past 06

2006/06 BBC News Genes screen to spot cancer risk
Scientists have developed a test to find out which groups of people are more likely to develop bowel cancer.
2006/06 EurekAlert Attacking cancer's sweet tooth is effective strategy against tumors
Mice lacking sugar-metabolizing pathway outlive four-month experiment
原因不明な家族性の肺線維症 候補遺伝子
2006/06 EurekAlert A candidate gene for familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis identified
2006/06 EurekAlert New genes implicated in rheumatoid arthritis
2006/06 EurekAlert Dana Farber and 454 life sciences announce breakthrough in DNA sequencing for cancer research
2006/06 EurekAlert PTPN22 gene associated with both susceptibility and disease progression in rheumatoid arthritis
2006/06 Nature Smad4 signalling in T cells is required for suppression of gastrointestinal cancer
2006/06 EurekAlert Study identifies new tumor suppressor
神経軸索変性 neuroaxonal dystrophy
2006/06 BBC News Rare nerve disease gene found
2006/06 EurekAlert UT Southwestern researchers identify roles of gene mutations causing lupus in mice
2006/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(時事通信)
悪性化促進のタンパク発見 大腸がんで金沢大教授ら
2006/06 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene therapy injected into the brains' of mice with Huntington's disease
2006/06 EurekAlert Activation of microRNA inhibits cancer gene in human cancer cells
2006/06 EurekAlert Race plays a key role in prostate cancer survival rates
2006/06 EurekAlert Scientists tie several cancers to common 'oncogene engine'
小結節性副腎皮質過形成 micronodular adrenocortical hyperplasia
2006/06 EurekAlert Lack of key enzyme associated with development of rare tumor
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene mutation may influence age at onset of Parkinson's disease
2006/06 EurekAlert Single copy of Parkinson's-risk gene mutation may lead to earlier symptom onset
2006/06 BBC News Gene 'predicts' Parkinson's onset
2006/06 BBC News Radiotherapy cell damage blocked
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene discovery opens door to tackling disease
 potential to shut down oestrogen in breast cancer cells and testosterone in prostate cancer cells.
2006/06 New Scientist Genetic tools you can trust
2006/06 EurekAlert Large-scale genomics project will hunt genes behind common childhood diseases
2006/06 EurekAlert First whole-genome scan for links to OCD reveals evidence for genetic susceptibility
2006/06 EurekAlert Drug ads aimed at cancer patients difficult to read, make more appeals to effectiveness than safety
2006/06 EurekAlert Breast-sparing surgery an option for women with breast cancer gene mutation, U-M-led study finds
2006/06 EurekAlert Genes raise risk of heart disease after treatment for childhood cancer
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene therapy accelerates healing of damaged skeletal muscle
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene therapy protects mice from the effects of whole-body irradiation
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene therapy completely suppresses ovarian cancer growth in animal model
2006/06 EurekAlert Gene therapy prevents the onset of diabetic symptoms in mice
2006/06 Nature Down's syndrome: Critical genes in a critical region
2006/06 Nature NFAT dysregulation by increased dosage of DSCR1 and DYRK1A on chromosome 21
医学 : ダウン症候群
2006/06 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
がん死者、過去最高の32万6千人  厚労省の2005年人口動態統計
2006/06 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/06 news@nature.com Questions linger about unexplained gene-therapy trial death
ALSの発症と進行 筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS)
Two Steps to ALS
2006/06 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
Onset and Progression in Inherited ALS Determined by Motor Neurons and Microglia
2006/06 【日本語記事】 Science日本版

