past 心脳問題/脳研究と倫理/脳科学の未来

 関連項目→ 生命倫理・ヒトの未来
2004/12 ScienceDaily Your Brain And You: Penn Researcher Forecasts Ethical Challenges Ahead For Neuroscience And Society
2004/12 Medical News Today Your Brain and You: Ethical Challenges Ahead for Neuroscience and Society
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/08 Guardian I'm not guilty - but my brain is
2004/08 The Scientist New Views On Mind-Body Connection
 Studies into placebo effect and empathy suggest how the brain encodes subjective experience
スティーヴン・ローズ 科学倫理と民主主義@脳神経倫理会議
2004/07 Guardian Rings around the mindfield
 Encouraging public interest in science ethics is a tough proposition. Steven Rose discovers the solution involves concentric rings and sticky notepaper

政治 経済

2004/10 ▲日本語記事 asahi.com(SiliconValley.com)
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/08 New York Times The Political Brain

past 脳はこんなこともやっている

2004/07 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)
2004/07 New Scientist Brain not body makes athletes feel tired
2004/07 BBC News Brain 'helps stop muscle damage'

past 研究者

神経進化学 ジェラルド・エーデルマン
2004/08 NPQ.org Neural Darwinism
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞

past 脳のメンテナンス

2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)

past 脳の成長過程 神経の盛衰

2004/12 EurekAlert Rutgers-Newark researchers link early movement, brain development
2004/12 Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain, and Cognition Volume 10, Number 1 / 2005  Does brain white matter growth expand the cortex like a balloon? Hypothesis and consequences

大人の脳 子供の脳

2004/10 ScienCentral  Lazy Teen Brain
2004/06 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 1021 published June 2004
 Adolescent Brain Development: Vulnerabilities and Opportunities

past 脳は機能の柔軟性が高いデリケートな器官

2004/08 MIT Adult brain shows more plasticity than previously believed

past 言葉と脳

2004/12 American Psychological Society Slip of the tongue
2004/07 Purdue University Stuttering more than talk - research shows brain's role in disorder

past 脳は故障がおきやすいデリケートな器官

幽霊の正体見たり 脳嵐
2004/12 news@nature.com Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts
脳の状態、眼球で診断 平塚共済病院チーム
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/10 EurekAlert Enzyme linked to mania and schizophrenia impairs higher brain functions
2004/10 news@nature.com High-fat diet is bad for the brain
 Animal studies show that fatty food causes cognitive decline.
2004/10 New Scientist High-fat diet could harm the brain
ウィリアムズ症候群に見る脳の障害 後頭部の視覚回路
2004/09 EurekAlert Rare deficit maps thinking circuitry
2004/09 EurekAlert A genetic disorder yields insight into genes and cognition
2004/09 BioWorld Neuro researchers use fMRI in Williams syndrome study
脳に影響する化学物質特定 ラット使った新手法開発
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
現代の汚染が脳の病気を増やしている  アルツハイマー、パーキンソン、神経難病…
2004/08 The Observer Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases
 Scientists alarmed as number of cases triples in 20 years
2004/08 Independent Brain diseases treble in 20 years, says new report
2004/07 Newsday/Associated Press Researchers Study 'Pokemon' Seizures

脳卒中 脳溢血

月曜の脳卒中にご用心 リスク日曜の1・5倍 鳥取県内の調査
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)


2004/11 BBC News Brain tumour detection advances
 US scientists at Duke University have found a way to distinguish between abscesses and brain tumours without the need for surgery using scans.
 UK researchers at Birmingham University are using scans to tell the type of tumour and predict how it might respond to treatment.
 Both are based on a traditional scanning method called MRI.



