ヒトの進化、古人類学 人間の祖先:

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past ヘアスタイル

髪は長〜いトモダチ 毛皮とはチガウモノ なぜ2〜6年も伸び続けるのか
2004/12 ScienceDaily After Combing The Scientific Literature, Researchers Conclude Head Hair And Fur Aren't The Same
2004/12 Washington University School Of Medicine In St. Louis Don't call it fur!
頭ジラミの2系統  ホモ・サピエンスは頭ジラミをホモ・エレクトゥスからうつされた
2004/10 news@nature.com Early man left trail of lice
 Our ancestors may have caught nits from their primitive cousins.
2004/10 New Scientist Lice may reveal early human interaction
2004/10 EurekAlert Head lice reveal contact between modern and ancient humans
2004/10 EurekAlert Of lice and men
2004/10 Washington Post Genetic Study of Lice Hints At Clash of Archaic Humans
2004/10 PLoS Biology Genetic Analysis of Lice Supports Direct Contact between Modern and Archaic Humans
2004/10 The Scientist Lice tell mankind's story
2004/10 The Loom: If These Lice Could Talk
2004/10 PLoS Biology Genetic Analysis of Lice Supports Direct Contact between Modern and Archaic Humans

past ヒト進化の考察

2004/12 PR Web Hominids Learnt Their Skills From Birds
 The human species would not exist today if not for a clever group of young Australopithecines who followed birds to food sources 3 million years ago.
 なんだ?この Superpsychology って
2004/11 Nature Endurance running and the evolution of Homo
2004/11 Nature@日本
2004/11 BBC News Running 'key to human evolution'
2004/11 New Scientist Evolution made humans marathon runners
2004/11 news@nature.com Distance running 'shaped human evolution'
 Our African ancestors may have been talented endurance athletes.
2004/11 The Christian Science Monitor Marathoners at a really early age
2004/11 The Harvard Crimson Early Humans Ran Wild
2004/11 New York Times Running Extra Mile Sets Humans Apart in Primates' World
おばあさん仮説/おばあちゃん効果 高齢者比率の変遷
2004/11 ScienCentral Cave Grandma
 3万年前にみられる寿命変化と人口増加 おばあちゃん仮説
2004/07 New Scientist Elderly crucial to evolutionary success of humans
2004/07 EurekAlert Old is young, study finds
 The number of people surviving to an older age more than quadrupled during the early Upper Paleolithic Period
2004/07  Betterhumans  We May Owe it All to Longevity
2004/07 BBC News Grannies gave evolutionary boost
2004/07  Discovery  Longer Lives Made Civilization Possible
人類進化のカギは「おばあちゃん効果」 米研究
2004/07 cnn.co.jp

past 高地民族の進化

2004/09 news@nature.com Tibetans show 'evolution in action'
 A gene for well oxygenated blood is spreading in the Himalayas.
高地に適応した進化のバリエーション、遺伝子解析で確認  チベット、アンデス、エチオピア、ボリビア
2004/02 Nature Science Update High life prompts genetic shift
 Extreme altitudes have created different coping strategies.
高地民族の遺伝子に大きな個人差  その昔、高地への大量移住があったらしい
2004/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past ヒト進化と遺伝子

2004/12 FuturePundit: Many Genes Changed To Make Human Ancestors Progressively Smarter
2004/12 National Academy of Sciences  Detecting genetic drift versus selection in human evolution
2004/09 PLoS Biology Population History and Natural Selection Shape Patterns of Genetic Variation in 132 Genes
2004/03 National Geographic Prehistoric DNA to Help Solve Human-Evolution Mysteries?
プリオンと人喰いとヒトゲノム  PRNP遺伝子、そして人間の認知能力バリエーション&認知能力進化
2004/03 FuturePundit: Cannibals Differ In Cognitive Ability To Protect Against Prion Disease?
ヒト進化の交差点:遺伝学と古生物学の統合  歯のエナメル質厚からの考察
2004/02 ScienceDaily Human Evolution At The Crossroads: Integrating Genetics And Paleontology
超古代のDNA解析も可能かもしれない  はるか500万年前からのホミニッド系統樹を作れるかも
2004/02 BBC News Hunt for ancient human molecules
人類の遺伝子にくっきり刻み込まれている過去の伝染病災禍跡 IL-4
2004/01 BioMedNet News Pathogens maketh man
2004/01 National Geographic 'Emerging Explorer' Uses DNA to Unlock Our History