past 05

2006/05 EurekAlert Jefferson scientists identify gene mutation potentially involved in breast cancer initiation
2006/05 BBC News Early stroke cause 'discovered'
A rare genetic disorder is the cause of some strokes in young people
2006/05 BBC News Parents back child gene therapy
2006/05 EurekAlert A tumour suppressor in mice and men
 mechanism which activates and regulates Bcl-3.
2006/05 BBC News Brain illness nightmare for boys
細胞 : 治療手段として期待されているshRNAに副作用
2006/05 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2006/05 New Scientist Safety scare over 'the new gene therapy'
2006/05 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2006/05 EurekAlert A gene predisposing to pituitary tumors identified
2006/05 New Scientist Gene therapy delays inherited blindness
2006/05 EurekAlert Toward a less expensive, more convenient treatment of Gaucher's disease
2006/05 EurekAlert For Stanford scientists, RNAi gene therapy takes two steps forward, one step back
2006/05 EurekAlert New genetic test for breast cancer
2006/05 EurekAlert Immune signals of variations of a single gene linked to more severe Crohn's disease
2006/05 EurekAlert Computerized atlas highlights 'plethora' of changes in brain disorder
2006/05 BBC News Hope over 'new generation' drugs
Scientists believe they may have found a way of protecting special cancer drugs which target troublesome genes.
2006/05 EurekAlert Researchers link two more genes to sudden infant death syndrome
2006/05 EurekAlert Is there a risk of transmitting genetic disorders to babies conceived by fertility procedures?
骨形成不全症 Osteogenesis Imperfecta(OI)
2006/05 EurekAlert OHSU studying drug for bone-deforming disorder
2006/05 EurekAlert Study suggests new human genotype may be prone to vCJD
2006/05 EurekAlert Gene first linked to rare disease may trigger skin cancer, other tumors
2006/05 PhysOrg.com British woman pregnant with cancer-gene-free 'designer baby': report
2006/05 New Scientist Diabetes gene therapy carried by 'bubbles' in the blood
2006/05 EurekAlert 'Bubble Bassets' cured of genetic disorder by in-vivo gene therapy technique
2006/05 EurekAlert Indiana U researchers closer to finding a genetic cause of hearing loss in aging
2006/05 BBC News Kin search 'could trap criminals'
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Using kin's DNA to find criminals focus of study
2006/05 EurekAlert Exercise can protect against skin cancer
2006/05 EurekAlert Studies shed new light on why exercise can protect against skin and bowel cancers
2006/05 New Scientist Exercise protects against skin and bowel cancers
2006/05 BBC News Exercise 'cuts skin cancer risk'
2006/05 EurekAlert Search for cancer genes unlikely to succeed, say experts
 Search for the end of the rainbow
2006/05 EurekAlert Scientists discover two genes linked to early heart attack risk
2006/05 EurekAlert How bad is malaria anemia? It may depend on your genes
2006/05 EurekAlert NIEHS researchers link gene variation to coronary heart disease
2006/05 EurekAlert Protein expression holds promise for head and neck cancer detection
科学なポッドキャスト:遺伝子治療とそのリスク 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 12分
Gene Therapy Risks - サイエンス・フライデイ Science Friday Podcast - 20060428
進行性骨化繊維増殖症 fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)
2006/05 BBC News Stone man syndrome therapy hope
2006/05 PhysOrg.com Algorithm developed to detect cancer genes
2006/05 New Scientist Cells from mutant mice kill cancers
キャナリン-ドルフマン症候群   Chanarin-Dorfman syndrome
2006/05 EurekAlert Gene linked to rare disease activates fat breakdown
脊髄性筋萎縮症 spinal muscular atrophy
2006/05 EurekAlert 'Smart' genetic therapy helps the body to heal itself
2006/05 BBC News Self-repair gene therapy promise
2006/05 EurekAlert UCSD researchers link novel mutated gene to meal retardation and imbalance
2006/05 BBC News Cancer agent mysteries revealed
2006/05 news@nature.com Deafness gene has health benefit
2006/05 EurekAlert Mutation in deafness gene can help heal wounds and prevent infection
2006/05 Nature A loss-of-function RNA interference screen for molecular targets in cancer
2006/05 Nature RNAi-mediated gene silencing in non-human primates
2006/05 BBC News Genetic breast cancer drug hope
2006/05 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/05 EurekAlert Study links ADHD cognitive and behavioral problems to genetic and environmental interactions