2004/12 ScienCentral ALS Lost Nerve Power
2004/12 Medical News Today Halting cell death heals muscular dystrophy
2004/10 ScienCentral ALS Nerve Fuel
 New research into the cause of a rare, inherited form of Lou Gehrig's disease could offer new avenues of research to find therapies for all forms of this debilitating disease.
2004/09 BBC News Jab linked to multiple sclerosis
 People immunised against hepatitis B are at increased risk of multiple sclerosis
2004/08 BBC News Chemical may cause muscle disease
 Scientists believe they may have found a way to treat muscular dystrophy.
2004/07 EurekAlert Nerve cells' powerhouse 'clogged' in Lou Gehrig's disease


2004/12 BBC News Parkinson's risk 'cut by dieting'
2004/12 WebMD L-Dopa Doesn't Hasten Parkinson's Disease
2004/12 BBC News Antibiotic hope for Parkinson's
2004/12 EurekAlert Two-fisted assault on dopamine transport system may be foundation of Parkinson's disease
2004/12 Medical News Today Brain surface stimulation alleviates Parkinson's symptoms
2004/11 BBC News Mood 'impact' on disease studied
 Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are seeking people with Parkinson's Disease to help explore how depression affects their symptoms.
2004/10 BBC News Exercise may ward off Parkinson's
2004/10 EurekAlert Researchers discover gene mutations for Parkinson's disease
2004/10 EurekAlert Gene for common form of Parkinson's pinpointed
2004/10 EurekAlert Researchers monitor progression of Parkinson's disease by studying molecular changes in brain
2004/10 Georgia Institute of Technology Parkinson's patients get bilateral benefits with unilateral brain stim
 Implanting electrical stimulators on just one side of a patient's brain can alleviate symptoms on both sides of the body
2004/10 news@nature.com Parkinson's trial halted
 glial-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)


2004/10 EurekAlert Molecular mechanism sheds light on neurodegenerative diseases
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/10 Nature 431, 805 - 810 Inclusion body formation reduces levels of mutant huntingtin and the risk of neuronal death
2004/10 New Scientist Radical rethink of Huntington's disease
 Clumps of defective proteins, long implicated in killing off part of the brain in Huntington's
disease, may actually be helping these neurons to survive.
 家族性パーキンソン病関与タンパク質シヌクレイン  細胞内「微小管」をつなぎ合わせている
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/07 EurekAlert Effects of Huntington's disease mutation more complex than supposed


末梢神経にも異常プリオン 動衛研が感染牛で
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
異常プリオンの感染力確認 動物実験で証明と米教授
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2004/07 EurekAlert Synthetic prion causes neurological disease in mice
2004/07 BBC News Science recreates mad cow disease
2004/07 Los Angeles Times Scientists Create Synthetic Rogue Protein
2004/07 news@nature.com Lab-made prions trigger mad cow symptoms
2004/07 EurekAlert Prion finding offers insight into spontaneous protein diseases


2004/12 BBC News Pacemaker stops epilepsy deaths
 As many as 1,000 cases of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) occur each year in the UK.
 Some are thought to be due to spells of irregular heart rate during seizures, which can be missed by routine checks.
てんかん発症機構で新知見 治療法確立へ方向性
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 科学新聞
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
2004/10 EurekAlert Epilepsy associated with higher risk for learning disabilities
2004/10 Guardian Epilepsy drug blamed for lower IQs in children
2004/10 Ananova Epilepsy drugs - pregnancy warning
2004/10 WebMD Epilepsy Drug Linked to Lower IQ
 Birth Defects Also Greater in Children Born to Women Taking Valproates
2004/07 EurekAlert Epilepsy: Signals 'brake' in brain impaired
てんかんの原因遺伝子発見 患者が最多のタイプで
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
細胞死進まず…てんかん発症説 若年性ミオクロニーてんかん
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
てんかん: 理研が新しい原因遺伝子を特定 米科学誌で発表
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞


2004/08 New York Times Seeking the Beauty of Stillness


2004/09 Independent A storm inside my head
 She found the answer lay in lifestyle, not drugs
2004/08 Scientific American What causes headaches?
2004/07 EurekAlert Migraines more likely to occur around menstruation, medication may prevent more than half
2004/08 American Academy of Neurology Migraines Far More Likely to Occur around Menstruation,
 Medication May Prevent More than Half
片頭痛、診断まで平均10年 医師の理解が不足
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
偏頭痛, 天気と 関係 ある
2004/07 ▲韓国語和訳 中央日報(Naver経由)

past 脳の修復、神経の再生や増殖

2004/12 BBC News MS damage repair mechanism found
2004/12 Medical News Today Gene can repair multiple sclerosis damage
医学 : 切れたニューロンの再生
 軸索の切断と再生@Caenorhabditis elegans
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/12 EurekAlert Laser scalpel opens way for nerve regeneration studies in worms
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/12 EurekAlert New clue to nerve growth may help regeneration efforts
脊髄損傷の治療に新兵器? ポリエチレングリコール(PEG)が犬の治療で効果
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
超音波で脳梗塞治療薬の効果増大 米研究
2004/12 ▲日本語記事 cnn.co.jp
2004/12 EurekAlert Replicating an eel's nerve circuitry may aid paralyzed people
2004/11 EurekAlert Brain remapping may be key to recovery from stroke
2004/11 news@nature.com Mice regrow damaged spinal cord
 Scar block encourages nerves in spine to regenerate.
2004/11 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/10 Society for Neuroscience Several new techniques show promise for spinal cord repair
2004/10 EurekAlert Neurosurgeons identify growth of new adult brain cells, possible treatment for epilepsy
2004/10 University of California - San Diego UCSD medical researchers use brain cell transplants to correct muscle spasms after aneurysm surgery
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 読売 医療と介護
2004/08 EurekAlert Nerve cells 'guided' to repair spinal damage: Technique
2004/07 University of California Nerve cells successfully regenerated following spinal cord injury


2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞

past 脳が情報を処理する機序、学習・記憶する機序

 関連項目→ 記憶・学習
動きの達人は動きの学習にも長けている 脳の模倣回路がよく働く
2004/12 BBC News Talent 'changes way brain works'
2004/12 EurekAlert Human see, human do
2004/12 ScienCentral Noise & the Brain
 how background noise affects hearing shows it may actually scramble brain activity
2004/10 Nature 431, 993 - 996 Neural correlates of mental rehearsal in dorsal premotor cortex
2004/10 EurekAlert Brain circuit may permit scientists to eavesdrop on memory formation
2004/09 Nature 431, 453 - 456; doi:10.1038/nature02854  A frequency-dependent switch from inhibition to excitation in a hippocampal unitary circuit
 Masahiro Mori, Mathias H. Abegg, Beat H. Gahwiler and Urs Gerber
2004/07 EurekAlert Fast and slow motor-skill learning are mediated by distinct neural processes

past 脳と意欲

  行動中毒、嗜好中毒になる機序/ごほうびや罰に反応する脳の研究   関連項目→ 性格・感情
2004/12 EurekAlert Brain region identified that controls collecting behavior
2004/08 EurekAlert Brain's reward circuitry revealed in procrastinating primates
2004/08 news@nature.com Gene therapy cures monkeys of laziness

past 脳のいろいろな部位の機能/脳内物質・神経伝達物質 神経研究

2004/12 Medical News Today Marine snail study gives insights into human brain
2004/12 Medical News Today S Korean Researchers Solve Mystery of Neuron Death
 Bax gene plays a key role in apoptosis of neuron that branch from neural stem cells in the adult brain.
2004/10 Medical College of Georgia Nerve navigation findings prompt new direction for spinal cord research
2004/10 The Rockefeller University  Cellular two-step
 Time-lapse movies show brain cells move like a two-stroke engine
2004/10 Nature 431, 847 - 853 A relative signalling model for the formation of a topographic neural map
2004/10 University of Rochester Under the surface, the brain seethes with undiscovered activity
2004/10 EurekAlert Research out this week helps us understand basics of how neurons communicate
2004/09 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Without Dopamine, Neurons Continue to Fire Normally
 国際電気通信基礎技術研究所(ATR、京都府精華町)の脳情報研究所と 米・南カリフォルニア大などの共同研究チーム
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞
2004/09 EurekAlert Knock knock knocking on rhythm's neural doors
モルヒネは脳内で生成される ドイツの研究者が発見
2004/09 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
コオロギで探る人間の心 神経行動学者 長尾 隆司
2004/09 ▲日本語サイト こだわりアカデミー
2004/09 EurekAlert Study reveals function of lipid in neuronal synapses


