past 進化にまつわる考え方

2005/12 Science News Archival Science: Rediscovered photos provide a look inside the 1925 Scopes evolution trial
Photos from the Science Service archive at the Smithsonian offer fresh views of the Scopes evolution trial.
2005/08 The Australian Evolutionary science isn't a closed book
 「Evolution in the Century of Progress」執筆中のHiram Caton

past 古代のDNA解析

2005/09 New Scientist Crystal clumps preserve fossilised DNA
 Mineral crystals in fossil bones preserve DNA better than other bits of the bone, offering hope for the study of ancient humans and extinct animals

past 大昔の地球環境

2005/11 National Geographic World's Oldest Rocks Suggest Early Earth Was Habitable
地球 : 分子化石からうかがわれる初期地球の海洋生態系
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/10 Nature Palaeobiology: Sea change in sediments
2005/10 Nature Biomarker evidence for green and purple sulphur bacteria in a stratified Palaeoproterozoic sea
2005/09 New Scientist Did oxygen boost fuel rise of large mammals?
 a sudden increase in oxygen levels 50 million years ago prompted creatures like giant sloths and sabre-toothed cats to evolve
2005/09 EurekAlert Oxygen increase caused mammals to triumph, researchers say
2005/09 news@nature.com Continental split boosted big mammalsハ
Atmospheric oxygen may account for popularity of placentas.
進化する哺乳類には酸素が重要  Easier Breathing for Evolving Mammals
2005/09 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/08 news@nature.com Plant pollen records ozone holesハ
Fossil measurements might reveals causes of mass extinction.
2005/08 EurekAlert Alligator egg development at prehistoric oxygen levels

past 過去の環境変動 過去の絶滅

2005/12 BBC News Poison gas 'caused' great dying
2005/12 Discovery Study: Poison Gas Caused 'Great Dying'
Volcanic gas bubbling out of Siberia may have killed over two-thirds of life 250 million years ago.
 巨大彗星の衝突を物語るクロービスのマンモスのキバ _
Richard Firestone said at the "Clovis in the Southeast" conference that he thinks "impact regions" on mammoth tusks found in Gainey, Mich., were caused by magnetic particles rich in elements like titanium and uranium. This composition, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist said, resembles rocks that were discovered on the moon and have also been found in lunar meteorites that fell to Earth about 10,000 years ago. Firestone said that, based on his discovery of similar material at Clovis sites, he estimates that comets struck the solar system during the Clovis period, which was roughly 13,000 years ago. These comets would have hit the Earth at 1,000 kilometers an hour, he said, obliterating many life forms and causing mutations in others. "I'm not going to tell you that there's Clovis people on the moon, or that they had a space program," Firestone said. But these particles look "very much like the material that comes from the moon, which is the only place we've found with this same high titanium concentration." Amateur archaeologist Richard Callaway said he was surprised by Firestone's theory. "I've always considered myself a pretty open-minded person," Callaway said, while browsing some of the artifacts on display at the conference. "And it's kind of shocking to hear that something from the solar system could have done something like this." Callaway, an Episcopal priest from Atlanta, said that he and his wife have volunteered at the Topper site in Allendale County for the past two summers. "To be a part of this ... and find something no human being has touched in 15,000 years — that's something," Callaway said. "That's what I like about what we do. You don't find the next answer. You find the next question." Earlier Thursday, University of South Carolina archaeologist Al Goodyear lectured on his discoveries at Topper, where he says he has found evidence that man existed in North America much earlier than previously thought. Goodyear showed slides of the many tools he has recovered from Topper, as well as a charcoal strip he discovered in soil two meters beneath a 16,000-year-old level of the site. "Topper's like a box of chocolates," Goodyear said. "Every time we dig a hole, something new comes up." As the final event of the four-day conference, partially sponsored by USC, Goodyear will lead attendees on a visit to Topper on Saturday.

