past ヒトのせいで今…

2004/08 BBC News Earth warned on 'tipping points'
 The risk of humans triggering catastrophic change in unstable Earth systems is largely ignored
2004/08 EurekAlert A changing landscape may have dire implications for birds
2004/08 EurekAlert Warmer weather, human disturbances interact to change forests

past ヒトのせいで昔…

2004/11 EurekAlert Ancient marine invasion sheds light on diversity

past 環境汚染とその対策

2004/09 Psychiatric News Volume 39 Number 17 Prozac's in the Water
 the SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac) was being taken in such large amounts that it was showing up in Britain's drinking water
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)

past われわれにできること

2004/08 EurekAlert Ecologist calls for creation of an international panel to assess human behavior
農村の生物資源を再利用 荏原、東芝、清水建設が研究所設立
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)

past 共存・里山 人間の知恵

2004/07 BBC News Local people 'to preserve nature'
 The potential for indigenous people to help curb the destruction of forests is being overlooked by the international community

past 狩猟 ブッシュミート問題

2004/11 BBC News Fisheries link to bushmeat trade
 Scientists now have hard data to show European fishing policies are driving some of the bushmeat trade in Africa.
2004/11 EurekAlert Reduced fish stocks linked to increased bushmeat trade, wildlife declines in W. Africa
2004/11 EurekAlert New study links low fish supply to increased bushmeat hunting
2004/11 EurekAlert Declining fish supply linked to wildlife consumption in West Africa, Science study reports
2004/11 New Scientist Overfishing puts a strain on land-based wildlife
2004/10 BBC News Bushmeat trade thriving in Kenya

past 絶滅の危機:霊長類・サル

人間に喰われるボノボ 絶滅するぞ
2004/12 BBC News Congo poachers leave bonobo at risk
2004/12 Salon.com  Pygmy chimpanzee may be near extinction
2004/12 BBC News Sky count to track orang numbers
失われた霊長類 絶滅してしまったらしいウォルドロンの赤コロブス
2004/08 スミソニアン動物園 Requiem for a Primate
2004/08 BBC News Vietnam monkey faces extinction
 The Delacour's langur (Trachypithecus delacouri)
2004/08 EurekAlert Scientists fear new Ebola outbreak may explain sudden gorilla disappearance
2004/08 EurekAlert Critically endangered monkey species plummets more than 50 percent since 1994
2004/07 Nature 430, 451 - 452; doi:10.1038/nature02722  Anthrax kills wild chimpanzees in a tropical rainforest
2004/07 news@nature.com Anthrax outbreak kills wild chimps
 Illegal trade could spread disease to humans.

past 両生類の異変

世界の両生類の3割、絶滅の危機 自然保護連合が調査
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)
世界の両生類:3割強が絶滅の危機 ほ乳類や鳥類より深刻
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
両生類、3分の1「絶滅危機」 薄い皮膚、水質・大気汚染影響 世界調査
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(産経新聞)
2004/10 BBC News Global amphibians in deep trouble
 Scientists believe the world's amphibians are facing an unprecedented onslaught of environmental threats.
2004/09 Nature 431, 403 Ecology: Ethics and amphibians

past 絶滅の危機:水棲生物・水産資源

2004/12 New Scientist Europe again ignores scientists' advice on fish
ミンク増えシロナガス増えぬ謎解きの旅 水産庁、本格生態系調査
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(産経新聞)
2004/11 New Scientist Intensive fishing was an ancient practice
2004/11 World Wildlife Fund Illegal tuna fishing and farming leads to demise of species
2004/11 EurekAlert Extinction in ocean's mud presages key ecological changes
2004/11 EurekAlert High-predator environment has unexpected impact on aging in fish
2004/11 BBC News Antarctic food web under pressure
2004/11 Nature Long-term decline in krill stock and increase in salps within the Southern Ocean
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/09 BBC News Picture of North Sea fish decline
水産学:母親が重要なわけ 本来は若くないメスが繁殖の主力
2004/08 Nature 430, 621- 622 Fisheries science: Why mothers matter
2004/07 BBC News Undersea noise 'does harm whales'
2004/07 Discovery Sonar Cited as Threat to Whales
北海がヤバイ プランクトン層まで変わってきている
2004/07 BBC News Climate warning from the deep


