動物行動学 動物の心:

ほか「動物行動学 動物の心」の年月別目次


past 仲間の行動を察知する 動物の心

2003/06 New York Times Animals Seeking Happiness
2003/05 BBC News Animals 'are moral beings'
 Some animals can feel and think in ways not too dissimilar from us, welfare campaigners say.
2003/01 Nature 421, 155 - 158 Group decision-making in animals
2003/01 New Scientist Democracy beats despotism in the animal world
2003/01 New York Times
 Contrary to Orwell, Democracy Rules on the Big Animal Farm

past サル〜霊長類の言語可能性

チンパンジーにも発声能力 ヒトに似たのどの発達確認
2003/05 共同通信)
2003/05 時事通信)
2003/05 Scientific American
 Chimp Study Yields Clues to Evolution of Human Speech
言葉を話すクモザルを発見@ブラジル  534の発音パターンを持ち、朝晩に頻繁に口話
2003/03 Ananova  Scientists say rare Brazilian monkey 'talks' like humans
2003/01 BBC News Ape 'learns to talk'
2003/01 New Scientist Lab chimp speaks his own language

past 霊長類:おサルさん研究

チンパンジーは足し算がお上手です  ヒト4歳児並みの技量はあり
2003/06 PsycPORT.com Chimps Get Good Report Card
2003/04 BBC - Radio 4 - Gorillas Are My Patients
 100 Years Since the Discovery of Mountain Gorillas
2003/04 Guardian The ascent of one woman
2003/03 Washington University  Chimpanzees with little or no human contact found in remote African rainforest
2003/02 National Geographic
 Massive Great Ape Die-Off in Africa-Ebola Suspected
2003/01 New York Times Gone Ape
ヒトと動物を分けるものは「狭義の言語能力」? +チョムスキー
2003/01 Boston Globe The human factor  What makes our species unique? A linguist and two animal researchers band together to crack open an old chestnut.
舌出し「ブー」は「お休み」  オランウータンにも文化 棲む地域ごとに
2003/01 asahi.com : 科学・自然
2003/01 時事通信
2003/01 New Scientist Orangutans swinging culture revealed
2003/01 CNN Study reveals complex orangutan culture
2003/01 New York Times Orangutans Said to Exhibit Hallmarks of Culture
2003/01 BBC News Ape culture hints at earlier evolution
2003/01 EurekAlert! Evidence for orangutan culture
2003/01 New York Times Scientists Say Orangutans Can Exhibit 'Culture'
2003/01 National Geographic Orangutans Show Signs of Culture, Study Says

past 類人猿以外のおサルさん

サル40匹猛進 野越え山越え仲間の死越えて50キロ
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス
サルも相手の表情と声をセットで理解 人並み認知能力
2003/06 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/06 Nature 423, 937 - 938
 Neuroperception: Facial expressions linked to monkey calls
2003/06 CBC News Humans not alone in linking faces, sounds
2003/06 Nature Science Update Monkeys link faces and sounds
2003/07 New York Times
 Monkey See, Monkey Speak: Facial Expressions as a Guide to Speech
2003/06 Nature Science Update Bugs keep bugs off monkeys
 A rub-down with a millipede deters biting insects.
2003/06 EurekAlert  Monkey's memory cells caught in the act of learning
2003/05 ワイアードジャパン
2003/02 Nature Science Update  Monkey business in Japanese mountains
 Single-sex animal pairings challenge evolutionary theory.
2003/02 Telegraph
 Lesbian Japanese monkeys challenge Darwin's assumptions
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Sex and gender scientists explore a revolution in evolution
サル山のニホンザルに学ぶ進化生物学  同性と一時的に生活を共にするのは何のため?
2003/03 ネイチャーバイオニュース
2003/01 Duke University  Monkeys Show Sophisticated Learning Abilities
 The scientists have not yet found the limits of the monkeys' learning capacity
2003/01 cnn.co.jp
2003/01 New Scientist Primates found popping prenatal drug