past ヒト、チンパンジー、霊長類

研究者訪問:類人猿ゲノムからヒトの起源を探る - 斎藤成也 国立遺伝学研究所教授
2004/09 Nature@日本
変異速度がヒトでいくぶん速げ? 霊長類遺伝子比較
2004/08 EurekAlert Humans march to a faster genetic 'drummer' than primates, UC Riverside research says
2004/07 EurekAlert Growth study of wild chimpanzees challenges assumptions about early humans
2004/07 EurekAlert Comparing primate genomes offers insight into human evolution
理研グループ 人とチンバンジーの違い 従来の説より大きかった
2004/06 科学新聞
2004/04 BBC News New light shed on chimp genome
2004/04 Yahoo! News Use of genes shapes difference between humans, chimps: scientist
霊長類、視覚の発達と引き換えに嗅覚が衰退 遺伝子解析で確認
2004/01 ▼日本語記事 (時事通信)
2004/01 The Loom(Carl Zimmer) The Howler Test
2004/01 EurekAlert Primates trade smell for sight
2004/01 New York Times What's That Odor? Better Ask a Monkey
2004/01 Nature 427, 208 Evolutionary biology: Our relative genetics

past ヒト脳の進化

2004/12 EurekAlert Evidence that human brain evolution was a special event
2004/12 Independent Genetic 'overdrive' that made the human brain special is discovered
2004/12 Guardian Human brain result of 'extraordinarily fast' evolution
2004/12 EurekAlert University of Chicago researchers discovered that humans are a 'privileged' evolutionary lineage
2004/11 news@nature.com Energetic cells may have boosted the brain
 Did rapid mutation of cell powerhouses guide our neural evolution?
2004/09 The Scientist Enhancing the hominoid brain
 Study finds that retrotransposition sped up glutamate metabolism in ape and human brains
進化 : 人類に「幼児期」が誕生する前の幼児
2004/09 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 299 - 302; doi:10.1038/nature02852 Early brain growth in Homo erectus and implications for cognitive ability
2004/04 New York Times Swelled Heads
240万年前 咀嚼力の減少でヒト脳進化 MYH16
2004/03 Nature@日本
2004/03 Nature 428, 373- 374 Human genetics: Muscling in on hominid evolution
2004/03 Nature 428, 415 - 418 Myosin gene mutation correlates with anatomical changes in the human lineage
2004/03 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/03 読売 医療と介護
2004/03 (共同通信)
2004/03 San Francisco Chronicle Theory thrusts jaws into evolution debate
2004/03 EurekAlert Myosin mutant points to human origins
2004/03 Guardian Weak jaws key to evolution
2004/03 Nature Science Update Jaw-dropping theory of human evolution
2004/03 New Scientist Early humans swapped bite for brain
2004/03 New York Times Less Jaw, Big Brain: Evolution Milestone Laid to Gene Flaw
2004/03 Washington Post Pre-Humans May Have Traded Killer Jaws for Bigger Brains
ヒト進化の鍵? 顎に関わる突然変異遺伝子をめぐる論争
2004/03 ワイアードジャパン
2004/03 The Loom: Chew On This
2004/02 BBC News Human brain began evolving early
2004/01 EurekAlert Gene may be key to evolution of larger human brain
2004/01 BBC News Gene 'helped create human brain' ASPM
2004/01 AScribe  Scientists Discover Gene Essential for Development of Normal Brain Connections Resulting From Sensory Input
2004/01 New York Times Evolution of Gene Related to Brain's Growth Is Detailed
2004/01 EurekAlert Gene may be key to evolution of larger human brain

past ヒト進化と性淘汰

2004/12 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: How polygyny triggers human sexual dimorphism
2004/09 EurekAlert Genes expose secrets of sex on the side
2004/09 FuturePundit: Humans Have Been Polygamous For Most Of History

past ヒト言語の進化

ディーン・フォーク Dean Falk
2004/12 Guardian Baby talk key to evolution
 Dean Falk/ Constraints on brain size: The radiator hypothesis

言語系統と 遺伝系統

2004/06 Estudios de Psicolog?a, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 169-182(14)  Human origins and migrations and genetics of languages
言語の起源を生物学的に掘り当てる  遺伝子系統とパラレルに存在する言語系統樹
2004/03 New York Times A Biological Dig for the Roots of Language

past ヒトはどこに生まれ、どう移住して地球上に広がっていったか

2004/12 Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Haplogroup E3b and Ancient Jews
2004/09 EurekAlert 'Most recent common ancestor' of all living humans surprisingly recent
進化 : 血のつながりは運命しだい
2004/10 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 518- 519 Human evolution: Pedigrees for all humanity
2004/09 Nature 431, 562 - 566 Modelling the recent common ancestry of all living humans
ヒト変異が過去のどこで起きたかを推察します  人類移住シミュレーション
2004/01 EurekAlert Human migration tracked in Stanford computer simulation