2005/10 Yahoo! Comets Hit Early Americans, Scientist Says
 A supernova could be the "quick and dirty" explanation for what may have happened to
an early North American culture
2005/10 EurekAlert Seafloor creatures destroyed by ice action during ice ages
2005/10 EurekAlert Prehistoric global warming may have contributed to fossil preservation
Prehistoric global warming episodes from massive atmospheric pollution involving carbon dioxide and methane could have created and preserved "mass kills" of wildlife
2005/09 Discovery Supernova Storm Killed Mammoths?
2005/09 EurekAlert New plant finds in andes foretell of ancient climate change
 from an Andean ice field in Peru
 ancient plants exposed for the first time in perhaps as much as 6,500 years.
2005/08 EurekAlert Climate model links higher temperatures to prehistoric extinction
2005/08 EurekAlert DNA traces evolution of extinct sabertooths and the American cheetah-like cat


2005/11 Discovery Did Humans Eat Giant Lemurs to Extinction?
 Evidence suggests early Madagascans enjoyed fillet of giant lemur.
2005/08 EurekAlert Study shows big game hunters, not climate change, killed off sloths
2005/07 EurekAlert Ancient diets of Australian birds point to big ecosystem changes
2005/07 EurekAlert Did humans cause ecosystem collapse in ancient Australia?
2005/07 BBC News 'Fires wiped out' ancient mammals
 The first humans to arrive in Australia destroyed the pristine landscape, probably by lighting huge fires
2005/07 news@nature.com Fire-starters blamed for Australian extinctions
  Early settlers accused of sending animal species crashing down in flames.


2005/11 National Geographic Dino-Era Earth Had Polar Ice, Low Sea Level, Study Says
2005/08 EurekAlert India's smoking gun: Dino-killing eruptions

past 進化研究

2005/12 EurekAlert Fish evolve a longer lifespan by evolving a longer reproductive period, researchers find
2005/12 EurekAlert Getting an evolutionary handle on life after reproduction
2005/12 EurekAlert New study shows animal family tree looking bushy in places
2005/12 EurekAlert Research bolsters controversial hypothesis on genome size and evolution
 evo devo: Researchers find that the size and complexity of a species' genome is not an evolutionary adaptation per se,
but can result as simply a consequence of a reduction in a species' effective population size.
脳進化関与遺伝子 prodynorphin, or PDYN
2005/12 PhysOrg.com  Key brain gene shows evolution in humans
2005/12 EurekAlert Key brain regulatory gene shows evolution in humans
2005/11 EurekAlert The earliest animals had human-like genes
2005/11 Nature A mutation accumulation assay reveals a broad capacity for rapid evolution of gene expression
進化 : 用いよ、さもなくば失わん
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/10 Nature Reinforcement drives rapid allopatric speciation
2005/10 EurekAlert Evolutionary conservation of a mechanism of longevity from worms to mammals
2005/09 EurekAlert Insight into our sight: A new view on the evolution of the eye lens
 the evolutionary history of a critical eye protein
進化 : 筋タンパク質の進化史
2005/08 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/08 Nature Myosin domain evolution and the primary divergence of eukaryotes
2005/08 Nature Evolution: A treasure trove of motors
2005/08 PCMAG.COM  IBM Helps Digitize the History of Evolution
In working toward digitalizing evolution, IBM announced this week that it has released new data gathering software technologies for its' worldwide genetic research project with the National Geographic Society.
2005/07 New Scientist New animal species evolved in an instant
 Once the hybrids settle into their new home, they are unlikely to interbreed
much with the parent species, because fruit maggot adults mate on their host plant.
2005/07 National Geographic Evolution Revolution: Two Species Become One, Study Says
進化 : 動物でも種間交雑で新種が生まれる
2005/07 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/08 EurekAlert Evolution of morphological integration
 Developmental accommodation of stress-induced variation
2005/07 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/07 BBC News Stem cell clue to birth defects
 one stem cell group made not only muscles in the neck and shoulder, but also the skeletal structures where these muscles attached.
2005/07 Nature Neural crest origins of the neck and shoulder
Toshiyuki Matsuoka et al.
2005/07 EurekAlert Scientists discover stem cell origin of neck and shoulders
2005/07 EurekAlert Space matters: Estimating species diversity in the fossil record