past 海棲哺乳類

2003/06 Nature 423, 815 Echolocation: Volume control
2003/06 Nature 423, 861- 863
2003/06 Nature 423, 861 - 863
 Automatic gain control in the echolocation system of dolphins
2003/06 Nature Science Update Dolphins hush clicks to pinpoint prey
2003/05 Discovery Baby Seals Recognize Mom's Voice Quickly
2003/05 EurekAlert
 Seal pups recognize mother's voices within days of birth
北大西洋のザトウクジラ 母系と遺伝的多様性
2003/04 EurekAlert  Whale study links genetics and reproductive success
 Researchers compare reproduction rates in North Atlantic whales with genetic variation
2003/01 New Scientist Elephant seals are long-distance lovers
2003/01 BBC News A seal in every port

→ 「動物行動学 動物の心」2003年1〜6月にはまだつづきがあります 




past うつ病と躁鬱病

2003/06 Psychology Today Depression's Many Faces
2003/06 All About Japan[子育て事情]
2003/06 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 11  Age at Onset May Define Bipolar Disorder Subgroups
家族が うつ どう接する?
2003/06 読売 医療と介護
うつ病から復職 会社・家族が支援 官民で新たな取り組み
2003/05 読売 医療と介護
2003/05 New York Times Ailment of Nurse Nightingale Is Diagnosed
2003/03 The Baltimore Sun Depression may be bipolar II
2003/02 Boston Globe Bipolar story is one of brutal extremes
2003/01 San Francisco Chronicle  How bipolar disorder is analyzed
2003/01 New York Times Mental Health: Lifting Men's Fog of Depression

past うつ病の進化精神医学

2003 Paul J. Watson  An Evolutionary Theory of Unipolar Depression as an Adaptation for Overcoming Constraints of the Social Niche

past 性向

2003/02 BioMedNet News Early trauma linked to depression

past 子供のうつ・躁鬱

2003/06 The British Journal of Psychiatry (2003) 182: 543-547  Childhood trauma and hallucinations in bipolar affective disorder: preliminary investigation
うつ病、米の6人に1人 年齢低いほど危険 研究所発表
2003/06 asahi.com : 健康
Paxil, SeroxatなどのSSRI(選択的セロトニン再取り込み阻害薬)、未成年には処方を避けよ  抗うつ剤と自傷率・自殺企図率の相関
2003/06 BBC News Children 'should not take Seroxat'
2003/06 New York Times  Britain Says Use of Paxil by Children Is Dangerous  Paxil, known as Seroxat in Britain
2003/06 theage.com.au Relax, don't do it
 Relaxation and positive thinking work better than anti-depressant medication in treating troubled teens
2003/04 University of California
 Obese Children and Their Parents Report Impaired Quality of Life
 Quality Rated as Bad as Lives Led by Young Cancer Patients
2003/04 ABCNEWS.com Obese Kids as Unhappy as Those With Cancer
2003/04 Discovery Overweight Kids Have Lower Quality of Life
2003/03 EurekAlert Identifying depression in preschoolers
2003/02 New Zealand Herald Parents miss teen danger
2003/01 New York Times U.S. Approves Prozac for Treating Children

past 青年期のうつ

2003/04 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  Campuses fertile ground for depression

past 産後うつ病

2003/06 BBC News Infant-killing and the Victorian mother
2003/05 New York Times Fish May Fight Pregnancy Depression Risks
2003/05 EurekAlert  Many pregnant women may have depression, but few getting treatment, study finds
子供ができても嬉しくないのはなぜ  1割のお母さん、妊娠中にうつ病に陥っています
2003/03 Pioneer Press With child, without joy
 1. 精神科受診 迷わずに
 2. つい手をあげ自己嫌悪
 3. 「母乳絶対」の重圧
 4. 心ない言葉で傷つく
 5. 夫、友人の言葉支えに
2003/03 読売 医療と介護
2003/02 読売 医療と介護 医療ルネサンス