past アフリカから地に満ちた人類

2004/12 American Journal of Physical Anthropology  Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplotypes reveal maternal population genetic affinities of Sea Island Gullah-speaking African Americans
2004/09 EurekAlert Hunting illusive signs of natural selection
 The move from Africa into the rest of the world provided environmental challenges that are visible in our genetic makeup if one looks very carefully
2004/07 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Bloody stone tools tell hominids' tales
 Two million-year-old blood and fat on stone tools found in South Africa are giving clues about what hominids ate and how they lived
2004/06 Estudios de Psicolog?a, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 129-147(19)  Ecology, behaviour and hominid paleo-ethoecology: A critical review on the biological and cultural evolution of the first African hominids
2004/04 The Scientist Human Origins from Afar
 Sands and sediments in one corner of Ethiopia provide a time machine to revisit whence we came
2004/01 IRIN ETHIOPIA: IRIN interview with leading paleanthropologist Tim White
祖先の地を見においでませ  エチオピア:考古学と古生物学で観光振興
2004/01 allAfrica.com  Ethiopia: Archeology And Paleontology to Boost Tourism Revenue

past ヨーロッパに昔住んでいた人類たち

2004/11 Nature@日本
2004/11 Nature Neanderthals and the modern human colonization of Europe
2004/08 BBC News Anglo-Saxon 'princess' shows face
サクソン人のプリンセスと対面 1,500年前の女性の頭蓋骨から復元した「顔」を博物館に展示
2004/08 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
35万年前の悲劇@スペイン北部  洞窟に埋もれていた数十体の古代人骨 虐殺か流行病か
2004/05 BBC News Disaster may have killed ancients
2004/03 Aftenposten Multimedia Stone Age child's bones found in Aukra
 Aukra in Romsdal, north-central Norway. around 6,000 years ago.
2004/03 BBC News Teeth unravel Anglo-Saxon legacy  

past シベリアの人類

2004/01 National Geographic Ancient Tools Unearthed in Siberian Arctic
 シベリア生活を経てきた祖先たち 〜Douglas C. Wallace
2004/01 New York Times Ice Age Ancestry May Keep Body Warmer and Healthier
2004/01 University of California  Ancient DNA mutations permitted humans to adapt to colder climates
シベリアに3万年前の遺跡 北極圏で2番目の古さ
2004/01 ▼日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/01 BBC News 'New World' link to Arctic find
2004/01 Guardian Siberian Arctic colonised 30,000 years ago
2004/01 New Scientist Ancient site hints at first US settlers
2004/01 The Globe and Mail Find puts humans in Arctic 30,000 years ago

past アジアに昔住んでいた人類たち

2004/12 Discovery The Hidden History of Men
 A research team braves Central Asia to capture a surprising genetic record of human migration and military conquest
2004/11 China Daily Peking Man's digs gets archaeological redo
2004/10 毎日新聞
2004/09 EurekAlert Out of Africa: Scientists find earliest evidence yet of human presence in Northeast Asia
 Early humans lived in northern China about 1.66 million years ago
2004/09 EurekAlert Out of Africa: Scientists find earliest evidence yet of human presence in Northeast Asia
考古 : 東への長征
2004/09 Nature@日本
中国石器:東アジア最古級 アフリカ原人、一気にアジアへ
2004/09 毎日新聞
2004/09 Nature 431, 559 - 562 New evidence on the earliest human presence at high northern latitudes in northeast Asia
2004/09 The Christian Science Monitor Signs of an earlier American
 Al Goodyear is holding his breath in anticipation. Within days, the affable archaeologist expects to read the results of lab tests indicating that stone tools he recently found in South Carolina are 25,000 years old - or older.
遺伝 : 漢文化の拡散
2004/09 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 302 - 305; doi:10.1038/nature02878 Genetic evidence supports demic diffusion of Han culture can Psychological Association
2004/07 Yahoo! News Fearing collapse, Chinese scientists rush to reinforce Peking Man's cave
人類の東洋進出は180万年前?…ジャワ原人調査  国立科学博物館の海部陽介研究官ら
2004/07 (読売新聞)
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
石頭はおとこどうしの闘いのせいで形作られた?  北京原人とジャワ原人の不思議な頭骨の形
2004/02 Natural History Magazine Headstrong Hominids
 The mysterious skulls of Java man and Peking man may have evolved because males were clubbing each other in fights.
2004/02 CNN Scientists: Hard heads a key to survival
 Clubbing heads may have been part of mating rituals
人類の祖先は殴り合いで異性を獲得? 米アイオワ大の人類学者ラッセル・シオチョン氏著書の仮説
2004/02 cnn.co.jp
<化石発見>世界考古学・生物学界が済州道に注目  南済州道(ナムチェジュド)で発見された化石地帯
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
人の足跡がくっきり 南方から到来の可能性も
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
旧石器人の足跡化石を発見 アジア初
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
2004/02 中央日報@韓国
2004/02 中央日報@韓国