past 性の進化・性の起原

2005/11 EurekAlert 'Sex' helps bacteria cope with a changing world
考古学:史上初 「愛し合う」化石 インドで  約6500万年前:有性生殖菌
2005/11 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/08 EurekAlert MBL researchers probe how an ancient microbe thrives and evolves without sex

past 日本で化石

絶滅種の化石発見 秋吉台、新洞窟の調査開始_
日本最大のカルスト台地秋吉台(山口県秋芳町、美東町)で新たに見つかった洞窟(どうくつ)の学術調査を始 めた山口大理学部の田中和広教授は10日、秋芳町内で記者会見し「絶滅種を含む多くの化石が見つかり、数十万 年間の生物進化を解明する貴重な資料になる」と話した。  8日から深さ約50メートル付近までを調べた結果、寒冷地でしか見られない、絶滅種のトガリネズミの歯など が見つかった。来春、さらに深い地点も調査する方針という。  田中教授によると、秋吉台は100万年以上前にできたとされ、これまで約450の洞窟が見つかっているが、 今回見つかった洞窟は深さ100メートル以上あり、竪穴として大規模で、最も古く形成された可能性が高く、秋 吉台の地形がどう発達したか調べる上でも重要な資料になるという。

2005/08 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)

past 鳥の過去と進化

モーリシャスにて大量のドードーの遺骨発見 20体余@2000年前
2005/12 PhysOrg.com Sensational new discovery of Dodo bones on Mauritius
2005/12 BBC News Scientists find 'mass dodo grave'
歯のないくちばし持つ最古の鳥 内モンゴルで化石発見
2005/12 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/12 National Geographic Dino-Era Wading-Bird Fossil Found in China
2005/11 Nature Single origin of a pan-Pacific bird group and upstream colonization of Australasia
進化 : 島移住の「飛び石」説に一石を投じる
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/10 Scientific American Fork in Bird's Road Could Split Species in Two


始祖鳥:実は恐竜だった 骨格に特徴、「鳥類」覆す発見
2005/12 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
始祖鳥、実は恐竜だった? ドイツの化石調査
2005/12 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/12 National Geographic Earliest Bird Had Feet Like Dinosaur, Fossil Shows
始祖鳥、鳥より恐竜に近い 新化石で判明、論争も
2005/12 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/12 New Scientist Oldest bird had dinosaur feet
2005/12 【日本語記事】 読売
最古の鳥は恐竜のような足を持っていた Earliest Bird Had Dino-like Feet
2005/12 【日本語記事】 Science日本版

<化石>始祖鳥より前の鳥類、国内初展示 福井県勝山市
2005/08 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(毎日新聞)
アジア初の始祖鳥化石展示 福井県立恐竜博物館
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)