past 親のうつ 子供に与える影響

2003/05 EurekAlert  Depression hampering mothers' ability to care for children

past 高齢期のうつ

2003/06 The British Journal of Psychiatry (2003) 182: 492-497  Older community residents with depression: long-term treatment with sertraline
2003/05 BMJ 2003;326:1008  Association between antidepressant prescribing and suicide in Australia, 1991-2000: trend analysis
2003/04 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 8
 Depression, Pain Connection Should Be Assessed in Elderly
2003/01 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 2
 Multidisciplinary Model Delivers Improved Depression Care to Elderly

past 性差

 男のうつ病の早期発見早期治療を  うつになると男の自殺率は女性の4倍に
2003/04 Yahoo! News  Many Men Need Push to Admit Depression, Experts Say

past 季節性うつ病 日照と気分

なんでお日さんが照ると気持ちが晴れるの?  メラトニンや季節性うつ病
2003/04 Guardian Why are we happier when the sun is out?
季節性うつ病 春バージョン
2003/04 The Bozeman Daily Chronicle  Spring blues: Not everyone's happy to see spring
晴れた日には世界が明るく見える 季節性感情障害
2003/02 サントリーWebMDニュース
過食症に多い季節性うつ病 〜日本
2003/01 Yahoo! News Seasonal Depression, Bulimia Linked in Japan Study
 Among 30 Japanese people with bulimia, the researchers found that more than 40% experienced seasonal patterns of mild or serious depression.

past 世代差

2003/01 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 1
 Age, Gender May Determine Impact Of Depression, Mortality Link

past うつと生活 環境ストレスや不安 社会要因

2003/05 THE WASHINGTON TIMES  Study ties abortion to clinical depression
2003/02 Psychiatric News Volume 38 Number 3  Punishment Beliefs Tied to Depression in Those With HIV

→ 「うつ病、躁鬱病、自殺」2003年1〜6月にはまだつづきがあります 




past 進化にまつわる考え方

2003/06 The Scientist Volume 17, Issue 13, 11
  First Person | Lynn Margulis
メイナード・スミス インタビュー
2003/06 New Scientist Games and theories
2003/04 EurekAlert  Syracuse University geologists raise questions about controversial theory of species survival
 geologists has punched holes in a relatively new theory of species evolution called coordinated stasis
2003/02 EurekAlert! Student knowledge of evolution deficient
2003/02 WASHINGTON TIMES 'Steves' support teaching of evolution
マルクス主義と進化論 1912年の論文
2003/01 New Scientist Chemistry guides evolution, claims theory
 the watchmaker may have been blind, but was guided and constrained by the changing chemistry of the environment, with many inevitable results.

past 大昔の地球環境

2003/06 Nature 423, 592- 593 Biogeochemistry: Ancient oceans and oxygen
2003/06 Nature 423, 632 - 635
 Evidence for low sulphate and anoxia in a mid-Proterozoic marine basin
2003/06 Ananova Mammoth herds 'roamed fertile Bering Strait in Ice Age'
2003/06 Nature 423, 603 Palaeobotany: Ice-age steppe vegetation in east Beringia
2003/03 CBC Shifting jet stream linked to ancient prairie drought
2003/03 Washington University
 Dinosaur, crab fossils reveal ecosystem secrets
2003/02 Nature 421, 807 - 814
 An exceptionally preserved Lower Cretaceous ecosystem
2003/02 Nature 421, 833 - 837  Precise dating of Dansgaard-Oeschger climate oscillations in western Europe from stalagmite data
2003/01 Nature 421, 221 - 223 Palaeoclimatology: Cooling a continent
2003/01 Nature 421, 245 - 249  Rapid Cenozoic glaciation of Antarctica induced by declining atmospheric CO2

past 過去の環境変動 過去の絶滅:恐竜時代

2003/06 BBC News Mammals' lucky space impact
2003/06 Nature Science Update Second mass extinction linked to impact
 Rock from space might have hit life hard 380 million years ago.
2003/04 Nature Science Update  Mass-extinction controversy flares again
 Core from asteroid crater fuels debate on what wiped out the dinosaurs.
2003/03 BBC News Dino crater viewed from space
2003/03 National Geographic
 'Dinosaur-Killer' Asteroid Crater Imaged for First Time
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Methane and mini-horses: Fossils reveal effects of global warming
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Fossil plant and insect communities key to understanding global change
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Dinosaurs experienced climate changes before K-T collision

past 過去の環境変動 過去の絶滅:人類移住前後の大型動物絶滅

クロービス人は推定無罪 犯人は気候変動
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Evidence acquits Clovis people of ancient killings, archaeologists say
2003/03 abc.net.au  American extinctions not caused by humans?