past 04

科学なポッドキャスト:ニコラス・ウェイド 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 27分
Before the Dawn サイエンス・フライデイ Science Friday - 2006042825
 ・Gene Therapy Risks 遺伝子治療におけるリスク
 ・Surviving Coral Bleaching サンゴ礁の保全
 ・Nicholas Wade, "Before the Dawn" ヒト進化の遺伝子解析
2006/04 EurekAlert Another gene rearrangement involved in prostate cancer identified
2006/04 PhysOrg.com DNA-based medicine achieves a breakthrough
2006/04 EurekAlert Researchers identify genes in fruitflies that may shed light on human cancer spread
2006/04 EurekAlert Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit growth of liver cancer cells
2006/04 EurekAlert Study demonstrates that lung cancer susceptibility runs in families
がん治療:遺伝子から副作用、予測 放医研、放射線治療で活用目指す
2006/04 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2006/04 EurekAlert Whole-genome study at Johns Hopkins reveals a new gene associated with abnormal heart rhythm
血糖値決める遺伝領域 2型糖尿病、4カ所特定
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
DNAビジネス、初の「適正」認定 親子鑑定など
2006/04 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
遺伝子治療で免疫不全を救済  X連鎖性慢性肉芽腫症(X-CGD)
2006/04 【日本語記事】  nature medicine
治療試験の間接的な副作用は、臓器機能不全につながったかもしれない gp91phox
2006/04 news@nature.com Scientists investigate gene-therapy death
Indirect side effects of therapeutic trials may have led to organ failure.
2006/04 BBC News 'Bubble boy' therapy cancer risk
2006/04 Nature Gene therapy: Therapeutic gene causing lymphoma
医学 : 危険がないわけではない
2006/04 【日本語記事】 Nature@日本
2006/04 EurekAlert Gene variations linked to brain aneurysms
血管再生の遺伝子治療、効果の確証得られず 阪大委結論
2006/04 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/03/08 第29回厚生科学審議会科学技術部会議事録
精神分裂症関連遺伝子 dysbindin-1(DTNBP1)、総合認識能力に関係があるかも
2006/04 EurekAlert Feinstein researchers identify intelligence gene
2006/04 EurekAlert Cancer cells suppress large regions of DNA by a reversible process that can be tackled
2006/04 EurekAlert Stowers scientists clarify role of tumor suppressor gene
進行性骨化繊維増殖症  fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)
2006/04 EurekAlert Penn researchers discover gene that creates second skeleton
2006/04 EurekAlert Study first to show potential of light-activated gene therapy for knee injuries

2006/04 EurekAlert DNA conclusive yet still controversial, Carnegie Mellon professor says

