past 攻撃性の進化心理学・進化医学

2005/12 Psychology and Crime News: Weekly round-up of new journal articles of forensic relevance in non-forensic journals
2005/12 National Geographic Artists Have More Sexual Partners, U.K. Survey Hints
2005/05 Times Higher Education Theory of the killer-instinct in our genes dismissed as 'bullshit'

past 日本と犯罪

2005/02 【日本語記事】 読売

past 暴力・犯罪性差

2005/12 physorg.com Gay men vent aggression through verbals, not violence - new study
 male aggression vary with sexual orientation.
2005/08 EurekAlert Girls who were victims of violence more likely to commit violent acts
2005/05 EurekAlert Girl juvenile offenders exhibit more problems, risks than boys


2005/03 【日本語記事】 UK Today (JAPAN JOURNALS LTD.)

past 暴力行動、攻撃性/衝動性

暴力が暴力を招く(Violence Begets Violence)
2005/05 【日本語記事】 Science May 27, 2005, Vol.308
2005/05 EurekAlert Witnessing gun violence increases likelihood that a child will also commit violent crime
2005/05 New Scientist Violence may be a 'socially infectious disease'
2005/04 EurekAlert Significant fall in serious violence in England and Wales
2005/04 Discover Vitamin Cure
 Can common nutrients curb violent tendencies and dispel clinical depression?
2005/03 BBC News Winning 'triggers sport violence'
2005/02 EurekAlert Researchers track program's success in curbing aggressive behavior


2005/02 BBC News Lead 'turning children to crime'
 Lead pollution causes behaviour problems in children and may turn them into criminals, a US expert warns.
2005/01 EurekAlert Study dissects the racial gap in violence
2005/01 EurekAlert Study links racial and ethnic gap in youth violence to social factors


2005/05 BBC News Anti-social behaviour 'inherited'
 Terrie Moffitt and colleagues from King's College, London, followed 3,687 pairs of seven-year-old twins.
2005/05 FuturePundit: Twins Study Finds Genetic Cause For Psychopathy
2005/05 Scotsman.com Psychopaths are born bad, say scientists

past 犯罪対策 犯罪・犯罪者の傾向

2005/12 EurekAlert One percent of retailers sell 40 percent of guns used in California crime
2005/09 BBC News Criminals to 'adapt to ID cards'
The UK government's proposed ID scheme will do little to stop identity theft and may actually exacerbate fraudulent behaviour in its early years.
2005/12 EurekAlert Police data unreliable source for identifying trends in violent crime
2005/08 EurekAlert Study shows some types of military interventions can slow or stop genocide
2005/08 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/08 EurekAlert Study examines criminal records of homicide offenders
2005/06 EurekAlert Some male young offenders have more difficulty adjusting to time in custody than others
2005/06 Queen's News Centre Queen's psychologists' study reveals criminals more impulsive than expected
出所後情報提供、性犯罪以外も検討 首相提起で会合
2005/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2005/02 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(読売新聞)
東京の人材コンサルティング会社と共同開発 〈個々の性格を見抜く〉企業の人事管理システムを応用、3—8か月かかっていた分析が、2週間から1か月に 少年の性格に合った指導法が素早く見つかる 全国初の試み 新年度から導入 滋賀県では刑法犯に占める19歳以下の少年の割合は全国3位(2004年、44・4%)
2005/02 EurekAlert Review finds not enough evidence to say gun laws reduce violence

past 少年と暴力・犯罪

2005/12 EurekAlert Why do the young turn to crime? Early findings turn some theories on their heads
2005/08 【日本語記事】 読売
2005/04 EurekAlert Prof: Stop explaining 'why' when teens kill; Instead reach out
少年知能犯6割増1240人 不良行為で過去最多の補導
2005/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com


2005/10 EurekAlert New mental health help for juvenile offenders

past 罪と罰

死刑制度容認、初の8割超 相次ぐ凶悪犯罪反映か
2005/02 【日本語記事】 asahi.com

past 犯罪と心の病 法廷・刑務所と精神医療

加害どころか  心の病患者は犯罪の被害者になる率が高い
2005/08 EurekAlert Individuals with severe mental illness at high risk to be victims of crime
2005/08 EurekAlert Severely mentally ill more likely victims than perpetrators of violence