past アメリカ大陸に昔住んでいた人類たち

2004/12 American Journal of Physical Anthropology  Is haplogroup X present in extant South American Indians?
 mtDNA haplogroup X is not present in extant South American Indians
2004/12 American Journal of Physical Anthropology  Land, language, and loci: mtDNA in Native Americans and the genetic history of Peru
2004/11 cnn.co.jp
2004/11 CNN Scientist: Man in Americas earlier than thought
 Archaeologists put humans in North America 50,000 years ago
2004/11 スミソニアン博物館 America's First Immigrants
2004/09 EurekAlert A new tribe?
 A new tribe is emerging from Mexico's scorched earth.
2004/09 news@nature.com Who discovered the Americas?
 Skull analysis suggests Australians got there first.
2004/09 BBC News Tribe challenges American origins
2004/06 EurekAlert Ancient maps and corn help track the migrations of indigenous people
2004/05 EurekAlert Human settlements already existed in the Amazon Basin (Ecuador) 4000 years ago
2004/02 BBC News Seafaring clue to first Americans

past 過去人類研究

2004/12 Telegraph Believe it or not, they're all the same species
2004/10 The Loom: More on Common Ancestors
2004/07 National Geographic Ancient Skeleton Collection Yields Cancer Clues
遺伝病の最古の記録 150万年前の2才の歯からエナメル質形成不全症
2004/06 EurekAlert Earliest evidence of hereditary genetic disorder discovered by Hebrew University researchers
化石になったウンチが教えてくれる古代人の世界  DNA調査もできちゃいます
2004/06 The Globe and Mail The poop on ancient man
 Fossilized feces are a veritable trove of human DNA and could answer a host of questions about the hunter-gatherer life thousands of years ago.
2004/06 New Scientist Early hominid ears primed for speech
2004/06 Independent Early humans may have started talking half a million years ago
2004/03 EurekAlert Proven method of bone analysis may clarify human origins
古代人の左利き@氷河期 手形調査から
2004/02 BBC News Left-handedness common in Ice Age

past 物議をかもす新発見のヒト祖先化石や遺跡たち

2004/12 The Times Dispute over 'oldest tooth'
2004/10 EurekAlert Discovery of the oldest remains of a woman who died in childbirth
2004/10 ABCNEWS.com Discovery Keeps Human Origin Debate Alive
 Discovery of Possible Homo Erectus Bones Keeps Alive the Debate Over Human Origins in Americas
2004/09 EurekAlert Chimp-sized hominid walked upright on two legs six million years ago
2004/09 New Scientist Human ancestors quickly found their feet
2004/09 Los Angeles Times Human Gait Developed Well Before 'Lucy'
2004/09 National Geographic Fossil Pushes Upright Walking Back 2 Million Years
<猿人>600万年前に二足歩行 骨のCT分析で判明
2004/09 (毎日新聞)
考古学 : 最初の芸術文化の担い手は誰?@オーリニャック型人工遺物
2004/07 Nature@日本
2004/07 Nature 430, 198 - 201; doi:10.1038/nature02690  Unexpectedly recent dates for human remains from Vogelherd
2004/07 Washington Post Study Finds Craftsmen Might Be Neanderthal
2004/07 news@nature.com Fossil findings blur picture of art's birth
 Who created the earliest artwork?
ケニアで小さな頭の原人化石を発見 100万年前暮らす
2004/07 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/07 New Scientist Petite skull reopens human ancestry debate
2004/07 New York Times Skull Fossil Gives Clues on Species
2004/07 Scientific American Ancient African Skull Fills Gap, Fuels Debate
2004/07 BBC News Skull fuels Homo erectus debate
ラミダス猿人の亜種、新種の最古級人類と判明  亜種から種に格上げし、アルディピテクス・カダバと名付け
2004/03 asahi.com : サイエンス
最古の3猿人は同属か エチオピアの化石 歯に共通の特徴
2004/03 毎日新聞
2004/03 (共同通信)
2004/03 (時事通信)
2004/03 New York Times Another Branch of Human Ancestors Reported
2004/03 Scientific American Fossil Human Teeth Fan Diversity Debate
2004/03 San Francisco Chronicle Ancient teeth point to earliest humans
 Researchers say new species may be oldest ancestor
2004/03 Washington Post Pre-Human Is Linked To Ape Line
 Creature May Give Hint On Man-Chimp Ancestor
なまくら犬歯@初期人類 Ardipithecus kadabba
2004/03 BBC News Early pre-human lacked sharp canines
祖先発掘@エチオピア 400万年前
2004/03 MSNBC New finds energize archaeologists
 Scientists hope for fresh wave of hominid discoveries
2004/03 Independent Online Four-million-year-old Ethiopian fossils found
2004/02 Independent Did Neanderthals breed with humans?