past 恐竜たち

2005/12 PhysOrg.com Near-complete Titanosaurus discovered in Argentina
2005/12 BBC News Dino discovery 'overturns wisdom'
 The family tree of dinosaurs may have to be revised, with the discovery that some could adjust their growth rates.
2005/12 【日本語記事】 swissinfo
2005/12 EurekAlert Unexpected finding: Some dinosaurs grew slower in hard times
 Plateosaurs able to adjust growth to environmental conditions
2005/12 National Geographic One Size Didn't Fit All for Early Dinosaur, Study Says
 Fossils show the giant plant-eaters experienced sudden growth spurts, with some adults dwarfing others.
2005/12 BBC News Dino discovery 'overturns wisdom'
成長を加速させる恐竜  Dinosaur Growth Spurts
2005/12 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/11 Discovery Dino Dung Tells Grassy Tales
2005/11 New Scientist Fossil dung reveals dinosaurs did graze grass
「草」を食べていた恐竜 ふんの中から化石発見
2005/11 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
草食恐竜を発見 Grass-Eating Dinosaurs Discovered
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/11 news@nature.com Dinosaurs munched on grassy snacksハ
Dino droppings show that grass evolved earlier than thought.
2005/11 BBC News Dinosaurs had appetite for grass
2005/11 New Scientist Conference report: Vertebrate Palaeontology
 New Scientistreports on slow-breathing sauropods, the giant sloth's demise, and howT. rexhad a nose to die for
2005/10 Discovery Study: Velociraptor Dino Not So Vicious
A reconstruction of Velociraptor's claw shows it was used to hold prey
2005/10 Tyrannosaurus sex | COSMOS magazine
2005/10 Discovery Study: Dinos Swam in the Sea
2005/10 EurekAlert U. of Colorado researcher identifies tracks of swimming dinosaur in Wyoming
二翼飛行? ミクロラプトル・グイ
2005/10 EurekAlert Wright bros. upstaged! Dinos invented biplanes
 a small early Chinese dinosaur called Microraptor gui used a two-level, biplane wing
2005/10 Discovery Study: Dinosaurs the First Biplanes
2005/10 news@nature.com Dinosaur flew 'like a biplane'ハ
2005/10 Discovery Airplane Elements Found in Pterosaurs
The position of one wing bone allowed the flying reptiles to take off and land like modern aircraft.
ヴェロキラプトルの爪は狩猟用だけどトドメ用じゃない  獲物にしがみつくための道具
2005/10 BBC News Dino reputation 'is exaggerated'
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
化石:南半球からも「鳥の祖先」 アルゼンチンの9000万年前地層から

米フィールズ博物館など 白亜紀後期(約9000万年前) ドロマエオサウルス類の新種 鳥は北半球で恐竜から進化したと考えられていた 「鳥の誕生場所や、ジュラ紀後期(約1億5000万年前)とされる鳥の誕生時期がさかのぼる可能性も出てきた」全長約1・8メートル。 (パンゲア大陸)約1億6000万年前に南半球と北半球に分裂 最古の鳥の始祖鳥はドイツで、鳥に近い羽毛を持つ恐竜も中国で パンゲア大陸で恐竜から鳥への進化が起きた可能性 「南半球でも同類の断片的な化石は出ていたが、ほぼ全身の骨格が発掘されたことが意義深い。

2005/10 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/10 EurekAlert Newly discovered birdlike dinosaur is oldest raptor ever found in South America
2005/10 Nature The earliest dromaeosaurid theropod from South America
2005/10 BBC News Bird-like dinosaur forces rethink
大型草食恐竜の新種発見=体重5トン、巨大な歯持つ−中国 _

2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
2005/10 Discovery Study: Dinosaurs Never Had Feathers

2005/10 New Scientist Found: the flying lizards’ missing lift
 Despite their size, pterosaurs were able to take off from a standing start, and now we know why
2005/10 EurekAlert Latest study: Scientists say no evidence exists that therapod dinosaurs evolved into birds
2005/10 EurekAlert Did feathered dinosaurs exist?
 New evidence raises questions about current theory
古生物 : 太古の中国の空を舞っていた多様な翼竜
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/10 【日本語記事】 人民日報社
2005/10 Nature Pterosaur diversity and faunal turnover in Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems in China

