor of all great apes
2004/11 EurekAlert Endurance running may be key to evolution of human body form
2004/11 EurekAlert How running made us human
2004/11 Guardian Ape discovery fills gap in evolutionary jigsaw
2004/11 The Globe and Mail Newly discovered Spanish fossil may be the ancestor of all the great apes
デズモンド・モリス、フローレス人がらみで一論争  各界の宗教者の反応
2004/11 BBC News 'What does it mean to be human?'
 "The existence of 'Mini-Man' should destroy religion," claims Desmond Morris.

past 脳の進化

2004/11 news@nature.com Energetic cells may have boosted the brain
 Did rapid mutation of cell powerhouses guide our neural evolution?

past 哺乳類や有胎盤類の過去と進化

犬にはどうしてあんなにいろいろな見た目があるの?  形態変化と分子進化
2004/12 EurekAlert Research points to new theory driving evolutionary changes
2004/11 BBC News Ancient bear made early migration
2004/11 University of Alaska Fairbanks Ancient fossil offers new clues to brown bears past
2004/11 Nature Nonindependence of mammalian dental characters
2004/11 New Scientist Rogue finger gene got bats airborne
2004/11 EurekAlert Earliest tracks of 4-legged stroll
  Our four-legged, five-toed ancestors conquered the land earlier and more independently than expected, say paleontologists studying newfound 345 to 359-million-year-old tracks at an eroding beach in eastern Canada.
台風去り古代ゾウ足跡出現 滋賀、200万年前に生息
2004/11 (共同通信)
2004/10 EurekAlert Emory study details dolphin brain evolution for the first time
2004/10 New Scientist Dolphins' big brains evolved in spurts

past 爬虫類とかの進化

2004/11 National Geographic Lizards Help Explain Survival of the Not-So-Fittest
2004/11 Nature@日本
2004/11 Nature Physical performance and darwinian fitness in lizards
2004/11 Nature Predator-induced behaviour shifts and natural selection in field-experimental lizard populations
2004/11 Nature Triassic marine reptiles gave birth to live young
進化 : 赤ん坊を宿した爬虫類の化石 ケイチョウサウルス(貴州竜)
2004/11 Nature@日本
中国で胎児宿した化石発見 首長竜も赤ちゃんで誕生?
2004/11 (共同通信)
「新種」の両生類化石を発見 米ペンシルベニア州
2004/11 cnn.co.jp

past 魚類の過去と進化

2004/11 EurekAlert Genome of ancient fish could reveal evolutionary mysteries, Stanford scientists say
2004/11 EurekAlert Scientists advocate genomic sequencing of 'living fossil'
2004/11 news@nature.com Fish with cleft lip solves evolution riddle
 Gap-toothed species shines light on nostril development
2004/10 Nature@日本
2004/10 Nature 431, 1048 Evolutionary biology: Mortality and lifespan
2004/10 Nature 431, 1095 - 1099 Effect of extrinsic mortality on the evolution of senescence in guppies
2004/10 Nature 431, 844 - 847 Hedgehog signalling controls eye degeneration in blind cavefish

past 昆虫とかの過去と進化

2004/12 EurekAlert Ants' 'genetic engineering' leads to species interdependency
 Findings reported this week reveal how an evolutionary innovation involving the sharing of genes between two ant species has given rise to a deep-seated dependency between them for the survival of both species populations. The new work illustrates how genetic exchange through interbreeding between two species can give rise to a system of interdependence at a high level of biological organization
2004/11 BBC News Bees survived dino extinction
2004/11 Nature Evolutionary biology: Butterfly mimics of ants
2004/11 Nature The evolution of alternative parasitic life histories in large blue butterflies
2004/11 EurekAlert Honeybees defy dino-killing 'nuclear winter'
2004/11 news@nature.com Spider webs untangle evolutionハ
Similarity of construction shows 'convergent evolution' applies to behaviour.

past 微生物の進化

2004/10 New Scientist Bacteria are genetically modified by lightning

past その他生物進化

2004/12 EurekAlert Weizmann Insitute scientists show how proteins beat the evolutionary stakes
2004/12 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/12 EurekAlert Human gland probably evolved from gills
2004/12 Ananova Humans may still have gills
2004/12 BBC News Gill theory of human glands
2004/12 EurekAlert Revisiting the vertebrate invasion of the land
 Seven papers that expand upon recent research into the origin of tetrapods and their invasion of the land during the Devonian period appear in the September/October 2004 issue of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.
2004/11 Nature Evolutionary biology: Light on ancient photoreceptors
2004/11 EurekAlert Sea change: Skeletons of ancient corals different from today's
2004/11 EurekAlert Four new vertebrate fossil finds in Ischigualasto, Argentina
2004/11 Nature Ecosystem remodelling among vertebrates at the Permian-Triassic boundary in Russia
2004/11 Nature Wandering nostrils
2004/11 Nature The origin of the internal nostril of tetrapods
2004/11 New Scientist Fish fossil confirms origin of nostrils
進化 : 化石魚類から内鼻孔の起源をかぎつける
2004/11  Nature@日本
2004/11 EurekAlert Who laid the first egg?
 In 1998, Shuhai Xiao and colleagues reported finding thousands of 600 million year old embryo microfossils in the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation. In 2000, Xiao's team reported the discovery of a coral-like animal that might be a candidate for parenthood. Now they may be able to link the embryo fossils to the coral-like animal.
2004/10 news@nature.com Marine worm sports two kinds of 'eyes'
  Vertebrate and insect vision may have evolved from the same precursor.
2004/10 EurekAlert Darwin's greatest challenge tackled: the mystery of eye evolution
2004/10 Nature 431, 980 - 984 Performance of maximum parsimony and likelihood phylogenetics when evolution is heterogeneous
2004/10 Nature 431, 978 - 980 A Silurian sea spider
2004/10 EurekAlert Ancient sea spider fossils discovered in volcanic ash
2004/10 BBC News Early sea spider flashes pincers
2004/10 Discovery Ancient Clams Lived 120 Years
2004/10 ScienceDaily Biologists ID Molecular Block For Social 'Cheaters': Gene's Dual Role In Cooperation, Reproduction Provides Evolutionary Protection
2004/10 Nature 431, 841 - 844 Adaptation varies through space and time in a coevolving host-parasitoid interaction

past その他古生物学

2004/12 Current Opinion in Chemical Biology Volume 8, Issue 6 , December 2004, Pages 654-659  The place of metabolism in the origin of life
2004/12 EurekAlert Study resolves doubt about origin of Earth's oldest rocks, possibility of finding traces of life
2004/12 Scientific American How do paleontologists determine the sex of a fossilized creature?

past そのほか

2004/10 BBC News Ancient fungus 'revived' in lab
 Fungus from a deep-sea sediment core that is hundreds of thousands of years old can grow when placed in culture

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