2004/11 National Geographic Male Fish Producing Eggs in Potomac River
2004/12 MSNBC Male fish growing eggs found in Potomac
 Sewage, hormone pollution may be cause
魚類への環境ホルモン作用 ビスフェノールAで確認
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
ビスフェノールAに環境ホルモン 環境省、魚へ作用確認
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
ビスフェノールA:環境ホルモン作用を確認 環境省
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2004/07 BBC News Pollution 'changes sex of fish'
 A third of male fish in British rivers are in the process of changing sex due to pollution in human sewage


2004/08 EurekAlert Evidence for the impact of climate change on deep-sea biodiversity
2004/07 news@nature.com Climate change affects deep sea life
 The abyss reacts to El Ni撲 as quickly as surface ecosystems do.
2004/07 BBC News Deep sea fish stocks 'in crisis'
 Over-fishing in the north Atlantic is seriously damaging fish stocks


58%が絶滅の危機に 世界のさんご礁
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/10 BBC News Shock treatment for coral restoration
2004/08 Ananova Coral reefs could survive global warming
2004/08 Nature 430, 741; doi:10.1038/430741a  Coral reefs: Corals' adaptive response to climate change
2004/08 Nature 430, 742; doi:10.1038/430742a  Coral bleaching: Thermal adaptation in reef coral symbionts
2004/08 New Scientist Corals adapt to cope with global warming
2004/08 news@nature.com Reefs get global warming lifeline
 Certain algae can allow coral to withstand high temperatures


2004/11 news@nature.com Red List highlights freshwater species
 Report on threatened animals says turtles are feeling the heat.

past 絶滅の危機:地球温暖化

セミの抜け殻2万個収集 温暖化反映?大阪で分布図
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/11 news@nature.com Global warming alters US wildlife
 Report warns of damaging changes in animal and plant habits.
2004/07 Nature; doi:10.1038/nature02716  Biodiversity conservation: Uncertainty in predictions of extinction risk
2004/07 Nature; doi:10.1038/nature02717  Biodiversity conservation: Effects of changes in climate and land use
2004/07 Nature; doi:10.1038/nature02718 Biodiversity conservation: Climate change and extinction risk
2004/07 Nature; doi:10.1038/nature02719  Biodiversity conservation: Uncertainty in predictions of extinction risk/Effects of changes in climate and land use/Climate change and extinction risk (reply)


2004/09 EurekAlert Plants will not save us from greenhouse gases
環境 : 1,000世代の後
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 566 - 569 Phenotypic consequences of 1,000 generations of selection at elevated CO2 in a green alga

past 絶滅の危機

2004/11 New Scientist Wolves' genetic diversity worryingly low
2004/11 BBC News Science counts species on brink
 15,589 species are now known to be in a perilous position.
2004/11 New Scientist Rise in threatened species is accelerating
2004/11 EurekAlert 2004 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species reveals 15,589 species at risk of extinction
2004/11 New Scientist Threatened species may spiral into oblivion
 Rampant inbreeding can put endangered species at increased risk from parasites and infections
2004/09 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2004/09 New Scientist Threatened species total 'hugely underestimated'
2004/09 Guardian Dependent species risk extinction
2004/09 Scientific American Co-extinction Analysis Darkens Biodiversity Picture
2004/09 EurekAlert Computer models expose humans as main cause of caribou decline
キタシロサイに絶滅の危機 1年強で約20頭に半減
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
爬虫類と鳥類、ゲノムサイズと絶滅リスクが相関する  この現象は植物では既知
2004/07 BBC News Big genome can up extinction risk
2004/07 EurekAlert Carnivore species are predicted to be at increased extinction risk from human population growth


2004/12 BBC News Snow leopard project faces finish
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
2004/07 EurekAlert Climate may play role in lynx's hunting ability

<ウミガラス>今年の繁殖ゼロ 高まる絶滅の恐れ 環境省
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
2004/12 EurekAlert Global bird populations face dramatic decline in coming decades, study predicts
鳥類の14%が絶滅 米大学が100年後予測
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
鳥類の最大14%、今世紀末までに絶滅 米大学が予測
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
ハワイ固有種の小鳥、絶滅か? 保護の1羽が死亡
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
2004/11 EurekAlert Tropical birds sensitive to environmental cues that can be impacted by global warming
2004/11 BBC News Pressure on Europe's bird species
 More than 200 European bird species, including 70 in the UK, are under threat
2004/11 New Scientist Half of European bird species in danger
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
2004/10 EurekAlert Time running out for South Asian vultures, ecologists warn
2004/07 Queen's University DNA tests point to extinction of 2 distinctive arctic bird populations

past 生き物の実態

2004/12 news@nature.com New subspecies of tiger is christened
 Malaysian variant could spur conservation efforts.
2004/12 Public Library of Science A new tiger subspecies?
2004/12 BBC News New sub-species of tiger found

past 外来種

2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
2004/08 BBC News Super ant colony hits Australia
 A giant colony of ants stretching 100km (62 miles) has been discovered in the Australian city of Melbourne, threatening local insect species
2004/08 EurekAlert Forest managers can fight invasive species that come with roads
2004/07 news@nature.com Crazy ants to meet their doom
  Insect invaders culled to preserve ecosystem.
外来魚: 「オオクチバス」3割に生息−−環境省・全国の湖沼、河川調査
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞


2004/07 Max Planck Society Survival Strategies in Nature
  Field Trials with transgenic wild tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata) reveal new and unexpected insights into plant-herbivore-interactions

past 多様性

2004/11 Nature Spatial patterns in species distributions reveal biodiversity change
2004/11 Nature Adaptive divergence in pigment composition promotes phytoplankton biodiversity
2004/10 Nature 431, 1046 Conservation biology: Biodiversity barometers
2004/10 Nature 431, 1092 - 1095 Bioturbators enhance ecosystem function through complex biogeochemical interactions
2004/10 Nature 431, 1099 - 1103 Population density drives the local evolution of a threshold dimorphism
2004/10 Nature 431, 984 - 988 Ecological constraints on diversification in a model adaptive radiation
2004/09 Nature 431, 449 - 452; doi:10.1038/nature02745 Theory predicts the uneven distribution of genetic diversity within species

past 多様性検証

2004/09 Nature 431, 177 - 181; doi:10.1038/nature02807  Genetic variation increases during biological invasion by a Cuban lizard
2004/07 EurekAlert Save the rainforest - eat a tree
 insects increase the diversity of the rainforest when they munch on trees.
2004/07 EurekAlert UAB creates the first Internet server to search for genetic diversity
2004/07 Michigan State University Digital evolution reveals the many ways to get to diversity


2004/08 EurekAlert Duke study disputes idea that trees can 'relocate'quickly in response to climate change

past 生態系バランス

植物プランクトンの大量発生の時期に多くなるエアロゾル量  海と空の気候を左右する生物
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/10 Nature 431, 676 - 680 Biogenically driven organic contribution to marine aerosol
2004/10 EurekAlert Don't stand so close to me: A new view on how species coexist
環境 : 島の社会の運命を分けた森林減少
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 411 Environmental geography: Treeless at Easter
2004/09 Nature 431, 443 - 446; doi:10.1038/nature02801  Environmental predictors of pre-European deforestation on Pacific islands
生態 : 絶滅への道筋を描き出す
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 181 - 184; doi:10.1038/nature02850  Ecosystem stability and compensatory effects in the Inner Mongolia grassland
2004/07 EurekAlert When sun's too strong, plankton make clouds
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン


2004/12 Oregon State University Wolves gone, western ecosystems suffer
2004/08 EurekAlert Wolf reintroduction reshapes Yellowstone ecology
ハイイロオオカミ、絶滅危惧種から復活 米21州で宣言
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/07  Yahoo! News  Gov't Seeks End to Gray Wolf Protection
2004/07  New York Times  Washington Proposes to Remove a Wolf From Endangered List


2004/11 American Chemical Society Wildlife may protect humans from mercury
地が病めば病来る  人による環境破壊が伝染病を招くのです

past 保全施策

2004/11 BBC News Milestone for 'land of the lemur'
環境 : 気候変動と大規模森林火災の関係
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
土地管理:森林と火事、それに気候 万能森林管理対策は「近視眼的」
2004/11 Nature Land management: Forests, fires and climate
遺伝資源保護条約が発効 保全と紛争防止が目的
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)

past 遺伝子さえ採ってあれば絶滅してもいいと言ってはいないか

もしものときの月頼み 月に遺伝子データを置いておかないか
2004/09 BBC News Noah's Ark plan from top Moon man
月に「ノアの方舟」を 欧州研究者が提案
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
「凍結箱舟計画」  現代版「ノアの箱舟」、絶滅危機のDNA保存へ 英機関
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com : サイエンス
2004/07 BBC News 'Frozen Ark' to save animal DNA
絶滅危ぐ動物の遺伝子を冷凍保存へ 「ノアの箱舟」計画
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp

past ほか

2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
 ハクスリーとフロイト 研究、コミュニケーション、繁殖、神経、来し方行く末
2004/08 スミソニアン動物園 The Life and Times of a Ten-legged Cannibal

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