ティラノサウルス骨格組み立て 大阪でも8日から恐竜博
2005/10 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/09 EurekAlert Skull study sheds light on dinosaur diversity
 the skull of a Mongolian sauropod adds to a growing body of evidence for sauropod diversity at the end of the dinosaur era
2005/09 BBC News Flying reptiles just got bigger
2005/08 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
四つ足で這い回っていた初期恐竜 草食のマッソスポンディルス
2005/07 New Scientist Early dinosaurs crawled before they ran
2005/07 EurekAlert Earliest embryos ever discovered provide clues to dinosaur evolution, parenting: Study
2005/07 Discovery World's Oldest Dino Embryos Identified
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
Early Dinosaur Embryos
2005/07 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
化石:世界最古の卵、恐竜の赤ちゃん 首は真っすぐ−−南アフリカ
2005/07 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2005/07 EurekAlert Study: Predatory dinosaurs had bird-like pulmonary system
 lungs similar to crocodiles and other reptiles
2005/07 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
初期の恐竜が鳥の呼吸システム 米研究者が解明
2005/07 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/07 news@nature.com Dinosaurs breathed like birdsハ
Fossil bones show air pockets for high-energy lifestyle.
2005/07 Nature  Basic avian pulmonary design and flow-through ventilation in non-avian theropod dinosaurs
進化 : 原始的獣脚類にもあった鳥類の呼吸器系
2005/07 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/07  Discovery  Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds
ワニの歯から恐竜の系統にダウト 簡易系統樹図あり
2005/07 Discovery Croc Teeth Shake Dino Family Tree

past 猿の過去と進化

2005/09 New Scientist First convincing chimp fossil discovered
2005/09 BBC News First chimpanzee fossils found
2005/09 Nature First fossil chimpanzee
2005/08 news@nature.com First chimp fossil unearthedハ
500,000-year-old teeth shed light on evolutionary split between humans and chimps.
2005/09 Discovery Fossils Show Chimps, Humans Co-Existed
2005/09 Softpedia Three Fossilized Chimp Teeth Might Trigger A Shake-up In The Theories Of Human Evolution


ヒトとチンプを分かつとき 500〜700万年前に絞り込み
2005/12 EurekAlert Scientists narrow the time limits for the human and chimpanzee split
2005/12 BBC News Ancient drought 'changed history'
今は亡き古代類人猿Gigantopithecus blacki、人類と混血した可能性も
2005/12 National Geographic Giant Asian Ape and Humans Coexisted, Might Have Interacted
2005/11 EurekAlert Giant ape lived alongside humans

中務真人(なかつかさ・まさと)京大助教授(自然人類学)  化石は下あご部分で、京大と島根大のチームが2月にケニア中部ナカリの発掘現場で見つけた。あごの大きさはメスのゴリラ並みで、体格もゴリラ程度と推定される。奥歯はすり減り、硬い木の実や繊維質の植物などを食べていたらしい。  アフリカでは、1300万〜700万年前は類人猿化石の“空白期”で、950万年前の「サンブルピテクス」の上あごのかけらがケニアで見つかっているだけ。ヨーロッパではこの時期の化石が比較的見つかっており、「共通祖先はヨーロッパで進化し、その後、アフリカに戻った」というUターン説もあった。  今回の化石はサンブルピテクスとほぼ同時代で、奥歯の形や内部構造などから、人間やゴリラ、チンパンジーの共通祖先としてより有望という。

2005/10 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
1千万年前、新種の類人猿 ケニアで下顎骨化石を発見
2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/10 EurekAlert Flipped genetic sequences illuminate human evolution and disease
 chunks of similar DNA that have been flipped in orientation and reinserted into chromosomes are hundreds of times more common in primates than previously thought.

past 脳の進化

太母脳? すべての「脳」の祖先にあたる7億年前の神経組織
2005/09 Discovery Mother of All Brains Probed
2005/09 Nature Molecular insights into human brain evolution

past 哺乳類や有胎盤類の過去と進化

2005/12 National Geographic New Mammal Named After Chocolate Giant
アマミノクロウサギ中国で化石を発見 名瀬市で森林総研室長発表
2005/12 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(西日本新聞)
進化:オオツノジカ(Megaloceros giganteus)の系統発生上の位置
2005/12 Nature The phylogenetic position of the 'giant deer' Megaloceros giganteus
2005/11 EurekAlert MicroRNAs have shaped the evolution of the majority of mammalian genes
2005/09 EurekAlert How a zebra lost its stripes: Rapid evolution of the quagga
2005/07 EurekAlert Study in Royal Society journal on world's only horned rodent
 Correlated evolution of maternally-derived yolk testosterone and early developmental traits in passerine birds
 「角」を持っていた齧歯類化石:Evolution of fossoriality and the adaptive role of horms in the Mylagaulidae