past 進化をシミュレート

2003/05 Nature Japan
2003/05 Nature 423, 139 - 144
 The evolutionary origin of complex features
2003/05 National Science Foundation
 Artificial Life Experiments Show How Complex Functions Can Evolve
2003/05 EurekAlert
 ALife experiments show how complex functions can evolve
2003/05 New Scientist
 'Digital organisms' evolve complex functions in short steps
2003/05 National Geographic
 Virtual Life-Forms Mutate, Shedding Light on Evolution
2003/05 MSNBC Cyber-life obeys Darwinian theory
2003/04 BBC News Why we are not like ET  There is a good reason why the DNA of living things on Earth is not like that of Steven Spielberg's ET

past 進化研究

2003/06 Nature 423, 699- 700
 Evolutionary biology: Genes to make new species
2003/06 Nature 423, 715 - 719  Adaptive evolution drives divergence of a hybrid inviability gene between two species of Drosophila
2003/06 EurekAlert
 Natural selection's fingerprint identified on fruit fly evolution
2003/05 Nature 423, 489- 491  Evolutionary biology: Fractious phylogenies
人間のせいですか? わずか150年で急速に進化したネズミたち
2003/05 EurekAlert  Mouse study suggests mammoth evolutionary change
2003/05 Nature 423, 397  Mammalian microevalution: Rapid change in mouse mitochondrial DNA
2003/05 The Scientist Of mice and mitochondria  A murine mitochondrial haplotype in Chicago has all but disappeared in the past century
2003/05 Scientific American
 Speedy Evolution Detected in Windy City's Wild Mice
2003/05 Ananova Genetic changes in mice 'question evolution speed'
2003/05 CBC News  Humans may have caused fast evolution in wild mice
2003/03 Nature 422, 128 Evolutionary biology: Teeth as tools
2003/02 New York Times
 With an Evolutionary Milestone, the Race for Survival Began
2003/01 Nature 421, 496 - 497  Genomic function (communication arising): Rate of evolution and gene dispensability
2003/01 Nature 421, 497 - 498  Genomic function (communication arising): Rate of evolution and gene dispensability
2003/01 The Scientist Volume 17 | Issue 2 | 18
 Genome Evolution | First, a Bang Then, a Shuffle
 Did duplication fuel vertebrate genome evolution?
2003/01 Nature 421, 225 - 226 Evolutionary biology: Splitting in space
2003/01 Nature 421, 259 - 264 Speciation along environmental gradients
2003/01 Nature 421, 268 - 272
 Genome-wide RNAi analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans fat regulatory genes
2003/01 EurekAlert!  Invariant properties in coevolutionary networks of plant-animal interactions

→ 「進化、種分化、古生物学」2003年1〜6月にはまだつづきがあります 




past 心脳問題/脳研究と倫理/脳科学の未来

2003/05 Guardian Brave new brain
脳研究の進展 VS プライバシー侵害の怖れ
2003/05 Boston Globe Some fear loss of privacy as science pries into brain
2003/04 BBC - Radio 4 - Brain Surgery to Cure the Mind
 The science and the ethics of operating on the brain.
恐怖も後悔もしない 最強の兵士を作る科学
2003/02 The Village Voice  New Science Raises the Specter of a World Without Regret The Guilt-Free Soldier
2003/02 Telegraph  The 'devil pill' that could take away life's terrors
2003/01 Reason.com The Battle for Your Brain
 Science is developing ways to boost intelligence, expand memory, and more. But will you be allowed to change your own mind?