past 麻薬 向精神薬物中毒

2005/11 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン
2005/09 The Economist Brainwashing
 A new way to treat drug abuse (in rats, at least)
2005/08 EurekAlert Opiate drugs increase vulnerability to stress
 Rats given morphine show bigger biological and behavioral signs of stress-induced anxiety even after going off the drug
2005/08 EurekAlert Shame, not guilt, related to substance-abuse problems
 Reducing feelings of shame may be key to more effective treatment
メタアンフェタミン メス クリスタル
2005/08 BBC News Stimulant drug 'dulls the brain'
2005/06 EurekAlert Young drug abusers suffer brain damage similar to early Alzheimer's, says new research
2005/06 FuturePundit: Drug Abusers Suffer Accelerated Brain Aging
2005/06 EurekAlert Nicotine triggers the same brain reward circuitry as opiates
2005/05 New Scientist Heroin addiction gene identified and blocked
2005/05 EurekAlert Discovery of a 'drug anticipation' brain signal
2005/04 EurekAlert Brain region recovery possible in former methamphetamine users
2005/04 WebMD Brain May Repair Itself When Meth Users Quit
 The Longer Methamphetamine Users Abstain, the Greater the Recovery
2005/04 EurekAlert Rockefeller University researchers are changing the face of drug addiction treatment


2005/05 EurekAlert The dark side of adolescent popularity


2005/09 EurekAlert Researchers find how one genetic variation may leave some people vulnerable to addiction

コカイン  クラック

2005/12 EurekAlert Evidence links cocaine abuse and Parkinson's disease
2005/10 EurekAlert UT Southwestern researchers find alterations in brain's circuitry caused by cocaine
神経 : コカインが記憶に及ぼす作用を解明する
2005/10 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/08 BBC News Italian river 'full of cocaine'
2005/08 EurekAlert Cocaine residue in Italian water reveals more users than official estimates
2005/08 New Scientist River flowing with cocaine indicates 'vast' drug use
2005/08 news@nature.com Sewage study spots cocaine usersハ
Chemicals in Italian waste water suggest drug use is under-reported
2005/07 New Scientist Cocaine use prevents adaptive behaviour
コカイン依存抑制の受容体 中毒治療へ応用も
 グルタミン酸受容体mGluR2  中西重忠・京大教授(分子生化学)ら@マウスの実験
2005/03 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2005/01 BBC News Cocaine craving clue identified
 Tests on rats by US National Institute on Drug Abuse researchers found a way of blocking craving messages in their brains and preventing a relapse.


2005/12 EurekAlert Machinery of the 'marijuana munchies'
2005/12 New Scientist Cannabis doubles the risk of fatal crashes
2005/12 BBC News Drug 'doubles' fatal crash risk
2005/12 BBC News Drug disorder schizophrenia link
 Almost half of patients treated for a cannabis related mental disorder go on to develop a schizophrenic illness
2005/11 EurekAlert Imaging shows similarities in brains of marijuana smokers, schizophrenics
2005/10 New Scientist Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain
2005/10 BBC News 'Cannabis' acts as antidepressant
2005/10 EurekAlert Good news for the medical marijuana movement: pot proliferates brain cells and boosts mood
2005/10 news@nature.com Marijuana may make your brain growハ
  Cannabinoid injections sprout new neurons in mice.
2005/06 【日本語記事】 ワイアードジャパン
2005/04 BBC News Cannabis increases car-crash risk
医学 : 大麻に含まれる化合物で血管の疾患を治療
2005/04 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2005/04 news@nature.com Cannabis compound benefits blood vessels
 Low dose helps combat formation of arterial blockages.
2005/04 BBC News Cannabis chemical 'helps heart'
2005/04 Nature Pharmacology: Marijuana and your heart
2005/04 Nature Low dose oral cannabinoid therapy reduces progression of atherosclerosis in mice
2005/04 BBC News Cannabis medicine 'causes harm'
 Cannabis-based medicines can cause paranoia and anxiety in some people
2005/03 EurekAlert More evidence of cannabis-induced psychosis
2005/03 BBC News Cannabis 'doubles mental risk'
2005/02 EurekAlert Regular cannabis may increase risk of stroke in young users
2005/02 BBC News Case prompts cannabis stroke fear
2005/02 BBC News Marijuana affects blood vessels
2005/02 New Scientist Marijuana makes blood rush to the head
2005/01 EurekAlert Marijuana associated with same respiratory symptoms as tobacco


2005/11 New Scientist ‘Ecstasy’ may damage the brain’s physical defences
 The drug MDMA opens up the blood-brain barrier
2005/08 BBC News Taking speed 'dulls the brain'
2005/03 BBC News Ecstasy use 'link' to depression

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