2004/09 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/09 Nature 431, 191 - 195; doi:10.1038/nature02841  Restricted growth of Schwann cells lacking Cajal bands slows conduction in myelinated nerves
2004/09 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Convulsions in worms mimic epileptic seizures
2004/08 New Scientist Brain may produce its own antipsychotic drug
2004/07 EurekAlert One taste of growth protein and nerve cells want more
  once a growing nerve 'tastes' a certain protein, it loses its 'appetite' for other proteins and follows the tasty crumbs to reach its final destination.
2004/07 EurekAlert Scientists pinpoint molecules that generate synapses
2004/07 EurekAlert Vollum scientists find new form of dopamine transmission
2004/07 EurekAlert MRI analysis shows brain connections that develop last decline first
口の中の感覚: 脳の領域を特定−−東北大の研究チーム
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 毎日新聞


2004/12 BBC News Scientists 'map' key brain genes
 US scientists have mapped a key network of gene "switches" in the brain which could aid neurological research.
2004/11 The Scientist Brains and Genes in Perfect Clarity
 Functional MRI shows genetic effects on the human brain more clearly
2004/11 ScienCentral Spinal Cord Injury Genes
2004/09 BBC News Cancer gene controls nerve growth
2004/09 EurekAlert Identifying tick genes could halt disease, bioterrorism threat
曲がりすぎる線虫  DGC変異と似た運動異常を線虫に引き起こすsnf-6遺伝子変異
2004/08 ▲日本語記事 Nature@日本
2004/08 EurekAlert Newly discovered protein may be key to muscular dystrophy
2004/08 Betterhumans Gene Tweak Ends Procrastination
 Lacking brain receptor, slacking monkeys become workaholics
2004/08 BBC News Monkeys test 'hardworking gene'
2004/07 EurekAlert XsalF comes to the fore in brain regionalization
2004/07 BBC News Gene fault linked to depression
 mice had two versions of an enzyme which controls levels of the brain chemical serotonin
 humans may have many more versions of the enzyme
2004/07 Duke University Medical Center Brain serotonin enzyme finding might explain psychiatric disorders

past 脳検査技術 脳波

2004/12 BBC News 'Headphones' brain monitor hope
 Scientists have devised a way of checking brain fluid levels which they say should eventually reduce the need for painful lumbar punctures.
2004/12 EurekAlert Researchers develop MRI technique to study brain anatomy in invertebrates
2004/09 news@nature.com MRI machine tracks brain's metabolism
 Powerful imager scans patients with strongest-ever magnetic field.
2004/07 EurekAlert Carnegie Mellon neuroscientist develops tool to image brain function at the cellular level
2004/07 Cornell University Microscopy scans show how brain cells process energy

past 脳改造、ワイアド

 関連項目→ サイボーグ


2004/10 The Scientist Can Computers Untangle the Neural Net?
 Blending computers, mathematics, and scientific know-how, computational neuroscientists seek the keys to neural architecture and communication


2004/10 New Scientist Brain prosthesis passes live tissue test
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン
2004/10 EurekAlert UF scientist: 'Brain' in a dish acts as autopilot, living computer
2004/10 New Scientist Brain cells in a dish fly fighter plane
2004/10 ▲日本語記事 ワイアードジャパン


2004/10 news@nature.com Paralysed man sends e-mail by thought
 Brain chip reads mind by tapping straight into neurons.
2004/08 news@nature.com Mental ping-pong could aid paraplegics
2004/07 New Scientist Brain implants 'read' monkey minds
2004/07 news@nature.com Monkeys master 'mind control'ハ
 Computer decodes brain signals that plan motion.
2004/07 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Insight into the Brain's Machinery of Value
思考だけで動く介助装置も 高次脳信号の検出成功
2004/07 ▲日本語記事 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)

past そのほか

2004/11 New Scientist Moving brain implant seeks out signals
2004/08 news@nature.com Social status influences brain structure

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