past ラマチャンドラン

現代的ラマ? ラマチャンドラン講義の評
2003/04 BMJ 2003;326:936  The Reith lectures 2003: The Emerging Mind
2003/04 The Observer Oh Rama, you are a charmer
2003/02 BBC - Radio 4 - Reith Lectures 2003 - The Emerging Mind

past あっちの脳

2003/04 New York Times The Monk in the Lab
2003/02 EurekAlert!  UW study reports sustained changes in brain and immune function after meditation
2003/02 BBC News Meditation 'good for brain'
2003/02 New York Times
 Finding Happiness: Cajole Your Brain to Lean to the Left

past 脳のメンテナンス

2003/06 韓国 ハンギョレ21
2003/06 読売 医療と介護

past 大人の脳、子どもの脳

2003/04 Nature 422, 625 - 629
 The BMP antagonist noggin regulates cranial suture fusion Stephen M.
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Stanford researchers uncover mystery behind how skull plates fuse
中学生の頃に組み変わる脳 感情認知時間計測
2003/03 Psychology Today Why Teens Are Moody
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 Never too late to boogie: Nerve cells still active in 'mature' brain

past 脳の成長過程 神経の盛衰

2003/06 University of California  UCSD Researchers Demonstrate Protein Role Required for Normal Brain Development
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 How postnatal experience influences brain development and brain function

past 脳は故障がおきやすいデリケートな器官

2003/06 EurekAlert  Women's first stroke more severe and disabling than men's
2003/06 EurekAlert Fish is not always 'brain food'
 Eating methylmercury contaminated fish causes problems in adults
2003/06 EurekAlert Even safe mercury levels harm brain
2003/06 EurekAlert  Protein linked to brain cell scarring after injury
2003/05 EurekAlert Eating bats linked to neurological disease
頭部外傷の”反対側”の脳が強いダメージを受けるわけ  高校生が謎を解いちゃいました
2003/04 BBC News Head injury mystery solved
2003/04 New Scientist Head injuries' double whammy explained
2003/04 EurekAlert  OHSU researchers produce first animal model for stress-induced movement disorder
 Research helps physicians understand rare form of ataxia that causes patients to appear 'drunk' at times
手術の時の麻酔薬、子どもの脳に悪いかも ネズミ実験
2003/02 BBC News 'Brain damage link' to child anaesthetics
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Common pediatric anesthesia drugs cause brain damage and learning and memory problems in infant rats
2003/02 BioMedNet News
 Anesthetic alarm over neonatal brain development
麻酔薬は赤ん坊の脳にとって危険? 新生仔ラットに見られた神経細胞の死滅
2003/02 ネイチャーバイオニュース

past 脳は機能の柔軟性が高いデリケートな器官

2003/06 The Scientist Volume 17. Issue 13, 22
 The Neurobiology of Rehabilitation
 Neurogenesis in the central nervous system can be the start of something huge
2003/04 BBC News Brain has great recovery powers
2003/04 BBC News Botox 'treats cerebral palsy'
2003/04 Ananova Botox boost for cerebral palsy sufferers
2003/04 EurekAlert Brain can reorganize after injury at any age
2003/02 読売新聞
2003/02 EurekAlert!
 New insights into how the nerve connection machinery remodels itself
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Study is first to confirm link between exercise and changes in brain
2003/01 Betterhumans Sex-related Hormone Triggers Brain Cell Growth
2003/01 The Globe and Mail  Having sex may not make you smarter, but it might boost your brain-cell count just the same.

past 脳-血液関門

ソウル大 '脳血管生成調節物質' 初発見 脳血液関門形成に `SSeCKS'
2003/06 韓国 中央日報
2003/05 BioMedNet News Genes go incognito into brain
 pegylated immunoliposomes (PIL) can be used to transfer genes from the blood into the brain of primates.
脳への秘密の遺伝子スリップ  遺伝子をトロイの木馬に仕込んで脳-血液関門を通らせる
2003/03 EurekAlert Undercover genes slip into brain
2003/03 New Scientist Undercover genes slip into the brain
2003/03 BBC News Brain's defences breached
2003/03 BioMedNet News Are PNAs a match for the BBB?
 peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) can cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and target DNA in the brain.