2005/12 Ananova Mammoth DNA decoded
2005/12 BBC News Extinct mammoth DNA decoded
2005/12 Discovery Woolly Mammoth Genome Partly Mapped
2005/12 EurekAlert Scientists sequence DNA of woolly mammoth
2005/12 National Geographic Woolly Mammoth DNA Reveals Elephant Family Tree
2005/12 EurekAlert Woolly mammoth genome comes to life
2005/12 ScienceNews Mammoth Findings: Asian elephant is closest living kin
DNA studies suggest that the woolly mammoth is more closely related to the Asian elephant than to the African elephant.
2005/11 National Geographic Woolly Mammoth Tusks Yield Clues to Animals' Lives
2005/10 Discovery Woolly Mammoth's Childhood Revealed
A woolly mammoth dined on rich mother's milk for at least three years, and nursed for many more.
2005/10 news@nature.com Mammoth cave yields most recent animals
 Alaskan island proves stronghold for mammoths in North America.
2005/10 news@nature.com Mammoth cave yields most recent animalsハ
Alaskan island proves stronghold for mammoths in North America.

past 爬虫類〜両生類とかの進化

2005/11 Discovery Dino-Era Turtle Discovered
The prehistoric turtle may be one of the earliest that swam like turtles do tod
2005/11 BBC News Reptile fossil is 'early turtle'
2005/11 EurekAlert Missing fossil link 'Dallasaurus' found
2005/11 New Scientist Lizards' poisonous secret is revealed
 Venomous lizards are far more common than anyone realised, according to research that is rewriting the story of lizard and snake evolution
2005/11 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
古代の実在ゴジラ? Dakosaurus andiniensis
2005/11 New Scientist 'Godzilla' monster lurked in ancient seas
2005/11 EurekAlert Fossil find: 'Godzilla' crocodile had head of a dinosaur, fins like a fish
2005/11 BBC News Remains of 'Godzilla' croc found
ずんぐりした鼻面のクロコダイル Stout-Snouted Crocodile
2005/11 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2005/11 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/11 news@nature.com Short-snouted snapper surprises fossil huntersハ
This unusual looking crocodile would have had a hard time catching fish
2005/11 Discovery 'Godzilla' Dino-Crocodile Found
2005/10 EurekAlert Picky female frogs drive evolution of new species in less than 8,000 years
2005/09 EurekAlert Morphology of fossil salamanders reflects climate change
2005/09 news@nature.com Stone salamanders preserve climate recordハ
Yellowstone Park fossils show subtle effects of temperature
2005/09 Discovery Salamanders Record Climate Change
The size of fossil tiger salamanders reveal the warmest spells over the past 3,000 years.

past 魚類の過去と進化

2005/12 Nature The pelvic fin and girdle of Panderichthys and the origin of tetrapod locomotion
進化 : 四肢動物の歩行の起源は「前輪駆動」?
2005/12 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/12 EurekAlert Genetic analysis of cavefish reveals more about evolution
  albinism in Mexican cavefish was linked to Oca2 -- a pigmentation gene also responsible for the most common form of albinism in humans.


2005/11 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/11 EurekAlert Changes to embryos can elicit change in adult fish
 Researchers uncover genetic foundation of fish jaws
2005/10 EurekAlert Forsyth scientists identify a gene responsible for facial diversity
2005/10 EurekAlert  Research: removal of dominant rivals causes male cichlid fish to undergo remarkable transformation
2005/10 New Scientist Long-necked sea monsters had shellfish desires
Palaeontologists thought elasmosaurs just used their lengthy necks to catch free-swimming fish, but two new fossils show they were just for starters
古生物 : イクチオステガは尺取り虫みたいに進んだ?
2005/09 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/09 Nature Palaeontology: Between water and land
2005/09 Nature The axial skeleton of the Devonian tetrapod Ichthyostega p137