past ホモエレクトゥスやネアンデルタール人

2004/09 EurekAlert Neanderthal life no tougher than that of 'modern' Inuits
2004/08 Telegraph Neanderthal Man 'never walked in northern Europe'
2004/07 Discovery Neanderthals Grow Fast, Die Young
2004/04 Nature@日本
ネアンデルタール人は早熟 15歳で成人、歯から判明
2004/04 (共同通信)
ネアンデルタール人、15歳で「成人体」 成長速度が約15%速かった。
2004/04 (読売新聞)
ネアンデルタール人:15歳で大人 現代人より成長早く
2004/04 毎日新聞
2004/04 Nature 428, 936 - 939 Surprisingly rapid growth in Neanderthals
2004/04 Nature 428, 904- 905 Palaeoanthropology: Neanderthal teeth lined up
2004/04 BBC News Neanderthals were 'adults by 15'
2004/04 Independent Neanderthals reached full adulthood at the age of 15
2004/04 CNN Study: Neanderthals matured faster than humans
2004/04 New Scientist  Neanderthals matured faster than early humans
2004/04 USA TODAY A Neanderthal theory to sink your teeth into
ネアンデルタール殺人事件  巧みな技術を持ちながら殺された被害者  28000年前の犯人は誰なのか
2004/04 Discover.com Who Killed the Neanderthals?
ダメおし ネアンデルタールは現代人の先祖には入らない
2004/03 EurekAlert Refuting Neandertal ancestry
2004/03 Nature Science Update Early man steered clear of Neanderthal romance
2004/03 PLoS Biology: No Evidence of Neandertal mtDNA Contribution to Early Modern Humans
2004/01 San Francisco Chronicle  New study adds to evidence modern humans not descended from Neanderthals
2004/01 BBC News Neanderthals 'not close family'
2004/01 EurekAlert New study shows Neanderthals were not our ancestors
2004/01 New York University  New Study Shows Neanderthals Were Not Our Ancestors
ネアンデルタールは大寒波に負けて絶滅した  現人類も危うく死に絶えるとこだったんだよ
2004/01 Ananova Neanderthals 'were frozen out of existence'
2004/01 New Scientist Big chill killed off the Neanderthals

past 展示収蔵 データベース

2004/07 Independent 'Capital of pre-history' brings everyday life in the Ice Age back from the dead
 France's Museum of Pre-history, which opened this month in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, in the Dordogne.
2004/04 HoustonChronicle.com Delegation seeks to bring 'Lucy' for exhibit here
 Local officials visit Ethiopia to discuss U.S. tour for Lucy
2004/04 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette New exhibit renews argument over orangutan theory of human origins
 A new exhibit in Buffalo, N.Y., has experts fighting over an old bone of contention -- that orangutans are more human-like than chimps


2004/07 BBC News Bone return consultation launched
 The UK government has launched a consultation document to consider the repatriation of human remains held in Britain to aboriginal groups

past ほか

2004/04 The Anthropological Society of Nippon日本人類学会

  • Causes for Chronological Changes in Craniofacial Morphology'
  • A Fourier-wavelet representation of 2-D shapes: sexual dimorphism in the Japanese cranial base
  • Post-Pleistocene diachronic change in East Asian facial skeletons: the size, shape and volume of the orbits
  • Secular changes in the Japanese head form viewed from somatometric data
  • Genotypes of JC virus in Southeast Asia and the western Pacific: implications for human migrations from Asia to the Pacific
  • Prediction of adult stature for Japanese population: an improvement of Ali-Ohtsuki equations
  • Geographical and body size distributions of the Pondaung primates with a comment on the taxonomic assignment of NMMP 20, postcranium of an amphipithecid
  • Sexual determination of long bones in recent Japanese
  • A human parietal fossil found at the Shuidonggou site, Ningxia, China
  • Spiral computed tomographic study of a pre-Ptolemaic Egyptian mummy

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