past 脳の修復、神経の再生や増殖

2003/06 Cornell University  Birth of a neuron: Imaging technique tracks nervous systemgrowth and repair, Cornell-Harvard group reports
2003/06 EurekAlert  OHSU researchers help develop first guidelines for the treatment of brain injuries in children
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Brain injury patients now turning to alternative medicine for treatment
 Eighty percent feel CAM is effective, however very few discuss use with physician
2003/03 EurekAlert  Study confirms reduction of potent anti-inflammatory molecule a-MSH in patients with brain injury
2003/02 Montreal Neurological Institute
 Researcher First to Discover That Normal Nerve Cells Can Mimic Viruses
2003/02 EurekAlert! Polymers promote nerve regeneration
 Ames Laboratory researcher's microscale channels steer neurons to rewire damaged nerves
2003/01 BBC News Genes 'influence brain injury recovery'
2003/01 AugustaChronicle.com
 Magnet guides doctors fixing brain diseases without a drill

past 成人の脳細胞は増えるか?

2003/05 nature reviews neuroscience

past 脳が情報を処理する機序、学習・記憶する機序

背中の痛みと脳の収縮は関係する? 米研究
2003/03 cnn.co.jp
2003/03 Health24 Back pain shrinks the brain?
in vivoで海馬介在ニューロンに見られる脳の状態と細胞種に特異的な発火
2003/02 Nature 421, 844 - 848  Brain-state- and cell-type-specific firing of hippocampal interneurons in vivo
2003/01 University of Washington
 Search for Sympathy Uncovers Patterns of Brain Activity

past 脳と意欲


2003/02 EurekAlert! Brain's response to addictive drugs, stress
2003/01 BBC News Cocaine kills brain's 'pleasure' cells
2003/01 Guardian Cocaine kills nerve cells
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Cocaine harms brain's 'pleasure center,' addict study finds
 Drug attacks the very cells that allow users to feel its effects

→ 「脳、神経科学」2003年1〜6月にはまだつづきがあります 




性教育 未成年

高校生にコンドームを配りましょう  配っても不純異性交遊が増えたりはしませんから
2003/05 EurekAlert
 School condom availability does not increase sexual activity
2003/05 MSNBC Condoms not linked to more sex
2003/05 Boston Globe
 Condom availability in schools does not increase sex, study finds
2003/05 CBS News Teen Boys Feel Pressure To Have Sex
2003/05 MSNBC Teens not waiting to have sex
 Boys report more pressure than girls to be sexually active
2003/05 Child Development Volume 74: Issue 3  Does Father Absence Place Daughters at Special Risk for Early Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy?
2003/05 New Scientist Absent fathers linked to teenage pregnancies
2003/05 Soc Sci Med 2003 Jan;56(1):135-47
 Children and adolescents who sell sex: a community study.
2003/05 時事通信
2003/04 The Sydney Morning Herald  Lots of teen lovers but virgins aplenty
 Australian young people are having sex earlier than their parents did. But half of young people aged 16 to 19 are still virgins.
2003/02 EurekAlert!  Teen girls with common hormonal disorder more concerned about fertility than peers
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Boyfriend pressure makes black teen girls more likely to want pregnancy


2003/04 EurekAlert
 One in three HIV patients say life 'better' since diagnosis
拡大性感染症「クラミジア」 エイズ感染の危険も倍増
2003/03 読売 医療と介護


2003/01 Betterhumans Sex-related Hormone Triggers Brain Cell Growth
2003/01 The Globe and Mail  Having sex may not make you smarter, but it might boost your brain-cell count just the same.