past 昆虫とかの過去と進化

2005/12 National Geographic Ancient Locust Swarm Crossed the Atlantic, Study Says
人間並みサイズの巨大ウミサソリ! 3.3億年前のイギリス
2005/11 National Geographic 5-Foot Giant Water Scorpion Once Roamed U.K. Shores
大型ウミサソリ陸でも活動 英で足跡化石発見
2005/12 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/12 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/12 Nature Palaeoecology: A gigantic fossil arthropod trackway
2005/12 BBC News Rock marks record water scorpion
 The tracks left by a giant water scorpion are preserved in 330-million-year-old Scottish rock.
2005/12 Discovery Giant Water Scorpion Tracks Found
2005/10 Nature Evolutionary biology: Fruitfly genome is not junk
2005/10 Nature Adaptive evolution of non-coding DNA in Drosophila
2005/10 EurekAlert UCSD study shows 'junk' DNA has evolutionary importance
2005/09 EurekAlert Spider blood found in 20 million year old fossil
2005/09 BBC News Spider 'is 20 million years old'
2005/08 The Beauty of Deceit: Corante > The Loom
2005/08 BBC News Scientists discover flea fossil
2005/07 BBC News Butterfly unlocks evolution secret

past 植物の過去と進化

2005/12 BioEssays Volume 28, Issue 1 , Pages 65 - 71  Plants on red alert: do insects pay attention?
2005/11 The Semiotics of a Leaf. The Loom
2005/08 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/08 Nature Architecture of floral branch systems in maize and related grasses
2005/08 EurekAlert Analysis of flower genes reveals the fate of an ancient gene duplication
2005/07 Nature Host shift to an invasive plant triggers rapid animal hybrid speciation

past 微生物の進化

2005/11 EurekAlert Lateral thinking produces first map of gene transmission
 mapping the evolution of genes has shed light on the role of gene transfer in bacterial diseases.
2005/11 Nature Photosynthesis genes in marine viruses yield proteins during host infection
2005/10 Nature Large-scale sequencing of human influenza reveals the dynamic nature of viral genome evolution
2005/09 EurekAlert Stressed cells spark DNA repair missteps and speed evolution
2005/08 The Kanisza Virus: Corante > The Loom
2005/08 American Scientist Volume: 93 Number: 5 Page: 428   DOI: 10.1511/2005.5.428
 Cheating Viruses and Game Theory
 The theory of games can explain how viruses evolve when they compete against one another in a test of evolutionary fitness
2005/07 EurekAlert Trees, vines and nets microbial evolution changes its face
2005/07 EurekAlert Virginia Tech, Nanjing Institute researchers discover half-billion year-old fossils
 Unusually preserved fossils shed new light on how macroscopic, complex life evolved and lived 550 million years ago
2005/07 BBC News Ancient life in China limestone

past その他生物進化

2005/11 Nature Palaeontology: Data on a plate
2005/11 Nature Palaeoanatomy and biological affinities of a Cambrian deuterostome (Stylophora)
2005/10 Nature Evolution: Along came a sea spider
2005/10 Nature Neuroanatomy of sea spiders implies an appendicular origin of the protocerebral segment
進化 : 節足動物の頭部の謎を解く
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
細菌から遺伝子取り込む ホヤ「変態」へ新機能 _

動物なのにセルロースを合成する脊索動物のホヤ 細菌から取り込んだセルロース合成遺伝子は変態に欠かせない 水平移動  カタユウレイボヤのゲノム

2005/10 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/09 EurekAlert Secrets of the whale riders
 Crablike 'whale lice' show how endangered cetaceans evolved
2005/08 EurekAlert Soft body fossils of extinct 'lamp shell' digitally reconstructed
2005/08 EurekAlert Still shellfish after 425 million years: Clam-like creature preserved perfectly in ancient fossil
2005/08 Nature Silurian brachiopods with soft-tissue preservation
2005/08 BBC News Strange fossil defies grouping

past その他古生物学

2005/08 Discovery Primordial Soup Served Hot?

past そのほか

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