2006/04 news@nature.com Chronic fatigue has genetic roots
2006/04 EurekAlert Revealing the secrets of WRN
 The unique protein responsible for Werner's syndrome aids research in cancer and aging
2006/04 EurekAlert Jefferson scientists uncover lethal gene mutation key to blocking cholesterol processing
骨粗しょう症薬に別の効果 米試験で乳がんを予防
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/04 EurekAlert Breast implants not associated with cancer risk, study reports
2006/04 EurekAlert Single microRNA causes cancer in transgenic mouse
2006/04 EurekAlert Abnormal sleep patterns appear common in children with Down syndrome
2006/04 EurekAlert Mammography screenings for breast cancer show racial and ethnic disparities
2006/04 BBC News Cancer reaction linked to gender
科学なポッドキャスト:The Very First Americans 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 24分
New Scientist
 Are mysterious "footprints" in Mexico proof that humans reached the New World tens of thousands of years earlier than expected?
 Plus the emerging links between duplicate genes and disease.
・11分〜 遺伝子の重複による遺伝病
健康な人の遺伝子バンク 病気の原因解明に利用
2006/04 【日本語記事】 goo(共同通信)
2006/04 New Scientist Common genetic change linked to obesity
2006/04 EurekAlert Gene variant associated with obesity risk found with new statistical technique
太りやすいDNA型を発見 米欧調査で10人に1人
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
A Common Genetic Variant Is Associated with Adult and Childhood Obesity
2006/04 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
Human Obesity -- a New Genetic Clue
2006/04 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2006/04 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/04 ScienCentral Muscular Dystrophy Gene Therapy
2006/04 New Scientist Genomics: We are all numbers
  It is not just which genes we have that makes each of us distinctly different.
How many copies of each gene may be just as important
2006/04 【日本語記事】 読売
「がん増大を抑制」 国内初の肺がん遺伝子治療
2006/04 【日本語記事】 ヤフージャパン(共同通信)
2006/04 EurekAlert Benefit of chemotherapy in breast cancer depends on estrogen-receptor status
2006/04 EurekAlert New model of p53 regulation proposed that suggests novel anticancer strategy
2006/04 EurekAlert Pennsylvania researchers find liver transplants provide metabolic cure for rare genetic disease
がん患者の相談窓口を一元化へ 厚労省、まず静岡から
2006/04 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/04 EurekAlert Blood pressure medication may revolutionize treatment of Marfan syndrome
2006/04 EurekAlert Commonly used blood pressure medication prevents aortic aneurysm in mice with Marfan syndrome
2006/04 New Scientist Gene therapy helps blind mice see the light
2006/04 EurekAlert Variants in three estrogen-related genes linked to Parkinson's disease in women

past 03

2006/03 EurekAlert Researchers link human papillomavirus (HPV) to common skin cancer
2006/03 EurekAlert First clinical trial of gene therapy for muscular dystrophy now under way
2006/03 Nature Regulation of cancer cell migration and bone metastasis by RANKL
2006/03 Nature Oncogenic activity of Cdc6 through repression of the INK4/ARF locus
2006/03 EurekAlert Scientists discover new gene responsible for spread of cancer
2006/03 【日本語記事】 ヘルスデージャパン
2006/03 EurekAlert Researchers identify OCD risk gene
2006/03 EurekAlert Researchers identify new childhood-onset epilepsy disorder and its genetic cause
2006/03 EurekAlert Genes and environment interact to promote cancer
2006/03 BBC News vCJD transmission 'risk for all'
 genes could determine how it will affect
科学なポッドキャスト:Science Times 【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3ファイル 14分
New York Times : Science Times for 03/21/2006
Genetic diseases in the Middle East, schizophrenia and barn swallows.
2006/03 New York Times A Hunt for Genes That Betrayed a Desert People
2006/03 EurekAlert New lipid molecule holds promise for gene therapy
2006/03 EurekAlert Missing breast cancer genes may soon be discovered
2006/03 New Scientist A brain primed for violence?
2006/03 EurekAlert New DNA 'fingerprinting' technique separates hemp from marijuana
遺伝子特許活用に国際指針 OECDが初めて策定
2006/03 【日本語記事】 goo(共同通信)
2006/03 EurekAlert Breast asymmetry predicts breast cancer
2006/03 BBC News Uneven breasts linked to cancer
2006/03 news@nature.com Wonky breasts signal cancer risk
Chest asymmetry might reveal underlying ill health.
DNA型情報DBで245件の容疑者特定 警察庁まとめ
2006/03 【日本語記事】 asahi.com


2006/03 EurekAlert Study analyzes gene therapy for patients at high risk for amputation
 Injection reduces and delays risks of amputation in patients with limb ischemia
2006/03 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
2006/03 EurekAlert Common properties in the genes implicated in the development of cancer
2006/03 news@nature.com Coffee mixes badly with certain genesハ
Caffeine boosts risk of heart attacks in the genetically susceptible.
2006/03 EurekAlert Coffee consumption linked to increased risk of heart attack for persons with certain gene variation
2006/03 New Scientist Genes decide if coffee hurts or helps your heart
 The Family That Walks On All Fours
2006/03 PhysOrg.com Kurdish family walks on all fours
2006/03 BBC News Family may provide evolution clue
2006/02 WORLD SCIENCE メBackward evolutionモ spawns ape-like people
2006/03 EurekAlert Combined, genes and environment affect health more than they do alone