ダイオキシン環境ホルモンの仕組み解明  東京大学の研究所グループ
2003/05 読売 医療と介護
ダイオキシンの作用解明 女性ホルモン効果
2003/05 共同通信
2003/05 Nature 423, 487- 488
 Gene expression: Oestrogen receptor hijacked
2003/05 Nature 423, 545 - 550  Modulation of oestrogen receptor signalling by association with the activated dioxin receptor
 Fumiaki Ohtake, Ken-ichi Takeyama, Takahiro Matsumoto, Hirochika Kitagawa, Yasuji Yamamoto, Keiko Nohara, Chiharu Tohyama, Andree Krust, Junsei Mimura, Pierre Chambon, Junn Yanagisawa, Yoshiaki Fujii-Kuriyama and Shigeaki Kato
環境ホルモン類似物を分解 ピル含有、キノコで世界初
2003/05 共同通信
2003/05 毎日新聞
ビスフェノールA、ネズミの卵子をダメにする  プラスチック系環境ホルモン?
2003/04 Nature Science Update Plastics spoil mouse eggs
 Food-packaging compound affects reproductive cell division.
卵子のDNAも損傷 プラスチックに含まれるビスフェノールA
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース


「産まない」バブル世代 結婚5年未満で予定1.99人
2003/06 asahi.com : 健康
出生率1.32、最低を更新 生まれた子供の数も最少
2003/06 asahi.com : 健康
離婚は最高の28万9千組 厚労省2002年人口動態統計
2003/06 時事通信
2003/06 共同通信
2003/04 EurekAlert
 Human reproductive rates follow biological scaling rules
2003/04 Nature Science Update Fuel and fertility hand in hand
2003/04 ネイチャーバイオニュース


少子化基本法案が成立へ 国が出産、子育てを支援
2003/06 共同通信
不妊治療に助成制度新設で正式合意 与党3党
2003/05 asahi.com : 健康
不妊治療に助成制度 低所得者対象、年間10万円程度−−与党方針
2003/05 毎日新聞
不妊治療に年10万助成  2年を上限、夫婦間体外受精など
2003/05 読売 医療と介護
2003/03/26 厚生労働省
富山県が不妊治療に助成金  予算案に1100万円盛り込む
2003/02 読売 医療と介護

年齢と生殖 寿命と生殖

ひまごなみの子をさずかりました パキスタンで80歳が妊娠
2003/06 Ananova Woman 'pregnant at 80' in Pakistan
2003/02 Scientific American
 Male Biological Clock Starts Ticking in Twenties


精子が卵子に会う時 女性生殖器に精子誘導物質
2003/04 韓国 ハンギョレ21
2003/04 EurekAlert Molecule offers insights into fertilization
 a molecule that controls the navigation of sperm cells, and the genes that code for that molecule, which may play a critical role in the fertilization process.
2003/03 BBC - Radio 4 - Leading Edge
 Geoff Watts will be looking into the suggestion that sperm literally smell their way towards their target, the unfertilized egg.
2003/03 読売 医療と介護
におい頼りに卵子探す? 精子表面に受容体発見
2003/03 共同通信
2003/03 EurekAlert
 Human sperm may 'smell' their way to the egg, Science study suggests
2003/03 Ananova Human sperm 'may use smell receptors'
2003/04 バイオ21 No.90
ヒトの精子、花の香りに誘われて泳ぐ 独大グループ発見
2003/03 asahi.com : サイエンス
2003/04 Ananova Sperm like the smell of lily of the valley
2003/02 BBC News How sperm wriggle
2003/02 BBC News Sperm act like guided missiles
2003/01 EurekAlert! Sperm use heat sensors to find the egg
2003/02 Nature Science Update Sperm like it hot
2003/01 Discovery No Link Between Folic Acid and Having Twins
2003/01 BioMedNet News Division over mammalian embryo cleavage
2003/01 Nature 421, 226 - 227
 Developmental biology: Germ-cell attraction
2003/01 Nature 421, 279 - 282  A zebrafish homologue of the chemokine receptor Cxcr4 is a germ-cell guidance receptor
2003/01 National Institutes of Health
 Researchers Discover How Embryo Attaches to the Uterus
2003/01 EurekAlert!
 Scientists discover what makes human embryo attach to uterus
2003/01 BBC News Secrets of embryo success revealed
2003/01 Nature Science Update Mother and child's first bond found
母子の最初のきずな  栄養芽層で産生されるL-セレクチンが関与する接着系
2003/01 ネイチャーバイオニュース

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