past 02

2006/02 EurekAlert Researchers use embryonic model to reprogram malignant melanoma
古代の遺伝子から血友病治療へ  魚から採った休眠遺伝子でネズミの症状が改善
2006/02 EurekAlert Ancient DNA helps UF researchers unearth potential hemophilia therapy
2006/02 EurekAlert Newly identified mechanism helps explain why people of African descent are more vulnerable to TB
ビタミンDの結核撲滅戦略 How Vitamin D Fights Back Against Tuberculosis
2006/02 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2006/02 EurekAlert Genetic test accurate for salt-related high blood pressure
2006/02 BBC News DNA 'could predict your surname'
 Turi King and Mark Jobling
2006/02 EurekAlert Genetic links among men who share surnames
2006/02 New Scientist Y chromosomes give the name away
2006/02 EurekAlert UCLA scientists find male gene in brain area targeted by Parkinson's
2006/02 EurekAlert Male gene may explain higher incidence of Parkinson痴 in men
2006/02 New Scientist Gene linked to increased risk of Parkinson's in men
2006/02 EurekAlert Male-specific gene SRY directly controls neuronal function in the brain
2006/02 news@nature.com Sex on the brainハ
Gene that helps determine gender linked to Parkinson's disease.
2006/02 EurekAlert Large European study finds gene variant is no strong risk factor for osteoporosis
プロジェリア治療に向けて Toward a Treatment for Aging Disorder
2006/02 【日本語記事】 Science日本版
2006/02 EurekAlert Progeria progress: Studies show how mutant protein hurts hearts
2006/02 EurekAlert Genetics of muscular dystophy
 Ten human hereditary laminopathies, including Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy (EDMD),
are associated with mutations in the LMNA gene that codes for the nuclear filament proteins, lamins A and C.
2006/02 EurekAlert Aggressive subtype of breast cancer displays 'misbehavior' of X chromosomes
2006/02 EurekAlert When good DNA goes bad
 'Backward' DNA leads to DNA breaks associated with leukemia
2006/02 EurekAlert Veggies contain chemicals that boost DNA repair and protect against cancer
2006/02 PhysOrg.com Some vegetables may provide cancer defense
2006/02 EurekAlert Removing DNA repair gene causes metabolic syndrome
2006/02 EurekAlert Scientists force viruses to evolve as better delivery vehicles for gene therapy
胞状奇胎 奇胎妊娠
2006/02 EurekAlert Gene behind rare but important pregnancy disorder found
2006/02 EurekAlert Genetic factors important in development and timing of Alzheimer's disease
2006/02 EurekAlert Alzheimer's found to be mostly genetic
 Largest twin study ever undertaken confirms highest estimates of genetic risk
2006/02 New York Times Scientists Sort Through 'Junk' to Unravel a Genetic Mystery
2006/02 BBC News Alzheimer's risk 'is 80% genetic'
2006/02 Human Genetics  DOI: 10.1007/s00439-006-0144-y
 Genetic influence on human lifespan and longevity
2006/02 EurekAlert Preserved in crystal
  a new source of well-preserved ancient DNA in fossil bones.
パーキンソン病遺伝子治療申請 国内初、自治医大病院
2006/02 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/02 EurekAlert Researchers alleviate symptoms of Rett syndrome in mice
2006/02 EurekAlert New route to therapy for Rett syndrome?
2006/02 EurekAlert Brain derived neurotrophic factor alleviates disease symptoms in a mouse model of Rett Syndrome
好酸球性食堂炎とeotaxin-3 eosinophilic esophagitis (EE)
2006/02 EurekAlert Gene discovery linked to increasingly diagnosed gastrointestinal disease
2006/02 EurekAlert Scientists discover genetic profile of an often-misdiagnosed chronic allergic disease of children
2006/02 EurekAlert Genetic cause of sudden infant death in African Americans
 a specific mutation, called S1103Y, in a heart protein known as SCN5A
2006/02 EurekAlert Gene variation increases SIDS risk in African Americans
 リンカーンも運動障害を持っていただろう spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 : SCA5
2006/02 EurekAlert Mutation in brain cells of descendants of Abraham Lincoln suggest he suffered from movement disorder

past 01

2006/01 Newsweek DNA Testing: In Our Blood
遺伝障害児の出産数、毎年800万人 全出産数の6%:死産含む
2006/01 EurekAlert Birth defects: 8 million annually worldwide
ポッドキャスト: Type 2 Diabetes and Genetics
 Science Friday  【podcast 音声】【英語】MP3 約12分
 2型糖尿病と遺伝子 発病のリスクをどう考えるべきか
2006/01 MSNBC Racial differences in lung cancer risks
 Study: Genes may explain why blacks are more likely to develop disease
2006/01 EurekAlert Researchers map of genetic variations implicated in disease
2006/01 EurekAlert BRCA1 gene found to inhibit two sex hormones, not just one
2006/01 EurekAlert Researchers identify gene mutation as major cause of Parkinson's in Ashkenazi Jewish patients
2006/01 Washington Post Genetic link to Parkinson's discovered
2006/01 Discovery Spanish Saliva May Reveal Real Columbus
Whether or not Christopher Columbus was born in Spain is expected to be answered by analyzing Spanish genes.
2006/01 EurekAlert Treatment of Down syndrome in mice restores nerve growth in cerebellum
2006/01 EurekAlert U of MN researchers identify ataxia gene
DNA型データベース「国際化」 警察庁、検出強化へ
2006/01 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
2006/01 EurekAlert Gene therapy 'turns off' mutation linked to Parkinson's disease
2006/01 New Scientist DNA profiling moves to the scene of the crime
 extracting the DNA and making multiple copies of the short tandem repeats, or STRs, at 13 signature regions on the human genome.
2006/01 New Scientist Strong gene-link to type 2 diabetes revealed
2006/01 Nature Dissection of epistasis in oligogenic Bardet-Biedl syndrome
2006/01 Washington Post Study of Homogeneous Icelanders Links Gene to Diabetes
2006/01 EurekAlert Mayo collaboration identifies gene in childhood kidney disease
厚労省:がん治療、全国ネット 「がん対策情報センター」新設
2006/01 【日本語記事】 毎日新聞
怪奇!一つ目のニャンコ 全前脳胞症
2006/01 LiveScience.com(AP) Not a Hoax, One-Eyed Kitten Had Bizarre Condition
2006/01 EurekAlert Fat chance of becoming manic-depressive
2006/01 New Scientist New gene linked to bipolar disorder
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Australian scientists isolate manic depression gene
2006/01 EurekAlert Utah researchers confirm chromosome may harbor autism gene
遺伝子検査で「死因」がわかる 長崎大の池松和哉@法医学
2006/01 news@nature.com Suffocation leaves a mark in the genes
Gene expression could help forensics to pinpoint the cause of death.
2006/01 National Geographic Mozart Skull Investigation Hits Sour Note
2006/01 PhysOrg.com Tests fail to prove authenticity of 'Mozart's skull'
がん治療に遺伝子診断 癌研究会病院が臨床応用
2006/01 【日本語記事】 asahi.com
脳腫瘍手術に新技術…東京医大開発 がんだけに集まる色素利用
2006/01 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/01 PhysOrg.com US state orders DNA tests on executed prisoner

2006/01 PhysOrg.com DNA test confirms guilt of executed prisoner in US
2006/01 【日本語記事】 読売
2006/01 EurekAlert UCSD team creates model for genetic brain syndrome
2006/01 EurekAlert Cancer researchers describe gene that halts spread of aggressive childhood cancer
2006/01 EurekAlert Little known DNA repair enzyme may be a tumor suppressor gene

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